Full Forms Starting with Letter D

Short FormFull Form
DELEDDiploma in Elementary Education
DDCDigital Data Channel [VESA] Display Data Channel
DPRODepartment of Information & Public Relations
DVD RWDigital Versatile Disc - Re Writable
DECTDigital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications
DIETDistrict Institute of Education and Training
DOData Out Distributed Objects
DYSPDeputy Superintendent of Police
DAFDissolved Air Flotation
DCDistrict Collector
DEOData Entry Officer
DCADepartment of Company Affairs- (Now known as Ministry of Companies Affairs- MCA)
DTPDesk-Top Publishing
DOSDisk Operating System
DBTDepartment of Biotechnology
DLFDelhi Land & Finance
DIOData Input-Output
DFODivisional forest officer
DVDDigital Video Disk
DDGDeputy Director General
DNADi-oxyribo-Nucleic Acid
DRUGDragon Pharmaceuticals
DOCDOCument (file format extension used by word processors such as MS Word)
DRXDiscontinuous Reception (GSM mobile station)
DSEData Storage Equipment
D2HDirect to home
DRDADistrict Rural Development Agency
DMSDigital Multiplex Switch (Nortel Networks Switching Product Family DMS 100 | 200 | …)
DTHDirect to Home
DDADelhi Development Authority
DB1 DataBase
DDPDistrict Domestic Product
DRUGSDrugs Really Use Gross Substances
DBMSDataBase Management System
DECDigital Equipment (Electronics) Corporation
DIESELDirect Interpretively Evaluated String Expression Language
DPCODrug Prices Control Order
DOTSDirectly Observed Treatment with Short-term Course
DPDance Party
DBMData Base Manager
DITDepartment of Information Technology
DRAMADynamical Recurrent Associative Memory Architecture
DMEDistributed Management Environment (OSF)
DBFDataBase File (file extension)
DEEDigital Events Evaluator
DSRData Set Ready Device Status Register
DRAWDirect Read After Write
DGDirector General
DETDevice Execute Trigger
DEALDefense Electronics Application Laboratory
DADDesktop Application Director (Word Perfect / Corel Perfect Office button bar)
DM WATERDemineralized Water
DEDDoctor of Education
DGETDirectorate General of Employment Training
DPRDetailed Project Report
DMPDot Matrix Printer
DVCDamodar Valley Corporation
DTCDeskTop Conferencing
DCSData Control Systems
DSSSBDelhi Subordinate Services Selection Board
DCEDistributed Computing Environment
DTLDialog Tag Language [IBM] Diode-Transistor Logic
DLDDisplay List Driver
DSPDigital Signal Processing
DTODistrict Transport Officer
DIRDirectory (file)
DSWData Status Word Device Status Word
DACDigital to Analog Converters
DISHADeveloping Initiatives For Social And Human Action
DMCDesignated Microscopy Centers
DCCBDistrict Central Cooperative Bank
DISEDistrict Information System for Education
DMRCDelhi Metro Rail Corporation
DNCDelaware North Catering
DOPADepartment Of Public Administration
DRDData Requirement Description
DMDistrict Magistrate
DSCDepartmental Selection Committee
DENDirectory Enabled Network
DAT1 DATa (file extension)
DIPDual In-line Package (the little on/off switches inside of computers- modems- etc)
DPOData Phase Optimization
DCBDemand Collection and Balance
DDNDefense Data Network
DBRDOS Boot Record (Information at track 0 sector 0 of a disk which allows PC to disk communication Other items include the MBR- the Partition Table- and the FAT)
DDDouble Density (type of disk format - more than single density- less than High Density)
DICDictionary file format
DIGDeputy Inspector General
DCFData Communication Facility [IBM]
DEDevice End
DGPDirector general of police
DTEDDigital Terrain Elevation Data
DICADiagnostic Interview for Children and Adolescents
DCPDigital Light Processing [TI]
DETCDetection Systems
DRDODefence Research and Development Organisation
DAPDevelopment Action Plan
DGCIdrug controller general of India
DRWDraw Drawing (file name extensions)
DEADDevastating Elite Army of Destruction
DOWDay Of Week
DESData Encryption Standard (security methods used for transmitting data)
DPEDirector of Physical Education
DEFDesktop Functional Equivalent [Compaq]
DDTDichloro Diphenyle Tri-chloroethane
DOPTDepartment of Personnel & Training
DLADoctor of Liberal Arts
DAVDigital Audio-Video
DDMDistributed Data Management
DADestination Address (network terminology)
DJDisc Jockey
DDODrawing and Disbursing Officer
DPCSDefence Satellite Communication System
DELLThe Dell company has derived its name from the founder of Dell who is Michael Dell. The acronym DELL has no other full form
DOJDecree Of Justice
DNSDomain Name Server (changes addresses: wwwmynamecom to 116225253)
DPCDabhol Power Company
DHODistrict Health Officer
DGHSDirectorate General of Health Services
DLCData Link Control (a low-level protocol)
DFSDistributable File System (Delphi- VB- BDE- etc)
DNDDied a Natural Death
DPIDots Per Inch (printing resolution or screen resolution)
DGMSDirectorate General of Mines Safety
DGCDifferentiated Type Gastric Carcinoma
DIMSDocument Image Management System
DSUDigital Service Unit
DSHDDouble Sided High Density (type of disk format) most common 35 = 144 Mb
DBGData Bus Group
DBTLDrowned Baby Time Line
DRData Received
DNBSDepartment of NonBanking Supervision
DLMDistrict Level Monitor
DISDid I Say
DMWDalmau Jn.
DAEDepartment of Atomic Energy
DPAP‘Drought Prone Area Programme
DXBDrawing Interchange Binary (file name extension)
DLLDynamic Link Library (file extension) (sometimes called a "dumb little library")
DRIDigital Research Incorporated
DSDigital Service | Digital Signal
DORADealer Order Receipt Acknowledgment
DVD-RWDigital Versatile Disk Re-Writable
DSSDData Structured Systems Development
DGEDelayed Gastric Emptying
DMIDesktop Management Interface (keeping personal PC settings stored in a central location- (eg server) Then where ever you login looks and acts like your PC (near future Technology) Networks running NT and 95 from server location are now doing this
DMLTDiploma in Medical Laboratory Technology
DHCPDynamic Host Configuration Protocol
DVPDelivery versus Payment
DTDerivative with respect to T
DSTDepartment of Science and Technology
DRCDistrict Resource Centre
DFSCDefense Fuel Supply Center
DIPPDepartment of Industrial Policy and Promotion
DOSHDefenders Of Shelley Hack
DMCADigital Millenium Copyright Act
DENVdengue virus
DINTranslated from German it stands for German National Connector
DEPODouble Even Pass Odd
DPMIDOS Protected Mode Interface
DGCEIDirectorate General of Central Excise Intelligence
DB2Database 2
DGHDirectorate General of Hydrocarbons
DVDESQview Script (file name extension)
DGTDDirectorate General of Technical Development
DOEDistributed Objects Everywhere
DBODDepartment of Banking Operations and Development
DVRDevice Driver (file name extension) (Also see DRV)
DHTMLDynamic HyperText Markup Language
DMADynamic Memory Access (software equivalent to a hardware interrupt)
DPMUDocumentation and Publications Management Unit
DBAAdjusted Decibel
DSIDCDefence Scientific Information and Documentation Centre
DCUDistribution and Control Unit
DGCADirector General of Civil Aviation
DDRDaily Diary Report
DCPAData Capture and Processing Application
DGSDirector Of Graduate Studies
DTDCDesk to Desk Courier
DERDesignated Employer Representative
DSODetailed Supplementary Objective
DGMDeputy general Manager
DSDDDouble Sided Double Density (type of disk format) 35 disks = 720 Kb
DMMCDisaster Mitigation and Management Centre
DGDDworkin's Generic Driver
DISCOMDivision Support Command
DPEPDistrict Primary Education Programme
DSADirectory System Agent
DDEDynamic Data Exchange (predecessor to OLE in earlier versions of Windows)
