full forms starting with letter W

Short Form
Full Form
Water and Power Development Authority
Worldwide Local Radio Online
What You See Is What You Get (computer slang wizzy wig)
World Wide Web ( sometimes call W3)
Wireless Fidelity
Windows New Technology
WINdows Emulator (program used by Unix/Linux to run Windows programs)
Wireless in Local Loop
World Wild Life Fund
World Health Organisation
A type of virus
Wide Area Information System
Western India Vegetable Products
World Assembly of Youth
With respect to
World Wrestling Entertainment
Will Install Needless Data On Whole System
Women for Human Rights
Wide Area Network
Wireless Local Area Network
Window Media and Fax viewer file extension
World Trade Organisation
Words Per Minute
Work In progress
Wheel and Axle Plant- Yelahanka (also a loco classification
World Economic Forum
World Wide Web Worm
what are you doing
World Wide Web Consortium
WelcomeBack (you say this when someone returns to a chat room)
world war I
World Networking Services
Windows Printing System [Microsoft]
Worth Global Style Network
WAVe file (file extension for sound files)
Wireless Fidelity (IEEE 802.11)
World Meteorological Organisation
Working From Home
Windows Entertainment Package
Wireless Local Loop
Wireless Communications Service
World Wide Web Consortium (governing body that proposes standards for the Web)
Worries Invented for Ever
Western Railway
World Intellectual Property Organization
Wireless Wide Area Network
Wide eXtended Graphics Array
Write Back Caching (newer 486 CPU- and Pentium - faster cache)
Write And Read Many times (CD-ROM technology)
Women In National Development Of Women
Work force
1 Word Processor
What The ...? or Who the ...?
Windows Compatibility List
Wireless Session Protocol
Wireless Telephony Application
Sound file extension
Write Through Caching (chip set caching for older PCs)
Windows apache Mysql PHP
what about you
Web Interactive Talk [Internet]
Word Line
what about you
with all my heart
Weekly Statistical Supplement
Warranted Archery Marshal
without a doubt
Washington Baptist College And Seminary
Wholesale Price Index
World English Bible
Wireless Datagram Protocol
Write Back Soon
Well Logger v2.x file
Wideband Code Division Multiple Access
Windows Presentation Foundation
Write Control Character
Wireless Markup Language
Windows Device Manager
Works For Me
Write (file name extension)
World Boxing Association
Windows Internet Naming System (NT protocols - also used with other 32-bit MS)
where are you
Write All Stored Passwords
Wanna have fun?
Windows Installer Xml
Wide Area Telecommunications Service
Wau Ecology Institute
West African Monsoon Experiment
which reminds me
Web Services Description Language
Wireless Application Environment
Wi Fi Protected Access
World Water Resources Institute
Microsoft Windows Media Audio file format and file extension
Wireless Location Services (SignalSoft)
World of Warcraft
what would you do?
Write formatted error message to standard error Function
Wireless Multimedia
WordPerfect Information System Environment
What You Mean?
Wyoming Independent Newsletter
Workstation Operating System
Weyerhaeuser Active Volunteer Employee
Working Group
Wave Real Time
Wireless Transaction Protocol
Wideband - Code Division Multiple Access
Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access
Wireless Bitmap
Waterways/ Vernal Pools
Windows Management Instrumentation
Wireless Multimedia Extension
Wharton Management Program
Web-Based Enterprise Management
wanna cyber?
Windows Media Video
Compressed Spreadsheet (file name extension) [BORPQU]
Whats In It For Me?
Watershed Development Programme for Shifting Cultivation Area
what on earth
Websphere Process Choreographer
Wherever Change Directory
Water of Precedence
WordPerfect Graphics (file name extension)
Ways Of Marketing Advertising And Networking
what was that
World Commission On Environment And Development
Wigan and Leigh College India
Workstation Host Connection
Waist-to-Shoulder Ratio
Web Accessibility Initiative
Waldenstrom's Macroglobulinaemia
Microsoft Works Data transmission file
Wilms Tumor 1 protein
Working Papers In Linguistics
Wireless Information Networks Forum
Write Directories Read
what not to do
what do you mean
what's going on
Witness Protection Programme
Workflow Management Coalition
Wise Instructors Need Group Support
Want to buy
Workstation Function
Windows Quality Online Services
Lotus Symphony Spreadsheet
Welder Performance Qualifications
Watershed Preservation Network
Windows Driver Library
Registered Version of Wolfenstein 3D file
Sometimes shorted from the WWW or World Wide Web
World Census of Agriculture
Web Host Manager Complete Solution
Windows NT (Microsoft)
Windows Application Binary Interface
with all due respect
Way To Go
Web Internet Research Executive
welcome on cam
Western Grape Leaf Hopper
Worldwide Name
word of advice
Woodchuck Hepatic Virus
Warminster Amateur Radio Club
what on god's green earth?
Women Welfare Officer
World Wide Web Consortium (also W3C)
Welder Performance Qualification Record
Word For Windows [Microsoft]
World Association of Nuclear Operators
WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) Identity Module
Web Pages Management System
Windows RAM
Welcome Back Partner
Wake On Modem
Weapons Of Mass Destruction
Worldwide Geodesic System
Water Research Commission
Workforce Development
Wide Area Information Transportation System
Written down Value
Wireless Personal Area Network
Waiting Time Initiative
Workbook file extension used by several software packages
With Digit Sum
Work Place Experience for Educators
World Environment Centre
what do you think
Washington Wheat Commission
Wake Health Services
WAter Resources Forecasting
what's wrong with you
Wearable Artificial Kidney
What Would Jesus Do?
Warfarin vs. Aspirin in Reduced Cardiac Ejection Fraction Trial
Wanparti Road
Wide Area Information Dissemination
Argo WebLoad Upload file
Windows System Assessment Tool
why should I
World Assembly of Small and Medium Enterprises
Microsoft Wizard used in various software packages and the MS Windows OS
when will you call me
Hyperfiltration Wash Water Recovery System
Window Display Driver Model
would like to meet
what the heck
wow you're stupid
Wi Fi Simple Configuration
WordStar for Windows 1 Text document
Windows Printer Description (file name extension)
Whole Earth Lectronic Link (BBS)
Ventura Publisher Printer font
what do you want
Waterville Area Wireless Association
where were you
Keyboard (file name extension) [WordPerfect]
Wafer Fabrication Template
World Wide Information System [Internet]
Workshop on Object-Oriented Real-Time Dependable Systems
Why Should I Do It
Wide Excision
World Wild Life Protection Agency
Weather- Yield Function
wife looking over Shoulder
with you
Web Data Optimizer
Wafer-Level Test
when shit hits the fan
Web Ware eXperience
War Memorial Building
what a long strange trip it's been
World Wide Fund for Nature India
Write After Write
Text document
World Climate Programme
Workplace Operating System
Wildlife Research Biologist
Spreadsheet (file name extension) [BORPQU]
what do we do now
Washington Association of Naturopathic Physicians
Wake On Lan
What the bloody hell
World Summit on Sustainable Development
dBASE Temporary file for Sort or Index
want to trade
Lotus 1-2-3 for OS/2 Worksheet
World Travel and Tourism Council
Wireless Access Communications System
Warfarin Aspirin Recurrent Stroke Study
will you come
Wide Area Network Delay Simulator
what's your problem?
welcome back
What did you say
Wireless Transport Layer Security
why do you do that
Womens International Democratic Federation
WordStar for Windows 5 Text document
Waveform Hold and Modify [Microsoft]
Watch Your Language Young Man
what about you
RIO Designer Pro Object file
Water Quality Team
Data file (Winfax)
Westfield Washington Public Library
Windows Dynamic Random Access Memory
worst president ever (Bush)
Dr. Watson Log
what do you want to do
Whats Eating You?
