full forms starting with letter L

Short Form
Full Form
Lightweight Analytical Platform Total Optimized Power
Bachelor of Law
Lake of sorrow(L) Ocean of tears(O) Valley of death(V) End of life(E)
Light Emitting Diode
Line of Control (Pakistan)
Light Amplification By Stimulated Emission of Radiation
Large-sized Adivasi Multipurpose Societies
Laboring Under Correct Knowledge
Liquid Crystal Display (often found on laptops)
Long Distance Carrier
Symbol for an inductor or inductance (coil)
(Operating system named after Linus Torvalds)
Lifestyle Exercise Attitude Relationships And Nutrition
Datafile (NCSS - SOLO)
Long Term
Indian Airlines Corporation
Laboratory Animal Veterinary Association (formerly BLAVA)
Symposium on Logic Programming
Master of Law
Liquefied Petroleum Gas
Letter (file name extension)
Life Insurance Corporation of India
Least Cost Routing
Local public house bar
Log files maintain information about who is visiting a web site- and what they look at
Local Area Network
Land Air And Water
Logistic Information Network Enterprise
Logical Inferences Per Second
Large Hadron Collider
Local Procedure Call (NT Server terminology)
Link Access Protocol (or Procedure)
Limited Term Employee
Locational Banking Statistics
Left lumbar region
Letter of Intent
Low Entry Networking
Logical Device Address
Louisiana-Texas Experiment
Limitation Of Government Obligation
Local Area Network Emulation
Large-Scale Integration
last in first out
Local Parallel Transmission (the printer ports)
Liberalised Exchange Rate Management System
Location and Monitoring Service
Latest Estimate
Long Distance Modem
Loan & Advances by States
LISt Processing (John McCarthy - 1961)
Level Shift
Least Significant Byte
Lower Kindergarten
Land Retained Agreement
Loop Counter
Laughing My F***ing A## Off
Light Detection and Ranging
Leukocyte Antibody Detection
Line of Actual Control (China)
Logical Link Control
Logical Volume [IBM]
Link Embed and Launch-to-edit [Lotus]
Lower segment cesarian section
Land Use Statistics
Laws Prevention Association of India
Low Cost Fiber
Liquid Propane
Load Far Pointer in GS
Laser Diode
Low-Power Schottky
Longitudinal Redundancy Check
Link Register
Liquefied Natural Gas
Load Access Rights
L. L. Thurstone Psychometric Laboratory
London Inter Bank Offered Rate
Lysergic acid diethylamide
Listen Before Talk
Loss Of Sight
Local Area Systems Technology
Luckeesarai Jn.
Left Mouse Button
Linux Apache Mysql PHP
Left Occiput Transverse
Missed a period possibly pregnant
LHC Computing Grid
Light And Accommodation
Lotus Communications Architecture [Lotus]
Language Resource (file name extension) [WordPerfect]
Law Enforcement Access Field
Line Feed
Liberation Tigers of Tamil Elam
Lead-Bismuth Eutectic
Level Of Detail
Line Printer Daemon (protocol) [Berkley]
Lazy Write
Lucky Goldstar
Liquid Phase Epitaxy (semiconductors)
Lightweight Epidemiology Advanced Detection And Emergency Response System
Lines Per Minute (How fast a printer prints)
Liquidity Adjustment Facility
Low Energy High Intensity Proton Accelerator
Doctor of Law
I Love Ya.
Look It Up
Laxmibai National University of Physical Education
Large Internet Packet
Local Current Limiter
Local Automatic Message Accounting
Leadless Chip Carrier
Low Function Terminal [IBM]
Left Occipitoanterior
Local Dental Officer
Logical Unit (IBM)
Langley Research Center
Local Bus Addressing (how BIOS can read HD larger than 504 Mb)
Left Button (of 2 or 3 button Mouse)
Laughing To ones Self
Load High (a command in MS-DOS)
Linear Partial Differential Equation
Slow response (computer internet)
Low Energy Electron Diffraction
Local Area Storage Transport (protocol) [DEC]
Least Common Bit
Low Level Language
laugh out loud
Left Hepatic Vein
Light Machine Gum
LAPS Observing System Simulation
Local Management Interface
Lunar Moudle
LAN and SCSI Adapter [IBM] Line Sharing Adapter
Library-Exchange Format
Land Development Bank
Language Extension Module
Least Recently Used (How Windows decides which information to flush from cache)
Left Posterior Oblique
Linux Documentation Projection (on going effort to document Linux OS)
Lookup Table
Low Density Lipoprotein
Light Water Reactor
Load Effective Address
Laser Thermal Keratoplasty
Low Birth Weight
Low Contact Stress
Lateral oblique
Lidocaine Blood Concentration
Languages and Compilers for Parallel Computing
Low Level Format
Loop Control Variable
Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (one way server(s) manipulate multiple disks / users / and access levels)
Last Cluster Used
Logarithm (Natural)
Lotus Notes:Document Imaging
Lines Per Inch
Stupid Unoriginal
Lotus / Intell / Microsoft / AST standards (extended memory management software)
Low Temperature Thermal Desalination
Left-To-Right Letter Load Task Register
Left Circumflex Artery
Least Significant Character
Labor Deliver Recovery
Linear Low Density Polyethylene
Line Of Bearing (radio direction finding)
Laboratory Virtual Instrumentation Engineering Workbench
Leaders Encouraging Activity And Nutrition
Logical Disk Format (the formatting done from a users level)
Long List
Link Access Procedure Direct (protocol)
Local Descriptor Table (Table of contents Windows uses to address memory)
Local Access and Transport Area (USA)
Loop Electrosurgical Excision Procedure