DRONENo full form, drone is an unmanned aerial vehicle, generally remote controlled, usually used in the training of anti-aircraft crews
DRUCCdivisional railway users consultative committee
DICGCDeposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation of India
DASSdumb ass
DRAMDynamic Random Access Memory
DAREDepartment of Agricultural Research and Education
DLATDestructive Lot Acceptance Testing
DIMMDual In-line Memory Module (new processors or RAM slots hooked together)
DFIDDepartment of International Development
DAVPDirectorate of Advertising and Visual Publicity
DSLRDigital Single Lens Reflex
DATADatatrak International
DONERDepartment of North-East Region
DLRDOS LAN Requester
DMTDiscrete Multitone
DCMDepartment of Currency Management- RBI
DSLDigital Subscriber Line (private sector connection for direct connect to internet)
DS-2Digital Signal | Level 2 (6.312 Mbps)
DTEData Terminal (2 Transfer) Equipment
DERADepartment of Environmental Review and Assessment
DFTDiagnostic Function Test
DHLDynamic Head Loading
DCRGDeath cum Retirement Gratuity
DOHEDepartment of Higher Education
DWSDisaster Warning Satellite
DEPADynamic Elastic Properties Analyzer
DLTDigital Linear Tape
DPSDocument Processing System
DTMDynamic Thermal Management
DDLData Definition Language Data Description Language
DOTDOcument Template file extension
DDSDirect Digital Sound
DSIRDepartment of Scientific and Industrial Research
DDMADefense Distribution Mapping Activity
DGFTDirectorate General of Foreign Trade
DPDData Processing Division
DTRData Terminal Ready Data Transfer Rate
DRCSDavenport Radio Control Society
DRDSDefence Research and Development Services
DY.SPDeputy Superintendennt of Police
DASDecimal Adjust for Subtraction
DEPDiplome d'Etude Proffessionnelle
DBCDistributor Business Consultant
DLDownload (also D-L)
DOBDoctorate of Business
DIYdo it yourself
DPTDoctor of Physical Therapy
DTADisk Transfer Area
DTAADouble taxation avoidance agreement
DPMDigital Panel Meter
DAOData Access Objects (Visual Basic & Access terminology)
DMODirectx Media Object
DCCDirect Cable Connection
DULMdo you like me
DSTNDouble Supertwisted Nematic
DSCPDifferentiated Services Control Point
DDPODisco Dot Pink Orange
DERTDisaster and Emergency Response Team
DISAData Interchange Standards Association
DGPADirección General de la Producción Agraria
D. P. T.Doctor of Physical Therapy
DTVDigital Television
DVIDigital Video Interactive
D PHARMDiploma in Pharmacy
DTCPDevelopment Training Communication Programme
DADADetroit Auto Dealers Association
DSDDry Sterile Dressing
DDUData Display Unit
DCITNew name for CID (Surrey)
DIM1 DIMention
DAMData Acquisition and Monitoring
DHPDr Halo PIC (file name extension)
DAHDFDepartment of Animal Husbandry Dairying and Fisheries
DEO(P)District Education Officer(Primary)
DGODiploma in Gynecology and Obstetrics
DCTDiscrete Cosine Transform
DESMOADirectorate of Economics and Statistics Ministry of Agriculture
DDSADeputy Director of School Administration
DBSDepartment of Banking Supervision- RBI
DDNSDynamic Domain Naming System
DOTEDepartment of Technical Education
DGSEDallas Gold & Silver Exchange
DVBDigital Video Broadcasting
DXCData Exchange Control
DEAPDepartment of Economic Analysis and Policy
DRSDocument Registration System
DROData Request Output Destructive Read-Out
DASDDirect Access Storage Device (mainframe terminology - pronounced "daz-dee")
DOCOMODoCoMo is a trademark of the NTT DoCoMo corporation of JAPAN
DRMDigital Rights Management
DMGDi Methyl Glycine
DATEDuly Authorized Telecommunications Entity (Intelsat)
DAYDaisy Grp
DTDDocument Type Definition
DCLData Control Language Declaration
DAAData Access Arrangement
DSSDecision Support System
DOIDate of injury
DSSPDeep Submergence Systems Project
DAMADemand-Assignment Multiple-Access
DBCSDelivery Bar Code Sorter Double-Byte Character Set
DEMDemonstration (file name extension)
DODDirectorate of Disinvestment
DEGDiEthylene Glycol
DNGData Network Group
DBDDisruptive Behavior Disorder
DAGDistress Alert Generator
DSTEDigital Subscriber Terminating Equipment
DIBGraphic File Format extension (in bitmap format)
DIDirect Investment
DNBDiplomate of National Board of Medical Examiners
DEMSDigital Electronic Management System
DOADepartment of Agriculture
DVODomestic Violence Officer
DVSTDirect View Bistable Storage
DXFDrawing Exchange Format
DOFData Over Fiber
DRBDesign Requirements Baseline
DDKDevice Driver Kit (Microsoft)
DSIDrive Select Interface
DFMDesign For Manufacturability [IBM]
DAHDDepartment of Animal Husbandry & Dairying
DWTdon't wanna talk
DMDKDesiya Murpokku Dravida Kazhagam
DIDDischarge of Internal Debt
DARIDatabase Application Remote Interface [IBM]
DHMSDense Hydrous Magnesium Silicate
DESACSDepartment of Statistical Analysis & Computer Services- RBI
DESCDefense Electronics Supply Center
DPRSDomestic Public Radio Service
DFCData Flow Control
DEPSDepartmental Entry Processing System
DISCDigital Information Science And Communication
DMKDravida Munetra Kazhagam
DOCXdocument extended
DVSDesign Verification Specification
DCSSIDevelopment Commissioner for Small Scale Industries
DIADocument Interchange Architecture [IBM]
DIVXDigital Video Express
DMMSDynamic Memory Management System
DDWSDepartment of Drinking Water Supply
DVCACAsh Dividend (DiVidend in CAsh)
DFDData Flow Diagram
DBCPData Buoy Cooperation Council
DUDisk Usage
DVD-RDigital Versatile Disk Recordable
DEWADubai Electricity and Water Authority
DERNOEI don't know
DHCDaigaku Honyaku Center
DIACDefense Intelligence Analysis Center
DBJDon't Be Jealous
DEAFDeaf Equality And Access Forum
DEBDiet Exercise And Behavior
DPINSTDriver Package Installer
DPMSDisplay Power Management Support
DLSDate last seen
DIALA Day In A Life
DDOSDistributed Denial of Service
DUTADelhi University Teacher Association
DFADifficulty Falling Asleep
DDIDevice Driver Interface Direct Dial In
DMLData Manipulation Language
DASHDietary Approach to Stopping Hypertension
DCDData Carrier Detect
DYTDon't you think
DMMDigital Multimeter
DOMDivisional operations manager
DRADetailed Requirements Analysis
D55% Dextrose
DPHDoctor Of Public Health
DIOTDeclaración Informativa de Operaciones con Terceros
DNRDestruction of Nature Resources
DMUdon't mess up
DCHDoctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy
DCOMDistributed Component Object Model
DLPDigital Light Processing
DPLDescriptor Privilege Level
DTS-SIDigital Twin Spark Swirl Engine
DCRDefine Constant Reversed
DPADemand Protocol Architecture [3Com]
DARTDigital Audio Reconstruction Technology
DOSTDepartment of Science and Technology
DDDDirect Distance Dialing
DRVDRiVe (file extension)
DNFDid Not Finish
DLODead Letter Office
DDR3Double Data Rate 3
DMETDirectorate of Marine Engineering Training
DNICData Network Identification Code
DAQDelivered Audio Quality
DFFDavid Frost Fund
DVUDomestic Violence Unit
DMRDetailed Mission Requirements
DRPDebt Reduction Program
DSMDistinguished Service Medal
D LITDoctor of Literature
DM(S)Digital material(s)
DNVDorsal Nucleus Of Vagus Nerve
DHADocosaHexaenoic Acid
DFData Field Destination Field Device Flag
DIASDigital Information Archiving System
DILDiscrete Input Low
DWDivident Warrant
DXA type of processor that also does numeric processing (better than an SX or SLC)
DANDefeat Autism Now
DCIDisplay Control Interface (video display technology)
DTMFDual-Tone Multi-Frequency
DISNDefense Information Systems Network
DCNDocument Change Notice
DBISDun & Bradstreet Information Services
DVTDeep Vein Thrombosis
DTRSdeep tendon reflexes
DRDLDefence Research and Development Laboratory
DLEData Link Escape
