full forms starting with letter F

Short Form
Full Form
F- Friendly A- Achiever T- Trustworth H- Heroic E- Exceptional R- Really a great person
Face (photos) and Book (file) to share wid ur frnds
Facing Our Risk Of Cancer Empowered
Symbol for prefix femto- denoting 10-5
Frequently Asked Question
Federation of Indian Export Organization
Foreign Institutional Investors
FORmula TRANslation language (programming language)
Frame Control | or Fiber Channel
Facility for Antiproton and Ion Research
Federation of India Chambers of Commerce and Industry
Financial Institution
For Your Information
facsimile transmission
Foreign Currency Non-resident (Banks)
Food Safety and Standards Authority of India
Films and Television Institute of India
Fédération Internationale de Football Association
File Transfer Protocol
Fast Moving Consumer Goods
Foreign Exchange Management Act
Flux Changes per Inch (drive tech terminology)
Forecasting Agricultural output using Space Agro-meteorology and Land based observations
Finally i left Adidas
Fiber-optic Link Around the Globe (Cable Consortium)
Finance Sub Committee
What todays message boards are called.  Often using php as defining language to quickly write real time messages and replies to a web site (or page)
First In First Out (Processing method of information on first come - first serve basis)
Food and Agriculture Organisation
Floppy Disk Floppy Drive Full Duplex
F-forgiving R-respectful I-illuminating E-encouraging N-noncondemning D-discerning
Feed Conversion Ratio
File Allocation Table (the map a computer stores on a disk to where everything is)
Fish Aggregating Device
Fingerprint Number
Frequency Modulation
Federal Bureau of Investigation (USA)
angry comments
Prescription Exemption Certificate
Functional Area
Flinders Institute for Atmospheric and Marine Sciences
Forest Survey of India
Foam Optics And Mechanics
First Information Report
Favorite Picture Selection Frames Per Second
Funtional Redundancy Checking
Fair Isaac Credit Organization
Finance Insurance And Real Estate
Fast Track Committee
Free To Air
Fiber Distributed Data Interface
Frequency ResponseTest
Foreign Direct Investment
Flight Data Recorder (Black Box)
Flight Systems Laboratory
First Appellate Authority
Fixed Income Money Market and Derivatives Association of India
for your attention
File Separator
Fund for Improvement of S&T Infrastructure in Universities and Higher Educational Institutes
Flux changes Per Inch
Fellow of the Royal Society
Fax on Demand
Frequently Used Programs
Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management Act- 2003
Food Poisoning
Free Amino Nitrogen
Free on Board
Family Living Survey
Farmers’ Service Societies
Future Air Navigation System
Foreign Exchange
Foreign Investment Promotion Board
File Access Code
Foreign Currency Assets
Financial Intermediation Services Indirectly Measured
Fiber To The Home
Foreign Exchange Regulation Act
Fibre Yield Improvement Program
Frequency Division Duplex
Fishery and Oceanographic Research Vessel
Floppy Disk Controller
Computer-Chip Fabrication Plant
frequently asked question(s)
File System Driver (OS/2 Warp)
Forest Research Institute
Fraud Management System
First In Still Here (someone who is on line TOO much)
Food And Agricultural Sciences And Technology
First-Ended First-Out
Fast Page Mode (older RAM - being replaced by EDO RAM)
Financial Resource Planning
File Carbon Copy
Flat Tension Mask [Zenith]
Flight Of Colors test
Fourier Transform Infrared spectoscopy
For Your Necessary Action
Fine Needle Aspiration
Fast Interceptor Craft
Forum of Control Data Users
Functional Trainer
Flue Cured Virginia (a kind of tobacco)
F*** This S***
Flow Of Funds
Fiber Optic
File Processor Buffering
Fixed Path Protocol Floating Point Processor
Floating Point Unit
Fiber Channel Loop
Ferroelectric RAM
Flight Inspection National Field Office
Fédération Internationale des Échecs
F*ck You
File Service Protocol
Final Materials List
Federal Communications Commission (USA)
for future reference
Free On Board
Food and Drug Administration
Foreign Institutional Investor
Floating-Point Register
Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons
Frame Check Sequence (Token Ring)
Field Emission Display (type of monitor)
Frequency-Division Multiplexing
Free System Resources
Femoral Blood Pressure
Federal Networking Council (governments attempt to control the internet: DoD- DARPA- NASA- etc)
French Connection UK
FoxPro Link Library [Microsoft Fox Pro]
Frame Relay
Free Software Foundation [Internet]
Fast File System
Foreign Currency Convertible Bond
falling from chair laughing
Finance and Administration Manager
Fear Of Missing Out
Fiber In The Loop
Flip-Flop Form Feed
Forced Perfect Termination
Feline Immunodeficiency Virus
Flight Operations Team
Fuselage Reference Line
File Access Protocol
Front End Processor
Full Time Equivalent
Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams
Fresh Frozen Plasma
First Certificate Examination
Floating Gate
Ferrous Sulfate
farting out loud
For the Kill
For your Love
Macromedia Flash source file extension
Forward Rate Agreement
Frequently Asked Questions
Field Effect Transistor
Floating Point Calculation
Federated System Manager
for the time being
Microsoft Favorites (bookmarks of web sites)
Facial Aging Gas
Freshwater And Marine Aquarium
For Your Amusement
Follicle Stimulating Hormone
Federal Information Processing Standard
Field Programmable Gate-Array
Fellow of the Royal College of Radiologists
Flat Square Tube (monitor)
(Spreading) Fear Uncertainty and Disinformation
Fortran source code (file name extension)
Film Roll (AutoCAD/AutoShade)
Fertilisers and Chemicals Travancore Limited
Full weight bearing
Free Trade Zone
Floating Point Operations Per Second
International Hockey Federation
Federal Archives and Records Center
fixed your post