Learning Immune Function Enhancement
Llegum Magister
Long Term Operation
Leave Fare Concession
Local Area Transport (Digital Equipment Corporation)
Launch Control Officer
Laryngeal Intraepithelial Neoplasia
Logical Page Number
Lactate Dehydrogenase
Label Edge Router
Lowest Common Multiple
Leader of Opposition
LAyered Device Driver Architecture (SCSI type drivers for accessing devices)
Loma Linda University Children's Hospital
Low Density Polyethylene
Linear Time Invariant
Lower Respiratory Tract Infection
Library Information Management System
Leave No Trace
Leadership for Environment And Development
Laughing for real
Low Emission Vehicle
Licensed Environmental Professional
Local Medical Officer
Life Science Research
Laugh out loud at you
Logical Volume Management [IBM]
Limb Blood Flow
Line Printer porT
Lewis & Clark Northwestern School of Law
Link Control Protocol
Link Access Procedure Balanced (protocol)
Late Systolic Murmur
Live Long Prosper
Local Operating Network
Lotus / Intel / Microsoft
Local Employment Trading System
little girls room
Licentiate in Electrical Engineering
Left Medline Deviation
let me know
Logical Unit Number
Logical Unit Application (interface)
Loop on Count
Laboratory Animal Science Association
Link Quality Analysis
Left Ventricular Failure
Language Media Format
Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol
LInux boot LOader
Lotus Programming Language [Lotus 1-2-3] [LDC]
Launch On Warning
Langley Directives Management System
Left ForeArm
Leave Travel Concession
Leave Without Pay
Least Frequently Used
Large Water Cherenkov
Letter Quality
Local Exchange Carrier
Link Support Layer Load Segment Limit
Lunar Escape System
Low Power Field
large underground xenon dark-matter experiment
Language Integrated Query
Introduction to a quote
Lewis Research Center
Last Menstrual Period
Living The Life
Load Random Data
Laughing on floor
Learning Environment for Pathology Trainees
Long leg splint
Low Energy Ion Scattering
Bitmap graphics (EOSAT's Landsat Thematic Mapper data file)
Less Economically Developed Country
Land Earth Station Assignment channel
Lower Order Path Termination (MUX)
La Salle College Computer Team
Local Area Wireless Network
Low Insertion Force
Load WhatEver
Overlay file (dBASE)
Land Earth Station Voice channel
Local Channel Number
LAN Management Utilities [IBM]
Looks Good To Me
Link File Extension Used to create shortcuts in Microsoft Windows
Lightweight Extensible Authentication Protocol
Load Far Pointer in FS
Liquid Rocket Booster
Loose Connective Tissue
laughing but very serious
looking for mate
love you too
Label Information Base (MPLS)
Liver Cell Adhesion Molecule
Left Hand Side
London Heathrow airport
Logical Layered Architecture
Least Developed Countries
Light Rail Transit System (proposed- Kolkata)
Low Cost Modular Spacecraft
let's be honest
Long Time No See
Lightwave (high end 3D generation program) file extension
Ladakh Hill Development Council
Long Period Variable
laugh out real loud
Landing Zone (where the read/write heads go on a disk to read information)
Load Data Immediate
laughing a little
love of my life
Lower respiratory tract
List Source Package
Leave Without Allowance
Large Sky Area Multi-Object Fiber Spectroscopic Telescope
Compressed file archive (LHA)
Compressed file format (extension)
listen to me
Lead-Free Ball Grid Array
Language Reference Manual Least Recently-Used Master
LaserEnhanced Ionization
Looking for one more
LAN eXtensions for Instrumentation
Lahore Electric Supply Company
Lempel-Ziv-Welch (algorithm)
Ligand of Eph-Related Kinase
Link Peripheral Processor
See you later goodbye
Lean Body Mass
LeriWeill Dischondrosteosis
learn to play
Library, Reference, Research, Documentation and Information Service
Long File Names
Low Level Drive Format (done at factory)
Library Information Access System
Laryngeal mask airway
Land Earth Station Operator (Inmarsat)
Local Bus Accelerator
Lake Erie Information Forecasting System
Laser-Assisted Sub-Epithelial Keratectomy
Line Terminator type DP
Location Routing Number
Limited Distance Dialing
Lake Evaporation and Thermodynamics Model
Left Upper Lobe
Low-Emission Mobile System
Large For Gestational Age
Low Head Oxygenation
Land Acquisition Officer
Leather Research Industry Get-Together
Love You Lots
Link Access Procedure for Modems
low cost small notebook personal computer
looking for 2 more
Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms
Look-ahead-For-Busy (information)
Linear Variable-Differential Transducer
Large Earthbased Solar Telescope
Laser Interferometric GravitationalWave Observatory
IEEE Lasers & Electro-Optics Society
Laughing In My Brain
Local Airport Advisory
Latent Autoimmune Diabetes of Adults
Loop Counter Expired
High Level Procedure Exit
Lower Order Path Adaptation
Llegum Doctor
Link Access Protocol-Balanced
Online Earthnet Data Access
Weapon gun
laughing but not really
life goes on
Link Access Procedure- Digital channel (ISDN)
Local Area VAX Cluster
Last File Indicator
Licentiate in Mechanical Engineering
Local Exchange Routing Guide (Telcordia Technologies)
Law Enforcement Television Network (broadcaster)
Longest Allowed Lobe Length
Long time no see
Lawrence Technological University
Load Local Descriptor Table
Local User Input
love you so much
Linux Porting Kit