Western Allegheny Community Library
when should i be there
Windows Logo Program
wouldn't you like to know
Weight Loss Surgery Information
Work Limitations Questionnaire
Whack A Mole v2.0 (computer game)
Western New Mexico University
Work Experience Award
WordPerfect 4.x text document
Washington and Lee University
Windows Automated Installation Kit
Windows Open Systems Architecture [Microsoft]
Wide-Area Network Interface Co-Processor
What were you thinking
Wildlife Habitat Development Plan
Water Regulations Advisory Scheme
Window- Integrated Set of Information System
What I'm Looking For
way to go dumb shit
what a load of crap
Womens Initiative for Peace in South Asia
Ware And Mole Varnish
what do you mean
who really gives a damn
Women's Addiction Services Leadership Institute
CorelDraw Native format Outline font description
Warren Rupp Observatory
What's on Television?
will be back
Worker Qualifications Profile
Windows For Workgroups (often used for peer-to-peer networking)
What Did You Say
World Federation of Trade Union
Windsor Locks Youth Award
IOF World Congress on Osteoporosis
wow you are stupid
Web Services For Devices
West Irondequoit Radio Club
Spreadsheet (file name extension) [BORQU]
ARRL Worked All States Award
Workspace for Aiding and Learning TroubleShooting
Wireless Athens Group Zone
Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment
what's on your mind
Water Utilization Efficiency
World Business Council For Sustainable Development
what do you want to do?
will you go with me
want to sell
Librarian of OZ Sharp Book Viewer Add-on
Wall Display Unit
what you see is all you get
what have you been up to
World Geodetic System 1984
Weather Radar
White-Winged Junco (bird)
Web Application Optimization and Monitoring
VRML worlds
Water In the Gap
Wavelet-packet Scalar Quantization Format
Wellington Plastic Surgery Institute
what's the big deal
West Lafayette Public Library
Women's Army Corps Service Medal
what are you up to
Winter Wheat Mosaic Virus
World Academy of Humanities and Social Sciences
what are you doing
what have you been up to
Write-Protect Hard Disk
Windows Filtering Platform
Wireless Integrated Strike Interface
West Midlands Perinatal Institute
Water Energy Technology Team
PAP-specific I-Ag7-restricted T-cellline
what do you think?
Adobe Printer Information File
Wall-Associated Kinase 4
Wavelength-Dispersive X-ray Spectroscopy
World Wide Pursuing Perfection in Health Care
Women and Public Policy Program
Windows Connect Now
MicroSoft Works Projects file
wish you all the best
Water Resources Science
while you were out
Wicked Evil Grin
Watershed Bounded Network Model
What You Want
Wi Fi Alliance
Default extension for a zipped Windows Media Player file
Women's Cancer Resource Center
What's your name
West Bengal Trade Promotion Organization
Workbook (file name extension) [WordPerfect]
when you get a chance
Washington Sea Grant
what do you wanna talk about
what do you think of me
Workplace Skills Assessment Program
Shareware Version of Wolfenstein 3D file
Fault-Tolerance in Wide-Area Object Oriented Systems
who do you think i am?
Western Institute For Social Research
Wisconsin Educational Media Association - Wisconsin Library Association Collaboration
Washington Association of Library Employees
Will You Call Me
Windows Error Reporting
West Antarctic Ice Sheet Initiative
Want to go play Halo 2?
whatever floats your boat
Welding Procedure Qualification Test
what do i do now
Waste Electrical Equipment
World Wide Port Name
Washington Academic Internship Program Alumni
Washington State Sheep Producers
Wait If Set
Weight And Eating Disorders Program
what are you
WordPerfect 6.x Text document
Walker Lane Fault Zone
W3C XML Schema
what do you want to talk about
World Assembly Language
West African Doctors Network Patient Zone
Watchdog Timer
will you please shut up
World Wide Web Applets
What shall we talk about?
World- Wide Virtual Machine
Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group
When you get a minute
will you go
Worldwide Information Knowledge Warehouse
Sub-basin Data-Water Use Input File
WalbaumExpMT-Medium font
Will be right back
Western Regional Science Association Board
Wireless Wearable Physiological Monitor
what do you want to talk about
what are you wearing
Windows Driver Kit
Wavelet- Vaguelette Deconvolution
WDMedia Flash IRC Client
Which Would You Rather ....
groove Wall- Peptide- Peptide- groove Wall
WordPerfect 5.x Text document
West Area Neutrino Facility Control System
Why Do You Want To Do That?
Water Supply Zone
Windows Image Acquisition
Humpback Whale
What Will You Do?
wish me good luck
where did we go wrong
Wildlife Management Courses
Wayne Area Diabetes Endocrine Center
Why you all up in my grill?
Water Resources Forecasting System
Water Pollution
Weapon System Support Officer
Compressed Spreadsheet (file name extension) [BORQU]
What Did I miss
Wisconsin Well Woman Program
Windows Open Services-Systems Architecture [Microsoft]
W W domain-containing Protein 1
Well Log Presentation Tool
Windows 3.1 Startup file
what's for homework
will comply
Watershed Protection Program Fund
What do you expect
Woodcock Language Proficiency Battery - Revised
WebLogic Process Integrator
Warm Water Habitat
West Coast Quartz
Weekly Weather Crop Bulletin
Window Panel
Waxing Quarter
Wisconsin Association for Healthcare Quality
who do you like
Wide-cross Whole-genome Radiation Hybrid
What Have You Done
waste of money
What Would They Think?
Weak Cation Exchange
White Back Plant Hopper
wife is watching
Working Group on Money Supply: Analytics and Methodology of Compilation
Wireless Internet Protocol Network
What would Chuck Norris do
Water & Wastewater E-Letter
Webcourse Interactive Training Seminar
Wetland Water Quality Standard
Web Student Unification Project
world series of poker
Washington Law School Foundation
Weekly Commodity Report
Weather Radar Adapter
Weakly Dominant Congested Link
Western Institutional Review Board
Web-based Drawing Viewer System
Western Computer User Group
West Nile Virus
Washtenaw Linux Users Group
what you see is totally worthless in real life
Wide-Area Network Interface Module
Western Kentucky University
Wheat Quality Network
Weather-related Decision Making
what are you up to
word of the week
why are you still talking to me
WasteWater Process Engineering
Wireless WorkZone Alliance
what do you care
Weak Law of Large Numbers
What Is This?
