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Internet slangs are the modern day short forms evolved for the chat rooms. These slangs developed in the days of yahoo chat, where users used to chat for hours finding friends or with friends. By the law of nature anything tends to evolve in a way trying to find a shortcut. People started ussing TC for take care or CU for seee you. In this way internet slangs evolved slowly and slowly and started becoming famous with more and more use. Some people belive that slangs are making english language handicapped and skewed. But as you know these are new 20-20 of cricket and masses are linking them already. Whatever you argue, these slangs are here to stay.
Short Form
Full Form
At The Moment
The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
internet service provider
In Search Of
very important person
C..........Carbon H..........Hydrogen M.........Metals E.........Elements S.........Sorting T..........Testing R.........Reacting Y.........Yielding
B: Borrowing A: Accepting N: Negotiating K: Keeping
Face (photos) and Book (file) to share wid ur frnds
consider it done
denial of service
world wide web
Politically Correct
what you see is what you get
parent looking
You Suck
Don't Type Please
Only Kidding
Together Everyone Achieves More
kentucky fried chicken
res (with reference to / regarding)
dropping like flies
Short Message Service (more cell phones and pagers than chat rooms and the Internet)
I can't rememer
Chat Post
Take Care
Can't remember
can't believe it
Significant Other
internet protocol
no full form
Sincerity, Capacity, Honesty, Orderliness, Obedience, and Learning
Network Interface Card
rest in peace
no shit sherlock
corporate social responsibility
Parents are looking Over my Shoulder.
parent over shoulder
No Thanks
display picture
mid life crisis
S-solution of problems.(Who is) I-important in life.(Who is) S-security is on you (whose) T-tear gives pain(whose) E-emotion is relateded with you(Whose) R-Relationship is very special(Whose)
Drop Dead Gorgeous
text back
Details in Thread
unreal tournament
same old place
etcetera (and so forth)
Human Resources
to be honest
Frequently Asked Question
frequently asked question
get over it
Stop That
long time
Always a Pleasure
paginae (pages)
that's so cool
restroom break
nice hand
Laughing My Ass Off
down to hang
fruit cake
operating system
tender loving care
on the phone
public limited company
Be Back Soon
unique selling point
United States Dollar
you dont care
estimated time of arrival
For Your Information
Real-time strategy
Laughing Out Loud
Laughing Out Loud / Lots of Love
laughing out loud
as soon as possible
rest room
not paying attention
rock out
just saying
managing director
good point
Google Image Search
in the dark
On Screen Display
Thats Pretty Stupid
test procedure specification
respondez s il vous plait (please reply)
Best Regards
internet relay chat
like i care
Please Find Attached
over dose
is it tight
im so sorry
in that case
Be with You Everytime
text the cell
change the subject
Go Ahead
Same Old S**t (stuff)
same old shit
don't die
Try again
don't go
end of file
World Wrestling Entertainment
Land Air And Water
local area network
don't bother me
cost per 1000 impressions
comment back
With respect to
with regard to
don't screw up
for attention of
Doesn't Matter
over the shoulder
I'm back
customer relationship management
I'll return the favor
Gotta Run
What todays message boards are called.  Often using php as defining language to quickly write real time messages and replies to a web site (or page)
miss you
internet slang dictionary
i see you
sorry bout caps
to be decided
End of day
Cant Remember S**t
Call of Duty
can't remember shit
No Problems
answer the phone
also known as
secure sockets layer
In My Opinion
In My Opinion
Sweet Dreams
Off Topic
not applicable
Non-playable character
against the odds
return the favor
computer information science
be there soon
miles per hour
to be announced
to be anounced
Real Life (as opposed to being online)
real life
Do Not Disturb
Keep it Short and Simple
After Trying Keep Trying
Don't get me started
garbage in garbage out
Command and Conquer
See You - also posted as cya
first in first out
just curious
Original Poster
public display of affection
Domain Name System
laughing on the inside
aol instant messanger
content management system
angry comments
see my blog
Talk to You
God Damn it
matter of fact
extreme droll
first name
Unpleasant Visual
you have
Personal Time Off
need to talk
who cares
Welcome Back (you say this when someone returns to a chat room)
write back
raughing out roud
Cyber Athlete Professional League
good luck
Private Message
M - Modify O - OPeration B - Byte I - Integration L - Limited E- Energy
nota bene (important notice this)
Hurry Back
curriculum vitae
Avatar - Graphical representation (a picture) often used in chat rooms to depict a person that is in the room and chatting.
