full forms starting with letter C

Short Form
Full Form
Common Operating Machine Particularly Used for Trade, Education, and Research
construction investigation various information levelling
Capital Outlay
Cost per Click
Compiled java program- often used as class extension
"Conversational Hypertext Access Technology (""talking"" in real time over the internet)"
Caribbean New Media Group
Clear Channel Capability
Center for Environmental Planning and Technology
Client-Server Open Development Environment
C..........Carbon H..........Hydrogen M.........Metals E.........Elements S.........Sorting T..........Testing R.........Reacting Y.........Yielding
Child Development Project Officer
Central Board of Secondary Education
Criminal Investigation Department
Consumer Price Index
Conference In Two Years
Chief Executive Officer
Computer Aided Design
Central Processing Unit
Compact Disk Recordable (drives that write (or burn) information to a CD)
Chat Post
Class Representative
Container Corporation of India
Communications Services Management
Cross Industry Location Quotient
Click through rate
Central Bureau of Investigation
Chill Out Fridays For Every E
Customer Service Representative
Crew and Equipment Translation Aid
Central Reserve Police Force
California Culinary Academy (delisted)
Compact Disk - Read Only Memory
Capacity Exploration and Enabling Programme
Copy In and Out [Unix]
Community Health Centre
Cable Antenna Relay Services
Combined PreMedical Test
Consistent Least Upper Bounds
Central Board of Direct Taxes
Common ISDN API Service
COmmon Business Oriented Language (programming language)
Computer Telephone Integrated
1 Compact Disk (Holds approx630 Mb of info)
Central Reserve Police
Command (file name extension)
Cylinder / Head / Sector
1 Color Graphics Adapter
Commonly Optimistic Legends Learning to Enlighten their Graduation of Education
Computerized Law Enforcement Record Keeping
Compact fluorescent Lamp
Center for Ecumenical and Multicultural Education
CLear the Screen (DOS command)
Comptroller and Auditor General
Capital to Risk Weighted Asset Ratio
Compressed Natural Gas
Charge Coupled Device (integrated internal circuit inside computer)
Cyan- Magenta- Yellow- blacK
Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor
Computer Graphics Metafile (file extension)
A Graphics File extension- often used by Corel Draw
Clusters Per Sector (depends on the OS- AND the size of the disk partition)
Compact Disk - Re -Writeable (can be used or written to more than once)
Council of Scientific and Industrial Research
Chief Medical Officer
Computer Aided Design and Drafting
Communities Addressing Responsible Gun Ownership
Cooperative for Assistance and Relief Everywhere
Communities and Libraries Online Union Database
Cash Credit
Central Public Sector Enterprise
Central Mine Planning and Design Institute
Cry My Heart Out
Collision Avoidance
1 Comprehensive Display System
Can You BE Real?
Common Command Set (instructions for SCSI interface)
Catalog File extension
Community Antenna Television
Centre for Monitoring of Indian Economy
Cancer And Steroid Hormone [study]
Clear Carry Flag
Common Object Request Broker Architecture
Computerised Tomography Scanner
Cached Dynamic RAM
Complex Instruction Set Computer (refers to a processor- pentium)
Centre for Development of Imaging Technology
Central Public Sector Undertaking
California Subject Examinations for Teachers
Certified Public Accountant
Convert Enable
Compatible Time Sharing System
Computed Tomography scan
Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora
Command Line Interface
Computer Assisted Training System
Central Statistical Organisation
Chief Technical Examiner
Continuous Home Evaluation Of Clinical Knowledge
Cascading Style Sheet
Centre of Excellence
Children's Online Protection Act
Citizens Band
Cost per thousand impressions
Casual Leave
Central Provident Fund Commissioner
Chief Inspector of Factories
Common Access Method (SCSI type drivers for accessing devices)
Customer Relationship Management
Common Internet File System
Creating Literacy In Computer Knowledge
Christians Enthusiastically Living Large
Computer Maintenance Corporation- also Calcutta Metro Corporation
Congressional Medal Of Honor
Code List (file name extension)
Cant Remember S**t
Code Division Multiple Access
Conference On DAta SYstem Logic
Chip Select Clear to Send Code Segment
Central Industrial Security Force
Common Service Centre
Computer Aided Learning
Child Centred Education
Cost Of Ownership (the expense of attaining and maintaining particular computer needs)
Circuit-Switched Data
Computer Information Systems (course: Computer Information Science)
Centro Internacional de Mejoramiento de Maíz y Trigo (International Maize and Wheat Improvement Centre)
Common Wealth Games
Codex Alimentarius collection of food standards
Cathode Ray Tube (antiquated terminology for monitors - mainframe talk)
Credit Rating Information Services of India Limited
Commercial Mobile Radio Service
Chronic Granulocytic Leukaemia
Central Passport Organisation
Consulting Development Centre
Congress Party (Organisation)
Consumption of Fixed Capital
Current Instruction Address
Computerized Numerical Control
See You - also posted ascya
Compressed file extension Started as Microsoft installation file type
Credit Deposit Ratio
Centralized Monitoring System
Competitive Access Provider
Centro Internacional de Agricultura Tropical
Combined Finance and Revenue Accounts
Confederation of Indian Industry
Closed User Groups
Certified Environmental Drycleaner
Cable Retransmission Facility Cross Reference File
Control Unit Terminal
Comma Separated Value (usually a text file in this format- can be read by various databases and spreadsheets)
Cumulative Command Area
Computerized Axial Tomography Scan
Centre for Marine and Petroleum Technology
Choosing Reverently To Extol And Worship
Conseil Europen pour la Recherche Nuclaire
Coal India Limited
Community Development Programme
3D graphic source file extension
Computer Based Training
Central Board of Excise and Customs
File used by Windows Control PaneL (file extension)
curriculum vitae
Capability Maturity Model
Career Options On Line
Council of Architecture
Cipher Block Chaining
Chartered Financial Analyst
Central Water Commission
Calcutta Tramways Corporation
Cyclic Redundancy Check (similar to but not identical to check-sum)
Consolidated Banking Statistics
Central Electronics Limited
Certified Systems Technician
Coefficient Of Power
Swiss Frank
Central Coal-fields Limited
CerebroSpinal fluid
Chief Visionary Officer
Command Pass Through
Circle Of Willis
Central Tibetan School Administration
Clock Pulse Generator
Certified Pedorthist
Commission for Agricultural Costs and Prices
Campus Area Network
Central Public Works Department
Consumer Confidence Index
Community Dial Office
Compound Document Architecture [DEC]
Command Interface Port
Crop Acreage and Production Estimation
Coastal Research Vessel
Character-Oriented User Interface
1 COMmand (file extension) 3 COMmon
Control Read Only Memory
Compare Computer
Centre of Indian Trade Unions
Customer Premises Equipment
Conference of Central and State Statistical Organisations
Central Electricity Authority
Computer-Integrated Telephony
Computer System for Mainframe Operations
Civil Works
Common Dialog Box
Continuing Education Programme
Criminal Procedure Code
Central Apprenticeship Council
Computer Information Officer
crying my eyes out
Central Organization for Railway Electrification
Cervical Vertebral Instability
Common Object File Format [Unix]
Commission for Alternative Sources of Energy
Color Reproduction Indices
Centre for Science and Environment
Company Finance
Computer Aided Design / Computer Aided Manufacturing
central line-associated bloodstream infection(s)
Command Sequence Introducer
Clean Development Mechanism
Central Inland Water transport Corporation of India
Cleaning and Waste Management
Carbon Copy
Conceptual Modelling Language
Customer Controlled Reconfiguration
Cordless Telecommunications