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (USA)
Ferro-electric Liquid Crystal
Facility and Equipment
Fasttwitch White
File Control Block
Funny as hell
Film Federation of India
Foreign Contribution Regulation Act
Failure Identification
Frequency-Shift Keying
Financial Accounting Standards Board (USA)
Final Fantasy 11
Fetal Alcohol Effects
Femur Length
Federal Tax Deposit
Field Training Officer
Foreigner Regional Registration Office
Fine Intestinal Needle
Fractal Image Format
Forearm Bone Density
Fellowship Entrance Exam
For Your Entertainment
For Your Review
Full Video Translation
Federal Acquisition Regulation
Financial System
Field of Anthropological Study
Federally Administered Tribal Area
Functional Test Requirement
fiat - make; let it be made
Free Trade Agreements
32 bit File Allocation Table
First Osborne Group
"""Fouled"" Up Beyond All Repair / Recognition"
Family Application Program Interface
Fixed Disk
for crying out loud
For What Its Worth
Ferrous Fumarate
Ford Nuclear Reactor
Flight Projects Directorate
Failure To Thrive
Fiber To The Building
Fixed Wireless Access
Full Service Network
Flag Banking Officer
Free Fatty Acid
Full of stool (constipated)
area between foot and ankle
Full Screen Editor
Food Machinery Corporation
Famous Last Words
Family Welfare
Animation source file extension
Foundation for Innovation and Technology Transfer
Fast Fourier Transform Final Form Text [IBM]
Fido-Opus-Seadog Standard Interface Layer
Fixed Asset Accounting and Control System
For Gods sake shut up
Forget About It
Field Replacement Unit
Farmyard Manure
File Update Information
Frame Alignment Word (MUX)
Fill In The Blanks
Film Finance Corporation
Federal Investigation Agency
Future Identification and Location Experiment
Facilities Management Administrator
Flight Operations Panel
About to do (something)
Fieldbus Instrinsic Safety Concept
Foreign Investment Implementation Authority
Front End Programming Interface
False Evidence About Reality
Forestry Industry Organization
Finger Length Ratio
Frontiers Of Health
Fixed that for you
For The Lose
Facebook Friend
Fatigue Crack Growth
Financial Accounting Foundation
Free Collective
Functional Device Object
Food and Nutrition Board
Flexor Digitorum Profundus
FLEXible COLlodion
Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis
Face To Face
Forced Expiratory Volume
Fuzzy Logic Professional
From Now On
First Year Assistant Professor
fetal alcohol spectrum disorders
Forum for Responsible and Ethical E-mail
Floating Gate Avalanche MOS
Force Intelligence Bureau
For your eyes only
FoRM file (often a visual basic or database file)
Foreign Currency Non-Repatriable Deposit
Fragment Fragmentation
Fluid Checkout Unit
Federal Insurance Contributions Act
Federal Parent Locator Service
Fellow of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists
Fellow of the International College of Surgeons
Fault | Configuration | Accounts | Performance | Security (ISO)
Fecal Blood Test
Friends Of the Earth
Formamidine Sulphinic Acid
Financial Services Board
Fine Is Not Elm
Facial Action Coding System
Fluidised Bed Combustion
Feminine Deodorant Spray
Field Measure Book
facial nerve palsy
leaves following
Foreign Currency Non-resident Account
Federal Internet Exchange
Fix All Incorrect Transaction History
Functional Dependency Violated
Fiber Connectivity (IBM)
Foreign Trade ( Development & Regulation) Act 1992 (22 of 1992)
Front Range Observational Network Testbed
Free From Disability
Feedback Inhibitor of Lactation
Funds Paid Out
Fully Qualified Domain Name [Internet]
Fast Agricultural Communications Terminal System
Flight Director Loop
Ferrous Gluconate
Fracture of both bones
friends forever and always
Freedom Of Information
Family Force 5 (band)
FONt file (extension)
Family history
Focal Adhesion Kinase
First Captive Flight
Fracture Critical Member
Frito Services Officer
Far-Infrared Spectroscopy Group
Fear-Avoidance Beliefs Questionnaire
Friends Stand United
File Transfer Protocol Daemon
Ferric Pyrophosphate
Family Liaison Officer
Federal Supply Code for Manufacturers
Frame Editor Front-End to Dish
Flavour of the month
Data filter file (Alsud - Micrografx Picture Publisher - MS Word)
Finnish Association of Veterinary Practitioners
Fill-In Signal Unit (SS7 message)
Fast Breeder Test Reactor
First Working Group on Money supply
File Transfer | Access | and Manipulation (ISO)
Fixed Head Disk
Fixed Penalty Notice
FinancingToValue ratio
For the last time
For Your Convenience
Falls Risk Assessment Tool
Food Animal Practitioners Club ( Virginia- Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine)
Foreign Exchange Trunk
Flight Half Coupling
Functional Subsystem Software Requirements
Flash Video
Falling Off Chair - Laughing
Frame Relay Access Device | or Assembler- Disassembler
Far East Software Development Kit [Microsoft]
First Failure Data Capture [IBM]
First Failure Support Technology [IBM]
(Programming Language)(See HLL)
Flight Crew Accommodations Facility
Financial Executives Institute
Fine Guidance Sensor
Functional Independence Measuring
Foot And Mouth Disease
Fasting Plasma Glucose
Film and Television Institute
Fiber-Optic Cable Component
Document (FileMaker Pro 3.0)
Flat File DataBase
Fractional T1
Fellow of British Academy
Flight Dynamics Engineers
Full Diameter Motorized Door Assembly
Ferrous Sulfate
Fit For Breeding
Features For Feet
Foundation for Water Research
Fiber Network Systems
Free Application for Federal Student Aid
Fujitsu Broadband Cross-connect Node
Free Trade Warehousing Zone
Floppy Disk Operating System
Foreign Liabilities and Assets Survey
Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum
Functional Assessment of Multiple Sclerosis
Fasting Blood Sugar
Fergus County Port Authority
Federal Express
Flexor Hallucis Longus
Flight Instrumentation Engineer
Flying Orbital Radioactive Disaster