DVORDoppler Very High Frequency OmniDirectional Range
DRDRAMDirect Rambus Dynamic RAM (memory)
DHSDermatological Hair and Scalp
DCPODivision of Capital Planning and Operations
DGIDisseminated Gonococcal Infection
DVEDigital Video Effects
DTFDistributed Test Facility
DDFDisplay Data Channel Dynamic Data Formatting [IBM]
DL-1Data Manipulation Language 1 [IBM]
DANIDADANish International Development Agency
DARDorsal Acetabular Rim
DMYDay Month Year
DCWDiesel Component Works- Patiala
DPFData Private Facility
DEWDollar Every Week
DALData Access Language [Apple Computer]
DAVIDDe Algemene Vrije Illegale Drukkerij
DMDDigital Micromirror Device [TI]
DVD-ROMDigital Video Disk-Read Only Memory
DQDaily Question
DCIMData Center Infrastructure Management
DMVDepartment of Motor Vehicles
DAMSDental Amalgam Mercury Syndrome
DILODay In The Life Of
DIIDesign Institute of India
DGBADepartment of Government and Bank Accounts- RBI
DASADirect Admission of Students Abroad
DHLSDouble Haploid Lines
DEPBDuty Entitlement Passbook
DFPDART for Publishers
DJPDirektorat Jenderal Pajak
DLIDonor Leukocyte Infusion
D-DAYDecision Day
DGTDenier Gradient Technology
DRFDepriciation Reserve Fund
DACCDevelopment Authority of Columbia County
DPNDiabetic Peripheral Neuropathy
DMPCDistributed Memory Parallel Computer
DPPDeployment Pointing Panels
DVMDoctor of Veterinary Medicine
DERODerelict loser
DCSADistinguished Chapter Service Award
DUNDial Up Networking
DWMDead White Male
DARTSDigital Automated Radar Tracking System
DWDMDense Wavelength Division Multiplexing
DHEDihydroergotamine (an antimigraine drug)
DFCCILDedicated Freight Corridor Corporation of India Limited
DVLADriver and Vehicle Licensing Agency
DMAODirectorate of Medical Administration and Operations
DAUData Acquisition Unit
DRRDouble Replacement Reaction
DNTDysembryoplastic Neuroepithelial Tumor
DREAMDiabetes Readiness Education Awareness and Management
DMFDistributable Media Format (a Microsoft disk formatting that allows 177 Meg of info to be placed on a 35 disk that normally holds only 144 Meg
DAIDistributed Artificial Intelligence
DEUDisplay Electronic(s) Unit
DPSTDouble-Pole Single-Throw (switches)
DITADarwin Information Typing Architecture
DDMSDOD Manager for Space Shuttle Support
DORDynastic Organ Revitaliser
DBWDesirable Body Weight
DSSSDirect-Sequencing Spread Spectrum
DLSCDefense Logistics Service Center
DAWDispense As Written
DCLD (CDRH)Division of Clinical Laboratory Devices (CDRH)
D.LITTDoctor of Letters (Humanities)
DMATDisaster Medical Assistance Team
DAPRDepartment of the Army Program Review
D2Diablo 2
DARMSDigital Alternate Realization of Musical Symbols
DPMOdon't piss me off
DIPEXDatabase of Individual Patient Experiences
DPSIdynamic postural stability index
DMBDepartment of Management and Budget
DTBdon't text back
DTUData Transfer Unit
DSSADepartment of Soil Science and Agrochemistry
DWBDriving while black
DRD(DRD)Department of Redundancy Department ( Department of Redundancy Department)
DCAADefense Contract Audit Agency
DDBDevice Dependent Bitmap Device Descriptor Block
DRGDorsal Root Ganglions
DLGDark Latin Groove
DVS (NCTR)Division of Veterinary Services (NCTR)
DIPRDetailed In-Process Review
DRUData Receive Unit
DECADigital Electronics Control Assembly
DICEDrug Intervention Community Educators
DESIData Entry Software For Industry
DVNDataVerse Network
DNISDialed Number Identification Service
DDSLDivision Data Standards Leads
DMRDDiploma in Medical Radio Diagnosis
DARBDarbepoetin Alfa
DTTDigital Trunk Testing
DNTPDeoxyriboNucleotide TriPhosphate
DLNADigital Living Network Alliance
DTLPDiploma In Taxation Law Practices
D2CDecimal To Character [REXX]
DCGDispersion Compensation Grating (optical signals)
DIEMDimensionally Independent Exponential Mapping
DAHDisordered Action Of The Heart
DGITDirector General of Income Tax
DRATData Redundancy Avoidance Tool
DISPDisplacement (offset)
DESIDOCDefence Scientific Information and Documentation Centre
D2010Delhi 2010
DLITTDoctor of Literature
DMDCDefense Management Data Center
DEDSData Entry and Display System
DFDR‘Digital Flight Data Recorder (Black box)’
DIPSDefense Independent Pitching Statistic
DUBDysfunctional Uterine Bleeding
DRINKDouble-blind Randomized Intervention Study in Kids
DMRLDefence Metalurgical Research Laboratory
DREQDMA REQuest lines
DDAVPDesmopressin test for urine osmolality
DSNLDirect Swift Network Link
DLMSDevice Language Message Specification
DDSTData Driven Self Timed
DLCIData Link Connection Identifier
DTCCDelaware Technical & Community College
DOLDepartment of Labor
DGRDuodenogastric Reflux
DMACDMA Controller
DSLAMDigital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexer
DSBBDissemination Standards Bulletin Board
DHDevelopmentally Handicapped
DBPDiastolic blood pressure
DPTOTPDisplay Coordinates to Tablet Coordinates
DVADistance Visual Acuity
DQLDataEase Query Language [DataEase International]
DVDRIPVideo copied from a
DALYDisability Adjusted Life Year
DIXDEC- Intel- and Xerox
DNPDoctor of Nursing Practice
DRLDealers Room Liaison
DMBRDecaMethonium Bromide
DTSIDigital Twin Spark Ignition
DMZDivide Memory by Zero
DPSSLDiode-Pumped Solid-State Laser
DMSODimethyl Sulfoxide
DWRDoppler Weather Radar
DKdon't know
DMOSDouble-diffused Metal-Oxide Semiconductor
DBUDialog Base Units
DS-3Digital Signal | Level 3 (44.736 Mbps)
DNOdon't know
DUADirectory User Agent
DVB-SDVB Satellite transmission standard
DES-CBCData Encryption Standard - Cipher Block Chaining
DOVData Over Voice
DNWDo not want
DGNDiffuse Glomerulonephritis
DLNdon't look now
DA2Dragon Age 2
DFIADuty Free Import Authorization
DWHDeep and Wide Hash
DLUDigital Line Unit
DMCCD M C Corporate Diversified Fund
DISHDiffuse Idiopathic Skeletal Hyperostosis Syndrome
DGLDe Glycyrrhizinated Licorice
DECNETDigital Equipment Corporation (proprietary networking protocols)
DCODiabetic Care Overview
DOMSDelayed Onset Muscle Soreness
DUCDesignated Underlying Carder
DUHOf course
DVDNFDemand Ventures
DBIDecibels referenced to Isotropic gain
DOCSISDataOverCable Service Interface Specification
DCPSDorchester Center Postal Station
DVB-TDVB Terrestrial (standard)
DOHDepartment Of Health
DEIDisk Eject Immediate
DPBDrive Parameter Block
DMEDDoctor of Mediation
DNIDistributable Net Income
D.S.O.Distinguished Service Order (British)
DTCMDifferential Trellis Coded Modulation
DVSCDoctor of Veterinary Science
DBODeath Benefit Option
DCCTDiabetes Control and Complications Trial
DESCODhaka Electric Supply Company Limited
DMCDDiMethyl Cadmium
DIIPDirect Interrupt Identification Port
DSHDestroy Sector Header
DTTMLdon't talk to me loser
DEARDearborn Bancorp
DECSCivil Engineering Office at Vandenberg
DFMCDuray Fluorescent Manufacturing Company
DDISData Depository Index System
DATACOMData Communications
DMERDysphoric Milk Ejection Reflex
DSNDoctor of Science in Nursing
DVB-RCSDVB-Return Channel by Satellite system
D2Mdead to me
DESMONDDiabetes Education & Self Management for Ongoing and Newly Diagnosed
DRPSCDepartment-related Parliamentary Standing Committees
DONNOdon't know
DESTDepartment of Education
DCMSDartmouth Community Medical School
DWFDivorced White Female
DRTDiscourse Representation Theory
DTIDepartment of Trade and Industry
DAMHIKTdon't ask me how I know this
DVD-RAMDigital Versatile Disk - Random Access Memory
DTSDistributed Temperature Sensing
DLVDefective Leukemia Virus
DFIDevelopment Finance Institution
DETAIdon't even think about it
DYKdid you know
DIETSDistrict Institutes of Education Training
DEVILDaily Enthusiastic Victories Inspirational Leadership
DUR?Do You Remember?