Contributory Provident Fund
Chlorinated polyvinyl chloride
Cytochrome Oxidase I
Consumer Protection Act
Computer Integrated Manufacturing
Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology
Carrier Servicing Area
Continuing Medical Education
Creatine Kinase MB Isoenzyme
Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute
Council for Advancement of Peoples Action and Rural Technology
Configuration (file name extension)
Credit Monetary Agregate
Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs
Coverage of Vaccination Evaluated Rapidly Programme
Central Government Health Scheme
Care And Helping Assist Men Prosper In Our Neighborhood
Comit Consultatif International des Tlgraphes et Tlphones (now ITU-T)
Certified Network (NetWare) Technician
Complement Fixation Test
Chief Information Guru
Combined Oral Contraceptive
Component Interface
Computerized Maintenance Management Software
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
CephaloPelvic Disproportion
Calling Party Pay
Cdms Overloaded For Cf Objects
Central Organization for the Modernization of Workshops
Central Office Terminal
Communication and Capacity Development Unit
Concurrent Versions System
Catalyzing Access To Technology In Africa
Counselor Of Real Estate
Central Vigilance Commission
Community-Led Total Sanitation
Computer Output to Laser Disk
Chief works engineer
Carrier Sense Multiple Access / Collision Detection (Ethernet communication)
Child Relief and You
Customer Support Management System
Character And Pattern Telephone Access Information Network
Classless Inter Domain Routing Routers that- instead of maintaining large list of IP addresses- contain list of other backbone providers and services that do have the addresses- URLs- etc)
Conservation of Foreign Exchange and Prevention of Smuggling Act
Conventional (pertaining to Memory)
Committee for Operational Processing Centers
used to change the color of the DOS environment by making it user friendly against the wizard (black) zone as default
Computer Emergency Response Team
Computerized Facial Recognition
Commonwealth Youth Programme
Central Employment Exchange
Composite Network Node
Conditional Access System
Center for Sustainable Suburban Development
Computer Aided Instruction
Communist Party of India (Marxist)
Carcinoma Intraepithelial Neoplasia
Classifications of Functions of Government
Central Processor Recovery
CISCO Carrier Router System 1
Customized Applications for Mobile-network Enhanced Logic (GSM-ETSI)
Code Fragment Manager [Macintosh]
Chief Labour Commissioner (Central)
Central Engineering Services
Certified Systems Professional
CISCO was founded by a married couple - Leonard Bosack and Sandy Lerner
Center for Experimental Social Science
Central Treaty Organization
Certified Network (NetWare) Administrator
Corey Pauling Koltun
call of duty 5
Common Gateway Interface
Central Inland Fisheries Research Institute
Challenge-Handshake Authentication Protocol
Clear Direction Flag
Central Mining Research Institute (India)
Committed Information Rate
Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting
Compressed Liquid Approximation
Constant Bit Rate
Central Institute of Classical Tamil
Capital Expenditure
Cursor Position
Central Office of Standards (predecessor of RDSO)
Console Command Processor
Cardfile (file name extension)
Closed-circuit television
CHKDSK (file name extension)
Check Processing Control System [IBM]
Connection-Oriented Network Service
Compiled Help Markup file extension
Commonwealth Games Federation
Central Building Research Institute
Cornell Macintosh Terminal Emulator
Choice Based Credit System
Cache Only Memory Architecture
Cash Reserve Ratio
Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics
Community Oriented Police Services
Common Desktop Environment (a UNIX windowed environment)
Classification of Individual Consumption by purpose
Client Application Enabler
Color Look-Up Table
Canine Transmissible Venereal Sarcoma
Central TB Division
1 CLiP art
Certified Network Expert
Chief of General Staff
Call My House
Center Of Influence Network
Comit Consultatif International des Radiocommunications (now ITU-R)
Campaign Point Value
Coal Mines Authority Limited
Compact Disk File System (similar to the FAT on a hard disk)
Compact Disk - Video
Constructive Solid Geometry
Certificate Of Clinical Hypnosis
Change Mode
Chief of Naval Staff
moderator is watching
Chandra Interactive Analysis Of Observations
Confederation of Real Estate Developer's Association of India
Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries
Compact Disk - Read Only Memory Data Exchange Standard
Cockpit Voice Recorder
Cisco Certified Internetworking Engineer
Crop Heat Unit
Character Kill
Computer Based Learning
Charcot Marie Tooth
Countervailing Duty
parents are watching
Bitmap graphics (Cubicomp/Vertigo image file) (Cubicomp PictureMaker)
Compact Peripheral Component Interconnect
China.Com Corporation Class A
Computer Assisted Search Service
Chennai Moffusil Bus Terminus
Continuous Wave Radar
Commercial Off-The-Shelf
Central Operations Facility
Crop Weather Watch Group
Central Power Research Institute
Count Key Data (device)
Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty
Canadian Population Health Initiative
Continuous Edge Graphics
Corporation for Research and Enterprise Network
Compare with Random Number
Care And Health Industries Pathways For Schools
Central Pollution Control Board
Comprehensive State Agriculture Plan
Control of Organized Crime Act
Common Management Information Services (ISO)
Comprehensive District Agriculture Plan
Cisco Certified Network Associate
Cervical Compression Overloading
Packet Switched Data Service
Capability Maturity Model Integrated
Control Of Substances Hazardous to Health
Caching-Common File System
Cycling Federation of India
Computer-Controlled Branch Exchange
Common Management Admission Test
Credit Information Bureau India Limited
Committee on Public Undertaking (under Parliament)
Common Lisp Object System
Computational Continuum Mechanics
Cisco Powered Network (Ingredient Band)
Card On A STick
Chief Election Commissioner
Covenant Transport
Chess Players Association of India
Canada Centre For Remote Sensing
Complete Metabolic Response
Central Drug Research Institute
Creditcard Validation Value
Coherent PSK (modulation)
Client-Server Systems Management [IBM]
Carbonaceous Chondrite Fission
Parents are watching
Calling Number Identification
Community Led Environment Action Network
Customer Information Control System
Certified Network (NetWare) Engineer
Computer Design Language
Canadian Controlled Private Corporation
Central Fuel Research Institute
Cancel If Close
Communist Party of India (MarxistLeninist) Liberation
Compressed Volume File
Connector Bracket Power
Casio WK-1800 Keyboard Output File
Compact Disk - Write Once
Coastal And Marine Geology
Category 5 (refers to thickness and quality of wiring)
Constant Angular Velocity
Clarkston University Terminal Emulator
Completely Automatic Public Turing Test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart
Centre for Railway Information Systems
Children's Cancer Group (USA)
Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission
Combined Systems Acceptance Test
call of duty 4
Cumulative Grade Point Average
Cloud Aerosol Interaction and Precipitation Enhancement Experiment
Cipher Feedback Configurable Function Block
Constraint Handling Rules
Called Equipment Identification Tone
Career Limiting Move
Comprehensive Convention on International Terrorism
Consumer News and Business Channel
circa about c1800
Convert Word to Double Word
Coronary Artery Bypass Graft
cibus - food
Cellular Authentication and Voice Encryption
Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association
Change Impact Board
Circuit Switched Public Data Network
Cross Country Vehicle
Complete Heart Block
Illinois Central Railroad Company
Contact Reflex Analysis
Container Corporation of India Limited
Central Ground Water Board
Christian Education Building