From Receipt of Order
Full Term Normal Delivery
Fall Back In My Chair Laughing
Failed to build from source
Function Key
Flux Reversals Per Inch
Federal Office Systems Exposition
Flight Design Operations Review
Funds From Operations
Fixed It For You
for your knowledge
Bone Fracture
Far-End Loop Back
Flash-Based Write Cache
Fairmount Branch Library
Functional Assessment of Cancer Treatment Gynecologic Oncology Group - Neurotoxicity
Full Duplex
Format Option Specification Instance
Fault Tolerant Unix
Federation of International of Gynecologists and Obstetricians
Field Modification Request
Foreign Exchange Inward Remittance Certificate
Functional Reserve Volume
gamma ray burst(s)
Family Planning Information Service
Family Interaction Skills Clinic
Floating-point Operation
Fiber Channel Arbitrated Loop (bus technology - better/faster than SCSI)
Federation of Officers Associations (umbrella organization for railway officers groups)
Frequency Division Multiplexing Multiple Access
Fuel Cell Power System
Flight Inspection Group
Fluroscent Pulse Light
Format Request Element
Fine Be That Way
Fourier Near Infra Red
Dos screen text font - height 16 pixels (fntcol13.zip)
Family Access to Medical Insurance Security
Floating-Point C Extension (specification)
Fast Accredited Creative Expert
Foreign and Commonwealth Office
Fellow of the Gemmological Association
Find a specific 'string' within a file
Forensic Medical Examiner
Fellow of the Royal College of Anaesthetists
Forced Vital Capacity
For the most part
Fine With Me
Free Phone (INs)
Radiative Transfer CODE
Fatal Acciedent Frequency Rate
Game data (Flying Pigs for Windows)
Flight Qualification Review
Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management Act
Free Electron Laser
Far Zone
Floating Production Storage And Offloading
Functional Assessment of Chronic Illness Therapy
Fatty Acid Amide Hydrolase
File Control BlockS
Friends of the National Rail Museum
Fixed Global Regular Expression Print [Unix]
Free On-Line Dictionary Of Computing
Federation of Association of Small Industries of India
Fellow Cost Management Accountant
Fetal Heart Rate
Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians
fun time is over
Family And Medical Leave Insurance
Fibre To The Kerb
Full Time
Free Fatty AcidInduced Insulin
Flight Medical Officer
Floaters Only Vitrectomy
Factory Special Test Equipment
Factory Wholesale Price
fall on the floor laughing
frosn screen of death
Free Libera Open Source Software
Fiber-Optic Amplifier
Federal Telecommunication Standards Committee
Foreign Data Processor Link (PBX)
For Your Guidance
Finite Volume Grid
Find Another University
Facility Maintenance and Administration System
Fluorescence-Imaged MicroDeformation
For the testing of Intermediate Bulk Containers
First In Last Out (Processing Method)
Financial Literacy and Credit Counseling Centre
Firm Contract Cost Proposal
Forced Expiratory Capacity
Firearms Enquiry Officer
Fatal Rabbit Disease
Flight Worthiness Test
fell off the chair laughing
for the love of god
Foreign Instrumentation Signal Intelligence
Frogans Slide Description Language
Field Sequential Phase Alternation Line
Bitmap graphics (image header information) (Q0 format)
Force Enterprise Network
Failure Modes and Effects Analysis
Fair Market Value
Fourier Transform Infrared spectoscopy
Family history
Field Inversion Gel Electrophoresis
Family Administered Neonatal Activities
Factual Lines About Submarine Hazards
Freedom of Information Act
Facility Planning Area
Flow Proportioning Valve
Forest Spatial Division Unit
From time to time
Functional T-1
Fiber Optic Service
Dos screen text font - height 11 pixels (fntcol13.zip)
Floating Rate Note
Field Programmable Logic-Array
Featured Arts And Media Education
Flight Control Team
Fine Needle Aspiration Biopsy
Farm System Development Corporation
Filament Wound Case
angry poster
Full Service Maintenance Agreement
Fordham University Virus
Faculty and Student Intern Partnerships
Fellow of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health
Functional Image Analysis Software Computational Olio
Foundation Year 2 (FY2)
Family close friend
Fiber Optic Installation Services.
Fellow of The Academy of Saint Cecilia
Full Blood Examination
Fractional Inspired O2 Concentration
Firearm Manufacturing Professional
Financial Statement Analysis Package
Family Tree Questionnaire
Polycythemic strain of Friend Virus
Facility Control Markup Language
Firmware Over The Air
Field Bus Exchange Format
formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded
Facebook Markup Language
Fine Ball Grid Array
For Him Magazine
Fiber Channel Physical Standard
FAA Communications Information System
Fleet Admiral
Failure Effects Analysis
Functional Requirements Review
Free to talk
for lack of a better term
friends with occasional benefits
Free Response Question
Fiber-To-The-Neighborhood (fiber optics)
Snitch informer
Fiber Channel level 4
Fully Automatic Computer
Foreign Processor Data Link (Rockwell)
Harvard Graphics 3.0 Device driver
Florida Institute Of Government
Free Insulin-like Growth Factor I
Fore Arm Support Frame
Find and Run Robot
Figure Shift
fixed bearing knee{s}
Fiber Optical Transmission System
Fraud Claim Law Specialist
Flesh Eating Bacteria
Forward Looking Infrared Radiometer
Family Medical Leave Act
Failure Review Board
Fourty Four caliber gun
Dos screen text font - height 8 pixels (fntcol13.zip)
Fax (perfectfax)
For All I Know
Framework For Atlas Detector Simulation
Fibre Channel Framing And Signaling
Flight Controllers Handbook
Flight Data Entry and Printout
Flight Dynamics Facility
Finite Difference Time Domain
Flight Equivalent Unit
Finite Generalized Gaussian Mixture
Fuel High Pressure
Federal Item Identification Guide
Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer
For Some Value Of ...