Indonesian Institute of Sciences
Low-cost Exploration Operator Workstation (image processing)
Library Information Science
Liquid Oxygen
Line Printer Remote
laugh under breath
Local Loop Demarcation Point
Lango Orphans Scholarship Trust
Location Area Identity (GSM)
Lower right quadrant
Licensed Animal Slaughter and Salvage Association
Very Attractive Man/Woman
Line Information DataBase
London Emergency Services Liaison Panel
Compressed file format extension (raw data compression)
2nd Lumbar Vertebra
Leasing Information And Service Assistant
looking to buy
Local Multipoint Distribution Services
Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Left lower quadrant
Lighting Management Consultant
Local Security Environment
Lovely Skin Formula
user who is a loser
Looking For Party (in
lozenge (nontabletcapsule oral dose form)
love my life
love you very much
Laboratory for Artificial Neural Systems
Third Parallel Printer Port
Load Global Doubleword
Leon's Intensive Training For Employment
Lohna Road
Laboratory for Laser Energetics of the University of Rochester
Low-Resolution Facsimile
Line Group Controller
Legend legendary
Library file Used to hold extraneous information from program to improve performance
Loop while Not Equal
LymphoGranuloma Venereum
Left Ventricular Opacification
laughing for no aparent reason
Lancaster University Computer Assessment System
LEOS Summer Topical Meeting
Legal Information Assistant
Lower limit of normal
Left lower extremity
Left Heart Failure
Low Energy Nuclear Reactions
Local Signal Network
Low-Power Distress Transmitter
Land Earth Station Interstation signaling channel
Leiden-85 cohort
Left Hepatic Lobe
Lock the Bus
Looking for group
Laughing out loud.
Low Latency Priority Queuing
low-density lipoprotein cholesterol
Laboratory Animal Breeders Association
Linux Users Group
Long Range Decision Support System
Linear Imaging SelfScanning Censors
laughting until I puke
Love you like a brother
Laboratory Instrumentation Computer
lethal concentration causing death in 50%
Liquid Chromotography with Mass Spectrometry
large vessel disease
Load High Immediate
LowLevel Radioactive Waste
laughing to the point of tears
Least General Generalization
Library User Information Service
Liquid Propulsion System Centre
long time no talk
Long Above Elbow (cast)
Landing zone for the read/write heads on a disk
Launch Data Bus
Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities
Loop while Zero
Laser Magnetic Resonance
Laser Vision Correction
Left Ventricular Ejection Fraction
Linear executable
love you so much
dBASE IV Compiled label Object code
Lifeformulae ASN Reader Tool Set
fifth lumbar vertebrum
Logical Channel Identifier (X.25)
Loss Of Heterozygosity
laugh at the newbs
little green footballs
Low-Level Design Document
Land Customs Stations
Library And Information Technology Association
LeadLess Chip Carrier
Land Earth Station Data channel
Laughing My F***(freaking) Ass Off
Library of Congress Information System
Load String Byte
Los Angeles Aircraft Division
Leg Ulcer Forum Journal
Load Word Indirect
Lighter Low Birth Weight
left lateral
Laughing Outlandishly Out Loud
Licensed Social Worker
laughing out loud
Losing Electron Oxidation Gaining Electron Reduction
Local Area Network Adapter
Annoying person
Local Area Network Asynchronous Connection Server
Second Parallel Printer Port
Low Altitude Alert System
Low Back Pain
Leeds Dependence Questionnaire
Long Term Growth
love the way you lie
Laboratory for Advanced Spectroscopic Evaluation
Laminar Navigation Anti-Collision (aviation)
Library Laptop Loaner Program
Longest Unassisted Program
List View Style
Laugh To Myself Quietly
LaTeX Mathematical TeXt document
Large File Allocation Unit
Load Interrupt Descriptor Table
Large Volume Paracentesis
Low-Order Far-End Receive Failure alarm (MUX)
Compressed file archive (LARC)
Less than full-time training
larynx-associated lymphoid tissue in the eye
Linear accelerator
Light Producing Transgenic Animal
1st Lumbar Vertebra
Line Interface Unit for CCS 7
Loop Facility Assignment and Control System
Life's Not Fair
Lasco Electronics Box
Leak Repair Verification
love you too
Lineage Online Server Emulator
Left Main Coronary Artery
live attenuated influenza vaccine
Lots Of Love
Load Register AH from
Leukemia Research Fund
Left Ventricular Hypertrophy
Last Number Dialed
Low Noise Block Feedhorn
Library Construction Kit [Mircrosoft FoxPro]
Large Internet Exchange Packet [Novell]
laughing my face off
Laser-Optical Plankton Counter
Land Ocean Interaction Study
Locality Counterfraud Specialist
Lowest Usable High Frequency
Least Recently Loaded
Linguistic Research And Engineering
Love You Like a Sister
Laboratory For Applied Physics
LAN analyzer (networking)
Longterm and Expanded Program of Oceanic Exploration and Research
Load Global Descriptor Table
License Services Application Program Interface
Local Government Units
Link Layer Topology Discovery
Leaking Underground Storage Tank
Laughing to my self
Library Without Walls
Lagrangian stochastic dispersion model
Love Truth Honor
Laughing Quite Loudly
Lotus International Character Set [LDC]
List Server [Internet]
Large Follicle Anovulatory Condition
Load From A Disk
Lapse Free Abstinence Time
Left otitis media
Laughing out loud while rolling on the floor.