Calcutta Metropolitan Development Authority
Citizens Advisory Councils
Client-server Application Development Environment
Of course certainly
Continued in Next Post (seen more on message boards than chat)
Central Plantation Crops Research Institute
CarnegieAmesStanford Approach
Circular Reference
Central Road Research Institute
Trinucleotide Repeat
Collision Computer Oriented Language
Central Advisory Board of Education
Converged Technologies Professional
Cyberspatial Reality Advancement Movement
Cursor Backward
Corticobasal Degeneration
a person or thing that codes
Confess come clean
Common Law Admission Test (Started May 2008)
Centre for Knowledge Management of Nano Science and Technology
Chief Information Security Officer
Central Mucoepidermoid Tumor Of The Jaws
Civilian Health And Medical Program For Uniformed Service
Child Labour Action and Support Project
Cipher Type Byte
Canadian Space Agency Engineering Support Center
Combined Entrance Test
Chronic Lobular Hepatitis
Congestive Failure
Common Rail Direct Injection
Crohn's Disease Activity Index
Channel Service Unit (also DSU: Digital Service Unit- and a router A CSU/DSU is the modem that connects to the phone line)
Constituent Electronic Mail System
Control Gate
Cell Nuclear Replacement
Contract Research Organization
other people near by
Central Leather Research Institute, Chennai
Central Public Health & Environmental Engineering Organization
Compound Annual Growth Rate
Chemical Oxygen Iodine Laser
Consumer Price Index for Agricultural Labourers
Consumer Price Index for Industrial Workers
Complex Regional Pain Syndrome
Game data (iD/Apogee Commander Keen 2)
Central Bureau of Health Intelligence
Configuration (file name extension)
Centre For Development of Advance Computing
Common Assembly Format
Chronic obstructive pulmonary emphysema
Carsales.com Limited
Charisma 4.0 Presentation
Central Laboratory of the Research Councils
Carcinogenic Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon
Circuit Emulation Services over Packet
Container and Packaging Recycling Law
Check Password
Centre of International Modern Art
Compound Index (file name extension) [Fox Pro]
Carrier Sense Multiple Access-with Collision Avoidance
Chartered Accountant (South Africa)
Corporate Development Department
Central Drugs Standard Control Organization
Conducted Electromagnetic Interference
Compare Communications
Canadian Earth Observation Network
Cost Of Living Adjustment
Corpses Per Hour
CaptureShop 4-Shot Image file
Common Object Request Broker Architecture (OMG)
Cosmic Background Explorer
Committee of Uniform Security Identification Procedures
Cyber Identity Management System
Clobber Monitor Immediate
cry me a river
a Batch command (under DOS 2.0)
Custom Updates and Extras (Egghead discount plan)
Character To Decimal [REXX]
Certified Landscape Technician
Concrete Masonry Unit
Comedian Replacement Under Development
Cap Skirring
Communication Subsystem For Interconnection
Central Board of Secondary Education International
Community Development Financial Institution
Construction Industry Crime Prevention
Central bank of india
Customs, Excise & Service Tax Appellate Tribunal
Clime Capital Ltd
Common User Access
Creative And Performing Arts
Certified Hotel Administrator
Cyan- Magenta- Yellow
Citizens for Democracy
Countercurrent Immunoelectrophoresis
Creatine Kinase MB Isoenzyme
Cheif Parliamentary Sercretaries
Chief Warrant Officer 2 - ARMY
CURsor (file extension)
Core Nodal Switching Subsystem [Internet]
Contents Of Address Register
Customer Proprietary Network Information
California Land Surveyors Association
Carbon Nitrogen Oxygen
Center for Polymers and Organic Solids
Central Food Technological Research Institute
Corel Draw Template (file name extension)
Central Board of Education
Council For International Organizations Of Medical Sciences
Council for a Livable World
Calcium Rust And Lime
Clear to auscultation
Convert Byte to Word
Chartered Life Underwriter
Chief Master At Arms
CET (Center for Ecological Technology) Show Barn
Command Area Development Authorities
Certified Insolvency and Restructuring Advisor
Central Institute for Cotton Research, Nagpur
Cold Air Outbreak
Coronary Care Unit
Cisco Equipment Manager
care to chat?
Central Atlantic Bridge Associates
Centre for Human Genetics, Bangalore
Congress (S)
Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries [Internet]
Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis
Computer Program Change Request
Court Witnesses
Compact Disk plus Graphics
CardioPulmonary Bypass
Constant Linear Velocity
Creative Music Format
Cerebral Blood Flow
Cisco Certified Network Professional
Community Information and Planning Systems
Colorado Paraeducator Preparation Council
Capture Stack
Cargo Routing Information File
Canadian Paint and Coatings Association
Check Disk
Computer Sensitive Language
Critical Incident Response Model
Care Quality Commission
Center for Ocean Analysis and Prediction
Cant Understand S**t (stuff)
Centre for Airborne systems
Capillary Blood Glucose
Corporate Income Tax Act of 1969
Careflow Development Kit
Communicating Word Processor
Channel Byte Count Register
Cursor Up
Command Control and Monitor System
Council with Social Service Responsibilities
Contract To Hire
Central Public Sector Enterprises
Carrier Squelch
Center for Innovative Computing Applications
Client-To-Client Protocol
Call Procedure
Calcium Channel Blocker
Connecticut Environmental Policy Act
Chief Flag Waver
Chronic Inflammatory Bowel Disease
care for a secret?
Cooperative Interactive Video in Colorado State government
Cisco Certified Voice over ip Professional
Christian And Gospel Evangelists
Certified College Planning Specialist
Central Telegraph Office
Catholic Healthcare West
Call Subscriber ID
see you in class
Electrical Cables and Allied Products of Turin
Cambridge University Technical Services
Catalyst Altered Water
Career Development Interview
Canadian Environmental Law Association
Chief Justice
Canadian Rehabilitation Counselor Certification
Canadian Council of Naturopathic Examiners
Central Board of Secondary Education
Control Access Unit
Certified Clinical Nutritionist
Common Management Information Protocol
Committee of Direction on Banking Statistics
Common Programming Interface for Communications [IBM]
Cubic Boron Nitride
Canadian Land Reclamation Association
Converging Runway Display Aid
Cellular Digital Packet Data
Channel System Address Register
Cursor Forward
Citizens Radio Emergency Service Teams
Certified Technical Trainer
Center For Improving Readiness Of Children For Learning And Education
Civil Aviation Authority
Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf
Certified Production And Inventory Management
Card-Select Number
Common Admission Retail Test
Certified Residential Mortgage Specialist
Cactus Web Training
Classified and Search Support Information System
Carriage Return-Line Feed
Customer Acceptance Readiness Review
Clear Queue
Central Pass Issuing Authority
cholesteryl ester transfer protein
Common Channel Signaling System # 6
Central Value Added Tax
Continental Decimal Notation
Central Institute of Educational Technology
Climate Research Unit
Charlottesville Area Christian Home Educators
Caller Ring Back Tone
Chemical Abstracts System Registry Number
Cooking Master Boy
Cleft Of Venus
Chlorpheniramine Tannate
Certified Professional Soil Classifier
Common Rail Diesel Engine
Central Indiana and Western RR Company
Corporation for Research and Educational Network (merge of BITNET and CSNET)
Common Control Channel
Climate Change Action Team
Chicago Title Corporation
Canadian Government Marketing Personnel
Comprehensive Health Insurance Pool
ChlorPheniraMine POListirex
Clinical Quality Improvement
Certified Bank Auditor
Combined Freight Network
Certified Forensic Accountant
Charles Stark Draper Laboratory
Car Parking Technologies Limited
Canadian Dance Teachers Association
Configuration Management Database
Harvard Graphics 3.0 Chart
Cell Conditioning 1
Central Public Information Officers