Wasteland Development Force
Web Services For Management Extension
WordStar for Windows 3 Text document
Web Service Orchestration Server
Wireless LAN (Local Area Network) Solution Engine
What You See Is Sorta What You Get
Windowed Xray Transform
Water Research Foundation
Quattro Pro Workbook
Windward Business Manager
what do you want
Welder Qualification Record
UBiquitin Wild- Type
Washington Chung- Ang University Alumni Association
Write Request
Worksheet (file name extension) [Lotus 1-2-3] [LDC]
Would You Hit It?
Wireless Local Loop Delivery
Wiltshire Interactive Grazing Initiative
Wharton Private Equity Alumni Network
Wireless Institute Of Australia Queensland
White- Eared HUmmingbird
what does that mean
Wireless Universal Resource FiLe
what are you talking about
VRML worlds 3D virtual reality object
Wireless LAN (Local Area Network) Task Force
Wide Ultra Extended Graphics Array
Walla Walla Adventist University
World- Wide Navigational Warning Service
Water Resources Research Institute
Water Vapor Transmission Rate
Watermark Text X Position
what were you thinking
War Decorated India
World Wide Web Data Management
World Input- Output Model
Web Strategy Pro 4.0 for PC
Water Resource Engineering
Write Block and Quit
Wharton Latino Undergraduate Association
wish you were here
Wisconsin Livestock Identification Consortium
West Midlands Specialist Commissioning Team
Water Quality Management
Wyoming Independent Producers Association
Wmi Query Language
Will you go out with me
World History and Geography
Winning Bridge Mobile Edition
What Makes You Beautiful
Winter Wolves of Bane
Wet Bulb Zero pressure level
Watercourse and Lake Protection Zone
Western Washington University - Everett
WireLess HeadPhone
WGNA Certified Network Administrator
Western Indian Ocean Marine Science Association
Weighted Fair Queueing
WorldWide Computer Network
What is up?
Wyoming Health Information Management Association
Weather Information Display System
Water Insoluble Cell Wall
Work – Life Balance Policy
why would i know that
Watershed Habitat Evaluation Inventory
Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing
West Nile Encephalitis
Wireless LAN (Local Area Network) Research Laboratory
Willoughby Wallace Memorial Library
where are you from
Wisconsin Livestock Meat Council
Well Connected Educator
Whole-bladder PhotoDynamic Therapy
W W domain-containing Protein 2
Wireless Broadband
Microsoft Word Wizard
Women in Grey Suits
Weekend Business Degree Program
Websphere Portal Application Integrator
Walajah Road Jn.
WinMX Peer Networking Protocol
Winsock Kernel
Over- Expressors of Weight Plan
want to meet
Weather Database
Washington Hospital School of Nursing
Winter Wheat Russian Mosaic Virus
The Wireless Ethernet Capability Alliance
Water Surface Profile 1
Wyoming Livestock Board
Where are You From?
Warren Newport Public Library
Web Based Device Management
Weather Wizard I I I
Water Weights Aerobic Class
Winter Holiday Affective Disorder
Women In Engineering Organization
Web Daddy For the Kids
World History II
WordStar for Windows 2 or WordStar 2000 Text document
Windows Internet Protocol Configuration file (exe)
WebSphere Development Studio Client
Argo WebLoad II Upload file
Welcome Back
Winter Weddell Sea Project
Wiltsey Instrumental Music Department
Witten- Dijkgraff- Verlinde- Verlinde
what you want to talk about
Boot Sector Virus
Women's Environment And Development Organization
what would you do to me
Wisconsin Floristic Quality Assessment
what are you doing
Waterford Farmers Action Group
who the hell are you
World History II - The Third World
Weston Hospital Trust Fund
World Climate Research Programme
WebLogic Query Language
Water Investigation and Development Department
Windows Phone 7
Waterfowl Natural Resources Area
What I See Is What You Get
Windows Parallel Virtual Machine
Weather Underground
Wire Wound
Women Partners In Health
Web/ OMA Integration Architectures working group
WordStar for Windows 6 Text document
Wallerian Degeneration Slow gene
Write To Operator with Reply
What Is Going On
Weather Surveillance Radar - 1988 Doppler
Unix Tools under Windows
Would You Rather Have .... ?
who gives a crap
Waste Water Ion Exchange
Western Foundation Of Vertebrate Zoology
Winnebago Mental Health Institute
WithOut EXudate
Wildlife Habitat and Plant Management
Weak Phrase Level Uniqueness
Women's League of Rutgers University
Wound Rotor Induction Motor
Welsh Local Government Association
What aRe You Doing?
Women In Surgical Training Scheme
Western Forage Beef Group
why doesnt he love me?
Weighted Close
Warcraft III
Wilma Bass Memorial Hall
West Virginia University
Wake Forest University
Wavelength-dispersive X- Ray Fluorescence
Walking Way to Health
World History II - The Renaissance
Waterloo Institute For Groundwater Research
Wave file - Sound (8kHz)
Women's Preventive Health Program
World History II - World Geography
WordStar for Windows 4 Text document
Wireless Wall Switch With 2 Hour Timer
WinAd client software
Wavelength-Selective Cross-Connect
Wireless Outdoor Router Protocol
Wasatch Front Valley
Wireless LAN (Local Area Network) Access Repeater
Windows Install Helper Utility
Whole Brain Radiation Therapy
WDM Quad Loop Extender
Write Your Own
White Mutant Phenotype R
Lotus 1-2-3 version 3.4 Spreadsheet
Web Form Markup Language
Lotus 1-2-3/G Worksheet
Wildlife And Exotic Diseases Preparedness Program
why not right now
W. N. Lacey Lectureship in Chemical Engineering
Wireless Remote Audio Perimeter Sharing
Woodhouse's Toad
World Wide Student Laboratory
Wyandot Center for Community Behavioral Healthcare
Wayland Baptist University--Albuquerque Campus
Western Digital Hard Drive
Walla Walla General Hospital
Walter Frattaroli Language Instructor
Weighted Non-parametric Quantile regression
Windows X P User
WIC - Prenatal Visit Education
World Ocean Circulation Experiment Scientific Steering Group
Wireless Wave Leader Election Protocol
what was that for
White Plains Public Library
WalbaumExpMT-Medium Italic font
Web Based Quiz System
will be back soon
Wintel Client Services Manager
Wait In Batch Time
Wyoming Wool Growers Association
Wyoming State Veterinary Laboratory
World Championship Boxing Manager
Wimbledon Grain Farmers Group
Well On My Way
Wirelength Improved Global Placement
Networking Utility
Wismut Uranium Miner
Welcome to last year
Quattro Pro Spreadsheet
Wave Leader Election Protocol
WhizNotes Document
what the hell was that?
World Is My University
Wall Shear Stress Gradient Topography
West Nile- Like Virus Encephalitis
Weather Service Forecast Office
Williams College Oxford Programme
Wet Corn Gluten Feed
Will Irma Taranee Cornelia And Hay
Wall Mount Yoke
Women Students At Brown
Warsaw University Institute of History
West Liberty Public Library
Wireless LAN Association
WIreless Universal Base-mounted
want you to know I love you
What is the world coming too
what up with you
Microsoft Windows 32 Bit On Windows 64 Bit
Winter Park Veterinary Hospital
want to hang out?