Fixed Gain Mode
Foreign Bank Account Report
Fluidized Catalytic Cracker Unit
Financial System Stability Assessment
Fourier Transform Microwave Spectroscopy
Insult someone over the internet
Offensive word for a French person
Fiber Channel Switch
Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons (of Edinburgh)
Spreadsheet (Lotus 1-2-3 release 2.x)
Future Lower Back Problem
Frontal Air- Sea INteraction EXperiment
Fiber To The Curb
Forest Health Initiative
Fetal Heart Tones
Flight Dynamics Officer
Force Policy Board
Free Trade Union
Flight Watch Control Station
free to play
file exchange protocol
Feature Group D
Fairmount Towers Activities Council
Fisher School Of Accounting
Framingham Offspring Study
Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society
Fabulous Bushes
Forward Error Correction Count - Interleaved data
Femoral Artery Blood Flow
Fetal Heart Sounds
Familial Idiopathic Gonadotropin Deficiency
Financial Management Academy
falls out of chair laughing
Full Metal Jacket
Fiber Transport Inside Plant
Fiber-Optic extender
Factory Read Only memoruy
Faculty of Occupational Medicine (of the Royal College of Physicians)
Forward Control Channel
Fluid Dynamic Bearing
Fair Labor Standards Act
Foundation for Organisational Research and Education
Force Unit Access
Front Focal Length (fiber optics)
Framework III Database file
Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons (of Glasgow)
Failure Rate Analysis and Modeling
Foundations of Object Oriented Languages
Font file (Borland Turbo C)
Fragile X Mental Retardation 1
Framework Convention on Tobacco Control
Fight Against File Sharing
Fellow Chartered Certified Accountant
Flight Director Attitude Indicator
Forestry Equipment Manager
Frontonasal Ectodermal Zone
Fine Guidance Electronics
Federal Open Money Committee
Expression of dismissal disgust
Full Duration at Half Maximum
Flexible Narrow Beam Adapter
Fms-like tyrosine kinase 3
Dos screen text font - height 6 pixels (fntcol13.zip)
For Ever And Ever
Fuel Bleed Valve
Flight Data Entry and Printout
Functional Program Element
Formaldehyde Task Force Fund
Fertilizer Use
Flu Vomiting
for no particular reason
Fuel The Jet
Field-Programmable Read-Only Memory
Financial Management Information Project
Feature Group C
Faint Object Classification and Analysis System
Farmland Protection Policy Act
FarmerToFarmer Visit
for my information
Frequency-Selective Conducting Surface
Fluorescent treponemal antibody absorbed
Facioscapulohumeral Muscular Dystrophy
Fast Public Key
Full Level One Feature
Forward Error Correction Count - Fast data
Social blunder (French for 'false step')
Faculty of Pure and Applied Science
Flight Control Data Bus
Format Control Words
First Manned Captive Flight
FrequencyModulated Continuous Wave
Flight Operations Planning Group
Florida Proton Therapy Institute
Food Security Analysis Unit
Field Security Coordination Officer
Feed Unit For Lactation
Fixed Wing Vehicle
Farewell For Now
Financial Services Technology Consortium
Fast Ramp Mini Batch
Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow
Fast Protein Liquid Chromatography
fetal and neonatal alloimmune thrombocytopenia
Familial Mediterranean Fever
Aldus FreeHand 4.x Vector graphics
Fax (Frecom FAX96)
Fiber Channel level 1
Frederick County Public Library
Font file (Borland Turbo C)
Fair Allowance Reimbursement Effort
Flight Cargo Implementation Plan
Foreign Documentary Bills Discounted
Final Engineering Acceptance Test
Federal Home Loan Bank
Financial Transaction Reporting Act
Fever Of Undetermined Origin
From The Bottom Of My Heart
France Telecom Mobile Satellite Communications
First Make/Last Break (connectors)
For The Ultimate/
Free Tropospheric Humidity
Florida State University School of Business
Fellow of the Society of Nuclear Medicine
Fellow of the Royal College of Ophthalmologists
Field Programmable Analog Array
Inactive font (Exact)
Free Floating Aquatic Vegetation
Five Flags Amateur Radio Association
Faculty Development Advisory Committee (CSU)
Fishery Conservation Zone
Flight Dynamics Support System
Forced Expiratory Flow
Federally Employed Women
Friends Of The Earth
Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature
Fast Fiber Data Interface
Fakiragram Jn.
Foreign Exchange Subscriber
Fat Upper Pelvic Area
Fifteen Twenty Fracture Zone
Fixed Size Block Matching
Finance Reporting Manual
Flat Display Mounting Interface
Federal Depository Library Program
Furnace Creek Fault Zone (California)
Film-Forming FluoroProtein
Fellow of the Canadian Society of Forensic Science
Flight Director Rate Indicator
Florida Federation Of Colorguards Circuit
Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service
Flight Software Maintenance Facility
Florida Safety Operating Plan
Facility Verification Vehicle
Facility Loop Back
Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Faster Than A Speeding Bullet
FEC Decoder
Future Entitlement Control Message
Further Education Resource For Learning (ICT)
Field-Programmable Circuit Board
First Year Queers and Allies (NYU)
Fast Response Electronic Dispatch for Ambulance
Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh
Field-Programmable Logic Family
Far End Block Error count - Fast data
Freight on Road
Fluid Dynamics Research Laboratory (Cornell University)
Forward Digital Control Channel (cellular networks)
Fecal Daily Blood Loss
Frequency Domain Finite Element Method
Frame Information Structure
Frequency Modulation Signal Processor
FWave onset Latency
For Your Time
Fixed Round-Trip Time
Filtered Symmetric Differential PSK (modulation)
Fast Page Mode Dynamic RAM (memory)
Fargo Primera color printer Dye Sub printing support file
FY1 appointment
Fourier Transform Neuclear Magnetic Resonance
Federal Radiological Management Assessment Center
Kodak Flashpix image format
Familial Hypocalciuric Hypercalcemia
Faculty of Economics and Business Administration
Field Data Reporting System
Far End Alarm and Control
FET Amplifier
Cool trendy awesome
Fixed Line Network
Ferro-electric RAM
Force Intelligence Unit
Flight Operations Integration Handbook
Forest Service Acquisition Regulation
Full Scale Response Quotient
Formaldehyde Task Force
Flight Test Operations Handbook
Ferroelectric Liquid-Crystal Display
FM Improvement Factor
Frequency-Hopping Multiple Access
Faculty of Scientific-Applied Post and Telecommunications (Iran)
Fixed Term Specialist Training Appointment (FYYA)
FactoryTalk For Windows
Foster-Tanner Band Room
Virtual Dissection Software package
Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians (of Glasgow)
Future Public Land Mobile Telecommunications System
Forensic Odontology
Family Medicine of Albemarle
Fellow of the Faculty of Accident and Emergency Medicine
Field Charged Device Model
Feature Based Solid Modeling
Fiber Channel level 3
Fine-Pitch Ball Grid Array (microchips)
Fellow of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine
Frequency-Domain Intermodulation Balance
Finite Groundplane Coplanar Waveguide (microwave)
Flight Control Interface Module
Fraud Case Management Information System
Fetal Electrocardiogram
Functional Electrical Stimulation
Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery
Failed Handover
Compare the contents of two Files
Forward Load Control Assembly
Fecal Occult Blood Test
Fuel Preburner Oxidizer Valve
Flight Qualification Instrumentation
French SurfacetoAir Missile Family
Fourier Transform Microwave
Functional T-3
Financial Times and the
F*** The What?