Clear Bilateral Breath Sounds
Currency and Gold Revaluation Account
Contract Data Requirements List
Change and Forget Password
Centre de Gestion des Radiocommunications
Cortical Necrosis Of Kidneys
Central North West
CerebroVascular Accident
Competitive Local Exchange Carrier
CRT Controller
Certified Associate in Project Management
Canadian Centre For Policy Alternatives
Compare word String
Continuous Positive Airway Pressure
clueless newbie
Certified Associate of the Indian Institute of Bankers
Central Cottage Industries Corporation
Committee on Invisible Financing Related Trade
Central Marine Design Research Organization
Channel Check
Central Forensic Science Laboratory
CHisquared Automatic Interaction Detector
Commonwealth Handling Equipment Pool
Clinical Institute Withdrawal Assessment
Concerned Nervous Disorder
Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy
Core Transport Model
call my cell phone
CaptureShop 1-Shot Image file
Contrary Body Movement
Communications Billing Usage Database
Congenital Disorders Of Glycosylation
Commonwealth Equity Fund
Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia
Certified Professional Coactive Coach
Chronic progressive multiple sclerosis
Center for Rural Technology Development
Chief Justice of India
Calling Line Identification Restriction (GSM)
Chromosome 18
Computer Incident Advisory Capability (US govt computer investigation agency)
Capital Area Planning Council
Certified Genealogical Records Specialist
Complex Vertebral Malformation
Central Arid Zone Research Institute
Conditional End Of Page
Common Hardware Reference Platform
Chemical Dispensing Unit
Cape Vogel
Camillus Ultra Design Advantage
Cashew Export Promotion Council
Connectionless Network Protocol
Clinical Laboratory Improvement Act
Common market Nations
Command List
Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women
Compensated Gross Tonnage
C Bridge Internet Solutions
Come On You Gunners
Central Excise Tariff Heading
Compact Disk - Digital Audio
2nd Cervical Vertebra
Chronic Neutrophilic Leukemia
Canadian Quality Assurance
Chelmsford and District Advanced Motorcyclists
Constructive Cost Model
Cambridge Energy Research Associates
Cordless Telephone Generation 1
Coordinate Geometry (Programming Language)
Cyan-Yellow-Magenta-Black (color model)
Chief Constables' staff officer
Certified Customer Service Professional
Computational Linguistics And Information Processing
Crabbet Maynesboro And Kellogg
Complete Physical eXamination
Children Rotating Around Bible Stories
Centimeter-Gram-Second unit (parameter)
Consortium to Establish a Registry for Alzheimer's Disease
Changing Relief And Evolving Ecosystem Project
Computer + Science NETwork
Copper Distributed Data Interface
Comma Delimited Format (file name extension)
Change Finger [Unix]
Critical Ionization Velocity
Certified Residential Broker
Court Referral For Evaluation And Drug Intervention Treatment
Centre for Research on Personhood in Dementia
Class IDentifier
Certificate of Underwater Medicine (Royal Navy)
Central Seat Allocation Board
Cellular Circuit-Switched Data
Call For Votes [Bitnet]
Change Directory
Centre for Environmental Research and Consultancy
Columbia Resin number 29
combination of crazy and drunk
Carriage Return Line Feed
Common Graphics Environment
Control Program for Microcomputers (first OS for PCs before DOS)
Click through rate
Competative Cooperative Agreements Program
Centralized Data Management System
Clear Flags
cell phone
Chemical Industry of Pharmaceutical Laboratories
Calorie Restriction Optimal Nutrition
Control Data
Centre for assessment, evaluation and research
Carbon to Nitrogen ratio
Closed head injury
CounterStrike: Source
Cantabrigian (of Cambridge)
Coal Mines Provident Fund
Complimentary Deoxyribo Nucleic Acid
Consumer Price Index for Industrial Workers
CodeView for Windows
CALcium ACEtate
CALcium PHOSphate
Closed Eye Visuals
Curve Indicator Random Field
Certified Information System Security Professional
Chronic Idiopathic Urticaria
Carbon Dioxide
Certification Test Network
Contract Budget Baseline
Conference General des Poids et Mesures
Chaphlobacter Like Organism
Can't talk now call later
Central Organization for Operations Information Systems
Coax-to-Twisted-Pair Adapter
Certified Commercial Investment Manager
Country Guitar Picker
Christian Hope Indian Eskimo Fellowship
Certified Information System Auditor
Crew Training Facility
Central Venous Pressure
Call Completion on No Reply
Code of Federal Regulations Title 47 (FCC)
Council of Integrated Rural Development for Asia and the Pacific
Connectionless Transport Protocol
Commune Council Development Project
Command Data Word
Child And Family Consultation Service
Chronic Brain Syndrome
Cumulative Hydrologic Impact Assessment
Criminal Justice Unit information system
Computer Program Control Library
Community Punishment and Rehabilitation Orders
Communication Support Worker
COMmon Algorithmic Language
Cisco Certified Design Associate
Coalition Personnel Recovery Center
Audio File in AIFF format
Compact Disk - Erasable
Congenital Hip Dislocation
Geneva International Conference Centre
Computer Resources Management Data
carbon nanotube(s)
Council of State and Territorial Epidemiologists
Cordless Telephone Generation 2
Compartmented Mode Workstation
Certificate in Medical Laboratory Technology
Commercial Real Estate Salesman
Chartered Institute Of Personnel and Development
Cambridge School of Culinary Arts
Central Office Exchange (PBX-like Service)
Cache-Memory Management Unit [Motorola]
Common Object Services Specification
Computer-Supported Telephony Applications
Centre for Development of Advanced Computing
Comprehensive Economic Data Atlas of China
Contingency Gravity Gradient
Conjugate Gradient Normal
check for identification
College Opportunity Networks And Technical Access For Childcare Teachers
Central Sacral Vertical Line
Calculated Percentage Pain Reduction
Canadian Centre for Financial Literacy
Cellular Geographic Service Areas
CALcium GLYCEROPHosphate
Central Emergency Revolving Fund
Consultative Group On International Agricultural Research
Certified Medical Administrative Specialist
can you believe it
Caller ID with Name
Piezocone Penetration Test
Category 5
Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group
Crimean Congo Hemorrhagic Fever
Corrected Counts Per Minute
Combined Heart And Lung Surgery
Constituency Oriented Research And Dissemination
Colorado Rural Development Council
Central Government Employee Group Insurance Scheme
Claymore Japan Fundamental Index ETF C$ hedged
House residence
Completely Universal Processor I-O Design [AST]
Centre for Development of Telematics
Character Large Object Block
Campus Object Migration Request
Close Quarters Battle
Central Glass and Ceramic Research Institute
Child Health Questionnaire
Crotchety Old Man Syndrome
Clean Water Act
catch up with you later
Cumulative grade point average
Champion Industries
Commodore 64 image file Bitmap graphics
Common Management Information Service Element (ISO)
Change Group
Communication Input-Output Control System
Clearinghouse for Network Information and Discovery and Retrieval [Internet]
Co-Processing Node Architecture for Parallel Systems
Campus Wide Information Service-System [Internet]
Canine Distemper Virus
Certified Nurse Midwife
Cellular Operators Association of India
Cost Recovery Adjustment Clause
COMMunication port
Cascading Style Sheets level 1 (specifications for layouts and design of WWW pages)
Cotton Textiles Export Promotion Council
Cross Boundary Coach Terminus
Climate Information and Prediction Services
Colonial National Historical Park
Crinkled Single Aluminized Mylar
Chest X Ray
Collaborative University School Project
Common Entrance Test-Advanced
Chhattisgarh Swami Vivekananda Technical University
Commission for Healthcare Audit and Improvement (Healthcare Commission)
Centre National d tudes en Tlcommunications (France Telecom)
Cold Cathode Fluorescent Tube
Compressed Serial Line Interface Protocol [Internet]