Wedged Hepatic Venous Pressure
Washington State Veterinary Medical Association
Washington Library Association Publication
Wireless Genome Information Database
Wet ZiekenhuisVoorzieningen
Wall Street Explorer
Watermark Text Font Size
Women's Business Ownership Representative
Wei Zhong Chinese Environment
Washington State University -- Richland
Wheeling Jesuit University
Wheat Yellow spindle streak Mosaic Virus
Write Bootstrap
Web Services Meta Language
what the hell are you doing?
Whitman University
Welding Operator Qualification Record
White Plains Hospital Center
Weighted Fuzzy Petri Net
WebTerm X Upgrade
Write Handling Control Register
World History II - The Cold War
Workplace Skills Enhancement Program
What would David Hasselhoff do
Warm Up Jacket
Wx Event Handler
Widening Participation South West
Weighted Convergence of Lagrange interpolation based on Gauss-Kronrod nodes
Walleye Epidermal Hyperplasia Virus
Water Soluble
InTouch Wizard files
A West Mountains University
Wireless Location Industry Association
Warehouse Management For Windows
Wad Up Paper Output
WindowMaker Network Device
Wave Energy Marine Lab
Web Services Tool Kit
Web Enthusiasts Association of Victoria
Welding class
Warehouse Control and Inventory Management
Wakefield RISC OS Computer Club
Water Environment Research Foundation
what in the world were you thinking
Wilms Tumor 2 Protein
Spreadsheet (Lotus 123 version 2.x - Symphony 1.1+)
Warrenville Public Library District
Web-based Two- Tier Test
Wahiawa General Hospital
Wild- Type Vaccinia Virus
Westchester Institute for Human Development
Combined Watt/ Varistor Transducer
Web Computer Graphics Metafile
Write Your Own Program
Werner Rauh Heritage Project
Wiring General Visual Inspection
Wet Total Particulate Matter
Welding Technology courses
Wireless Product Knowledge System
WordStar for Windows 7 Text document
PowerJ Workspace file
Second Annual Workshop on the Teaching of Software Testing
Wireless DeMilitarized Zone
Walla Walla Community Hospice
West Liberty State College
Waterman Hills-Mitchell Range
West Newbury Garden Club
Web Based Verification System
Weak Perfect Bayesian Equilibrium
WhiteYellow Virescent Gene
Women's Research and Education Fund Scholarship
Windows Graphics Foundation
Wisconsin Dairy Goat Association
Water Quality Control Institute
Windows Media High Definition Video
Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment Regulations
EXP for Windows Document
What You See Is What You Meant
W W domain containing OXidoreductase gene
Web Development with HTML and JavaScript
Robert W. Woodruff Health Sciences Center
Windows/Ubuntu Boot Installer
IEEE Workshop on Electromagnetic Field Computation
WarpGraph XML Data
well that was random
World Geodetic System 1984
Weighted Fuzzy Expected Value
Windows Quality Control Consultant
Wireless Data Delivery Function
West Nile Fever Virus
What Was I Thinking?
Windows Media Digital Rights Management
West Country Natural Healing Fellowship
Maggie L. Walker Governor's School for Government and International Studies
Whitetail Deer Farmers of Ohio
Weapons Task Qualification Training Manager
Water- Resources Cataloging Unit
West Fissure Fault Zone
what you up too
Water Erosion Prediction Project
WhiteWater Arroyo Virus
World Wide Cellular Extension
Wafergard Chemical Dispenser System
Walleye Epidermal Hyperplasia Virus 2
Wild Horse Workshop 1998
Working Group of Statistical Experts
Watershed Partnership for New Jersey
Welsh Marine Life Rescue
Western Oregon University
what the heck are you doing
Windows Hardware Error Architecture
what's the matter
West Midlands Health Technology Advisory Committee
Water Quality Management Laboratory
Well Formed Semantic Rule
Wild Bird Society of Japan
Water Quality Monitoring Network
Weighted Random Early Detection
Write Garbage in Processcontrol Block
World Digital Database for Environmental Sciences
Wagner Free Institute of Science
Women's Heart Health Network
CorelDraw Windows 3.0 font file
Web Services Deployment Descriptor
Western Colorado Amateur Radio Club
Wideband Networked Sensors Program
Web Course Management System
White River School of Massage
Waste Management and Research Center
Women's Health and Reproductive Nutrition
Working Group on Unusual Marine Mammal Mortality Events
Wireless Router and Repeater Kit
what you been up too
Well There You Go
World History II - The Age of Discovery
Warp Update Kit
Writing Succesful Laboratory Reports
What are you
Water Quality Technical Group
Web Publishing Using HTML
Wideband QuarterWave Tubeless
Quattro Pro 5 DOS Spreadsheet
Watergap Global Hydrological Model
Well- Being Evaluation Function
Window Maker File Viewer
WebSphere APIs for Edge Side Includes
WHole BoDy
Worldwide Research Quality Assurance
Williamson County Livestock Show
Wireless Zero Configuration
Wireless Quality of Service
Web Intelligence
World Council Of Fisheries Societies
Women's Health Sciences Institute
Western Barley Futures Contract
Web Developer's Virtual Library
Water Balance and Chemical Transport
Washington Search for Young Scholars
Working Group on Anthrax Vaccines
Wasburn University Pep Band
Water Quality Management Technology
World Organisation of National Colleges Academies (and Academic Associations of General Practitioners/Family Physicians; the short form is World Organization of Family Doctors)
Western Health Information Collaborative
Wafer-To-Wafer Non-Uniformity
Windows For Workgroups
Western Maryland Hospital Center
Websphere M Q Series
Wales Civil Contingencies Committee
Worm Farm Waste System
West Dorset General Hospitals
WebFountain Query Language
Warning Research and Development Division of the National Severe Storms Laboratory
Well Differentiated Lymphocytic Lymphoma
White Pine Library Cooperative
Spreadsheet (Lotus 123 version 3.x)
World Ocean Circulation Experiment - International Project Office
Wavelet-based Hierarchical Vector Quantization
Web-Based Virtual Laboratory
WLAN MAC Filter Manager
White River Irrigation District
Wide Field and Planetary Camera 2
Washington State Quality Award
World Hydrological Cycle Observing System
Working Party on Domestic Regulations
Weighted Fair Queuing based on Flow-timestamps
IEEE International Workshop on Integrated Optical & Related Technologies for Signal Processing
West Nile Virus Disease
Web Service Experience Language Version 2
World Union of German Shepherd Dog Clubs
Web Storage System Document Libraries
Web Object Oriented Graphics Library
Way to go
Wireless Wall Switch With 6 Hour Timer
Web Directory for Mobile and Wireless
Wheat Yellow Head Virus
Wissenschaftliche Zeitschrift-der-Humboldt Universitat zu Berlin
Wilcox Fault System
Water Quality & Ecological Processes Research Unit
Windows Media Technology 4.1
World's Largest Math Event
Wireless Host Controller Interface
Sharp Wizard Organizer Program or Data File
Warning Letter
Wyandotte Blue
Wabash Valley Audubon Society
Working Group on Undergraduate Education
way too much information
Write Protect Not Low
West Sutherland Fisheries Trust
World Wide Web Instructional Committee
Web accessible BNF
WinChat Operating Instructions
Where's That Station?