Large Scale Integrated Circuit
Low Level Bellman Net
Lethal Dose at 50 millirem
Long-term Equipment Anticipation Securities
Layer 3 switching
Left Anterior Fascicular Block
Left Bundle Branch Block
Low Impact Development
Left lower quadrant
Left Oblique Subcostal View
Don't bother forget it
link goes nowhere
Laugh out loud to you
Local Security Authority Subsystem Service
Longest Frequent Itemset mining Algorithm
London Internet Exchange
left ventricular systolic dysfunction
Left inner quadrant
Large Loop Excision of the Transformation Zone
Long Leg Walking Cast
Lowest Observed Adverse Effect Level
live like theres no tomorrow
love you to death
Land-Ocean-Climate Satellite
Lower Bound number 2
Lempel-Ziv Bell (data compression method)
Low-Noise Block down-converter (satcom)
Landfill Allowance Trading Scheme
LowVoltage Differential Signalling
Licensed Vocational Nurse
lauging out loud with a southern drawl
live long and prosper
Launching Our Communities Access to Local Television (Act)
Line Quality Report
Laplink III related file
Love You with All My Heart
Left Aft Propulsion System
Lung Blood Volume
Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist
Link Layer Discovery And Diagnostics
List Super Users
love you for life
Letter of Competence in Subdermal Implants
Lithium-ION (rechargeable battery)
Laugh To Yourself
Local Area Network Dealers Association (Canada)
Looking For Work
let's go get drunk
Legacy System Migration Workbench
Line Quality Engineering
Line Quality Control
Line Printer Queue
Letter of Competence in Intrauterine Techniques
Long-Range Radar
Low Level Burial Ground
Lower Motor Neuron
Left Ventricular Assist Device
laugh at you
one who reads but doesn't reply
Local Medical Review Policy
Least Lots Next Queue
Low-Level Differential Logic
Logic Level FET (semiconductors)
Landless Agricultural Labourers Group Insurance
Lungs clear to auscultation
Liquid Metallic Hydrogen
Legal Nurse Consultant
Linear White Space
Lying On My Bed
Long Term Oxygen Therapy
Link-State Advertisements
Loss Of Pointer - Path
Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration
Laughing Silently To Myself
life years saved
Local Neglect of Differential Overlap
Left-Hand Circular Polarization (microwave)
LAN Emulation Client Identifier (ATM)
Listen While Talk
Local Effects
like i even care
Low Smoke Zero Halogen
Linux On A Floppy
LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) Data Interchange Format
Local Authority Social Services Department
Local Transport Network
Load Pointer Using DS
live journal
Language Of Temporal Ordering Specification
Latvian Network
Law School Admission Test
lowest observed effect level
List Server (Internet)
Lempel-Ziv-Jakobsson (data compression method)
Local Number Portability (cellular networks)
Load Machine Status Word
Licensed Massage Therapist
Load Far Pointer in SS
laughing at you
let's go out tonight
lots of love forever
saying lol out loud
laughing on the floor
LOG Markup Language
Library of Congress Subject Heading
Label Traffic Control System
Logical Block Number
LinnBenton Women for Agriculture
Low Level Wind Shear Alert System
love of my life
Loyola's Online Connection to University Services
Looking After You Always
Load String Doubleword
Long Saphenous Vein
Large White Kidney
laugh out loud at work
laugh out loud I own
Letter of Competence for Faculty Instructing Doctors
Lotus Intel Microsoft EMS
Large Hadron Collider Accelerator Research Program
Lempel-Ziv Arithmetic (data compression method)
IntraLATA Primary Interexchange Carrier
Leave Without Being Seen
Loma Linda University Community Medical Center
Lower Limit Of Detection
LownGanongLevine syndrome
LawrenceLivermore National Laboratory
Liquid Nitrogen
Left upper extremity
literally laughing out loud
Lightguide eXpress Entry
Lex Language Source Code File
Lempel-Ziv Prediction (data compression method)
Logical Terminal Identifier (ISDN)
LAN Emulation Configuration Server (ATM)
Linear LIF (amplifier)
Labor Delivery Recovery Postpartum
LOCal Oxidation Of Silicon
long gamma ray burst(s)
Lempel-Ziv-Jeff-Heath (data compression method)
limited population antibiotic drug
Link Quality Monitoring (protocol)
Large Glucagon Immunoreactivity
Left Outer Inner Forward
laugh out loud man
LiSt Open Files
Logical RECord Length
Laughing Quietly Inside
Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor
Lethal Dose at 50 millirem
Little Green Men
Learning Vector Quantization
National Training Organization for the Land Based Industries
Lempel-Ziv-Sorer-Szymanski (data compression method)
Lempel-Ziv-Fiala-Green (data compression method)
Laugh With Me
Laughing Quietly To Yourself
Lower Body Negative Pressure Device
Liver Function Test
Life Quotations System
laugh out loud
laugh so hard i die
last week's news
Low-Rate Wireless Personal Area Network
Let's Change The Subject
Lifted Research Group (clothing)
Life Is Like A Box Of Chocolates
Long-Haul Mileage Calculation
Lowest Unoccupied Molecular Orbit
Luminal CCK Releasing Factor
Lateral Ganglion Emisence
Left iliac region
Leadership Qualities Framework (NHS Leadership Framework)
Lossless Transform Audio Coding
Lotus Multibyte Character Set [Lotus]
