full forms starting with letter Q

Short Form
Full Form
Quick Uniform Intelligence Zone
Quality Control
Question Answer
Quick Response Code
Quick Response
Quick Estimate
Quick Response Time
Quick Beginners All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code
quoted for truth
Quake 2 Scene Builder
Quick Investigation of Quality
Quality of Service (first used with ethernet measurement of data transfer)
Quick and Dirty Operating System (often used by bootable floppy diagnostic software due to low overhead- and small files size)
Quod Erat Demonstrandum (Which was to be proved)
Quantity Not Sufficent
Quality Assurance Procedure
Quadrature Amplitude Modulation
Qualified Institutional Buyer
Query By Example
Quick Test Professional
Quality Professional
Quad Digital Channel
Quick Disconnect
Quality Control Supervisor
quod vide (which see)
quaque hora - every hour
Quantitative Restrictions
Did the game go into OverTime?
Qualified Foreign Investors
Breakdown Charge
Dictionary (file name extension) [Quicken]
Quality Assurance Evaluator
Quad Flat Pack
Quattro Pro Workfile
Quantitative Methodology Program
Quick Review Report
Quality Assurance Board
Quadratic Matrix Constraint
Data (file name extension) [Quicken]
Quantum Phase Gate
Quantum Mechanics
Fax (QuickLink)
Quicken Import File-Interchange Format (file name extension)
Quarter Master General
Quality Windows AudioVideo Experience
Network Management Interface (ITU-T)
Qualification Motor
Quantitative Risk Analysis
Quality Control Tool
Quadrupole Coupling Constant
Quod Erat Faciendum (Which was to be done)
Quality System Design
Quick Acting Fuse
Quality Control Program
Quod Erat Inveniendum (Which was to be found)
Quality Control Directorate
Indexes to Data (file name extension) [Quicken]
Quadrature Phase Shift Keying
Queuing Library Code
Quality Assurance Software
Memorized List (file name extension) [Quicken]
Quantitative Risk Management
Qad University
QSound High Definition audio library
Quarter Inch Cartridge (refers to tape drives used for backups)
Query by Form
Quick File Access
Quick Defect Analysis
Quality Performance Analysis
Quarter Scale Model
Quod Erat Demonstrandum
Quality Milk Isolator
Qualified Source List
Qualified Teacher Status
Query By Image Content [IBM]
Quartz Feldspar Lithics
Quality Assurance Journal
Quick Reaction Demonstration
Quindar Scanning System
Quality Assurance Audit
QoS Class Identifier
Quality Control Representative
QuadraPole Surround speaker
Quadruple Ion Neutral Mass Spectrometer
Quality Management Plan
Queens Park Ranger
Quarterly Report Form
Quality Verification Factor
Quick Loading
Quantitative Sciences
Can you hear me between your signals?
Every 3 weeks
Quick Fix Engineering
Quality Document Developer
Quick Release Plate
Quarterdeck Extended Memory Manager
Quality Inspection Directorate
Qualification Site Approval
Quality Assurance Group
Quality Control Analyst
Quality Documentation Proposal
Quantification of Humans
Quality and Accounting Capsule
Quality and Manufacturing Management
Delta College Quality Public Television
Quality Assurance Reference Centre
Quality Assurance Engineer
Quicken 2003 Premier Home and Business
Every Other Day
Quail Botanical Tour
Quality Inspection Requirement
Qualifications Review Board
Quick UML for Java
Quadratic Permutation Polynomial
Quality Assurance Representative
Quality Information System
Questioned Document Examiner
Quality Engineering Technology
Qualified Instructor Yeoman
Qualified Vehicle Repairer
Quad word ADD (256-bit addition)
Quality Improvement Kit
Qualified Marine Firefighter
quality management system
quantitative precipitation estimation
QuickReaction Estimate
Q-devices Information System
Quad Band Memory
Data file - segment 3 (Omnis Quartz)
QuickReaction Integration
Qualified Vendors List
Qualitative Probabilistic Network
Quality Of Reception
Quality Adjusted Life Year
Quality Design Group
Quality Evaluation Questionnaire
Intuit QuickBooks Backup file
Quantum Atlas V Hard Drive
QuasiBiennial Oscillation
Quality Control Board
Quality Oncology
Quake Done Quick
Quezon City Polytechnic University
Apple QuickTime for Windows
Qualification Design Review
Quantitative Quality Indicator
Quick eXtend Mast
QuickTime eXtension
Omnis Quart Data file - segment 4
Data file - segment 1 (Omnis Quartz)
Quality Assurance Hold
Quality Control Officer
Quality Evaluation Organization
Quality Manager
Qualified Pension Consultant
Quality Verification Inspection
Quote Word
Did you fall asleep at the mike?