thank you so much
Never Mind
No Problem
don't really care
meet me there
small and medium (size) enterprises
Artificial Intelligence
Return On Investment
please come over
call the cell
close of business
last in first out
don't mention it
Instant Message
Instant Message
First Person Shooter
Software Development Life Cycle
you would
Back At Keyboard (Im back)
Til Next Time
What The F**K
Ready Made: pre-existing
forever and always
double team
Couldn't Care Less
Bye For Now
Keep In Touch
damn the luck
i owe you
prisoner of war
social media
peanut butter
Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer
I don't care
Girl friend
just joking
user agreement
be back tomorrow
I know really
crying my eyes out
From The Article
et alii (and everyone else)
just in time
be back whenever
god bless you
for your attention
parent over looking
toilet paper
leave me some
Google Mail
Thanks In Advance
Tough S**t
talking shit
For Sure
what are you doing
Virtual Places: A brand of chat offered by Excite in the late 90s and early 2000.
public relations
vice president
read the article
see you soon
Laughing My F***ing A## Off
application program interface
best friend forever
all the best
please help me
playstation netwok
Working From Home
first post
Software Development Kit
what's up
voice over ip
laughing like crazy
Read the Rules
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
no comment
point of interest
well done
if and only if
compare this with
please reply
business to business
strengths weaknesses opportunities threats
come with me
Crime Scene Investigation
player kill
Right now
That s All Folks
can't talk
mom over shoulder
stay in touch
extra large
the Old Man
call me later
this is fun
obsessive compulsive disorder
off the chain
Work In progress
do i care
insane clown posse
dance dance revolution
Heard Through
Worries Invented for Ever
bloody hell
miss you lots
you tell me
text to speech
to be very honest
service oriented architecture
User Interface
Team effort
I can't believe
Search Engine Optimization
nothing in particular
body odour
no offense
To be continued
direct download
role playing game
Evil Grin
exempli gratia (for example)
end of message
evil grin
good morning
Missing in action
yoUre Welcome
temperature / temporary
Google Click Fraud
bring a friend
of course
transmission control protocol
In Real Life
In Real Life
you only live once
Real Time
id est (that is that means)
don't know
let's go shopping!
Thank Goodness Its Friday
Thank goodness it s Friday
thank god it's friday
the Old Lady
away message
so to speak
Over the Top
all or nothing
not for sale
I Love You
male or female
Talk To You Later
how dare you
I'm so bored.
I think not
Parent Over Back
playstation portable
end of business
frequently asked question(s)
Nintendo DS
with out
year to date
Shaking My Head
do it yourself
date of birth
normal operating procedure
thats All For Now
have fun
cute guy friend
looking for
Too Much Info. (information)
application specific integrated circuit
Same old crap
too much information
bad luck
think about it
call of duty 5
internal server error
original gangster
parent over my shoulder
should be
thats just boring
I speak geek
thank god
wrong person
away from computer
take me out
absent without leave
homestar runner
quoted for truth
see you later
Emergency Parent Alert
no further text
you are stupid
Same Here
shit happens
Be Right Back
End Of Thread (meaning end of discussion)
end of transmission
Be Back Later
By The Way
BeTWeen you and me ...
Thank You
Call My House
moderator is watching
kill me please
thank you
Piece of crap
Just Kidding
Just Kidding
Don't Trust Anyone
eager to please
Away From the Keyboard
Away from Keyboard
horse shit and splinters
hit the cell
What The ...? or Who the ...?
in this thread
search engine results page
Day of Defeat
I'll be there
Medal Of Honor
Get A Life
how come
First In Still Here (someone who is on line TOO much)
what about you
never mind
any other business
eat shit loser
he loves me
I don't remember
with all my heart
Got To Run
boss is watching
parents are watching
Got to run
my life is amazing
my little pony
Write Back Soon
acceptable use policy
Crying on the floor
terms of service
I Love Ya.
love you
making me laugh
national basketball association
on your own
Pics or it did not happen
time to run
nice game
Nice job
someone who is new
report the loss
denial of normal
I Totally Agree
Me so horny
visual basic
Wish Me Luck
Age Of Empires
boss over shoulder
Off The Rack: Saying that something is outside the ordinary.