Leak Detection and Repair
Low Grade Squamous Intraepithelial Lesion
Left Ventricular End Diastolic Pressure
Lithuanian Small Animal Veterinary Association
Lake Land College
1st Lumbar Vertebra
Light guide Stranded-Cable Interconnect Terminal
Linear Combination of Atomic Orbitals
Local Commemorative Activities Fund
Logic Control Output Module
Look For A Match
Left hand grip
laughing out loud
Lease Programmable Funcctional Keys
Logical Link Control Layer 2
Mispelling of
LATA Equal Access System
Langerhans cell histiocytosis
Legg Calve Perthes Disease
Lentigo Maligna Melanoma
laughing too hard to type
Liaquat Medical University Health And Science
Level-Sensitive Scan Design
LAN Emulator Address Resolution Protocol
Difference file for binaries (Ldiff 1.20)
Lakh Conductor Kilometres
Laugh in head
Linked Compressor and Expander
Local Network Management Function
Low Temperature Poly-Silicon
Laserfiche Software Assurance Plan
Low Level Requirements Statement
low-dose computed tomography
Lobular Carcinoma In Situ - type of breast cancer
Love You More
Long-distance Carrier
Line Terminator type PA
Low-Cost Pin-Grid Array (microchips)
Live While We're Young
Limousine luxury car
Long Term Soil Productivity
listening to music
laughing quietly to myself
Fifty- Six (Roman Numerals)
Linear Natural Density Filter
Lempel-Ziv compression method developed in 1977
Love Gives Me Hope
Local Exchange Terminal
Locus Questions in Vision
Lake Tahoe Water
life pretty much sucks
Learning and Using New Approaches to Research
Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope
Like It Very Much
Left Internal Jugular
Laboratory of Vision Research
laughing really quietly to myself
laughing so hard right now
Low Voltage Positive Emitter Coupled Logic
Levenson Phase Shift Mask
LaryngoPharyngeal Reflux Disease
Lower Anterior Facial Height
Latur Road
Love You Miss You
Low-power Schottky Transistor-to-Transistor Logic (digital electronics)
Land Earth Station Signaling channel (Inmarsat)
Low Frequency Effects
love you like a dad
Land Use/Cover Change
Loss Of Pointer - Virtual
Love You Like A Friend
Laughing So Hard My Belly Hurts
Logical Unit Numbers
Limb Body Wall Complex
Liquid Cooling Under Garment
Left Upper Quadrant
let me tell you something
long-term care hospital
LumboSacral Spine
Library Information Network For Community Colleges
fourth lumbar vertebrum
Lempel-Ziv-Miller-Wegman (data compression method)
Linear Feedback Shift Register
Last Known Good Configuration
Layer 2 Forwarding protocol
Low Background Reference System
Low Velocity Intense Source
Lakehead University Manga
Allow It don't worry
Logical Terminal Class (ISDN terminal)
Long-Distance Direct Current (dialing system)
Left Heart Blood Volume
laughing really hard
Least Variable Zone
DEC LN03+ Sixel file Bitmap graphics
Low-Power Radio Frequency
Licentiate in Arts
Linux Multi-media Player
Hang out socialise
Luteinizing Hormone Releasing Hormone
Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker
laughing out loud with a southern drawl
laughing quietly to self
Loma Linda University Proton Therapy Center
Laterally Diffused Metal Oxide Semiconductor
Large Basin Runoff Model
Low-Voltage Scanning Electron Microscopy
Lower Jaw Length
Local Group Policy Objects (Windows)
Launch Commit Criteria Document
Liver Unit Management Protocol System
Left Ventricular Shortening Fraction a heart function test
LAN Manager Hosts (Windows file)
Lymphocytic ChorioMeningitis Virus
lethal concentration causing death in 25%
Local Area Data Transport
third lumbar vertebrum
Lempel-Ziv-Huffman (data compression method)
Linear Taper Slot Antenna
Low-Speed Switch
Long-Range Identification and Tracking of ships (IMO)
Local Database Services
Long Island Mobile Amateur Radio Club
Local Group Policy Object
love you always
Left Ventricular End-Diastolic
Lake Superior State College
Latvian Small Animal Practitioners Section
Lomonosov Moscow State University
Lempl-Huffman archiver
Long-Range Effects Research Program
2nd Lumbar Vertebra
Limited Space-charge Accumulation diode
Layer Management Entity Identifier
Laughing So Hard
Lumbar vertebrae 1 5 (spine eg L1 = 1st lumbar vertebra)
Licensed Healthcare Risk Manager
Linear White SPace
love you like a sister always
Local Policy Decision Point
Lakshadweep Building Development Board
Low-Voltage Complementary MOS (semiconductors)
Love You Miss You
Learning and Teaching Support Network (e-learning)
Local Service Management System
ISDN Line Group Controller
Long Wavelength Infra-Red
Light Canard Research Aircraft
Laparoscopic Uterine Nerve Ablation
leave me alone please
love you lots
Lakshadweep Development Corporation Limited
Loyola University Medical Education Network
LUminescence COnversion Light Emitting Diode
Left Message to Return Call
Long-Term Care Network (TV broadcaster)
Read a forum but never post
Low-Temperature Co-fired Ceramic (substrate technology)
Lehigh Valley Hospital and Health Network
Land Mobile Earth Station
Library and Information Services Division
Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol version 3
Local Number Portability Administration
Long-Haul Optical Transmission Set