DPAMDemand Priority Access Method
DNMDesmoplastic Neurotropic Melanoma
DVTSDesktop Videoconferencing Telecommunications System
DSRCDedicated Short-Range Communications
D2ODeuterium Oxide (Heavy Water)
DTNData Transmission Network
DECUData Exchange Control Unit
DDXDigital Data Exchange
DGFASLIDirectorate General of Factory Advice Services Labour Institutes
DMISData Management Information System
DAAA(S)Direct-acting antiviral agent(s)
DUKdid you know
DSBDocument Status Bulletin
DSSMDefense Superior Service Medal
DLECData Link Exchange Carrier
DPMTD Ports And Maritime Transport
DGAdon't go anywhere
DIFData Interchange Format
DMSADi Mercapto Succinic Acid
DFRCDryden Flight Research Center
D-RDirect or Reverse
DTGADifferential Thermal Gravimetric Analysis
DCSCDelhi Cargo Service Center
DAFZADubai Airport Free Zone Authority
DOLOAlone solo
D-AMPSDigital Advanced Mobile Phone Service
DEGMTDon't Even Give Me That
DEKData Encryption Key (digital key to unlock encrypted files)
DIBSDesktop Integrated Browsing System
DSM-5Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders 5th ed.
DIP FHSDiploma in Family Historical Studies
DE-EMPHDe-emphasis (frequency modulation)
DSRMDirectory Services Restore Mode
DEGTDont Even Go There (I dont want to talk about it)
DAMHIKdon't ask me how I know
DMIPSDhrystone Million Instructions Per Second
DS1Digital Signal 1 (1.544Mbits/second)
DDCSDistributed Database Connection Services [IBM]
DKADiabetic ketoacidosis
DUNNOI don't know
DUNSData Universal Numbering System
DFHIDiscount and Finance House of India
DVCDDouble Video Compact Disk
DAMPSDigital Advanced Mobile Phone System
DDWDextrose in distilled water
DKNYDdi Kiem Nguoi Yeu
DXLDomino Xml Language
DSTIDefense Trade Security Initiatives
DCVDirect Current Volts
DTP (CDER)Division of Therapeutic Proteins (CDER)
DGACdon't give a crap
DERCDiscrete Emission Reduction Credit
DT(HQ)Deputy Tahsildar(Head Quarters)
DUNOdon't know
DMWMdon't mess with me
DANADefense Automated Neurobehavioral Assessment
DLIRDepartment of Labor and Industrial Relations
DIZDescription In Zip (file name extension)
DO-ITDisabilities- Opportunities- Internetworking and Technology
DDBJDNA Data Bank of Japan
DSFDevice Simulation Framework
DWIDriving While Intoxicated
DPQDefault Print Queue
DHEADi Hydroxy Epi Androsterone
DTTPOUDon't tell the police on us
DMXDigital Music Express
DLBDirect Laryngoscopy and Bronchoscopy
DOEACCDepartment of Electronics Accredited Computer Courses
DTAPDiphtheria Tetanus Acellular Pertussis
DDR RAMDouble data rate random access memory
DOAGDelegation Of Authority Guide
DGQADirectorate General Quality Assurance
DSATDigital Supervisory Audio Tones
DLCSDigital Loop Carrier System
DYWdon't you worry
DSXDigital Signal Cross-connect
DGHCDarjeeling Gorkha Hill Council
DULDiffuse Undifferentiated Lymphoma
DVSPDisplay Visibility Study Program
DJSDesperate Job Seeker
DLTMDon't Lie To Me
DARSData Acquisition and Reduction System
DCAFDistributed Console Access Facility [IBM]
DYMDo you mind
DEZDistal Elongation Zone
DS-1Digital Signal | Level 1 (1.544 Mbps)
DLIBUDont let it bother you
DKODevakottai Road
DFBDistributed Feedback (laser)
DLAGDog Legislation Advisory Group
DHBDao Heng Bank
DSVDisgruntled Side Villain
DREDestruction and Removal Efficiency
DOLSDeprivation Of Liberty Safeguards
DADTDon't ask Don't tell
DVERDesign rule VERification
DDPSDigital Data Processing System
DTRTdo the right thing
DVRPDistance Vector Routing Protocol
DEADrug Enforcement Administration
DDR-SDRAMDouble Data Rate Synchronous Dynamic RAM (memory)
DFEData Flow Engineer
D.PHIL.Doctor of Philosophy
DIVEDirect Interface Video Extension [OS-2 Warp]
DAFTData Acquisition Frequency Table
DLSEDevice Level Selection Enhanced
DGPSDifferential Global Positioning System
DISKcomputer subjects use 'Disc' for Disk
DI-OData Input / Output
DSNGDigital Satellite News Gathering
DSEPDiscontinuation of antidepressants in people with dementia and neuropsychiatric symptoms
DPROFDoctor of Professional Studies
D.COMDiploma In Commerce
DFUData File Utility
DTTLData Transition Tracking Loop
DVD2Digital Video Disk 2nd Generation
DBNData Bus Network
DRNPDoctor of Nursing Practice
DIRTDeposit Interest Retention Tax
DUIDriving Under the Influence (intoxicated)
DMARCDallas Municipal Archives and Records Center
DVCSDistributed Version Control System
DVBGDigital Video Broadcasting Group
DSCIDerma Sciences
DUACDelhi Urban Arts Commission
DOPSdirect observation of procedural skills
DXIData Exchange Interface
DTXDiscontinuous Transmission (cellular networks)
DCIODefense Criminal Investigative Organization
DMHEDepartment of Mental Health for the Elderly
DPSKDifferential Phase Shift Keying
DVFRDefense Visual Flight Rules
DSDCDirect Service Dialing Capability
DRIPDetector Response Intercomparison Program
DUGTdid you get that?