I stole this word from noslang.com
more or less
User Acceptance Testing
Wanna have fun?
Hope That Helps
Hope This(That) Helps
knock out
Suck my big toe
end of Line
But Then Again....
I Seek You.  A computer program used to communicate instantly over the Internet.
pretty damn quick
Hit Me Up
high school dropout
smiling to myself
unPolitically Correct
BlackBerry Messenger
farting out loud
For the Kill
no problem here
laugh out loud
You know right
wait a minute
Rolling On Laughing Floor
Laughing To ones Self
Cisco Certified Network Associate
All the way
Parents are watching
to represent
F*** This S***
going to school
shut your mouth
if you know what i mean
keep talking
be right back soon
call of duty 4
I love my self
in reply to
tell me later
what about you
I don't like
no crap sherlock
Praise the Lord
service oriented enterprise
Im Out of Here
Works For Me
circa about c1800
All My Love
I'm out of here
Look It Up
got to go
on the way
Public Service Announcement
what the crap
Be Right Here
Anytime Anyplace Anywhere
kill yourself
said in context
very funny
1. No Response Necessary
2. Not Right Now
Career Limiting Move
Cool Like Me
Diablo 2
Not My Problem
no reserve
No Response Necessary
on the floor laughing
you are a
I don't know
one more time
thanks a lot
go to hell
Just Asking
I've made my Point
Personal Computer Memory Cards International Association
People Cant Master Computer Industry Acronyms (slang)
dead on arrival
end of story
without a doubt
Take Your Time
for the time being
no pun intended
right back at you
Same time tomorrow
person who diliberately stirs up trouble
take my advice
where are you
In Any Case
more to come
Continued in Next Post (seen more on message boards than chat)
all day long
I Got This
let me guess
Massive Multiplayer Online
note to self
Over The Edge (beyond common sense or beyond good taste)
internet engineering task force
Killed In Action
last name
smile on face
I Dont kNow
"Oh My Gosh (although its usually used with the Lords name in place of ""gosh"")"
Real Soon Now
Youre Welcome
You re Welcome
are you serious
i don't know
oh my God
you're welcome
I don't know
i love it
mom in room
play to win
on the internet
parents are watching
team kill
other people near by
for future reference
National Collegiate Athletic Association
Tough Luck
Alive And Kicking
Still got it
back at you
I will be right back later
More to Follow
point of view
In Other Words
which reminds me
got to go
Just Messing
That's so sweet
age of consent
blue screen of death
crying out loud
For your Love
more than likely
Barking Out Loud
merge from current
male seeking female
real quick
see you later
thanks for sharing
you scare me
Friends with Benefits
peer to peer
Thank You
you stupid shit
At Any Rate
Already Been Done
br right back bath room break
God Only Knows
not for real
please send tell
typing one handed
I am going in (Game)
Just Wondering
Free On Board
be right back taking shit
cry me a river
fresh off the boat
wanna cyber?
Shit Out Of Luck
for some reason
not my fault
parents at home
pretty damn good
Shit outta luck
see you later
unidentified party wound
very nice
On The Other Hand ...
be right back later
not much here
out to lunch
on the other hand
Shit Eating Grin
adult over shoulder
gotta go pee
how about you
i am sorry please forgive me
kill steal
oh for crying out loud
out of the office
Shit Eatin Grin
thinking of you
what on earth
Did I Say
In My Humble Opinion (or In My Honest Opinion)
In My Humble Opinion
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
Daughter in law
falling from chair laughing
i am so bored
just playing
Long-distance relationship
silent but deadly
freedom of information act
get well soon
I am Not Sure
I don't like you
I am back
talk to me
Thank You
best boy friend
but when though
don't mess up
Just google it you noob
laugh at that
you are my world
What You Mean?