life sciences
Leaded Ceramic Chip Carrier
Life Underwriter Training Council Fellow
laughing to myself
Laugh quietly to myself
love you like a mom
LightWeight Java Game Library
Leicester Royal Infirmary Maternity Hospital
Language Policy Research Center (Bar-Ilan University)
The Linux Information Project
Low-Cost Encryption and Authentication Device
Long-billed Dowitcher (bird)
Large-Angle Convergent Beam Electron Diffraction
Love You Like My Brother
Large-Scale Networking Group
Linear Add/Drop Multiplexer (MUX)
Link Layer Service Data Unit
Laughing My Cats Off
Large Area Crop Inventory Experiment
Launch Data Interface Unit
Logical port
Local Readout Ground Stations
Little Pairs Out of Position
Learning Development Partnership Board
Light Synthetic Aperture Radar
Laugh Til I Cry
LANE Network-to-Network Interface (ATM)
Laser Microprobe Mass Analysis
Ligament Fixation Device
Licensed Respiratory Care Practitioner
Local Research Ethics Committee (UK)
laugh insanely out loud
lowest observed adverse effect levels
Brazilian Synchrotron Light Laboratory
Line Corrugated PolyEthelene
Land Revenue Other than Basic Tax
Love You Like Crazy
Look Forward To Seeing You
Lightwave Object Format
Laser Diode Thermal Desorption
Laughing In My Mind
Low Cycle High Temperature Fatigue
Long Distance Operational Control
Local Federal Coordinating Committee
Lowtemperature Reusable Surface Insulation
let me know what you think
love you like a brother always
Left 4 Dead (game)
Left Ventricular Stroke Volume
Letters of Intent/Letters of Permission
Love You Really
Love You Forever
Logical Terminal Group (ISDN)
Ugly skinny girl
Logical Input/Output Control System
L-band to C-band
Left Message On Answering Machine
Limited Remote Communications Outlet
Licensed Specialist Clinical Social Worker
Liquid Waste Disposal Unit
Life Is Too Short
Lightweight User Interface Toolkit
Licentiate of the Royal Photographic Society
Laboratory Of Object Oriented Software Engineering
LiveCache Wireless Network
Levelized Cost Of Energy
Lower Bound number 1
Lanjigarh Road
love you like a brother
Lipid Research Clinics Prevalence Study
Lithuanian Institute of Veterinary Studies
Lake Champlain Research Institute
local collaborative commissioning board
Lake Campus of Wright State University
Low-Power Television (service)
Live Fast Die Young
Lake Champlain Research Consortium
Light guide Stranded-Cable Interconnect Equipment
LightWeight Genome Viewer
Low back bending
Long Bone Or Pelvic Fracture
Low Signal Transfer Point
Lumbar Medial Branch Block
Love You Bye
laughing more than you
Let's Make A Deal
Library Support Staff Interests Round Table
Low Critical Solution Temperature
Laboratory for Community and Economic Development
Link Of The Day
Like Hell You Will
Looks Good From Behind
Load String
love you very much
Life Support for Trauma And Transport
Lobster Health Research Centre (Atlantic Veterinary College)
Laboratory for High Energy Physics (Universität Bern)
Long Beach State University
Laughing Hella Hard
Licensed Baccalaureate Social Worker
Low Birth Weight Baby
Lower gastrointestinal bleeding
Lets see you do it
Liverpool Guild of Students
Limited Distance Data Service
Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol Extension (Cisco)
Like New Repair and Update
Line Unit/Line Termination
Love you as a friend
London Programme for IT
Love You Mean It
Local Service Ordering Guidelines
Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor
laughing my heiny off
Ludwig-Maximilians University
line printer remove
Long-Haul Communications Network
Look Busy Doing Nothing
Local Area Signaling Services (PBX)
Life Cycle Management Plan
La Verne Police Department
look what I have
love you to
I love you like a sister
Like New In Box
long term acute care facility/ies
Local Scope Zone
Large-Scale Hybrid Integration
local safeguarding children board
Low Pressure Chemical Vapor Deposition
Locality Health Voice Network
1435 - 1525 MHz frequency band
Line Terminator type PB
Limited Field-Of-View (radar)
Laboratory Tested Permissible Defect
Lame Person
Long Run Marginal Cost
Lytic Nephritic Factor
love and kisses
Let Me Know Soon
licenced professional mental health counselors
LactoPhenol Cotton Blue
Local Maxima Finder Unit
List of Academic and Not-for-Profit Survey Research Organizations
The act of laughing out loud
Stage actor
Line Terminator Test Board
LATA Switching System General Requirements
Low-Power FM (radio station)
Learning With Growing Quality
Low-Byte Enable
Luxemburg Packet-Switched Network
Light Amplifying And Reflecting Satellite
Lumbar Spine Bone Mineral Density
lord of the rings
laughing so hard i'm crying
Lodged Disposal
Lobe On Receive Only (radar)
Local Service Order Administration
Leeds Sleep Evaluation questionnaire
Learning Disabilities Award Framework
Lakes Country Public Library
L2TP Control Connection Endpoint
Link Capacity Adjustment Scheme
Love You Long Time
Loop-Start Trunk
Link Failed Signal State
Linux Users Group In Princeton
leuteinizing hormone-releasing hormone agonist
Low Molecular Weight Heparin
Large Area Crop Inventory Program
Large Screen Color Television System
Laser Atmospheric Wind Sounder