Quake Name Maker Help File
Quantitative Fluorescent-Polymerase Chain Reaction
Backup of startup files created by Optimize (QEMM)
Quality Assurance of the Foundation Programme
Quality Assurance Inspector
Quality Management Review
quantitative precipitation forecasting
Quantum QHM (Quadraphonic Headphones with Microphone) USB (Universal Serial Bus)
FoxPro Compiled executable QBE query file
quantum sufficiat - a sufficient quantity
Quality Improvement Program
Qualitative Studies in Education
crying eyes
QMail Options or services file
Queen bed and Kitchen (Handicap)
Quad Flat J-leaded Package
Quality and Standards Unit
quietly laughing to myself
Receiver trouble
Every Week
Quick Image Viewer
Queued Sequential Access Method
Quick Access to X-ray
Quality Control Unit
Quasi Random Word
Qualified Technological Equipment
Query Languages Workshop
Queue Execution Equation
Al- Quds Open University
Data file - segment 7 (Omnis Quartz)
Quality of Life
Query DataBase
Quaid-e-Azam Library
Shall I increase power?
Quinolone-Resistant Neisseria Gonorrhoeae
Quality Control Workstation
Quality of eXperience
Change the Operator
Qt Template Library
Quantitative and Computational Finance
Quadruple Point Failure
Queens Harbour Master
Qualitative Weight and Sum
Quality Of Telephone Services
Quality Management and Analysis subsystem
Quicktime Conferencing [Macintosh]
Qualification For Operation
Quantity Gaging System
Quartz Crystal Oscillator
Quake II Scene Viewer
quality adjusted life year(s)
Quantitative Structure Activity Relationship
Qualification Based Selection
Quit Function
Quality Inspection Agent
Quality Inspection Management
Quark License Administrator
QiNetix Quick Recovery
Quadrupolar Kondo Effect
Qualifying To Teach
Quantitative Techniques in Management
Quality Control Operating Procedure
Qualified Clinical Social Worker
Quick Little Program
Queensland Training Award
Quarterly Monitoring Accident and Emergency Services
Qualifications Review Board Process
Qualified Vocational Education
Quality Web Designer
Quality Assurance Corrective Action Document
Quick Coupling Valve
Quality Data System
Quality Environmental Professional
Queens Police Medal
Quantum Zero Dynamics
Qizmo demo compression
QuickTake digital camera Bitmap graphics
Quality Health Network
Every 4 To 8 Hours
quaque die ante meridiem - every day before noon
Data file - segment 6 (Omnis Quartz)
Quality Improvement Organization
Quality Leadership Forum
Quebrada Zona Leste
(Visual) Query Builder
Quadratic Kohn Method
Quigo Fraud Detection Server
quater die sumendus - four times a day
Quad Manager Judge
Qualified Mental Retardation Professional
Quality Verification Program
Have survivors received survival equipment?
quantum anomalous Hall effect
Quantum Photoelectron Yield
QDX Compression Format
Quarter Common Interchange Format
Quarterly Bulletin on Solar Activity
Quantitative Xray Imager
Quebec Young Farmers
quit posting while drunk
QR code Handy Terminal
Quantitative Formalin Ethyl acetate Concentration
Data file - segment 9 (Omnis Quartz)
Quantitative Sustainability Time-series Analysis
Center for Quality of Care Research and Education
Queen Alexandra's Imperial Nursing Service
Quality Assurance Unit
Quality Control Group
Quick Look Report
Qualified Medical Examiner
Qiongzhou University
Qualified Mental Health Professional
Quality Of Voice
Can you acknowledge receipt?
Quality Inspection Engineer
Qualified Negative Herd Test
QualMed Utilization
quality adjusted life years
Quality Control OK!