Alive And Smiling
Cool Like That
in case you missed it
just like that
not at all
new in box
swear to god
as per usual
bless my life
I really don't care
make it quick
pimply faced youth
sorry bout that
talking to myself
stamped addressed envelope
by the by
how are you
Please forgive me
Big Evil Grin
Pain In The Ass
"Screen Name.  The name or moniker selected by person in an IM or chat program.  ex: My ""SN"" in vp was ""-lone.wolf"""
bored to death
something like that
screen name
so not fair
to my knowledge
what would you do?
how are you doing
i gotta go
Any Day Now
very good condition
read the manual
where's the party
Post graduate teachers
don't worry
hate my life
I nominate this post for the post of the month
Thank you
Three Letter Acronym
Thank You Very Much
Microsoft Vista
are you alone
stupid off topic crap
see you soon
you are weird
World of Warcraft
Cant Understand S**t (stuff)
I know man
Laughing for real
talk to you later
Just A Second
don't wanna talk
fixed your post
little girls room
Laugh out loud at you
top of the morning
E-mail Address (example: ?ema or ema? = what is your email address)
care to chat?
end of conversation
friendly fire
flying spaghetti monster
For Your Entertainment
I don't mind
i just farted
in the know
Leave Me One
More next time
check out what I'm telling you
That's ok
I Dont Think So
Driving while black
full of shit
i don't think so
instant message me
Not Gonna Lie
oh dear God
thank you
take your time
until next time
You there?
Rolling On The Floor (laughing is implied)
(Spreading) Fear Uncertainty and Disinformation
fatal error
For the win!
leave a message
rolling on the floor
sorry wrong person
very good looking
"People. example: ""There sure are a lot of peeps in this room"" - meaning a lot of people are in the chat room."
don't text back
Just hanging
Like it Matters
Thanks For Looking
thank god husband is gone
Whats In It For Me?
absent by enforced net deprivation
answer the question
can't stop laughing
end user license agreement
I guess so
i really hate you
My mom thinks you're hot
massively multiplayer online role playing game
non internet friend
parents in room
blowing stuff out my nose
I Am Bored
I can still reach Google
I really have to go to the bathroom
mega laugh out loud of doom
not safe for work
say it to my face
The list goes on
Search The Web
don't know
don't know
did you know
getting shit done
i just remembered
just talking
let me know
Nintendo Entertainment System
not to bad
are you there
share the wealth
with all due respect
wicked gril
As Far As I Know
Bite My A** (became popular with the Simpsons cartoon show)
last in last out
Banned by parents
best mates always
Funny as hell
I am Not Typing This With My Fingers
kid over shoulder
Asynchronous Javascript and XML
care for a secret?
how big is it
In Another Window
see you in class
do you like me
if you know what I mean
just fooling
laughing but very serious
pirates of the caribbean
are you a girl or a boy
the idiots in control
you are the best
Bring your own Beer
happy birthday
Join the club
Laughing Quietly
my face when
mom is watching
to let you know
you are late
you are the worst
Zero Tolerance
age and location
as i was saying
did you know
food for thought
it depends on price
player versus player
what not to do
Don't tell the police on us
don't know
every now and then
in my honest opinion
message of the day
what was that
Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Ass Off
Distributed Denial of Service
good half
good night
metal teeth
how should i know
I am the best
I just don't know
In Which Case
Keep it up
on the floor cracking up
what on god's green earth?
Up to Date
Thread From Hell (a topic or discussion that wont stop - esp. newsgroups)
Do you mind
if you catch my drift
One Laptop Per Child
Parents Are Gone
peace hugs love respect
right hand side
Thread from hell
that makes sense
Thinking of You
That was funny
Just In Case
and if I did
according to you
are you okay
grounded for life
good to know
I care why?