Full weight Bearing as Tolerated
Field Vane Shear Test
FirstTouch Radio Frequency expansion card
Fluorescent treponemal antibody absorbed
Fibrin split products
Fellow of the Royal College of General Practitioners
Front Opening Unified Pod
Facilities Installation Monitoring Group
Flash Flood Risk Analysis Project
Furnace Exit Gas Temperature
Family Care Medical Group
Feature Group B
Frequency Bank System with M number of signals
Free Noob. Non-paying player
Fairly Hairy Breasts
Forward Explicit Rate Management (ATM)
FORD (picture) found on road dead
Falling Off My Chair Laughing
femoral neck stress injury
Flexible Organic Light Emitting Device
Farmers Cooperative Development Exchange Program
Fundamental Constants and Precision Measurements
Finite Difference Frequency Domain
Final Environmental Impact Statement
Federal Geographic Data Committee
Fine Guidance System Electronics
Flight Application Software
Flight Load Preparation System
Financial Management Information System
Family Planning Association of India
Fan System Assessment Specialist
First Spacelab Payload
Flight Service Station Equipment Systems
Feline Urological Syndrome
Foreign Numbering Plan Area
Fall Out Boy Rock (website)
For Your Kind Consideration
File System ChecK
Filipino Student Association of York
Facility for Rare Isotope Beams
Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of Ireland
Fixed Term Training Appointment
Finnish Laboratory Animal Scientists
Free Insulin-like Growth Factor II
File Format for the Interchange of Virtual Worlds
Federal Library and Information Network
Far End Block Error
Fast Electronic Application Distribution
Faculty of Chemical and Food Technology
Federal Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education
Far Eastern Regional Hydrometeorological Research Institute
Faculty For Electric And Software Engineering
Final-Form Text Document Content Architecture
Far Zone Scattering
Foreign Trade Development Officer
Swear word from Battlestar Galactica
FONt family Descriptor
Fire Brigades Union
Flight Definition and Requirements Document
FASB Emerging Issues Task Force Issue Summaries
Flight Evaluation Working Group
Fixed Field Alternating Gradient
Federal Information Resource Management Regulation
Forest Planning and Practices Regulation
Federal Republic of Germany (now
Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh
First Vertical Flight
Man boyfriend
Area of expertise strength
For Me To Know For You To Find Out
Forward and Return Link Pair (Inmarsat)
Framework II Database file
IEEE Workshop on Future Trends of Distributed Computing Systems
Feature Table
Fiat Mistera
Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths
Front Range GigaPop
Frame Relay Service Specific Convergence Sub-layer
File and Printer sharing for NetWare
Foreign Pharmacy Graduate Equivalency Examination
Flash Memory Update Program
FLorida Object-Oriented Device Simulator
Feline Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Family History
Fire Hose Valve
File Allocation Table
Forward Band Working (Intelsat)
Feature Group D and Equal Access
Whole way whole thing
Flip Chip Pin Grid Array
Federal Committee for Meteorological Services and Supporting Research
For Him Magazine
F*** Me Like The Whore I Am
Facility Contractor End Item
Free Cash Flow to Equity
Free Cash Flow Release
Free Cash Flow Yield
Flight Data Processing System
Flight Dynamics Support Team
Fire and Environmental Research Applications Team
Feed Information Centre
Fat Free Mass
Flight Display Keyboard
Fire Locating And Monitoring Of Burning Emissions
Fermilab Mass Storage System
Flight Operations Management Room
Fine Pointing Sun Sensor
Full Range of Joint Movement
Functional Test Flight Checklist
For No Apparent Reason
Fixed Wireless Local Loop
Fleet 33 (Inmarsat terminal)
Functional Unification Formalism
Food Safety Promotion Board
Federation of Medical and Sales Representatives Association of India
First-Order Laue Zone
Harvard Graphics 3.0 Font file
Federation of Independent Practitioners Organisations
Florida Gulf Coast University
Food Frequency Questionaire
Florida Center for Library Automation
Dos screen text font - height 12 pixels (fntcol13.zip)
Fiber Channel-Enhanced Loop (networking)
Far-End Cross Talk
Food and Drug Law Institute
Fellow of the International Academy of Medical Acupuncture
Facility Central Processing Unit
Flight Combustion Stability Monitor
Forensic Drug Abuse Advisor
Federal Employees Group Life Insurance
Fairgrounds Facility Advisory Committee
Florida Labor Management Conference
Familial Medullary Thyroid Carcinoma
Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer
Fellow of Royal Geographical Society
Farm Stewardship Association of Manitoba
File System Control
Flight Support Operations Handbook
Foothills Model Forest
Follow Me On Twitter
For Sale By Owner
Frequency Modulation Feedback
Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis Calicivirus And Panleukopenia
Farmers' Union of Wales/Undeb Amaethwyr Cymru
Fiber To The X (X = anything)
fever of too many origins
Federal Student Aid Handbook
FRCP(Edin) Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians (Edinburgh)
Fine Particulate Organic Matter
Factory Performance Modeling Software
Federal Public Key Infrastructure
Federation of Pediatric Organizations
Frogans Network System Language
Florida Education Finance Program
Far End Block Error count - Interleaved data
Dos screen text font - height 9 pixels (fntcol13.zip)
first finished consultant episode
Federal Electronic Research and Review Extraction Tool
Fujitsu-Enhanced Network Management System
For Great Justice
Fairmont General Hospital
Forward Explicit Congestion Notification
Fiber Optic Inter Repeater Link [IEEE]
Flight Combustion Facility Monitor
FastCycle Random Access Memory
Flight Crew Training Building
Function Designator Data Base
Framework of Environment Statistics
Fissionable Isotope Mass Standards
Fatty Liver And Kidney Syndrome
Foreign Outward Bills Collected
Falling Objects Protection Standard
Flight Standards District Office
Flight System Interface Working Group
Fiber Optics
Fat in belly area
Frame Relay Service Provider
Freedom Of Information Act