Wireless Transmitter/Receiver
Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board
WebIntelligence Reports
World Health Organization - Prevention of Deafness and Hearing Impairment
Washington University Department of Electrical Engineering
WatchDog Pulse Output
WebSphere M Q Everyplace
Wheat Peroxidase
what you doing now
Weakly Positive Quadrant Dependence
Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning
Sam M. Walton College of Business
Web Master User Group
World Multilingual Study Group
Weather Year for Energy Calculations
What Are You Doing?
Would You Be Happier
Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician
Whitewater Valley Community Library District
Worth 4-dot test (in strabismus)
Winston-Salem State University National Alumni Association
Web Page Design Ink
Wildlife Management Courses
Wildland Firefighter Apprenticeship Program
WannaJava Spam Controller
Windows DataBase
Western Regional Greek Association
Wouldn't You Like to Know
Wade King Student Recreation Center
Workgroup on Ecosystem Health
WatchDog Resource Table
Wêreldberaad oor Volhoubare Ontwikkeling
what do you want to talk about
Western Hemisphere Warm Pool
Web Cartoonist's Choice Awards
what do you want to talk about
Waynesboro Repeater Association of Virginia
WareFree Find/Replace
Workflow In Process Inquiry
Western Michigan University
Weapons of Mass List Destruction
Welsh Paediatric Surveillance Unit
Water Resource Inventory Area
West Point Bridge Design Contest
Weight outside UVRANGE
World Climate Applications and Services Programme
Western Carolina University Center
Web Page Data Design
Wisconsin Higher Education Grant
World Journal of Surgical Oncology
Western Grains Research Foundation
West of Cornwall Primary Care Trust
Water Vapor Diffusion Analysis
Web Services Developer's Kit
World Healing Institute in Hawaii
Web Ophthalmology Discussion Group
Whole Gut Transit Time
Wheat Corn Millet Fallow
Worden Social Work Organization
Wave-length Dispersive X-ray Spectroscopy
Wait For Transfer Request
Western Equine Encephalitis Virus
World Commission On Forests And Sustainable Development
Windows X P Home Edition
Water Quality Protection Buffer
Will You Be My Girlfriend?
Working Samoyed Excellent Master
Delaware Valley College Campus Radio
Walferdange Underground Laboratory for Geodynamics
Women's Studies
Water Services Association of Australia
Water Supply & Printing Stationary and Publications
Water Soluble Zinc
Work with Configuration Status
What is up?
Wellness - Health Enhancement courses
Welding Equipment Maintenance and Repair Engineer In Training
What Happens Next?
Wireless Networking Starter Kit
Water Resources Engineering Management
Working Group on the Commercialization of Meteorological and Hydrological Services
Windows Hardware Developer Central
Wissahickon Valley Public Library
Waba Application Resource Package
Wireless Based Reliable Multicast
where have you been
WAN Quick Start
What You See Before You Get It
Wheat Genetic Improvement Network
WebSphere Everyplace Connection Manager
Win32 Template Library
Web Cache Invalidation Protocol
Western Prairie Fringed Orchid
Wesleyan University Program in France
Windows OEM Pre-installation Kit
what the hell is going on
Windows Hardware Quality Labs
Wayne County Community College District
World Conference on Continuing Engineering Education
Windows Live Movie Maker
Washington University Gigabit Switch
WerkGroep Communicatie en Zorg
Western Farming Systems Project
Water Resource Data System
Working Class Family Income and Expenditure Survey
Working Group on Operating Experience
Wishing You Great Fortune
Windows Device Testing Framework
Wine Judge Certification Program
Washburn University Writing Center
Windows File Transfer Protocol
Weather Impact Decision Aids
Washington State University Libraries Planning Committee
Windows Product Activation hardware configuration information and activation state file
World Agricultural Outlook Board
Wavelength Distributed Data Interface
Western Pennsylvania Field Institute
Western Single Side-Band Association
Wallpaper Binaries Identification List
White House News Photographer
Weekend College Now Program
Water Use Caution Area
Washburn University Virtual Union
WOCE Data Information Unit
Wireless Communication Systems Symposium
Women's Studies
Window Time-Space Flow Control
Softview Ergonomic Whale Mouse
Weighted Quick- Union algorithm
Washington County Cooperative Library Services
Where On Earth ID
Windows Graphical User Interface
what you up to
What Do You Know?
CEOS Working Group on Data
Wisconsin Oracle Users Group
Wheat Grain Yield Equivalent
Working Group For Dimensional Metrology
Water Infrastructure Finance Authority
Webster Groves Public Library
What You Mean Is What You Get
World History II - Age of Revolution
Westgate Toy Fox Terriers
Wilderness Medicine Training Center
Wake Forest University Physicians
World History II - World Civilizations after 1500
Workers' Compensation Claims Professional
Wireless Medical Telemetry Service
Well- Differentiated Papillary Mesothelioma
Weighted Feedback Vertex Set
Well- Known Goal Interface
Wafergard Chemical Dispenser System-2
Weather Notification Service
WithOut INcident
Water Resources Research Laboratory
Wisconsin Berry Growers Association
Wireless Entrepreneur of the Year for Virginia
Windows X P Introduction class
Writing Process Tutor - Java Version
West of Scotland Coronary Prevention (Reseach Study)
Western Grain Marketing Panel
World Federation of Neuroscience Nurses
Windy Gap Firming Project
Wales Council for Voluntary Action
what do you want to talk about
World Ozone and Ultraviolet Radiation Data Centre
Welding Equipment Maintenance and Repair
Wisconsin Organic Marketing Alliance
Washington University Road Test
Wabash Valley Fault
Washington State University -- Spokane
Wavelet- Based Noise Removal
What time is it over there?
Weighted Universal Vector Quantization
West Central Forage Association
Weather Underground of Hong Kong
West Virginia Intercollegiate Athletic Conference
Withdrawal Passing
Wavelet And Filter Banks Design
Warning Threshold Selection Model
Wisconsin Career Development Association
Wesleyan University Program in England
Wood Decking Rear
Water Quality Analysis Set
We're Pulling For You
Working Group on Specialist Medical Training
West Virginia Wesleyan University
West Bridgewater Public Library
Wildlife Spatial Analysis Laboratory
Weighted Probability Distribution Voting
Wales Centre For Health
Women's Therapy Centre Institute
Work Place Employment Initiative
Web and Digital Media Development
Watershed and Stream Delineation Tool
Walleye Epidermal Hyperplasia Virus 1
Weight-Proportional Max-Min
Western Carolina University Herbarium
want to trade pictures?