Certified Biomedical Electronic Technician
Clean Coal Technologies
Communications Distribution and Switching Center
Coliform Forming Units
Crew Health Care System
Christian Hearts Reborn In Spirit And Truth
Clean Indoor Air Act
Company Law Board
Command Decoder
Chhattisgarh State Electricity Board
Compact Disk - Extended Architecture
Customer Information Control System- Virtual Storage [IBM]
Campus Center Information Desk
Committee On Space Research
Civic Local Affairs Network
call me later
Campus Programming and Leadership Development
Command Line User Interface
Coal Mines Provident Fund Organisation
Centre Head Teacher
Cockpit Display of Traffic Information
County Fiscal Management System
Chief Financial Officer
Communication Information Resource Centre Administrator
Cousin homie bro
carnitine palmitoyl transferase
Center for Media and Instructional Innovation (Yale)
C-type lectin-like receptor(s)
Campus Electron Optics Facility (OSU)
Chemical Coordinate Bonding and Adsorption
Computer Virus Industry Association
CALcium CARBonate
Central Depository Services Limited
Chemical Energy Component Analysis
Checkout Techniques Test Bed
see you tomorrow
Computer-Controlled Microwave Tuner (microwave)
Game data (iD/Apogee Commander Keen 6)
California Commission on Teacher Credentialing
Command and Data Acquisition Station
ConeXpress Orbital Life Extension Vehicle
Covalent Group
Coal Mines Provident Fund Commissioner
Compact Disk - Interactive
Computer Software Management and Information Center [NASA]
Chief Probation Officers of California
Coax To The Curb
Commission for Patient and Public Involvement (obsolete)
California Mexico Reliability Center
Center for Food Safety Engineering (Purdue University)
Clerical Work Improvement Process
See You On Line
Community Learning Network
complete waste of time
Crazy White Boys
Customer Dialed Account Recording
Coastal Zone Management Act
Centre for Mathematical Modelling and Computer Simulation
Cursor Down
Cyanotic Congenital Heart Disease
Continuous Cycling Peritoneal Dialysis
Continuous Dynamic Channel Selection
Consultant Paediatrician in Community Child Health
Crosstalk Application Scripting Language [DCA]
First serial Port (asynchronous port)
Computable real functions of Bounded Variation
Carbonyl Cyanide 3ChloroPhenylhydrazone
Cycling Error Detection Code
Cordillera Highland Agricultural Resource Management
Central Institute for Fisheries and Aquaculture, Bhubaneswar
Control Board Operator
Countryside Council for Wales
Canada India Reactor Utility Services
Cardholder Information Security Program
Cardiovascular Health Assessment Management And Prevention Services
fhird cervical vertebrum
C Window Library
Cold Fusion Mark-up Language
Third serial Port
Composite International Diagnostic Interview
Commercial Vehicle Check Subsystem
couldn't give a damn
Central District Athletic Board
Cambodian School of Prosthetics and Orthotics
clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats
Center for the Creation of Economic Wealth (University of Oklahoma)
Child Abuse And Neglect Training
Cancer Cell Production Rate
Concentrated Range Extension with Gain
Cryptographic Ignition Key
classic intrafascial supracervical hysterectomy
Century Halo Star Survey
Chikodi Road
Kilogram of cocaine
Controller-Pilot Data-Link Control (aviation)
Contingency Construction Crew Training
Civilian Human Resources Agency - Korean Region
Canadian Network for Advancement of Research | Industry | Education
Concurrent Disk Operating System
Centre for Exploitation of Science and Technology
Congenital Generalized Hypertrichosis
Climate Prediction and Adaptation
Consolidated Quote System
Chesapeake Bay Observing System
Control ST Bus Input signal
Chesser Resources Ltd
Conditioned Cargo Transport Equipment
Certified International Projects Auditor
Chinese Martyrs Catholic Church
Center Of Gravity
Covert Rural Observation Point
Consumer Welfare Fund
Coaxial Network
Chemical Material Acquisition Initiative
Clinical Pathology Accreditation inspection
Credit Risk Gurantee Fund
Color Video Graphics Array
Control Center Operations Manager
Clinical Care Support System
Continuum Discretized Coupled Channels
Covenant High In Christ
Canadian Institute of Traffic and Transportation
Check With Order
Congress (I)
Central Services Medical Attendant
Cyberspace Electronic Security Act (U.S.A.)
Conditional Move
CALcium CITRate
Comprehensive Crop Insurance Scheme
Chartered Mutual Fund Counselor
Centre for Research on the Epidemiology of Disasters
Consumer-to-Government (e-commerce)
C-difficile-associated diarrhea
Customer Support Branch (ORA)
Central Institute for Research and Training in Employment Services
Computer-Based Mail System
Commercial Data Masking Facility [IBM]
Communications Satellite Corporation
Certified Medical Practice Executive
Comet Rendezvous Asteroid Flyby
Construction Skills Certificate Scheme
Civilian Leadership Training Division
Committee for Regulating Information Requirements
Connected Limited Device Configuration
See You Later
CALcium GLUConate
Chesapeake Bay BridgeTunnel
Canadian Conservation Areas Database
Contract Data Status Report
Conference on Cognition and Culture
Can't Talk Parent Over Sholder
see you tonight
Centro de Recuperación del Enfermo Alcoholico Patronato
Center For Diagnostic And Therapeutic Videosurgery
Cached Video RAM
Certified Document Imaging Architect
Command Area Development Agency
Chronic Granulomatous Disorder
Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation
A Camera Activated Telescopic Interviewing
Chronic Kidney Disease - Improved Prediction Equations
Computer Aided Exploration
Computer and Business Equipment Manufacturers Association
The Confederation of Real Estate Developers Association of India
Chandigarh Transport Undertaking
Civil Engineering Specification for the Water Industry
Comprehensive System of Personnel Development
Combined Mode Resonator Filter
BASIC VB Kartei File
Communication and Computer Systems
Consultative Committee for Time and Frequency
Convert Double to Quad
Christian Gothics Unite
Catalyst Regeneration Control System
Caribbean Regional Environmental Programme
Common Language Location Identifier code (Telcordia)
California Youth Advocacy Network
CentiKelvin Thermometer
Canadian Institutes of Health Research
Centers of Excellence for Technology and Industrial Collaboration
clinical indicators
County Alliance For Responsible Environmental Stewardship
Centaur Integrated Support Structure
Chief of Army Staff
can`t wait to see you
Cape Verde Escudo
Swiz swindle
Cambridge University Moving Image Studio
Centre for Maternal and Child Enquiries
Community Diabetes Education and Prevention Program
CD2-associated protein
Command Job Language Interpreter
Central Board of Film Certification
Countdown Demonstration Test
Complicationfree Tumor Control
Cleveland Lakefront State Park
Common Mode Rejection Ratio
Cost Of Goods Sold
Clearing Corporation for Options and Services
College Roomies From Hell
calcium pyrophosphate deposition
Calcitonin Gene-Related Peptide
Cesarean Section
Change Code Page
Canadian Council of Land Surveyors
Community Mental Health Program
Clinical Research Affiliates Funding Trials
call at your convenience
Call Forward Don
Component Numbered Air Force
Circuit-mode channel
Confidential Enquiry into Maternal Deaths
6th Cervical Vertebra
Certified Control Systems Technician
Certified Ethical Hacker
Cold Filter Plugging Point
Computational Methods and Function Theory
Customer Relationship and Asset Management System
Can't Live Without You
Canadian Aviation Maintenance Council
Content Based Image Retrieval
Harvard Condensed Matter Theory Group
Customer Specific Term Plan
City District Government of Lahore
Cancer and Leukemia In Childhood
Compressed Video Transmission Service
crying on the floor
can't talk now boss over shoulder
Channelized T3 Interface Processor
Compact Disk Read-Only Memory
Circular mil (measure of sectional area of a wire)
Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic
Centre National D'Etude Spatiales
IEEE Communications Theory Workshop
Computer Science
Care Services Improvement Partnership
Child Health Education And Rehabilitation Unit Besynia
Community Development And Management Plan
Copy With Include
Convert Zone to Zip Code
Computer Assisted Accreditation Reporting
Clinical Research Consortium for Spinocerebellar Ataxias
Canadian Food Inspection Agency
Calling Number Identification Presentation (wireless)
Certified Business Analysis Professional
Central Data Input Bureau
Compact Disc ReWritable
Columbia and Silver Creek Railroad
Computer Supported Cooperative Work
Computer Assisted Auditing Technique
Consulting Engineers Council of Washington
Call Field Engineer
Centre For Organic Seed Information
Coach Of the Year
Compatibility Test Van
cant talk parent(s) coming
Canfor Pulp Income Fund
Close Quarter Defense
calcium tolerance test
Revised Conflict Tactics Scale
Congenital Bilateral Perisylvian Syndrome
Consultative Committee For Space Data Systems
Coast Guard Air Station
Certified Healthcare Protection Administrator
see you later
Calendar of Plea and Memoranda Rolls
Cervical Dilation
Coin-Operated Pay Telephone
Convention for a Democratic South Africa
Commercial Original Equipment Manufacturer
Congenital Dislocation of the Hip
Certified Employee Assistance Professional
Cesium Beam Frequency Standard
Chuckle and Snort
Calling Line IDentification
Continuing Education Unit(s)
Comment for Comment
Calling NAme Delivery
Cajun Clickers Computer Club
Combined Office Standard Environment
Central Valley Birding Symposium
Capillary Zone Electrophoresis
contract/core minimum data set
Clinical Leaders Of Thrombosis
Covenant Harrison Select Specialty Hospital
Ceramic Ball Grid Array
Configuration Management Version Control [IBM]
4th Cervical Vertebra
California Fires Coordination Group
Certified Financial Services Auditor
Combined Otolaryngological Spring Meetings
Contractor's Procurement System Review
Commonwealth Seniors Health Card
Cancer Therapeutics Research Group
coffee with milk and one sugar
California State University Northridge
Canada Investor Protection Fund
Consumer-to-Business (e-commerce)
Chemical-Biological Response Team
Computer Dealers Exposition
Central Railway reserve Force
Child Abuse Risk Assessment
Critical Evaluation Task Force
Central Flow Control Function
Computer Usage Control
Cosmic Xray Background Radiation
see you on monday
California School of Professional Psychology
Conrad Industries
Certified Nonprofit Accounting Professional
Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique
Certified Special Events Professional
Close Your Eyes
Chemi Thermo Mechanical Pulp
Cheesecake Factory
Certificate of Higher Cervical Cytology Training
Computer Aided Personal Interviewing
Cargo Bay Stowage Assembly
Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyradiculoneuropathy
Cancer Therapy and Research Center
Calculated Take-Off Time
Perform under pressure
Control VOLume
Computer Security Incident Response Team
IEEE Computer Society International Conference
Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism
cervical vertebrae 1 to 7
1st Cervical Vertebra
Carrier-to-Noise power (ratio)
Certified Long Term Monitor
Cabin Humidity Control Subsystem
Cryogenic Limb Array Etalon Spectrometer
Checkout and Launch Control System
Cystine Lactose Electrolyte Deficient
Canada Lands Surveys Records
Classification of Producers by Purpose
Committee for the Purpose of Control and Supervision Of Experiments on Animals
Client Patient Record System
Creative And Natural Outdoor Experience
Cape Society for Dental Implantology
Computer Magazine
Cute attractive person
Clinical Global Impression of Change
Climate Database Management System
Consulting Engineers Council of Ohio
College of Family Physicians of Canada
Committee For Humanitarian Assistance To Iranian Refugees
Christ Honored And Others Served
Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994
Californium Neutron Irradiation Facility
Central Nervous System Leukemia
Certified Victim Assistance Specialist
Central Venous Nutrition
Contract Vehicle Recovery Scheme
Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion
Certified Vacation Rental Professional
Cross Your Fingers
Combat Support Brigade (Maneuver Enhancement)
Correlated Barrier Hopping
Collaborative Digital Reference Service
Continuous Flow Electrophoresis System
Children's Film Society of India
Coordination Group for Meteorological Satellites
Cold Neutron Research Facility
Clinical Pharmacology Problem Solving
Citizen Volunteer Water Quality Monitoring
Computer Telephony Interface Products
Centro de Estudios de Asesoramiento Metalúrgico
Campus Wide Network
Central Nevada Seismic Zone
Second serial Port
CIBC (Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce) Business Interest Account
Chewing Gum Salivary Expectorate
Counicl of Board of School Education
Cosmic Ray Physics Laboratory
complete and total waste of time
Campus Zone
Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
Consolidated Standards for the Reporting of Trials
Cinema 4D
Centre for Advanced Media Studies
Combined Elements and Integration Systems
Christian Elder Dispensations Arbitration Reconciliation
Certified Nurse Operating Room
Chronic Necrotizing Pulmonary Aspergillosis
Coarse Sun Sensor Assembly
Clinical Trials Research Associate
Connection-Oriented Data Service
Camden Property Trust Preferred A
Category Level
Centre for Telematics and Information Technology (University of Twente)
Christian Science Visiting Nurse
Calm The F*$# Down
Character mode DTE (computer)
Council for Mutual Economic Assistance
Coefficient Of Haze
Cost Reduction Alternative Study
Clinical Trials Exemption
check out this myspace
Contingency Aeromedical Staging Facility
copper intrauterine device
Committee on Transportation and Aerospace Technology Policy
Computer Role Playing Game
Communications Staff (CVM)
Center for Natural Language Processing
Center Aisle Connector Bracket
Colorado Institute For Research In Biotechnology
Chief Kid Officer
County Non Emergency Number
Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority
Come On You Blues
Capacity Utilization Bottleneck Efficiency System
Clinical Information Management Programme
Code Generation Library
Christopher Griffin Bradley
Colorado School of Public Health
Compact Disk - Real Time Operating System
CDS Application Support Programs
Center for Advanced and Spatial Technologies
Canadian Geoscience Information Centre
Censored Least Absolute Deviation
Centro Nacional de Reconhecimento e Ordenamento Agrario
Coffee Time Reviewer Read Award
Combat Vehicle Research and Development Establishment
Component Unification Base And
Centralized Pass Issue Cell
Close-Range Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
Community United to Reduce Bigotry
Community Family Support Center
Center for Urban Research and Learning (LUC)
Complex Terrain Screening
Closed reduction and cast
Core Quality of Life Questionnaire
China National Oceanographic Data Center
Commissione di Redazione
Coastal Zone Management
Carolina Nosology of Destructive Behavior
Confederation of International Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology
Canadian Geographical Names Service
Communications and Navigation Research Laboratory
Consolidated Uniform Payroll System
come on i wont tell anyone
Cellular On Light Truck
Central Excise Value Added Tax
Cape Town Stereotactic Pointer
circulating tumor cell(s)
Canadian National Railway Company Preferred
Century Business Services
Centers For The Commercial Development Of Space
Checkpoint Certified Security Administrator
Committee on the Exchange of Digital Data
Company Law Settlement Scheme
Change Tape Density
Cadet UnderOfficer
C C B T Financial
Union Pacific Railroad Company
Comissão Nacional de Implementação dos Conselhos de Produção
Cable Television Administration and Marketing Society
Centro de Atención Social Regional
Caustic Waste Treatment System
Continuous VenoVenous HemoDialysis
See You Around ....