Liquid Cooling and Ventilation Garment
Longchain Neurotoxin
Long QT syndrome
Love you like no other
love you mean it
Large Optics Demonstration Experiment
CSIRO Land and Water Griffith Laboratory
Language Testing Virtual Specbank (International Language Testing Association)
Long Term Occupational Exposure Limit
Louisiana State University School of Dentistry
London School of Classical Homoeopathy
Linear Rational Expectations Model
Certification in Lean and Flexible Production Systems
A Female Friend
Local Government Radio Service
Low-Delay Advanced Audio Compression
Long-Term Thermal Resistance
Laboratoire Primaire du Temps et des Fr
Leukotriene Receptor Antagonist
Liquefied Gaseous Fuels Spill Test Facility
Langley Full-Scale Tunnel
Learning Credit Management Tool
Line-Reflect-Reflect-Match (calibration)
Looking Forward To It
Linear/Multiplicative Increase and Linear Decrease
Local Biodiversity Action Plan
Local Medical Officer Advisory Committee
Long Range Aid to Navigation
laugh out loud
laughing so hard milk shot out nose
Lossless Predictive Audio Compression
Laser Thermal Keratoplasty
long-term health outcome(s)
Low-Temperature Chemical Vapor Deposition
Large Scale Concept Ontology from Multimedia Understanding
Library Research
Lalbagh Court Road
Licenciate in Psychology
Low-Dose Unfractionated Heparin
Local Density Of States
Louisiana Coastal Area Feasibility Study
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Love You To Death
Light guide Stranded-Cable Interconnect Module
Learn To Speak English
Laughing Out Very Loud
Livestock and Meat Commission for Northern Ireland
Left Message To Call Back
Lead Director of Public Health
Left Upper Outer Quadrant
late for school
Laughing quietly to myself
laughing so hard I wet myself
Low Voltage Transistor Transistor Logic
long term financial model
Long Term Ecological Research
lights on but nobody home (!)
Linux Mint Debian Edition
Linac Coherent Light Source
Line Trunk Controller of ISDN
Lok Dal Janvadi
Leaded Ceramic Chip Carrier.
Laboratory Vane Shear Test
Land Margin Ecosystem Research
Linear Muffin-Tin Orbital
library order
Live Action Role Player
Left Border Of Cardiac Dullness
Low Background Infrared Radiometry
Local Cerebral Blood Flow
Long Chain Fatty Acid
Lethal Dose resulting in 50% mortality
Learn to read
laugh out loud quietly
Long-Range Overwater Diffusion
Lower Circumpolar Deep Water
Line Unit Network Termination
Linearly Transformed Wave Equation
Loop Maintenance Operations System
Line Feed & Carriage Return
Left-Mid-Central Lobe
Laughing So Hard I Drop My Taco
Liters Per Minute
LaserCollisionInduced Fluorescence
Load String Word
Linear Vestibulo Ocular Reflex
Liver Yang Exuberance Syndrome
Let me Google that for you
laughing out loud and rolling on the floor
love you like a fat kid loves cake
Livestock Systems in Integrated Rural Development network
levonorgestrel-releasing intrauterine device
pound per gallon
Lower Order Path Sub-Network (MUX)
Long-Run Incremental Cost
Link Access Procedure for Frame Relay
Laboratory for Terrestrial Remote Sensing
Long Island University Network
Laughing A Little Bit
Laboratory For Parallel And Distributing Computing
Landing Aids Control Building
Latex Induced Disease Syndrome
Love you as a brother
Lights Out Missionary Only
Low Dimensional Structures and Devices
Look What I Can Do
Low-Voltage Differential Multipoint
Large-Scale Multicast Applications
Look At Me Now
Land Portable Earth Station
Loop Data Maintenance Center
Light-Activated Silicon-Controlled Rectifier (electronics)
Large-Antenna Mini-M terminal (Inmarsat)
laughing on the inside
laughing out loud
Lightweight Encoding Rules (data encoding)
Low-Definition Television
Lockheed Martin Global Telecommunications (company)
Local Safety Surveillance Unit
Lets Meet For Real
laugh out loud
laghing out loud never gonna stop
laughing out loud with tears in my eyes
like oh my god
laughing out loud
Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania
Locally Dynamic Voltage Scaling
Local Differential GPS
Learn From My Fail
Liquid Photo-Imageable Solder Mask
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Low Altitude Supersonic Vehicle
Lunar Docking Events Controller
Laboratoire Primaire des Rayonnements Ionisants
Left Ventricular Assist System
local specialised commissioning group
Local Mean Sidereal Time
Laser Doppler Displacement Meter
long-acting beta antagonist(s)
Lateral Insulated-Gate Bipolar Transistor (semiconductors)
Loss Of Pointer - Line
Los Alamos Meson Physics Facility
Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics
Langley Aerothermodynamic Upwind Relaxation Algorithm
laughing in real life
Level Of Care Assessment Tool
Dynamic Link Library
Liberal Arts Support Staff Organization
Local Area Data Service
Low k Dielectric Material (k = dielectric constant)
Land and Hold Short Operation
A Radio Navigation System Operated by the US Coast Guard
love at first sight
laughing all the way to the bank
laughed out loud
an extreme event of hilarity
laugh out loud
Low Resolution
Lamont Doherty Geological Observatory
Logical Terminal Number (ISDN)
Long-Distance Internet Provider
Low Resolution