just for fun
just making sure
looking for mate
My Humble Opinion
no its not
parent at side
pissing myself laughing
are you horny
teenage mutant ninja turtles
Virgins 4 ever
free for all
i hate you
if I tell you what it means will you buy me a drink
it's just a fact
Internet job posting
take it or leave it
Too long to proof read
You owe me
you retard
Years Old
Hip and Trendy
Sincerely Yours
Happy Friends Day
comment me back
call my cell phone
change the topic
Final Fantasy 11
For The Record
get on camera
Not Away From Keyboard Any More
Too Damn Lazy
Texting While Intoxicated
what's wrong with you
Your Most Favorite Person
Keep It Moving
For Your Amusement
don't talk to me loser
go back to
go die in a fire
giggling to myself
I'm Just kidding
I really love you
i swear to god
Laughing on floor
Not As Often
Virtual Network Computing
easy (one of the really old ones)
For What Its Worth
Out Of The Box / Out of the Blue
are you kidding
And Your Point Is
for what it's worth
how about you
I am not a rocket scientist
let's be honest
my best friend
male or female
oh guess what
out of the blue
or something like that
teacher is watching
Too LongDidn't Read
the monkeys are at it again
used to work
what do you want
I don't really care
Getting ready to go
i just came on my keyboard
love you too
mind your own business
Runescape Private Server
soon to be
you are stupid
Weapons Of Mass Destruction
welcome on cam
Band Karo Bakwas
No Further Comment
Alexander King Project
as soon as I know
clueless newbie
don't piss me off
For The Lose
happy birthday
I agree with this comment
if I understand correctly
make my day
not at the minute
talk to you later
talk to me later
Fill In The Blanks
Ta-Ta For Now
Ta Ta For Now
are you there
fill in the blank
good night
got to go bye bye
how are you doing
how you been
I don't know
this link is worthless without video
thinking of laughing out loud
you dumb shit
you are too good
you tell me
In Any Event
don't go there
Do not want
Fixed It For You
giggle out loud
holy mother of jesus
Hit me up later
if only you knew
laughing a little
low cost small notebook personal computer
meet me around the corner
my parents are watching
on my way
On our way
talk later
tell me something good
i'll talk to you later
you are not cool
why sleep when not tired?
"""Fouled"" Up Beyond All Repair / Recognition"
Long Time No See
awaiting your comments
are you kidding me
dead to me
don't look now
kiss on lips
out for the count
as a friend
he could be the one
keep it going
Looking for one more
main stream media
not funny
parents over sholder change subject
sibling in room
Shout It Out Loud
system of a down
Team Fortress Classic
you are so damn fine
word of advice
Face To Face
are you listening
chuckle to myself
don't mess with me
don't mess yourself
figure it out
hoes before bros
broke down automobile
i miss you
instant kill
I swear I am not making this up
kill me now
kiss on the lips
May the Force be with you
no kidding
Please explain?
That's all for now
very big grin
what an idiot
You think I'm special?
did you get that?
Ex-Girl Friend
Grand Theft Auto
here you go
I don't believe they would do such a thing
it is what it is
I just died laughing
I'll see you later
nice job partner
online love
Play Station 3
Are you male or female
that is so wrong
would like to meet
your mom goes to college
Only Joking
always look on the bright side of life
best friends for life
do you get it?
area between foot and ankle
good for you
leave me alone
my head hurts
not to much
orange juice
That's all I got
this is not legal advice
where were you
wow you're stupid
Boy friend
Facebook Friend
Young Man
at time of posting
for crying out loud
gladly pay you tuesday for a hamburger today
I just pissed myself
I need to pee
keeping parents clueless
learn to play
sitting in my chair laughing
Saturday Night Live
smoking sista for life
straight edge
Too much work
top of the page dance
yahoo answers
your mom
Are you done yet?
as you wish
be my valentine please
Dragon Age 2
i am very bored
I just got laid
Indicators of Interest
just for giggles
oh hell yeah
out of character
that is so cool
thinking of you always
why do you do that
as a matter of fact
damn you to hell
how you know
killing myself with laughter
kiss on the cheek
service oriented infrastructure
that's a crappy idea
tell me about it
this post is worthless without pictures
very truthful parental no
All Of The Above
Way To Go
Way To Go!
cell phone
I don't know
got to go
go fly a kite
group looking for
get on the computer
husband is watching
no school today
inexperienced person
right click save as
what's your problem?
You Made My Day
Love You Lots
For Gods sake shut up
it's all good
I am not your lawyer
looking for 2 more
listen to me
My computer sucks
Play Station 1
are you ready
text you later
you know what i mean
you are a cutie
what a long strange trip it's been
what do we do now
welcome back
You Are Such A Fool
as if I care
All Your Base
are you done
combination of crazy and drunk
Can't talk now call later
go find a rock to crawl under
How Are You
How do you do it
Half-Life 2
hell yeah
image of the day
last retweet
Miss You So Much
any day now
oh my dear god
are you ok?