Center for Study of Active Volcanoes
Centre for Networking and Telecommunications Research
Certified Master Life Coach
Centre for Genetic Improvement of Livestock (University of Guelph)
Center for Environmental Study Michigan
Container Freight Stations
Chief Yard Master
Child Abuse And Neglect Tracking System
Common and Bulk Items List
Clear Cell Sarcoma Of The Kidney
Colluding Practices For Food Retailers
Original official
Canadian Nursing Informatics Association
Community Based Outpatient Care
Cambodia Baptist Bible College
Corps Ballistic Meteorology Manager
Citigroup Capital V Preferred Class W
Chimpanzee and Human Communication Institute
County Flood Control District
Construction Industry Development Council
Computerized Physician Order Entry
Circuit Location
Capabilities- Based Program Management
Clinical Quality Assurance Group
Capital Programmes Working Party
Collaborative Local Association for Health Research Consortia
California Forensic Medical Group
Cochin International Airport
Children and Young People’s Fund
Citizens-Police Liaison Committee
Contract Operations Branch (Office of the Commissioner)
Content Addressable File Store
Cape Canaveral Reference Atmosphere
Community Futures Of Central Kootenay
Cartographic Feature File
Command Guidance Computer
Combined Orbital Maneuvering and Abort System
Critical Qualification Design Review
Civil Rules for Courts of Limited Jurisdiction
Central Venous Access Device
Cape York Space Facility
see you later
Comment Of The Day
Central Avian Research Institute, Izatnagar
Zero Generation Cordless Telephony
Calculating Quality Reporting Service (NHS UK)
Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Agropecuarias (Venezuela)
Climate Diagnostics Center Laboratory
Catalogo Bibliografico Unico Provinciale
Caribbean Examination Council
conspecific negative density dependence
Common Pilot CHannel
1st Cervical Vertebra
Chemical and Allied Industries Association
California Black Chamber of Commerce
Combined Center Radar Approach Control
Clouds And Earth's Radiant Energy System
Continuous global positioning system
Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique et Technologique
Consolidated Unified Program Agency
Center for Domestic Violence Prevention
Cable Modem to Radio Frequency Interface
Cellular Priority Access Service
Clearinghouse for Scientific and Technical Information (now NTIS)
Chiefs Task Force on Health
Christian Science Visiting Nurse Services
Card Query Language
Community Based Health Insurance Scheme
Cystoscopic Exam
California Environmental Protection Agency
7th Cervical Vertebra
Concise Bounded Usage Description
Combined Cycle Gas Turbine
Chemical Dependency Assessment Profile
Centre National de Recherches Geomorphologiques
Callable Range Accrual Notes
Community University Research Alliance
Counter-Strike Organization New Style Type Plus Refresh Edition
Centro Nazionale Interuniversitario per Telecomunicazioni (Italy)
Calibrated Atomic Force Microscope
Centre Nationale des Archives de l'Eglise de France
condiional approval of new animal drug application
Compact Disk - Magneto Optical
Channel Local Address Register
Cost Accounting Standards Board
Center of Biotechnology UNILEPFL
Congenital Hypertrophy of Retinal Pigment Epithelium
Certified Journeyman Locksmith
Classic Form Of Kaposi Sarcoma
Commission on National and Regional Atlases
Cutaneous T Cell Lymphoma
Conference of Research Workers in Animal Diseases
Childrens National Medical Center
Can You Dig It?
Children and Family Resource Centre
Comité Européen des Transmissions Oléohydrauliques et Pneumatiques
Country BlueGrass Blues
calcium carbonate
Computerized Tomography Operating System
Citation in lieu of Custody
Corpus Juris Secundum
Community Partnership of Southern Arizona
Connecticut Registered Nurse
Common Gateway Interface-binaries
Chevy Chase Preferred Capital Corporation
Canadian Business and Current Affairs
Clinical Negligence Scheme for Trusts
Connection of Health Data and General Practice
Workshop on Cybernetic Vision
Certified Field Service Manager
Congestion Location Output Graphics
Chronic Membranoproliferative Glomerulonephritis
Catalytic Partial OXidation
Current Written Down Value
Communication port (computer)
CONquer canCER Now
Cadmium Zinc Telluride
Coventry and Warwickshire Audit Services
Center Track
Carson Tahoe Regional Healthcare
Color Super Twist Nematic
Clincal Quality Measures
Certified Peer Support Provider
Clear Clear Enter Enter
C language source code file (Computer Innovation C86)
C-band Scatterometer
Centre National d'Informations Toxicologiques Veterinaires
Cape Fear River Basin
Character To Hexadecimal [REXX]
3rd Cervical Vertebra
County Court Judgement
Contractor Drawing Change Request
Criminal Justice Unit
Crew Procedures Evaluation Simulator
Certified Practicing Risk Manager
Certified Unix System Administrator
Center for Weight and Health
IEEE Computational Science and Engineering
Certified Neuro Interoperative Monitor
Chiefs Untitled Map
Children and Young Peoples’ Plan
Cheshire County Federal Credit Union
Common Language Equipment Identifier
nineteenth century
Crip Flow Management Facility
Cargo Integration Test Equipment
Criminal Justice Act
Chronic Neuropathic Sensory Disorder
Clinical Qualifying Examination
Cowards Run In Packs
Cutaneous Squamous Cell Carcinoma
Overprotect smother
Silicon-On-Sapphire combined with CMOS technology
Check Your
Children & Young People Board
Cursor (Sun Cursor file)
Chartered Public Finance Accountant
Consumer Education Staff (Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition)
Coherent Optical Adaptive Technique (fiber optics)
CYPU Children and Young People’s Unit
Canadian Business Telecommunication Alliance
Call Center Management Association (U.K.)
Component Advanced Technology Testbed
Can't Breathe Laughing Too Hard
Committee on Earth Observation Satellites
Cleaner Fossil Fuels Systems Committee
Center For Particle Astrophysics
California Respiratory Care Board
ChemotherapyThoracic RadioTherapy
Clean Uncluttered Reverse Suspended And Elevated
calling you right now
Command Systems Operations Branch
Cable Modem to CPE Interface
Continuously Variable Delay Line
Citigroup Capital I Preferred Class E
Colonial and Continental Church Society
Commerce Capital Trust I
Chennai Port Trust
Cyberguard Corporation
Color file (CodeView)
Center for Integrated Space Microsystems
Center for the History of Family Medicine
Certified Wound Care Associate
Class Based Weighted Fair Queueing
Chat With You Soon
Career and Technical Education Internship Program
Classification of Psoriatic Arthritis
Commission on Accreditation of Ambulance Services
Core Group on River Pilot Projects
Critical Nuclear Weapons Design Information
Cancer Trials Support Unit
Montreal Dorval International
Coeducational (men and women together)
Random Access Memory using CMOS technology (memories)
IEEE Computer Society Workshop on Computer Vision
cranial nerves
Cluster Excellence for Non-Teaching Staff
Coronary Artery Risk Detection In Appalachian Communities
Canadian Association of Medical Oncologists
Channel Commercial Corporation
Combined-Joint Logistics Officer
Cisco Spam and Virus Blocker
Climate and Global Change Program
Central Geographic Data Base
Composite Ganglioneuroblastoma
Cement Kiln Recycling Coalition
Compare String Byte
Changing To a Remote Terminal
Chronic Valvular Heart Disease
see you later
Moosonee Airport
Consumers Energy Company Preferred L Offering III
Caring Helping And Nurturing Create Education
California Regional Primate Research Center
Beta 44 Job file
Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals
Children and Young People’s Services
Citizen Weather Observer Program
Canadian Forces Medical Orders
Cost Analysis Improvement Group
Centralized Trunk Test Unit
ComputerAided Paperless Examination System
Consultive Committee for Space Data Systems
CashFlowReturn On Investment
Canada Land Use Monitoring Program
Christian Medical Ministry of Alabama
ComputerReady Electronic Files
Cysteine Sulfinic Acid Decarboxylase
(invasive) coronary angiography with fractional flow reserve
Computer Analysis and Technology Unit
Central Bi-Products
Call Forwarding on mobile subscriber No Reply (GSM service)
Consultant in Communicable Disease Control
Command and Data System
Chronic Focal Infectious Rheumatism
Corrective Optics Space Telescope Axial Replacement
CyclicAMP Response Element Modulating protein
Computed Tomographic Hepatic Angiography
See you later
C-band to L-band
Coastal Refining and Marketing Incorporated
Can I Help You?