Field-Programmable Interconnect Device
Forward-scattering Spectrometer Probe
Feather River Men's Center
File Retrieval and Editing SyStem
Prescription pre-payment certificate
fragile X mental retardation protein
Macro file (FoxPro)
Filtering and Correlation
Fellow of the Faculty of Dental Surgery Royal College of Surgeons
Family Health Services Authority*
Finnish Gene Therapy Society
FLoating point Operations needed Per Cycle
Fast Bone Regeneration
Franklin County Development Association
Fulton County Health Center
Financial Executives Research Foundation
Federal Employees Retirement System
FoldingFin Aerial Rocket
Functional Flow Block Diagram
Federal Institute of Science and Technology
Flight Kits Facility
Financial Liability Investigations and Property Loss
Fast Nasal Exhale
Future Oriented Financial Information
Fuel Preburner and Oxidizer Valve
Fine Payment Rate Indicator
Force Strategic Performance Information
Fellow of the Royal Society of British Sculptors
Flight Readiness Firing
Fetal Rhesus Monkey [kidney Cell]
Food Security Analysis Unit Somalia
Finger Systolic Blood Pressure
Focal Sclerosing Glomerulonephritis
Florida Tropical Fish Industries
Foot Loose And Fancy Free
Fleet Broad-Band (Inmarsat)
Flexible MVIP Interface Circuit
Humorous/romantic fan fiction
Misrepresenting oneself
From UML to Java And Back Again
Front Range Unix User's Group
Frame Relay Forum - Local Management Interface
Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine
Factory Material Movement Component
Farandole blocked linear module format - Music
familial encephalopathy with neuroserpin inclusion bodies
Fuel Cell Servicing System
Finite Element Dynamics in Elastic Mechanisms
Fasting Intestinal Flow Rate
Familial Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia
Fine Pointing Sun Sensor Head
Fluorinated Polyvinyl Chloride Flexible Polyvinyl Chloride
Frequent Rapid Activity Period
Floating Rate Certificates of Deposits
Flight Readiness Review Item Disposition
Flight Simulator for Advanced Aircraft
Financial Statement Analysis Questionnaire
Fine Sun Pointing Attitude Anomaly Detection
Full Width At Half Maximum
Flight Warning System
forever in my heart
family member in room
Food Safety Management Systems Based Certification
Further Notice of Proposed Rule-Making (FCC)
FEC Encoder
FY2 appointment
Fiber Cross-Connect
FSL X Window AWIPS-Like Prototype for Hydrometeorological Applications
Fourier Transform - Faradic Admittance Measurement
James L. Flanagan Speech and Audio Processing Award
first patient first visit
Facilities Planning & Management
FLOating gate Tunnel OXide
Factor Interacting with MCK1p
Fast File Transfer Protocal
Foreign Body Airway Obstruction
Fiber Flow On LAN
File Encryption Key
Frequency Difference Of Arrival
Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine
Family Tree Markup Language
Symposium on the Frontiers of Massively Parallel Computation
Frequency Shift Offset Quadrature (modulation)
Fabrication and Acceptance Checkout
Store in memory file locations to speed access
Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Flexible Linear Shaped Charge
First Manned Orbital Flight with Payload
Focusing On Offensive Trash
Formal Qualification Board
Functional Requirements Traceability Matrix
Fetal Scalp Blood Sampling
Federal Secure Telephone Service
Fairfield Township Fire Department
Fear Of Missing Something
Forum for Prevention of Road Accidents.
Farmers Union
Flow Attribute Notification Protocol (routing)
Federal Water Pollution Control Act
Football Team Management Helper
Fourier Transform / Mass Spectroscopy
Data (Lotus 1-2-3)
Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians (of London)
Financial Product Markup Language
Family Leave Medical Act
From First To Last (band)
Fibre Channel Link Services
Fiber Channel level 2
Full Baud Bipolar Coding
Family Welfare Training and Research Centre
Fast FSK (modulation)
Fencing New Zealand
Frankly I Couldn't Care Less
False Out-of-Paper Condition
Combination of a Flash and a Wink signal
Fasting Insulin-Glucose Product - Adjusted
Fidi Accredited International Mover
Finnish BookEntry System
Future Farmstead Area Zone
First Manned Orbital Flight with EVA
Finding Of No Significant Impact
Falsepositive Blood Culture
Fixed Price Incentive Fee
Forensic Science Service Laboratory
Former Truck Maintenance Garage
Fruitvale Volunteer Fire Department
Unreliable person
Feet Up Take A Break
Full Duplex Handshaking Protocol
Field-Programmable System-Level IC
Fit From Far Away
All Fowler's Toad
Faculty and Staff Assistance Office
Fiber Serving Area Interface
FLAMES model prototype file (Ternion Corporation)
feto-maternal alloimmune thrombocytopenia
Federation of Independent Practitioners Organisations-National Medical Advisory Committee
First ISLSCP Field Experiment
Aldus FreeHand 3.x Vector graphics
Fedora Core 5
First Byte of Word Access
Farm Animal Welfare Council
Dos screen text font - height 13 pixels (fntcol13.zip)
Dos screen text font - height 7 pixels (fntcol13.zip)
Fly For Fun (MMORPG)
Fiber Channel System Initiative (IBM)
Federation Nationale Des Planteurs De Tabac
For What It s Worth
Flight Control Applications Program
Fundamental Constants Data Center
FSS Radio Voice Communications
FiveFansApproval Award
Finance Fund For Rural Areas
Florida Hospital Cancer Institute
Fulminant Hepatic Failure
Florida Invasive Animal Task Team
Far InfraRed Absolute Spectrophotometer
U.S. Army Forces Command
Football soccer
Fiber-To-The-Cabinet (fiber optics)
Film and Video Production Technology
Fixed Term Training Appointment
Fundamental Train Frequency Outer race
Fellow of the Royal College of Pathologists
Fivefold Ministry Theological University
Factory Layout/Re-layout Tool
Freshmen Leaders in Engineering
Faculty of Homeopathy
First GARP Global Experiment
Foundation for a Free Information Infrastructure
foreign exchange office
Final Fantasy 10 (game)
Function Block Application Process
Faculty Induction Training Program
Statements of the Financial Accounting Standards Board
Financial Accounting Standards Board Technical Bulletins
Fixed Base Crew Station (SMS)
Flight Computer Operating System
Fuel Cell Test Facility