to the top
and I'm a monkey's uncle
Another Point Of Discussion
are you still there
drink to that
do the right thing
don't you text me again
error carried forward
I am not a brain surgeon
I can't talk right now
love of my life
my mom is watching
parent over shoulder might be reading it
ready to go
such bull shit
say no more
Teachers are Watching
tell me about it
That was great
wife looking over Shoulder
Want to buy
when will you call me
your shirt is too small
Not In My Back Yard
Angry Video Game Nerd
at your earliest convenience
For your eyes only
good for you
good luck all
i love you as a friend
in my own opinion
just kidding loser
life goes on
meet me at the park
not too bad
not in my backyard
put a sock in it
to be fair
Team Fortress 2
that is too obious
youre a dork
you rock my socks
you are so hot
its up to you
What the bloody hell
will you come
Watch Your Language Young Man
ask me anything
be back quick
CounterStrike: Source
don't you worry
I am not a copyright lawyer
it's ok if you are
I wouldn't know
No Flame Intended
Need to know
on the floor laughing out loud
You are the best in the world!
what do you mean
you make it sound like i did it
Why the hell would you do that
are you done yet
Big Man On Campus
Doing Class Work
i don't know
I'll be waiting
if I recall correctly
inside joke
Pardon me for jumping in
what's going on
when shit hits the fan
wouldn't you like to know
Have A Good Day
What Would Jesus Do?
are you for real
can't be bothered
don't ask me how I know
game boy advance
I don't even know
i hate my parents
not to worry
oh shit i forgot
are you ok?
Trading Card Game
What were you thinking
Or Best Offer
are you my friend
be seeing you later
check for identification
can't talk now
catch up with you later
Fixed that for you
how about now
I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance by switching to geico
kid in room
user who is a loser
out of buisness
That's what she said
you are stupid
you are welcome
why you say that
Situation normal all effed up
buy one get one
dumb as hell
get a job
Go die in hell
hey what's up
i knew that
I don't know
red alert 2 (game)
are you kidding me
talking to you
this is not fair
talk to you soon
Expression of disagreement
Pretty Awesome New Stuff (often referring to computer technology)
These Things Take Time
Don't think so
Don't you think
for God's sake
get the hell out
have a great life
Idiot between chair & desk
I would hit it
just for you
laughing but not really
someone who is new
Pimpin aint easy
to tell the truth
what do you wanna talk about
What's on Television?
Dont let it bother you
good game all
good games
looking to buy
my eyes glaze over
sitting in chair laughing
see you there
talk to you later
Very good hand
what do you want to do?
what do you want to do
Why Should I Do It
A - A ,B - Boy, C - Can ,D - Do, E - Everything, F - For, G - Girl
can you believe it
Drug and Disease Free
get out of here!
keep it clean
learn to
Looking for group
love you lots
need to pee
no big deal
osama bin laden
Oh My Days
shut the hell up
talk to you tomorrow
what do you mean
who really gives a damn
wow you are stupid
Gone For Now
ask me something personal
deal with it
extra friendly friends for life
grinning from ear to ear
i don't really care
my best friend and lover
Maybe Later
most popular boy in school
message received and understood
no not really
not right for you
together forever
thank you
talk to you never again
value for money
what a load of crap
why should I care
Don t Quote Me On This
Tender Loving Care
as early as possible
At The Time Of This Post
capture the flag
don't ask me how I know this
Don't Beg It
don't quote me on this
do you see why
friends forever and always
Got my vote
get out of my head
If You're Feeling Less Generous
little boy's room
laugh out real loud
Long time no see
laugh under breath
love you very much
No details in thread
page cannot be displayed
parental figure over sholder
are you watching me
why should I
when you get a chance
will you go with me
Do I Know You?
Whats Eating You?
Yet Another Acronym
Your Mileage May Vary
do i know you
got to eat
good for you
got observers - keep it decent
get off my back
God only really knows
good friend
In Before The Lock
it happens
just one minuite
laughing for no aparent reason
may the force be with you
over and out
or best offer
real life name
that is so last year
that is so not fair
Tae Kwon Do
Welcome Back Partner
who would care
You Rock My Socks
Be Aware, Responsible, And Kind
Dont Even Go There (I dont want to talk about it)
That s All For Now
cutting my wrists
don't know
don't waste my time
Damn You To Hell
google instant messanger
Guns n' roses
Just Kidding Laughing Out Loud
laughing to the point of tears
oh my god you killed kenny
sorry need to go
There Is No Such Thing As A Free Lunch
while you were out
why are you?
away from game
be my friend
complete waste of time
drinking buddy for life
Don't Even Give Me That
Go To Bed
how did you do that
kisses and hugs
Love you like a brother
nice to meet you
post proof or recant

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