Western Earthquake Hazards
Western Canadian Veterinary Students' Association
R/V Weatherbird II
Wireless Design Reference Manual
Wall Mount UpLight
what can you tell me
Water Quality Technical Notes Collection
Webbased Seminar
Windows Data Base Utilities
Working Group on Assistance to Democratic Institutions
Wave Group Tube
Weather Radar Simulation
Wyoming Geologic Database
World Climate System Monitoring Program
Wireless Communication Transfer Protocol
Wake- On- LAN Support
Working Key Encryption Key
Windows Media Device Manager
Well-Developed Well-Nourished Female
Welfare and Mutual Benefit Plan
what's up with that
West Palm Beach University
Western Kentucky Schutzhund Club
Working Overloaded Linux Kernel
Wireless Telephone Number Portability Act
Wind Power Portfolio Manager
HP Web Jetadmin
Wetland Program Development Grant
Watermark Time X Position
Boot Sector Virus
West Nile virus Neurological Manifestations
World Ocean Circulation Experiment
Web Nexus Development Project
Western Biological Assessment Workgroup
West Midlands Cancer Intelligence Unit
Working Group on Trade and Economic Cooperation
Wisconsin Viral Research Group
Wireless Communication Zoning Ordinance
Wall Mount DownLight
West Boulevard Veterinary Clinic
Working Group on Numerical Experimentation
Weather Vane - Horse & Buggy
Willamette University College of Law
Waste Management and Environmental Science
War Zone Tower Defense
What Do We Gain?
Wake County Regional Libraries
Wireless Rural Area Network
Whole Body Fluid Volume
Water Surface Profile 2
West Virginia Veterinary Medical Association
wait for me
Water Quality and Waste Management
Boot Sector Virus
Wales Emergencies Working Group
West Coast Natural Gas
William Best Hesseltine Award
Whole Year Blazar Telescope
Web Form User Controls
Wavelet-based Multiscale Vector Quantizer
Walker Polled Hereford Farm
Wireless in a Box
number of Wolves Per Kilogram of Prey
what to do
Western North Fiji Basin
Women's Fisheries Development Officer
West of England Centre for Independent Living
W. O. Newhaus Architects
Work Related Upper Limb Disorder
Wireless Network Research Laboratory
Web File Viewer Language
Western Geography Student Conference
Wellcome Historical Medical Library
World Federation of Occupational Therapists
What Do Graduates Do?
Web OfficeView
Web Design Advisory Group
Woodville Karst Plain Project
Wideband Time Division Multiplexing
Weather Facsimile
Without Gluten Without Casein
World Small Animal Veterinary Association
Water Quality Survey Controller
Secondary external Wide Area Network access port
When Things Fall Apart
Wireless EXit Kit
Western Corn RootWorm
WEstern GUll
West Baton Rouge Parish Library
West Hazleton Veterinary Hospital
Wireless Network Quality Specification
Wiki Type FrameWork
Write Your Own Lab
World Medical Trade Organization
Water Resources Management Graduate Program
What You Gonna Do?
Working- Zone Encoding Technique
Water Resources Education Network
Wissenschaftliche Zeitschrift der Friedrich-Schiller - Universität Jena
Weak Neurotoxin
WithOut EGophony
Wellcome Trust Case Control Consortium
Working Group Document Custodian
Windsor Regional Cancer Centre
World Federation of United Nations Associations
when where how why
Wetland Professional In Training
Wavelength Division Multiplixing-Isolator Hybrid
Worcester Nursing Pipeline Consortium - UMass Medical School
Wooden Nickel Buffalo Farm
Wiegand Hall
Weather Message Switching Center Replacement
Wireline Electronic Weight Indicator
Wireless Credit based Fair Queueing
Washington Native Plant Society
Webmasters Tool Box
Wide Range Of Frequencies
Western Earthquake Hazards Team
WaterProof Fuse Holder
WebSprockets Runtime Environment
Western Kentucky Green Gators
Boot Sector Virus
Waterway Efficiency Evaluation Model
Weather Observation Through Ambient Noise
Wythenshawe Community Asthma Project
WebRing Users Guide
World Education Fellowship Australian Forum
Washington Medical Librarians Association
A strain of mutant obese rat
William T. Young Library
Women in Public Sector
Wildlife Habitat Evaluation Program
White Screen Of Death
While U Were Out
World Data Centre for Microorganisms
what the hell you idiot
Working Group on Satellites
Watershed Environmental Hydrology
Western Carolina Amateur Radio Society
WebMaker User's Manual version 1.4
Water Quality Decision Support System
Wyoming Farm Bureau Federation
Woodruff Memorial Research Building
Who Else Should Know?
Weblog MetaData Initiative
Women's Studies
Working Group on Higher Education
Western Growers Assurance Trust
Walter Reed Army Institute
Western Tropical Atlantic Experiment
WRite - Read - Write - Read
Weighted Noise Subspace Fitting
West Michigan Physicians Network
Wood Destroying insect Information Report
Web Server
Windshear and Turbulence Warning System
Windows Users Group NETwork
why the hell did you do that
Wabash Valley Fault Zone
Water Quality Assurance Testing
Western X Glaucous-winged Gull Hybrid
Weiner Memorial Medical Center
Weather Bureau Meteorological Observatory
World Climate Data and Monitoring Programme
Wheat Quality Objectives Group
Workplace Violence Research Institute
Web Enabled Monitoring System
WebSphere M Q Integrator
Wildland Fire Behaviour Specialist
Western Undergraduate EXchange
Wireless Universal Serial Bus
Wide-ranging ON-line Data for Epidemiologic Research
Walnut Gulch Rainfall Simulator
Wake Technical Community College
World Telephone Numbering Guide
Weak External Reference
Water Quality Analysis Set-Purification
Wisconsin Regional Primate Research Center
Washington State Stormwater Technical Manual
what you up to tomorrow
Wide Field Adaptive Optics
Precambrian West Quartz Monzonite Gneiss
West Virginia Graduate College
West Japan Study Group For Lung Cancer Surgery
Wireless Token Ring Network
Windsor Unix Users Group
Wisconsin Sun Users Group
Wheat Genetics Resource Center
Women's Reproductive Health Research
the Werner Protein
Wireless Enterprise Delivery Environment
Wongal Virus
Websters Object-Oriented Modeling
One would think that it should be WMQO…but it’s not
Boot Sector Virus
WebSphere Boston Users Group
World Information Distributed University
Winter Future Teacher Institute
Walker Creek Fault Zone
Wells Gray Education And Research Centre
Wyoming Technology Transfer Center
Water Quality Research Program
Web Business Application Development
West Virginia University Hospital
Life is Beautiful virus hoax
would be a good name for a rock band
West Virginia QSO Party
West Midlands Public Health Observatory
Web Services Development Environment and Toolkit
Windows for Workgroups
Wireless Network Vicinity Assessment
Wallenberg Global Learning Center
Working Group on Local Government Financial Statistics (pronounced wugfluss)
West Nile Virus Fever
West Nile Virus Quarantine
Woodchuck Posttranscriptional Regulatory Element
Wyoming Livestock Roundup
Wireless Number Portability Operations subcommittee
WYethia ARizonica
Water Use: WasteWater
what the hell were you thinking
West Georgia Watershed Assessment
Waiting Times Data Collection
Women Farmers Development Division
WebSphere Commerce for Digital Media
What the hell is wrong with you
West Virginia Hospital Association
what are you
Wagman Moisture Test Kit
CERP Web Design Standards Group
Women's Studies
Wave On- Line University
West Midlands Lupus Group
Wharton Center for Quantitative Finance
World Malayalee Council Medical Forum
Washington University Accounting Association
Tungsten (Wolfram) Chemical Vapor Deposition
West Virginia University Guide
where the hell have you been?