DMHGDiMethyl Mercury
DVD-EDigital Video Disk-Erasable
DASS2Digital Access Signaling System No. 2
DMRTDiploma in Medical Radio Therapy
DSCEDark Slayer Confusion Engine
DGENDirección General de Energia Nuclear
DMNData Multiplexing Network
DSLDDouble Sided Low Density (old style of disk format - not used anymore)
DIDOsame as
DAPPDivision of Adult Probation and Parole
DCMRDrug Cost Management Report
DVIUDirect Visual Internal Urethrotomy
DB4Ldrinking buddy for life
DYDEODeputy District Education Officer
DSISDistributed Support Information Standard
DBS (CDRH)Division of Biostatistics (CDRH)
DIEDevice Intended For Exploration
DVMUDreamcast Virtual Memory Unit
D5%NSDextrose 5% in normal saline
DCCCDallas County Community College
DABSDiscrete Address Beacon System
DVSIDigital Voice Systems Inc. (company)
D.V.M.S.Doctor of Veterinary Medical Science
DVOMDigital Volt Ohm Meter
DMTFDesktop Management Task Force (joint effort Microsoft- Compaq- IBM- Cisco- etc to standardize object management on LAN)
DFWDallas Fort Worth
D.P.M.Doctor of Podiatric Medicine
DAMHIKIJKDon't Ask Me How I Know - I Just Know
DYADo you
DD STODirect DebitSTanding Order
DCAMDirect Chip Attach Module
DAHDIDigium/Asterisk Hardware Device Interface
DADSDual Air Density Satellite
DT(S)delirium tremens
DDCPDirect Digital Color Proof
DVD-R/WDigital Video Disk Re-Writable
DUDEDigger Underground Distribution Exchange
DICOMDigital Imaging and Communications in Medicine
DPSRAMDual-Port Static Random Access Memory
DOASDifferential optical absorption spectroscopy
DKPDisavow Knowledge of Programmer
DNRTAdid not read the article
D2Rdopamine D2 receptor
DVIDZDigital Video Systems
DCA; DOCADeoxycholic acid
DVMRPDistance Vector Multicast Routing Protocol [Internet]
DCPUDirectory Central Processing Unit
DWCDigital Wireless Communications
DCEPT (CBER)Division of Clinical Evaluation and Pharmacology/Toxicology (CBER)
DVB-CDVB Cable transmission standard
DS-4Digital Signal | Level 4 (274.176 Mbps)
DATODining At The Orifice
DARDDynamic Axial Rotational Device
DRDWDirect Read During Write
DMAKDMa request AKnowledgement
DIPHEN CITDiphenhydramine Citrate
DC(S)dendritic cell(s)
DLANDefense Logistics Agency Network
DIWD-Inside Wire [AT&T;]
DURDepartment of Urban Renewal
DCFSDirectorate of Counter Fraud Services
DVB-IRDDVB Integrated Receiver Decoder
DSATOS (CFSAN)Division of Science and Applied Technology (OS) (CFSAN)
DICTDominant Introvert Concrete Thinker
DSRVDeep Submarine Rescue Vehicle
DSPSDelayed Sleep Phase Syndrome
DTS-IDual Twin Spark Ignition
DFHDot Filter Hybridization
DARPADefense Advanced Research Projects Agency
DVWADamn Vulnerable Web Application
DOCSDepartment Of Community Services
DTAMDocument Transfer and Manipulation (ISO)
DMHDiMethyl Hydrazine
DIKUDo I Know You?
DPCMDifferential Pulse Code Modulator
DLCLDiffuse Large Cell Lymphoma
DKDCdon't know
DVRNDense Virtual Routed Network
DUNNAi don't know
DVLCDriver and Vehicle Licensing Centre
DCEDDistributed Computing Environment Daemon
DCXDelta Clipper EXperimental
DWBIDon't worry about it
DVP&R;Design Verification Plan And Report
DOQDigital Orthographic Quadrangle
DLBCLDiffuse Large B Cell Lymphoma
DJUdid you
DQMData Quality Message
DUTDumduma Town
D5%DWDextrose 5% in distilled water
DTWPdiphtheria and tetanus toxoids and whole cell vaccines
DFRDeogan Road
DIANADawning Into A New Awareness
DAPTIDrug and Alcohol Program Treatment Inventory
DS-5Digital Signal Level 5 (synonym for T54)
DVB-JDigital Video Broadcasting-Java
DSMADigital Sense Multiple Access
D.P.Doctor of Podiatry
DTZDtz Hldgs
DS-1CDigital Signal | Level 1C (3.152 Mbps)
DCPIDigital Continuous Profiling Infrastructure
DCBADade County Bar Association
DKCDistinguished Key Clubber
DCGADavis Center Graduate Association
DIFXAPPDriver Install Framework For Applications
DAOMDepressor Anguli Oris Muscle
DSS1Digital Subscriber Signaling System 1
D.W.distilled water
DJDDegenerative joint disease
DOKADoğu Karadeniz Kalkınma Ajansı (Eastern Black Sea Development Agency)
DMAFdo me a favor
DU2Hdamn you to hell
DIUData Interface Unit
DPMAData Processing Management Association
DPSADeep Penetration Strike Aircraft
DTMSDoes That Make Sense?
D2Tdrink to that
DFMADesign For Manufacturing and Assembly
DKVDeer Kidney Virus
DTVCDesktop Video Conferencing
DUGIdo you get it?
D-LINKDiagonal Link (SS7)
DS0Digital Signal Zero
DBLPDataBase and Logic Programming
DBQData Base Query
DOTCdancing on the ceiling
D2XDecimal To Hexadecimal [REXX]
DIO (OC)Division of Infrastructure Operations (OC)
DRKDisplay Request Keyboard
DTREDuty and Tax Remission on Export
DSAPDestination Service Access Point
DDBMSDistributed Database Management System
DMCGDanish Multidisciplinary Cancer Groups
DTL/TTLDTL input to TTL output and vice versa (digital electronics)
DTSEDriver And Traffic Safety Education
DOMFDistributed Object Management Facility
DVB-SIDVB Service Information
DCMIDublin Core Metadata Initiative
DOPCDetermined Osteogenic Precursor Cell
DTSQDiabetes Treatment Satisfaction Questionnaire
D5050% dextrose injection
DEETDepartment of Employment
DCJDocumentation Center on Contemporary Japan
DPWHDepartment of Public Works and Highways
DTBIMP (CDER)Division of Therapeutic Biological Internal Medicine Products (CDER)
D-ADigital to Analog
DJMDavid J Mckinnon
DITPDay In The Park
DIAFdie in a fire
DPSSDATA Processing Services Subsystem
DHEASdehydroepiandrosterone sulphate
DYNData (Lotus 1-2-3)
DLRRDisneyLand RailRoad
DXSDiffuse XRay Spectrometer
DB$Temporary file (dBASE - Modula2)
DMRSDebt Management and Recovery System
DGEBADiglycidyl Ether of Bisphenol A
DLURDependent LU Requester
DFHSMData Facility Hierarchical Storage Manager
DNPAData Numbering Plan Area (X.25)
DOIPData Over Internet Protocol
DUPData User Part (SS7)
DILLIGASdo i look like i give a shit
DRTTDiscrepancy Report Tracking Tool
DRUP (CDER)Division of Reproductive and Urologic Products (CDER)
DLCODiffusion Lung capacity for CO (Carbon Monoxide)
DDCMPDigital Data Communications Message Protocol [DEC]
DMBSDean Markley Blue Steel
DMARDSdisease-modifying antirheumatic drugs
DDRTDifferential Display Reserve Transcriptase
DQSDiscrete Quantum State
DWBHdon't worry
DIBOLDEC Business Oriented Language
DM2Diabetes mellitus type 2
DMSPDefense Meteorological Satellite Program
DYLMdo you love me
DLGSDecreto Legislativo
DSNMDemand Supply Network Management
DONTCHAdon't you
DNRCDepartment of Natural Resources and Conservation
DPNLDistribution Panel
DUVData Under Voice
DSHSThe Department Of Social And Health Services
DGPTDepartment of General Posts and Telecommunications Vietnam
DNLDefine Number Of Lines
DOSEMDOS Emulation
DPLSDivision of Public Library Services
DEXADual Energy Xray Absorptiometry
DHMODiHydrogen MonOxide
DSJDelhi Safdarjang
DYWTMUSWdo you want to meet up some where
D.C.M.Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine
DCABDandenong Community Advisory Bureau
DRCOGDenver Regional Council Of Governments
DYGTPdid you get the picture
DDAFDesign Description And Features
DMACSDistributed Manufacturing Automation & Control Software
DSEADisplay Station Emulation Adapter
DMLCDeclaration of Maritime Labour Compliance
DLAPDiversified Liberal Arts Program
DBEYRdon't believe everything you read
DWADevice Wire Adapter
DNNDiploma in Nursery Nursing
DKIMDomainKeys Identified Mail
DSQDDouble Sided Quad Density (diskette)
DLSWData Link Switching
DCCA (CBER)Division of Communication and Consumer Affairs (CBER)
DBASE IIsoftware program product
DREAMSDevelopment of Regional Electronic Authorities for Municipal Services
D2GDigital To Go
DMSDDigital Multistandard Decoding
DONCHADon't you
DRP II (CDER)Division of Regulatory Policy II (CDER)
DSS (CDRH)Division of Surveillance Systems (CDRH)
DBHDiameter Breast Height
DELSTRDelete String [REXX]
DMERCDurable Medical Equipment Regional Carrier
DEXBROMPHENDexbrompheniramine Maleate
DYTHDamn You To Hell
DDEMLDynamic Data Exchange Manager Library [Microsoft]
DFCSDigital Flight Control Software
DCARDesign Corrective Action Report
DUTMAdon't you text me again
DSOMDistributed System Object Model
DBBSDigital Bass Boost System
DACSData Acquisition and Control System
DFSMSData Facility Storage Management Subsystem [IBM]
DTRLDeSoto Trail Regional Library
DCFLDirect Coupled FET (Field Effect Transistor) Logic
DLSHDry Leached Surface Hardness
DDESDigital Data Exchange Specifications
DRGSDirect readout ground stations
DMINDoctor of Ministry
DC/DCDirect_Current-to-Direct_Current converter (electronics)
DMDDdisruptive mood dysregulation disorder
DUATDirect User Access Terminal
DHFDilute HydroFluoric acid
DIRLDie in real life
DCP 3 (CDER)Division of Clinical Pharmacology 3 (CDER)
DTOSDesign To Order Service
DSQDisability Services Queensland
DNPL (CFSAN)Division of Nutrition Programs and Labeling (Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition)
DBDFDataBase Development Framework
DEFTDoseeffect Factor For Tumor
DTADDigital Telephone Answering Device
DSGDecision Support Group
DTTMdon't talk to me
DCRFDependency Court Resource Facilitator
DGJDungar Jn.