Laser Geodynamic Satellite
Late Onset Tay Sachs
laughing out loud rolling on the floor
laugh out loud very quietly
Large Wall Screen Display
Linearized Traveling Wave Tube Amplifier
Large Secondary Side Break
Link Incident Record Registration
Legislative, Financial, Executive and Administrative Service
Lightweight Architecture Alternative Assessment Method
Less Than Full Reciprocity
Lake Tahoe Wellness Institute
Local Area Control Network
Line Oriented Editor
Laser GravitationalWave Observatory in Space
laughing my socks off
Laughing Out Loud Like A Maniac
Librarian Disc Master File
Laboratory Control Sample Duplicate
Love You Miss You Want You
Large-size Organizations (Microsoft)
Laser Intelligence
Local Multipoint Communications System
Launch Abort Interface Unit
Lymphadenopathy Associated Virus
16Bit 80386 LOOP
laugh out loud
Leave Me A Message
Long-Term Ecological Research Project
Local Medical Workforce Advisory Group
Lisbon Internet and Networks Institute
Topical Meeting on Lasers in Materials Diagnostics
LAser Microprobe Mass Analysis
Line Impedance Stabilization Network
Let Me Take A Look
Liquid Crystal On Silicon (semiconductors)
LightPipe Radiation Thermometers
love is in the air
Left oblique
Louisiana Mu Alpha Theta
Past tense of
Land Mobile Satellite Service
Long Duration Exposure Facility
Licensed Mental Health Counselor
Low Population Zone
laugh in my head
Local Off Network Access Line
Less Talk More Action
Large Synoptic Survey Telescope
Logbook Of The World
Laboratory for Advanced Information Technology and Standards
Laugh Out Loud Literally
Let It Happen On Purpose
Low-Delay Code-Excited Linear Prediction (voice coding)
Large Artificial Neuron Network
Lucky Strike Means Fine Tobacco
Leased Interfacility NAS Communications System
laughing out loud with a southern drawl
laughing out of my mind
laughing so much it hurts
Lina Is Not Apple
Laboratory for Artificial Intelligence Research
Laser Shut Off Disable
Local Area Transport Tariff Information System
Laughing At The Moment
Low-power Atmospheric Compensation Experiment
Left 4 Dead 2 (game)
Low Altitude Air Defence System
Law School Admission Council
the whole city laughs out loud
Louisianna State University Health and Safety Commission
Lowered Acoustic Doppler Current Profile
Low-Frequency Array (antennas)
Loop while Not Zero
Los Alamos Neutron Scattering Center
Large Send Offload
Lamp Testing Engineers Conference
laugh out loud
laugh out loud
Level 1 cache (memory)
Lightweight Omega Digital Dropwindsonde
Laboratory Analytical Storage And Retrieval
Lord Of The Rings Online
Seventy ( Roman Numerals)
Light-Activated Silicon-Controlled Switch (electronics)
Bitmap graphics (Lisp Machine file)
Cat picture with silly caption
LakeInduced Convection Experiment
Less Safe For Work
Liquid Crystal Display (X=crystal)
Linearized Augmented Slater-Type Orbitial
Lumbar vertebrae 4 and 5 interspace
Large-Antenna Multifrequency MW Radiometer
Low-Altitude Satellite Studies of Ionosphere
Liquid Crystal Oscillator (X=crystal)
Land- Ocean Interactions in the Coastal Zone
Laboratory Animal Welfare Training Exchange
Large-Area Modular Array of Reflectors (antennas)
Link Access Procedure for Modems
Laboratoire de Mesure des Rayonnements Ionisants
Let's meet in real life
laughed out loud
Long-range-accuracy (radio system)
Loop while Equal
Laser Opto-Acoustic Detection
Laboratoire d'oceanographie dynamique et de climatologie
Lumbar Vertebrae 5 to Sacral Vertebrae 1 connection
Liverpool John Moores University
White Light And Spectrometric Coronagraph
Laboratoryconfirmed Bloodstream Infection
laughing in your face
Loss Of Synchronous Word
Lactating Rat Serum Factor
laugh out loud (a lot)
Lower Income Group Housing Scheme
Luser Attitude Readjustment Tool
Local Area Network Controller for Ethernet
LAser Micro-Mass Spectroscopy
Launch Abort Guide Simulation
Large Area Monochromatic Source for Calibrations
32Bit 80386 LOOP
laughing out loud
laught out loud... not
Roman Numeral 44
Liberal Arts and Education Building
Vehicle with modified suspension often hydraulically controlled
Load And Go Wrong
long baseline neutrino experiment
Lower Order Virtual Container (MUX)
Laser Ablation Molecular Isotopic Spectroscopy
Last Observation Carried Forward
Lagos State Polytechnic
See you later goodbye
Loss of Sync Word Seconds
Louisiana Office of State Climatology
Limited Area HIBU ( Hydrological Institute And Belgrade University) Model
Lumbar vertebrae 1 - 5 (spine eg. L1 = 1st lumbar vertebra)
Long arm navicular cast
Let's Just Be Friends
Lowest Achievable Emission Rate
Light And Accommodation
League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
Lecithin/ Sphingomyelin Ratio
Limited Aviation Weather Reporting System
lots and lots of laughs
Lattice-Based Word Error Minimization
Low-Bit-Rate Voice
laugh out really really loud
The Lawrence University Forum for Free-thought
Liters Per Minute
Lars Pensjo Multiuser Dungeon
List of Serials Indexed for Online Users
living and well
Liver and spleen
Load Register EXclusive
Logical Channel Group Number
labor and delivery
Lungs and heart
label as such
Land & Development Office
laughed out loud
laughed out loud