Federal Emergency Communications Coordinators
Front Foot Benefit Charge
Fetal Growth Restriction
Factorial Hidden Markov Model
Fast Pulse Electron Gun
Fine Pointing Sun Sensor Electronics
Fibrous Refractory Composite Insulation
Ferry Trail Management Area
Field procedure for determining Test Maximum Density
Forward Utility Bridge
Floating-point Arithmetic Logic Unit (computer)
Field Verification Office
Free Berkeley Software/Standard Distribution (ICT)
Fake Puma shoes
Frame Relay Terminal Equipment
Fiber Channel Loop Community
Frequency Modulation band ranging from 88 to 108 MHz
Forever The Sickest Kids
floor target action plan
Fellow of the Royal College of Psychiatrists
Fast Library Identification And Recognition Technology
Fund For The Improvement Of Post-Secondary Education
Frequent Itemset Mining Implementations Repository
Factor Inercial de Ganho solar do enVidracado
Fort Hays State University
Filament-Filled Annular Helical
Amplitude Modulation of a carrier by subcarriers that are Frequency-Modulated by information
F-Secure Anti-virus
Flexible Automatic Number Identification
Facility for Automatic Spectroradiometric Calibrations
Follicular Basal Cell Hyperplasia
Football Banning Order Authority
Federal Government Accountant's Association
Traffic Flow Planning Simulation
Flight Manifest and Hardware Tracking System
Forward Master Events Controller
Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (Fermilab)
Forward Power Control Assembly
Flight Service Data Processing System
Franklin Township Municipal Sanitary Authority
Facility Work Order
Five Year Development Plan
For All I Care
Cool good nice
Friend Of The Day
Full Services Access Network (ATM-based optical network)
Slap forehead with the palm of your hand
Phase Modulation of a carrier by subcarriers that are Frequency-Modulated by information
From your lips to Gods ears
Fracture of both bones
IEEE International Conference on Fuzzy Systems
IEEE Workshop on Fault-Tolerant Parallel and Distributed Systems
First Time In College
Four-Terminal Field Effect Transistor
Annual Symposium on Fault-Tolerant Computing Systems
First Nations House of Healing
Facility Maintenance and Operation Committee
Animation format
Fetal and Infant Mortality Review
Faculty of Economics and Administrative Science
Frame Transport Bus
Frame Mode Bearer Service
From My Cold Dead Hands
Federal Communications Commission Registration Program
Fellowship of the Ring (Tolkien)
Fiber-To-The-Office (fiber optics)
Fellowship College of Emergency Medicine
Free Cash Flow Negative
Fuel Cell Test and Evaluation Center
Finnish International Baccalaureate Society
Fetal Origins of Adult Disease
Foreign Outward Bills Purchased
Friends Of Noxubee Refuge
Flight Operations Support Team
Freeze Speed Parameter
Flight System Readiness Review
Flight System Recording System
Cancel at the last minute
Functional Advanced Satellite System for Evaluation and Test
Frame Reject
Family close friend
Fujitsu Access & Transport Equipment
Frame Relay Cable Interface Device
F-wave minimal latency
F Virtual Window Manager
Fishing Vessel Obligation Guarantee
Foundations of University Learning and Teaching
FRCOphth Fellow of the Royal College of Ophthalmologists
Fiber Optic Test Procedures
FLorida Object-Oriented Process Simulator
Federal Indian Minerals Office
Family Health Services Computer Unit
Fibre Composites Design and Development (Australia)
Faculty And Staff for Excellence
Faculty and Staff Assistance Program
Dos screen text font - height 10 pixels (fntcol13.zip)
Further Education and Training Awards Council of Ireland
Fantastic and fabulous
Federal Coordinator for Ocean Mapping and Prediction
Fight Fire With Fire
Forward Link Sub-System
First Article Configuration Inspection
Flight Equipment Interface Device
Failure Investigation Action Report
Full Information Maximum Likelihood
Federation of Industries and Commerce of NorthEastern Region
Foreign Interest Rate Differential
Flexible Image Transport System
Fineneedle Transhepatic Cholangiography
Foundation for Rural Recovery and Development
Formal Qualification Test
Fracture Research and Application Consortium
Flexible reusable surface insulation
Fine Arts and MUsic courses
Forward-Looking Economic Cost
Fresh Off The Boat
First Lady Of The United States
About to getting ready to
Fast In Slow Out (memories)
Fouled Up Beyond Belief
ForschungsZentrum Informatik
Fiber To The Dormitory
Fractional Quantum Hall Effect
follicular lesion of undetermined significance
Finnish Institute of Occupational Health
Frontiers of Engineering & Computing in Health Care
Faculty Employee Assistance Program
Fiber Channel Fast Write
Fellow of the Academy of Emergency Management
Fax a disk (sending information on phone line)
Fellow of the Faculty of Anaesthetics of the Royal College of Surgeons
Fellow of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia
Functional Approach for Real-Time Systems
FEMTools Model Updating Introduction course
Freedom Of Multimedia Access
Fibre Channel Protocol
Facility and Equipment Design Plan
Failure Effects Summary List
Flammable Gas Safety Manual
Free Hepatic Venous Pressure
Foreign Investment and Collaboration Guidelines
Facade Improvement Grant Program
Fluoroscopic IntraOperative Cholangiogram
Fire In The head
Field Investigation Team Questions
Full Joint Range of Motion
First Manned Orbital Flight
Fairbornites Restoring Our Green Spaces
Financial Report Writer
Functional Test Requirements Document
Fluid Volume Measurement System
Faculty & Teaching Associate Development
Fellow of the National Athletic Trainers' Association
Familial Isolated Pituitary Adenoma
c-Fos Induced Growth Factor
Fraction Excreted Sodium
Federal Coordinator for Marine Environmental Prediction
Flip Chip Ball Grid Array
Flip Chip-Pin Grid Array (microchips)
Foundation for Critical Choices for India
Fiber-To-The-Loop (fiber optics)
Wasting time messing about
First And Second Trimester Evaluation Of Risk
Federal Coordinating Council Science
FieldFree Associative Ionization
Florida Game and Fresh Water Fish Commission
FixedHead Star Tracker
Fire Instructor Training Unit
Fissile Material Cutoff Treaty
place tracks and sectors on a disk