Whizlabs User Group Program
With Kind Regards To A Wonderful Person
Weighted Quasi Peak
Western Regional Examining Board
West Virginia Geological and Economic Survey
Want To Go Private? (move to a private chat room)
World Federation of Nuclear Medicine & Biology
West Virginia State University
Wisconsin Technical College Network
Walter Knox Memorial Hospital
Walking Optimal Power Calibration
Waynesburg College Youth Day
Washington Coastal Zone Management
Water and Power Development Consultancy Services (India) Limited
Western Nevada Noon Net
Worked All New Jersey award
Who Yah Gonna Call?
Wind Resource Data Explorer
Wisconsin Advanced Internet Laboratory
Water Quality Cooperative Agreement
Web/ OMA Integration Architectures working group
Weighted Total Source Distance
Wavelet Volume Analysis and Visualization
Wellness and Massage Training Institute
Wallace State Community College
Web Developer guide
Will You Marry Me?
Wesleyan University Program in Germany
Wilson Memorial General Hospital
Wake Up Interrupt Input
Wales Ethnic Minority Studies Initiative
Wallace- Kettering Neuroscience Institute
Water Resources Center Archives
WOrld Federation of Association of Pediatric Surgeons
Will You Buy?
Western Michigan University Department of Theatre
WithOut HEpatosplenomegaly
Wythe- Grayson Regional Library
World Entrepreneur Of the Year
WHO Family of International Classifications
West Virginia College Counseling Association
Water Table AQuifer
Waba Open Robot Framework
Web Farm Business Plan
Windsor University Faculty Association
Washington Online Learning Institute
IEEE Western Conference on Knowledge-Based Engineering and Expert Systems
Work Organization and Health Psychology
West Gulf Coastal Plain
West Virginia University Foundation
Wireless Fluid Fair Queueing
Writing On Your Palm
Wisconsin Farm Service Agency
Weakly Complete Finitely Generated
West Visayas State University College of Medicine
Women's Health Information Center
Water Quality Working Group
World Wide Web Consortium Guidelines
Widget Component Control Flag
Women in Ornithology Resource Group
Work Skills Evaluation Workshop
Wireless Network Interface Unit
Work Readiness Alternatives Workshop
World Bank Executive Director
Zinic- Finger protein from Wheat
Wideband Video Frequency Generator
Winchester & Eastleigh Healthcare NHS Trust
Westminster Students - Graduate/Young Professional
Western Interconnection Coordinating Forum
W U Corporate Edition
What are you talking about
Western Pacific Fisheries Consultative Committee
World Conference on Agrarian Reform and Rural Development
Wish you were here
Working Group on Women in Engineering
William Newton Memorial Hospital
West Midlands Specialist Commissioning Group
Water Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator
Wire Bonder Specific Equipment Model
West Virginia Horses Online
Water Borne Disease Outbreak
West Visayas State University College of Medicine Alumni Association
WatchKeeper Lighting Control System
Water Engineering and Development Centre
International Workshop on Parallel and Distributed Real-Time Systems
Wyoming Technology Transfer Center
Sealand Achiever call sign
Wall-Associated Kinase 1
Wenatchee Valley College Library
Web Crossing server-side JavaScript
Women And Girls In Technology
WalruS Macro Virus Generator
Windows Media Rights Manager
Western Rainier Seismic Zone
Working Group on Climate Change Detection
Want to talk
World Malayalee Engineering & Technology Forum
Wall pack Up Down Cutoff
Women's HealthNet International
Western Undergraduate Film Society
West Nile- Like Virus
Wait For All Result
Water Vapor Pressure Deficit
Wisconsin Unigraphics Users Association
Wave Height
Women In Agriculture Initiative
Washington University Marrow Registry
Warren Robbins University International
Water Aquatic Class
Weighted Safety Vector Field
wait until next year
Windowed Value Difference Metric
Weatherhead Center for International Affairs
Two-way Wink-Start
Wesley J. Howe School of Technology Management
West Midlands Quality Review Service
Western Grain Elevator Association
Weather Information for Surface Transportation - Decision Support System
Washington University School of Medicine Hybridoma Center
Western Governors' University On-line
World Ozone Data Center
Web Replication and Caching
Wait For Idle Drive Queue
Write an End Of File marker
West Virginia Sheep Management
Walter P. Reuther Psychiatric Hospital
West Palm Beach Field Station
Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology
Web Strategy Pro 3.0 for PC
West Virginia Division of Culture and History
wait a minute
Wild Rogue Wilderness Ophiolite
Web Accessibility Development Testing
World Telecom Development Conference 1998
Websphere Application Server Express
Washington Agriculture in the Classroom
WeGuardYou eXpress
Washington Academy of General Dentistry
Up/Down Wall Mount
West African Certificate Examination
West Virginia Equine Economic Impact Study
Working Voltage Direct Current
Western Equatorial Pacific Ocean Climate Studies
Wireless Universal Strike Interface
Women in Higher Education
Wisconsin Idea Undergraduate Fellowship
when are you coming back
Wittenberg Center for Global Ethics
Workshop In General Linguistics
Walk Forward Performance Explorer
Working Group For Interested Parties
will you go out with me
Women's Medical Health Page
wish I was holding you
Washington County Inter-Library Information
Warzone Customizer Kit
want to hang out
Web Accessibility Evaluation - Java
WinZip Self- Extractor
Michigan Wolverine Single Side-Band Network
Weighted Average Waiting Time
Wolfson Image Analysis Unit
Wouldn't It Be Better If ....
Women In Fisheries Network
World History II - The Industrial Revolution
West Orange Public Library
Wet Fermented Food Waste
WIreless Internet Access
Where are you going
World History II - World Religions
Port B Write Enable
WKY-derived HyperTensive
What are you thinking?
World History II - World War I and the Russian Revolution
Wealthy Adaptive Search Algorithm Framework
Western Tarnished Plant Bug
Wideband Digital Cross-connect System
Water Impervious Aluminum Layer
WebSphere Application Server Community Edition
why are you here
Washburn University Information Technology Services
Watershed Screening and Targeting Tool
World Flower Exhibition Korea
What I Really Mean Is . . . .
Western Central Atlantic Fishery Commission
WIreless Geographic Logging Engine
Worked All XE
Weber Fine Arts Building
World History II - Between the War Years
Windows Media Video file
Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool
West Africa Cotton Improvement Program
Wortel Gemiddelde Kwadratiese Foute
Wide Angle X-ray Scattering
Web Services Component Model
Wickliffe Public Library
World History II - The Contemporary World
Washington Academic Internship Program
Wisconsin Java User's Group
Written Individualized Compensatory Plan
We Are Not Good
WISP Instrument Test
what you looking at?
Whitworth College
Wavelength- Dispersive X- Ray Fluorescence
Web Rapid Quality Evaluation
Wide Area Communications Network IDentifier
Wide Area Information Exchange
what you been up to
Wave Dynamic Differential Logic
Water and Sediment Quality Study
what are you doing
Wellspring Vision Improvement Protocol
Watanabe Heritable Hyper- Lipidemic (rabbit)
Wireless Audio- Visual Module
Wood's Hole Oceanographic Institute
Wall-Associated Kinase 5
Woonsocket Harris Public Library
Arterial Blood Pressure Waveform
Wageningen University and Research System
What's That?