DUODo Unto Others
DFSORTData Facility Sort
DWMTdon't waste my time
D.POD.Doctor of Podiatry
DLTRData Link Terminal Repeater
DBZDivide By Zero
DBT-ICRISATDepartment of Biotechnology-International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics
DGDPDairy Goat Development Project
DCNPDocument Change Notice Proposal
DSVDDigital Simultaneous Voice and Data
DTOCdelayed transfer of care
DYNKdo you not know
DIEPDeep Inferior Epigastric Perforator
DHCCDubai Healthcare City
D2-MACMultiplexed Analog Component type D2 (TV format)
DUNCEDial Up Networking Connection Enhancement
DMBI-PF6DiMethyl-3-Butyl Imidazolium HexaFluoro Phosphate
D.T.D.dentur tales doses - give of such doses
DRSPDrug Resistant Streptococcus Pneumoniae
DUBSTEPMusic genre
DCTLDiscrete Coupled Transistor Logic
DS-CDMADirect Sequence CDMA (access)
DDTSDynamic Docking Test System
DDFDDecorrelating Decision Feedback Detector
DDFTDynamic Density Functional Theory
DOBTDepartment of Bio Technology
DFGDisplay Format Generator
DCASData Collection and Analysis System
DRBDDistributed Replicated Block Device
DLSMData Link Summary Message
DTYTDon't Take Your Time
DLO-NLNetherlands Organization for Agricultural Research
DOKDefender Of Kings
D.PODDoctor of Podiatry
DH (CBER)Division of Hematology (CBER)
DDPCDigital Data Processing Center
DTICDefense Technical Information Center
DAPSDeputy Auxiliary Police
DTRCDiagnostic and Translational Research Center
DYNMdo you know me
DIKYDo I know you
DORISDoppler Orbitography And Radiopositioning Integrated By Satellite
DNEMDynamic Numeric Encoding Method
DTBOP (CDER)Division of Therapeutic Biological Oncology Products (CDER)
DQDBDistributed Queue Dual Bus
DSBUAmeribrom Incorporated
DR(AM)Doctor of Alternative Medicine
DDOPDevelopmentally Disabled Offenders Program
DOYPOVdepends on your point of view
DGADDirectorate General of Anti-Dumping & Allied Duties
DCCSDynamic Cell Culture System
DUCYdo you see why
DQMOTDon t Quote Me On This
DBFSDepartment of Building and Fire Safety
DLLADouble Leading Logarithmic Approximation
DHHDallas Hip Hop
DROT(AA)drotrecogin alfa (activated)
DCPRDiagnostic Criteria for Psychosomatic Research
DNDRDomain Name Dispute Resolution
DY2Hdamn you to hell
DHSBDarussalam Holdings SDN BHD
DHQDivision Headquarters
DNDP-1Dominant-Negative DP-1 transcription factor
DRIRUDry Rotor Inertial Reference Unit
DTRUDefense Threat Reduction University
DB-2525-pin D-SUB (series D subminiature) connector
D-CHANNELData Channel
DPRAMDual Port RAM (memory)
DISODeparmental Individual Standing Offer
DLITDigital Learning & Instructional Technology
DRBONDDial-up Router Bandwith On Demand [NEC]
DELTADieting Effort Lowering Transfatty Acids
DOHCDual Overhead Cam
DGISDirect Graphics Interface Standard
DUFDrug Use Forecasting
DLAMDon't Laugh At Me
DT-MIEEE Design & Test of Computers [Magazine]
DTTRIAAdon't tell the RIAA
DCMHDeputy Configuration Manager For Hardware
DCTEData Circuit-Terminating Equipment
DFESDepartment For Education and Skills
DYLHdo you like him
DPPGDefense Policy and Planning Guidance
DUDSCasual clothes
D.D.Doctor of Dentistry
DLNCDiamond-Like Nano-Composite
DIPLDisplay Initial Program Load
DZDrop Zone
DRAODominion Radio Astrophysical Observatory
DKCSSenior Chief Disbursing Clerk
DGS-1Deployable Ground Station-1
DREADDdesigner receptor exclusively activated by a designer drug
DFSKDouble FSK (modulation)
DFTBAdon't forget to be awesome
DOD-STDDepartment of Defense Standard (U.S.A.)
DLSUDe La Salle University
D.S.W.Director of Social Work
DBDADowntown Business District Authority
D.V.M.Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
DSB-SCDouble-Sideband Suppressed Carrier (modulation)
DOCADeeds of Company Arrangement
DGE&T;Directorate General of Employment and Training
DCCFDiscounted Cumulative Cash Flow
DLGWData Link GateWay
DUMDorsal Unpaired Medium
DTSPDiagnostic Technologies and Screening Panel
DDDIDensity Dependent Delta Interaction
DWARFDebug With Arbitrary Record Format
DDPRQDifficult Doctor Patient Relationship Questionnaire
DDRPDrug Demand Reduction Program
DDWGDigital Display Working Group
DCHBDenver Community Housing Board
DOS CALDocusate Calcium
DMO (ORA)Division of Management Operations (ORA)
DOIMDirector Of Information Management
DKGDecryption Key Generator
DHVDemonstration of Higher Value
DFACDeans Faculty Advisory Committee
DUEDepartment Of Undergraduate Education
DTQDrill Torque Limited
DOITDepartment Of Information Technology
DPDUData Protocol Data Unit
DCVGDirect Current Voltage Gradient
DLBLDiffuse Large Bcell Lymphoma
DTTSDefense Transportation Tracking System
DPLLDigital Phase-Locked Loop
DDTFDynamic Docking Test Facility
DMISSDoctor of Missiology
DGAFDon't Give A F***
DUSSRun away
DSECTDummy Control Section
DUCKDial Up Chat Kit
DMBLDeterministic Modal Bayesian Logic
DGASDon't give a shit
DLPIData Link Provider Interface (ATM)
DDSDDelay Dial Start Dial
DNDFDigestable Neutral Detergent Fiber
DRAXDraxis Health
DNP (CFSAN)Division of Natural Products (Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition)
DMDAOCDepressive and Manic Depressive Association of Orange County
DBEData Bus Element
DTERTDirectorate of Teacher Education Research and Training (India)
DDDLDigital Data DownLink
DIARDefense Intelligence Agency (DIA) Regulation
DHMCDartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center
DFCIData Farber Cancer Institute
DYECDon't You Ever Care
DYSDo You See?