Quick Fix Engineering Update
Quality Management Team
Quitting Time for Alcohol Questionnaire
Quasi- GlottoGram
Quantum ElectroDynamics Atomic theory
General term used for sand dunes
Quality Operating Systems Coordinator
Quality Verification Group
Quick Uuencoder/ Uudecoder
Quake Pack Utility 2
Qt Public License
Qualified Long Term Care
Quaking I-5 Protein
Bedtime ( Hour of Sleep)
Quadratic Variation Diminishing
QOS (Quality Of Service) Query Service
Data file - segment 8 (Omnis Quartz)
Quick Engine Change
Quantitative Genetic Epidemiology
Quick Look Data Station
Quick Expert Facility
quasi-autonomous non-governmental organisation (quango)
Quintana Roo Speleological Survey
A Queen Margaret University College
Queen Elizabeth Hospitals Birmingham
Quality and Practice Development Team
Quantim Field Theory under the influence of EXternal conditions
QuickDraw 3D Metafile (QuickDraw)
Q signaling
Quality Inspection Line
Quality Management Director
QuickReaction Integration Activity
QualMed Utilization Review Report
Queen Mary University of London
Quantum Computer Emulation Library
Quicken Password Recovery Key
Qualified 401k Administrator
Phase Angle Shift
QualMed Utilization Review
Quick Time Virtual Reality
Quad Fast Ethernet PCI (Peripheral Component Interconnect)
QEC Internet Services
Quality Assurance and Technology Diffusing Centre
Quarter Scale Model Vibration Testing
quick to cum
Quantum Health Center
Quadratic-Finite-Element Method
Quality Control Deficiency Report
Quick Look Data Reference
quote of the day
quote of the year
Flowrate by Height
Conference on Quantum Electronics and Laser Science
Quark Gluon Plasma
Quantity and Volume Used
question for you
Quark XPress Element library
Quantitative Genetic Recursion
Quasi-Free Electron Bremsstrahlung
Canonical Spagyric Quintessence Of Paracelsus
Quantum Optics and Opto- Electronics
Qualified Health Plan System
Quantitative DNA Fiber Mapping
Data file - segment 10 (Omnis Quartz)
every other day
Quality and Outcomes Framework target (QOF target)
Quantum Field Effect Transistor
Q-switched laser
Qualified Hardware Professional
Qualified Vehicle Mechanic
Qualified Verification Vibration Testing
queens of the stone age
Query Default Portfolio Balance
Data file - segment 5 (Omnis Quartz)
How big is your antenna?
Quality Software eXpert
Qualified Vehicle Operator
You are unreadable
Quantum Density- Wave
Quinnipiac University School of Law
Quality Upgradation and Product Diversification
Charge going OUT
Qualification for Acceptance Thermal Testing
Qualified Helicopter Instructor
Quality Of Service Over IP (Internet Protocol)
Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF)
queue daemon
Quantitative Structure Property Relationships
Quick Quote Windows
Quick Kanji Converter
Qualification for Acceptance Vibration Testing
Have you left dock or port?
Quadratic Guaranteed Cost Matrix
quoted for truth and great justice
Quantum Well Infra-Red Photodetector
Qualified Mental Health Specialist
Quad-Level Dimmer/Flicker Controller
Quarantine Kennel Owners Association
Queued Teleprocessing Access Method
QANTEL User Group
Data file - segment 2 (Omnis Quartz)
Quaque 1 Hora (every 1 hour)
QuickReaction Space Laboratory
Quad Expansion Unit
Quality Assurance Work
Quest For Knowledge
question and answer
Quark XPress Template
Quan Yin Experience
Qingdao University Of Science And Technolgy
Quarter Scale Ground Vibration Test
3-QuiNuclidinyl Benzilate
Quality Management and Analysis system
Quasi- Quadrennial Oscillation
Quick View Plus 7
Quality Of Service Manager
QuiNuclidinyl- Xanthene
Qualified Verification Testing
quoque alternis die - every other day
Japanese Q0 image format 24bit Bitmap graphics
quattuor in die - four times a day
Query QuickTime Player Plug-in
Qualitative and Quantitative Methods
Hamot Medical Center library
Quality Engineering Technology Department
quaque die post meridiem - every day after noon
Every twelve hours
quaque hora somni - every night at bedtime