World History II - World War II
What's Up?
Washington Academy Student Union
World Association of Disaster and Emergency Medicine
wanna be ganster
Web Services Invocation Framework
WasteGate Frequency Valve
Wisconsin Agricultural Growth Foundation
World Ocean Circulation Experiment Numerical Experimentation Group
Who the heck are you
Weather Service Meteorological Office
Web Testing Markup Language
Web Service Security Policy File
Wesleyan University Program in Hungary
Western Hemlock Zone Mantling
Weakly Ionized Plasma Group
Western Pacific Subtropical High
Workshop on Instruction in Library Use
Wireless Intelligent Personal Server Consortium
Weight By Volume
World Association of Zoos and Aquaria
IEEE Workshop on Automotive Applications of Electronics
Warrnambool Institute Of Advanced Education
World Association for the History of Veterinary Medicine
Western Texas College
Welsh Health Common Services Agency (obsolete) Now part of Welsh Health Estates
Wake Forest School Of Medicine
Web-based Structured Query Language
Women's Reproductive Health Initiative
Wireless Voice Over Internet Protocol
World History II - The Reformation
Women In Agricultural Development
Winged Helix- Turn- Helix
Windows X P
Water Vapor Transmission Rate Analyzer
World Institute for eXperiments and Advanced Technologies
What Jesus Would Do
Atlantic White Sided DOlphin
Computer Virus
Weekend Immersion in Nursing Informatics
Walter Reed Army Hospital
World Summit on the Information Society
William H. P. Hatch manuscript collection
Wafers Out Per Month
what if i did
Where Are You Now
Wheat SoilBorne Mosaic
Way To GO!
Who Does What Where?
what is your problem
Web Service Experience Language
Washington State University -- Vancouver
Web Services Internationalization Task Force
Workflow Design and Development Environment
Wild Ass Educated Guess
Wockhardt Hospital and Kidney Institute
Web Services Conversation Language
WingSpan Case Manager version 2.X
Washington Association of Wheat Growers
Waffles A Fast File Level Explorer
warfarin and aspirin (research study)
Why Are You ....?
Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College - Superior Campus
Water Safety Instructor Trainer
Web Interface Definition Language Submission
Women For Sustainable Development
what time is it
who is there with you
West Midlands Specialist Services Agency
Work Incentives Transition Network
Western Dairy Management Conference
Climate Data Service for West Africa
World Hiv Aids Knowledge
Wireless Technologies and Network Overview
World Antarctic Base Award
Wallenia Yunquensis
Waggin' Tails Dog Training
Westminster International University in Tashkent
Well Digger's WorkStation
Waist- To- Height Ratio
Wireless Integrated Voice Access
Wireless Internet Enterprise Application
West Tennessee Bible Institute
Web Hack Control Center
Web Services Flow Language
Workers' Compensation Law Judge
Window Height
Western History & Writing Intensive
wish i was there
World Data Center for Greenhouse Gases
Workflow Intelligent Business Object
Wireless Home Installation Wizard
When Hell Freezes Over
Widearea File Sharing
White-headed Woodpecker
When I Get Home
Women's International Islamic University
Warm and dry
Web Software Quality Program
West Suburban Health Care Residency Program
Donald R. Watson School of Education
White Ibis
Western Agricultural Economics Association
Wet Distillers Grains with Solubles
World Telecom Development Conference 2003
Web Developers Users Group
Weston Jesuit School of Theology
what the heck are you doing
Web Application Testing in Ruby
Web Site Construction Kit
what time are we meeting?
Western Australia Farmers Federation
Web Distributed Data Exchange
Whiskey Victory 11 Meter DX
Workshop on Security and Privacy in E-Commerce
Warren Accounting Xtra!
Web Services For Devices Api
With-In Wafer Non-Uniformity
Wouldn't It Be Nice If
Weapon System Supply Chain Manager
Wide-Angle X-ray Diffraction
Why are you so weird
Warnell School of Forest Resources
Western Illinois University - Macomb Campus
who are you going out with
Premium Quality - Waved Turbo
WorkPlace EDucation Program
Waterfalls Institute of Technology Transfer
Warped Discrete Fourier Transform
Women's Health Research Grant
What Is The Deal?
Warfarin Assessment of Clinical Practices
Watermark Text Y Position
Wall-Associated Kinase 2
World Trade Point Federation
What Is Everyone Up To
Wandel/ Fietstochten
what in the world
Weighted Average Fair Value
Window Length
Web Oriented DataBase
Web Conference Management Tool
who the hell are you
Weapon Task Qualification Manager
Wireless Adaptable Network Node
Washington State University Libraries
Work Domain Analysis Workbench
What's In Your Mind?
Secure document delivery service
Primary external Wide Area Network access port
Web Application Development eXpertise
Wavelet- Domain Wiener Filter
Williams College Jewish Association
Web Data Quality Analysis
World Telecom Development Conference 2002
Weather Damage Modification Program
WIreless VelOcity
Washington School Research Center
Wavelength-Dispersive X-ray Analysis
What A Load Of Baloney!
Woodchuck Hepatitis B Virus
West Dakota Feed and Seed
Waterman Hills Detachment Fault
Weakness atrophy
Water Tight
Windows Installer Wrapper Wizard
WebSphere Studio Enterprise Developer
Wędkarskie Centrum Wymiany Informacji
Windows Script Host Bazaar
Womens Division of Federated Farmers
World Telecommunication Policy Forum 3
Western Atlantic Ocean Experiment
Web Site of the Month
Wisconsin Association of County Agricultural Agents Awards
Walleye Dermal Sarcoma Virus
Western Illinois University - Quad Cities Campus
Water and Sediment Quality Tables
Wonder Tel Data XtraHi
Washington Society of Psychoanalytic Psychology
Weighted Universal Zerotree Code
WebSphere Studio WorkBench
Whole Sentence Maximum Entropy Language Model
Weapon System Support Manager
Washington Center for Information Technology
what the hell are you waiting for
West African Doctors Network
Wisconsin All-computer Users Club
Wireless Audio-Visual Interface
Wideband Digital Signal Processing
WorkNet Development Methodology
West Hawaii Astronomy Club
Wall-Associated Kinase 3
Extended WFF definition to include Class EQuality
What Do U Want To Talk About?
Wesleyan University Hughes Summer Outreach Program
Web Services Interoperability Demonstration
West China Union University
Wireless Internet eXpress Data Connection
Westchester Hampton Alumni Association
Wound- Induced Protein Kinase
West Haldimand General Hospital Auxiliary
Wet Globe Bulb Temperature
Weighted Sequence Clustering Toolkit
Watchguard Certified Systems Professional
Wan Port Interface Module
Web Services Conversation Language 1.0
Mountain Mental Health and Developmental Services
Omnidirectional Wireless Lavalier condenser Microphone
Web Request Broker (version 2.0)
WebSite-Watcher Backup Bookmark File
Web Access Control Interface PLUS
Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0
Stormscope Weather Mapping Sensor
Web Services Enhancements 1.0
Web Service Choreography Interface 1.0
Bluesocket 3rd generation Wireless Gateway Switch