DACODiplomatic and Consular Officer
DALIDigital Analysis of Lattice Images
DSZDecrement and Skip on Zero
DFATDepartment of Foreign Affairs Trade
DOLXDolese Bros. Company
DRQData ReQuest
DDASDigital Data Acquisition System
DRSSDiscrepancy Report Squawk Sheet
DDN-NICDefense Data Network-Network Information Center
DPPTDirected Pressure Point Technique
DUSIDrug Use Screening Inventory
DBDNDarkBASIC Developers Network
DYLDo You Like...?
DBSTDirect Broadcast Satellite Television
DILLIGADdo I look like I give a damn
DDC1Display Data Channel One
DLCSTDanish Lung Cancer Screening Trial
DESODirectory of Exservice Organisations
DPMZMdual-parallel Mach-Zehnder modulator
D-TGADextro-Transposition of the Great Arteries
DDRMDevice driver interface/Driver kernel interface
DRHSDanville Regional Health System
DTABDemountable Tape-Automated Bonding (IC)
DVB/DAVICDigital Video Broadcast/Digital Audio Visual Council
DBNTDon't Bother Next Time
DDALDoris Day Animal League
DLSGPDivision of Libraries Serving the General Public
DB3dBASE III Database file
DBDB-VDigital Bathymetric DataBase - Variable
DGCSODirector General Central Statistical Organisation
DHMUDon't Hit Me Up
DTRDDevelopment Test Requirements Document
DNIDData Network Identification code (Inmarsat)
DLPBCDual Loop Port Bypass Circuitry
DWDLDiffuse Welldifferentiated Lymphocytic Lymphoma
DNELDerived No Effect Level
DTERDry Tortugas Ecological Reserve
DWWDavis Weather Wizard
DAMPDevice Assessment and Migration Plan
DPVLDigital Packet Video Link
DNKADid Not Keep Appointment
DOFLDying On Floor Laughing
D-SDhrystone Per Second
DFSGDebian Free Software Guidelines
DR.AITDr.Ambedkar Institute of Technology
DBITDelivery confirmation Bit (X.25)
DCOKDistrict Court Of Kathmandu
DPHILDoctor philosophiae
DWIOYOTDeal With It On Your Own Time
DMQSDisplay Mode Query and Set [IBM]
DQTSData Quality Tool Set
DPLBASEDma Position Lower Base Address
DLRESDavid L. Rainer Elementary School
DRARData Recovery And Repair
DMAHDiMethyl Aluminum Hydride
DEEDDemonstration Of Energy Efficient Developments
D2T2Dye Diffusion Thermal Transfer (printing)
DPOBDate and Place Of Birth
DTSLDefense Travel System Limited
DKZDelhi Kishanganj
DD-5050-pin D-SUB (series D subminiature) connector
DFLDown For Life
DOREDynamic Object Rendering Environment
DCBKDesert Community Bank
DLBIDevice Level Burn-In
DQPSKDifferential Quadrature PSK (modulation)
DRPM SSPDirect Reporting Program Manager for Strategic Systems Programs
DDCNZDaily Demand Charge for Non-Zone Network Load
DDAM XXDiploma in Disability Assessment Medicine
DRSTDelayed Recognition Span Test
DDWBDeposit Directly in Wastepaper Basket
DNUSDigital Networking Unit - SONET
DORANDoppler ranging system
DRCOG XXDiploma of the Royal College of Obstetrics & Gynaecologists
DJPMDennis J. Picard Medal for Radar Technologies and Applications
DFASDefense Finance and Accounting Service
DYACdamn you auto correct
DPNAPDistinguished Member of the National Academies of Practice
DFTSDon't Forget to Smile
DOMESDeep Ocean Mining and Environmental Study
DSSCSDefense Special Service Communications System
DNDCSpecific refractive index increment
DS (CVM)Division of Surveillance (CVM)
DLCVdrugs of limited clinical value
DFWMACDistributed Foundation Wireless Media Access Control
DK2Disbursing Clerk Second Class
DRCODynamics Research Corporation
DYW2GWMdo you want to go with me
DRIVE BYRecce check out
D-MAXMaxinun Density (film)
DUQDelayed Update Queue
DGLWDirector General Labour Welfare
DRISDakota Radio Information Service
DMAIIDeath Metal Attack II computer game
DYCOTFCdo you cyber on the first chat
DCCUDigital Command and Control Unit
DUCEDynamic Universal Communications Engine
DBDEDecaBrominated Diphenyl Ether
DDCPSKDouble Differential Coherent PSK (modulation)
DBIAData Bus Interface Adapter
DFNDedicated Frogans Network
DAIPDiallyl Isophthalate
DSIEDirector State Institute of English
DECGDecor Group
DEVICEDynamic Environment For Visualization In Chemical Engineering
DSDB (CDRH)Diagnostic and Surgical Devices Branch (CDRH)
DIPASDefence Institute of Physicology and Allied Sciences
DISXDDisney XD (channel 122)
DPGPEDirector of Postgraduate General Practice Education
DTBMDemineralized Trabecular Bone Matrix
DEIODepartment of External Investments and Operations
DYNMXDynamic Mixing Model
DENETDanish Ethernet Network
DBFNData Base File Number
DOALOSDivision for Ocean Affairs and the Law of the Sea
DWSCLDaily wear soft contact lenses
DIFFZLDifferential Ziv-Lempel (data encoding)
DNMIDet Norske Meteorologiske Institutt (Norwegian Meteorological Institute)
DNIEDigital Natural Image Engine
DNMSDelayed Non-Matching to Sample
DFQFDuty Free Quota Free
DPGNDiffuse Proliferative Glomerulonephritis
DJFLCCDeputy Joint Force Land Component Commander
DBDLDataBase Design Language
DDPFDedicated Display Processing Function
DHYBDon't Hold Your Breath
DHSPDepartment of Human Service Programs
DBDPADual Band Dual Polar Antenna
DGHADigha Flag Station
DRPHDoctor of Public Health
D5 1/2NSdextrose 5% in 045% sodium chloride injection
D-RAMDynamic Random Access Memory
DXAdual energy x-ray absorptiometry
DQ PADuquesne Capital
DFIRDiffused Infrared
DWUDon't Wait Up
DPDSInternational Symposium on Databases in Parallel & Distributed Systems
DPNBDorsal Penile Nerve Block
DDFMData Distribution Facility Manager
DBDRDairy Bull DNA Repository
DPPBDigital Primary Patch Bay (fiber optics)
DNALDedicated Network Access Line
DJRUDedicated JTIDS Relay Unit
DCDIDirectional Correlation Deinterlacing
DGPGDiffuse Proliferative Glomerulonephritis
DDEXDupont Dow Elastomers L.L.C.
DBDKDataBlade Developer's Kit
DTMCDurban Transitional Metropolitan Council
DODGYOf questionable legality morality integrity
DFTDDone For The Day
DXINGThe hobby of receiving and listening to a long Distant short wave radio station (Ham Radio)
DKYDon't Know Yet
DDIFBitmap graphics (DEC DDIF file)
DBMDDuchenne and Becker Muscular Dystrophy
DPARENData Parity Enable [IBM]
DLTUData Link Trunk Unit (AT&T;)
DHSCDoctor of Health Science
DBCIDB with Respect to a Circular Polarized Antenna
DWTHDon't Work Too Hard
DJXKRFDjia Mini E-cbot
DNSSEDomain Name System Security Extensions
DEXAMETH ACEDexamethasone Acetate
DRUM BEATOn a particular pattern. Many politicians are on the drum beat for war.