Central Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants
IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications [Magazine]
Council of Ethnic Minority Voluntary Organisations
Century Industries
Call Your Wife
Creditrust Corporation
Control Humility Obedience Restrictions And Discipline
Coherent FSK (modulation)
Mad bonkers crazy
Charni Road
Congress of Cartographic Information Specialist Associations
Capital City Police Officer
Common Criteria Testing Lab
Chronic Fatigue and Immune Dysfunction Syndrome
Chemical Industry Institute of Toxicology
Cape Kennedy Reference Atmosphere
Controlled Liquid Electrophoresis Absorption Reflection
Coffee Time Reviewer Read award
Controlled Visual Flight Rules
Control panel Device (Apple Macintosh)
Council for Higher Education Accreditation
Copolar (antennas)
Community Based Outpatient Clinic
Centre for Youth Drug Studies
CYprus Telecommunications Authority
(National) Counter Fraud and Security Management Service (NHS Security Management Service)
Central Board for Workers Education
Computerized Maintenance Test System
Consolidated NOTAM System Processor
Crime Prevention Design Advisor
chat with ya later
Chemical-Biological Incident Response Force
Colorado State University-Global Campus
IEEE Control Systems Magazine
Centre for Excellence & Outcomes
Coastal Marine Automated Network
Contracts and Indemnities Register Online
Computer Assisted Radio Monitoring
Coordinating Committee on the Philippine Assistance Program
Consolidated metropolitan statistical area
Childrens Online Privacy and Protection Act
Colorado Professionals in Onsite Wastewater
Combat Vehicle Command and Control
Cosmicheskaya Sistyema Poiska Avariynich Sudov (Russia)
Cool As A Cucumber
cash-limited general medical services
Copper Clad Aluminum Wire
Cervical vertebrae (spine eg. C7 = seventh cervical vertebra)
Century Bond BHD
Chittenden County Transportation Authority
Chick Embryo Kidney
Certified Forensic Computer Examiner
Cyclic File Characteristics Table
Compton Gamma Ray Observatory
Contractor's Summary Cost Breakdown
Color Thin-Film Transistor (semiconductors)
Call Screening Monitoring and Intercept
Connected Line Identification Restriction (GSM service)
Customer Premises Satellite Interface
Center for International Business Education Research
Catalogue of Galactic Carbon Stars
Central Supply Nurse
C F M Technologies
Cagayan State University - Gonzaga
Connetics Corporation Preferred
Center For Christian Broadcasting
Canadian General Standards Board
Committee on Space Astronomy and Astrophysics
Convert Word to Extended Double
Center for XRay Optics at Berkeley
Combined Free/Demand Assignment Multiple Access
Carrier-to-Interference Ratio
Continuously Variable Slope Delta (modulation)
Ceramic Package (microchips)
Compound Annual Average Growth Rate
Cumulative SUM
Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies
Caesar Kleberg Wildlife Research Institute
Biennial Conference on Precision Electromagnetic Measurements
Centrul Judetean de Transfuzie Sanguina
Comedotype Ductal Carcinoma In Situ
Colony Forming Cells And Aggregates
Coast Forest Conservation Initiative
CanadaFranceHawaii Telescope
Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist
Christian Relief Services Charities
Chewing tobacco
Soft loving person
Connected Vehicle/Intrastructure - University Transportation Center (University of Virginia)
Centre for Research on Innovation and Competition
Critical Infrastructure Warning Information Network
Cardiovascular Society Classification
Civic Bancorp
Classical and Quantum Gravity
Centrally Funded Initiatives and Services and Special Allocations
Cryogenic Switching by Avalanche and Recombination
Care Record Development Board
Chico Water Pollution Control Plant Expansion Project
Connected Line Identification Presentation (GSM service)
Cardiovascular Program–Norway
Correlation Tracking And Triangulation (trajectories)
noninvasive computed tomographic angiography with a new computerized analysis of flow reserve
Canadian Oral Health Strategy
Central Michigan College of Education (now Central Michigan University)
Cochrane Library
creatine kinase muscle isoform
Central Health Outcomes Unit
Circuit Group Block Acknowledge
Cochrane Controlled Trials Register
competitive-binding luminescence assay
Canadian Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing
Cash Flow At Risk
Chronic Tension Type Headache
Communications and Configuration Console
Committee on Atomic
Conjugate Gradient Normal Residual
Computer Resources Integrated Support Plan
cut to the chase
Counter-Intelligence Operational Tasking Authority
Color Video Zoom Processor
community learning disability team
Cornell Waste Management Institute
Bitmap graphics (Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) Window Manager bitmap Formats)
Chemical Explosion Unit
Central File Storage Unit
Cryogenic Gas Storage Subsystem
Canadian Logistics Operation Center
Canadian Minimum Navigation Performance Specification Airspace
Caution and Warning Electronic Assembly
Cargo Program Office - Spacelab Projects Office
Contour Energy Company Preferred
Chinese Undergraduates in the United States
Core Router Operating System Support
IEEE Conference on Neural Networks for Ocean Engineering
Communication Manager / 2
Game data (iD/Apogee Commander Keen 5)
Certified Fiber Optic Technician
Canadian Administrative Management And Professional University Staff
Cyclone Extratropical Storms
Computed Industrial Tomographic Imaging System
Contract and Grant: Academic Year
Group of friends
Change Owner
Fourth serial Port
Child Development and Rehabilitation Center
Community Health Charities of Wisconsin
Criminal Justice Information Network
California Milk Advisory Board
Certificate Of Technical Competence
Canadian Security Intelligence Service
Center for High Technology Materials
Consular Report Of Birth Abroad
Comparative Clinical Science Foundation
Sixth Cervical Vertebra
Combating Terrorism Readiness Initiatives Fund
California Air Resource Board
Coordinating Group on Auditing and Accounting Issues
Cabin Gas Analysis Unit
Covert Human Intelligence Source
Certified Information Forensics Investigator
Coordinator Of Student Activities
Central Source Data File
See You In A Bit
Ciphering Key Sequence Number (GSM)
California Department of Public Health
Canal Street Veterinary Hospital
Charge Motion Control Valve
California Biomedical Research Association
Cystic Fibrosis Related Liver Disease
Computeraided mass appraisal system
Chesapeake Lighthouse and Aircraft Measurements for Satellites
Congress Of the Social Sciences and Humanities
Civilian Personnel Operations Office
Cable Sat Systems
Chirped Pulse Fourier Transform MicroWave
Annual Conference on Computer Assurance
Connectionless Network Service
Climate Computing
Game data (iD/Apogee Commander Keen 1)
Clathrin Assembly Lymphoid Myeloid leukemia protein
Congenital Central Hypoventilation Syndrome
Coronary Observation Radio
Central Register of Medical Professionals
Call me in the morning
Chemical Vapor Pulse Oxidation process (fiber optics)
Cleveland Electric Illuminating Company Preferred
Calling Line Identification Signal (GSM)
Computer-aided Learning In Veterinary Education
Committee on Dental and Surgical Materials (abolished in 1994)
Central Circulating Blood Volume
Certified Employee Benefits Specialist
Criminal Justice Unit Extranet
Chicken Red Blood Cell
Cancer Treatment Related Fatigue
call me on my cell
Consumer-installable DSL (access)
Cryptographic Radio Teletype equipment
Stupid person
Communications Staff (OC)
Center for Translational Social Neuroscience
Computer Aided Design Interactive System
California Clean Air Act
Certified Information Technology Manager
Cartographic Material Order and Tracking System
Common-User Land Transportation
Someone who views your profile but doesn't make contact
Connecticut Geological and Natural History Survey