Film Optical Sensing Device for Input to Computers
Flight Readiness Firing Test
Forward Reaction Jet Driver
Full thickness skin graft
Federal Unemployment Tax ACT
Full Band Spread Spectrum
Fiber-Optic Distribution Unit
Francois-Xavier Bagnoud Center for Health and Human Rights
Florida Veterinary Medical Association
Fourier Transform MicroWave Spectroscopy
Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland
Farm Quality Assurance Service (Northern Ireland)
FeedFlare API (Google)
Feline Leukemia Virus
Fallon Community Health Plan
Fire Classified Floor Box
About to getting ready to
Frequency Correction Channel (GSM)
Fiber Optic services Over FTTP
Fellow Member of the British Computer Society
For Sale Or Trade
FAA Telecommunications Satellite
Federation for Astronomical and Geophysical Services
Free Cash Flow for the Firm
Forum of Environmentalist Journalists of Bangladesh
Fourth International Radiocarbon Intercomparison
Fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners
Fellow of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists
Florida Tropical Fish Farms Association
Fund for Tourism Marketing Initiatives
Future Value Annuity
Far West Agribusiness Association
Field-Programmable Interconnect Chip
Very good cool
Fixed Telecommunications Network Service
Item or service one gets for free
Frame (relay) User Network Interface
Fourier Transform Ion Cyclotron Resonance
Fault-Tolerant Distributed File System
Frame Relay Traffic Shaping
Fiber Optic Chemical Sensor
Fault Assisted Circuits for Electronic Training
Frankly My Dear I Don't Give A Damn
Functional Affirmative Action Program
FTS2000 Associate Program Manager
Federal Accounting Standards Advisory Board
Flight Crew Equipment Facility
Foot Controlled Maneuvering Unit
Fibre Channel Over Ethernet
Fellow of the Institute Of Jamaica
Frustum Lifting Lug Kit
Flight Operations Support Personnel
First Sea Level Test
Farm Wildlife Habitat Program
Fine-pitch Quad Flat Pack
Fouled Up Beyond Use
Failed Under Calibration; Known Electrical Defect
Frame Relay Switching System
Federation of Operative Dentistry of India
False Alarm Reduction Program
Fetch Instruction Operand Address
For The First Time
Fellow of the Royal Institute of Public Health and Hygiene
Food Animal Residue Avoidance Database
Financial Accounting Standards Board Interpretations
Fibre Channel Audio Video
Flight Control Hydraulics Laboratory
FASB Emerging Issues Task Force Minutes of Meetings
Frente Indigena Oaxaqueno Binacional
Fleet Numerical Meteorology and Oceanography Center
Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis
Friend dude family member etc
For the Attention Of
Fortran 77 language source code file
First Hand Experience
Close friends
Federation of Analytical Chemistry and Spectroscopy Societies
Fellow of the Casualty Actuarial Society
Flight Operations Local Area Network
FederallyOwned LANDSAT Data
friend of a friend
Craving wanting really badly
Face Contact and Point Contact
Faculty of Pain Medicine
Fax over Internet Protocol
fibroblast growth factor receptor
Florida Agricultural And Mechanical University
Fortran 90 language source code file (free form)
File Application Transfer Access and Management
Food Animal Production Medicine Consortium
The First Commodity Clearing Corporation of India
Fully Convertible Cumulative Preference Shares
Freeze Calculated Landing Time
Facility and Equipment Requirements Document
Fiber Control Office Terminal
Fractionated Total Body Irradiation
Fisheries Information Data Exchange System
Feature Group C and Equal Access
Frontal and Atlantic Storm-track Experiment
Feature Vector Extractor
FOCI Biophysical Platform
Florida Association of Community Corrections Officials
Frequency Actuated Rectal Tremor
Freedonian Aeronautics And Space Administration
Flight Crew Trainer Simulator
Flight Dynamics Simulation Complex
Fellow of the Institute of Materials Minerals and Mining
Flood Insurance Rate Map
Food Industry Sanitation Auditor
Flow Impedance Test Facility
Femoral Neck Bone Mineral Density
Frame Transport Bus
Function key
flexibility within a framework
Fall On an Outstretched Hand
Federation Interoperability Object Model
For Official Use Only
Facilities Capital Cost of Money
Fourier Transform Photo Luminescence
Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary
Fiber-To-The-Subscriber (fiber optics)
Failed To Keep Appointment
Financial Accounting Standards Advisory Committee
Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh
Frame Relay Permanent Virtual Connection
Fall Joint Computer Conference
Fellow of The College of Ophthalmologists
Failure Assured Study Task Force
Dos screen text font - height 14 pixels (fntcol13.zip)
Fiber-Optic Well Monitoring
First Order Magnetization Process
Fixed Acpi Description Table
First Computer Interface Tester
Flight Operations Scheduling Officer
Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts
Falling Asleep At Keyboard
Fellow of British Dispensing Opticians
Function and Algorithm-Specific Integrated Circuit
Flight of the Conchords
FLAMES FLARE Command file
Farandole Linear Module Music format
Final Inspection
FAA Aeronautical Center
Fused Overhead Line Connection Box
Flexible Access Network Element
Farming Agriculture And Resource Management For Sustainability
Flight Assignment Working Group
Flight Controllers Operational Handbook
International Symposium on Fusion Engineering
Follow Up
Frequency-to-Voltage or Voltage-to-Frequency (converter)
Factory Installed Maintenance Automatic Test Equipment
Finance and Accounts
Fixed End System
Fleet 55 (Inmarsat terminal)
Fresnel Zone Antenna
Fabric Port
Family History
Federation of Zoological Gardens of Great Britain and Ireland
Federation of Asian Veterinary Associations
Focal Length-to-Diameter (ratio)
Firmware Acpi Control Structure
Farm Practices Protection Board
Flight Procedures Handbook
Frequency-to-Voltage (converter)
Financial Literacy and Disability (University of Wisconsin)
Fast Broadcast Control Channel
Forestry Industry Orgainzation in Thailand
Faculty of Computers & Information Community
For A Friend Without Access (when about to ask a silly question)
Forward Interworking Telephony Event
Fiber Channel level 0