DDBEData Descriptors by Example (IBM)
DCOGDifferential Curve Of Growth
DNGNDisability Network Group Net
DHACDon't have a clue
DNAPLDense NonAqueous Phase Liquids
DNSSECDomain Name System SECurity Extensions
DMBIPF6DiMethyl3Butyl Imidazolium HexaFluoro Phosphate
DBIUData Bus Interface Unit
DFRIDatacom Reference Frame Input
DUSSIDual Universal Synchronous Serial Interface
DWLDying With Laughter
DLUSDependent LU Server
DDMMYYDay Month Year
DROVDrovers Bancshares Corporation
DOBBSDoctors Only Bulletin Board System
DUARTDual Universal Asynchronous Receiver-Transmitter
DHSADepartment of Health Services Administration
DWVDielectric Withstanding Voltage
DOLEDepartment of Labor and Employment
DHPGDartmouth-Hitchcock Privacy Group
DENIDepartment of Education for Northern Ireland
DBCEData Based Channel Estimation
DPHARPDifferential Pressure High accuracy Resonating Pressure
DQYDJdon't quit your day job
DIRSPACEFORDirector of Space Forces (USAF)
DPWSDevices Profile For Web Services
DRAHDavenport Road Animal Hospital
DNDUDomain Name Dynamic Update
DBDHDecisional Bilinear DiffieHellman
DGOTDon't Go Over There
DNACDeveloping Nation Aid Commission
DFDBDemineralized Freezedried Bone
DBDQDoubling Bandwidth by Doubling the Queue
DKMSDynamic Kernel Module Support
DNDPDo not double post
DPMPCDepartment of Pain Medicine and Palliative Care
DDCUDCtoDC Converter Unit
DBTADatabase Trends and Applications
DHFSDietHeart Feasibility Study
DPFSData Processing and Forecasting
DFRMDrug Facility Registration Module (FURLS)
DPKODepartment Of Peace Keeping Operations
DFTPDuty Free Tariff Preference
DSS2Digital Subscriber Signaling System 2
DCPFDistrict of Columbia Pensions Fund
DSD PDayton Superior Corporation Preferred
DFTVSIEEE International Symposium on Defect and Fault Tolerance in VLSI Systems
DMCSData Mapping Control System
DBTVSDirect Broadcast Television Satellite
DNETDysembryoplastic Neuroepithelial Tumor
DYORDo Your Own Research
D5LRDextrose 5% in Lactated Ringer's injection
DBRITEDigital Bright Radar Indicator Tower Equipment
DBDIDiBenzyl DiIscyanate
DWCNTDouble-Walled Carbon Nano-Tube
DINKDual Income No Kids
DGOAIdon't go on about it
DLVDDiastolic Left Ventricular Diameter
DAWNDance Again With Nature
DYKWIMDo You Know What I Mean?
DUNZODone over finished
DMPDUDerived MAC PDU (service)
DPV5Downing Plan 5
DENRDepartment of Environment and Natural Resources
DODISSDoD Index of Specifications and Standards (U.S.A.)
DTMWTDDon't Tell Me What To Do
DNSIXDefense Network Security Information Exchange
DII-COEDefense Information Infrastructure- Common Operations Environment
DODIDepartment of Defense Instructions (U.S.A.)
DR-DOSDigital Research-Disk Operating System
DL/1Data Language 1
DUPSDial- Up Power Switch
DIPGERMEDDiploma in Geriatric Medicine
DGS&D;Directorate General of Supplies and Disposal
D.A.Doctor of Arts
DNVBDCPDirectorate of National Vector
DNPICDirectory Number Primary InterLATA Carrier
DGP&T;Director General Posts and Telegraphs
DRAIData Research Associates
DNA-CRDo not attempt cardiopulmonary resuscitation
DWABDevelopment and Welfare Association of the Blind (Andhra Pradesh)
DNDRNDementias and Neurodegenerative Disease Research Network
DJSKRBDavid Jones Limited
DBTGData Base Task Group
DY44Dyaxis format sampling rate 44k Sound file
DA BOMBExcellent the best
DARADeutsches Agentur fur RaumfhartAngelegenheiten
DECLDirect Energy Conversion Laboratory
DERFData Element Request Form
DFDBAdemineralized freeze-dried bone allografts
DEBSDynamic Electronic Bias System
DPCGDiagonal Preconditioned Conjugate Gradient
DFAITCanada Department Of Foreign Affairs And International Trade
DNTKDon't Need To Know
D & Cdilation and curettage
DUKPTDerived Unique Key Per Transaction
DPDLDiffuse Poorly Differentiated Lymphocytic Lymphoma
DBAFWTTDon't Be A Fool Wrap The Tool
DHACPDynamic Host Automatic Configuration Protocol
DMSSData Management System Simulator
DFCUDacorum First Credit Union
DBIRDatabase Information Retrieval
DHNYDelaware and Hudson Railway Company Incorporated
DCMEDiploma Of Continuing Medical Education
DXERA long-Distance listener of short wave radio stations (Ham Radio)
DMARDDisease Modifying AntiRheumatic Drug
DFTTDon't Feed The Troll
D5W5% dextrose (in water) injection
DUCWICDo You See What I See?
DTAUDigital Test Access Unit
DBDDDiBromoDoDecenoic acid
DKFSDon't Know For Sure
DWAIDriving While Ability Impaired
DENIMDirectory Enabled Network Infrastructure Model
DFTSYPDon't Forget To Say Your Prayers
DCPPADefence College of Police and Personnel Administration
DFDSSData Facility Data Set Services
DEFFDepartmental Expenses Funding Framework
D-VHSDigital version of VHS recording or playback
DWNT(S)double-wall nanotube(s)
DNCFDirectory Number Call Forwarding
DYELDo You Even Lift?
DHLADiHydroLipoic Adid
DPSWGDigital Privacy and Security Working Group
DOOMDatabase Online Operational Management
DUNCDial-Up Networking Connection
DUMVDamage to Unattended Motor Vehicle
DKBWDepartment Klinisch Biologische Wissenschaften
DMASDistributors Management Accounting System
DSPRUDDelhi Society for Promotion of Rational Use of Drugs
DNTBUDepartment of Nanoscience and Technology Bharathiar University
DSMCDanvers State Memorial Committee
DHPRdihydropteridine reductase
DNPSDivisional Network Product Support
D-SUBSeries D SUBminiature connector
DWTSDancing With The Stars
D4Digital 4th Generation Channel Bank (transmission)
DFLDGDesign Flow and Loading Determination Guidelines
DXGIDirectx Graphics Infrastructure
DWYDriving While Yakking
DARDNIDepartment of Agriculture and Rural Development for Northern Ireland (formerly DANI)
DRAEDiccionario de la Real Academia de la Lengua Espanola
DNIRDominion Resources
DGVADelaware Valley Geographical Association
DNDRPDomain Name Dispute Resolution Policy
DKDBDynamic Knowledge Data Base
DMIADual Multiplexer Interface Adapter
DGTWMDon't Go There With Me
DITTODirect Input Tube Transformer Output
DRTLDial Repeating Tie Line
DYSIMDynamic Simulator
DBCRCDefense Base Closure and Realignment Commission
DN/DCSpecific refractive index increment
DE-99-pin D-SUB (series D subminiature) connector
DTTCDon't Text The Cell
DHLYdoes he like you
DHLDDouble-Heterojunction Laser Diode
DWIMDo What I Mean
DNTXDo Not Transmit (Morse code)
DAVEDigital Applications Virtual Engineer
DITCDead Inside The Chrysalis
DPUBASEDma Position Upper Base Address
DY22Sound (Dyaxis format) (sampling rate 22k)
DMLSDirect Metal Laser Sintering
DOTCCDepartment of Transportation Computer Center
DINTDid not didn't
DHOCDavis Hollow Outdoor Center
DIPSWDiploma in Social Work
DHSSData Handling Subsystem
DKBDeep knee bends
DCVMADistrict of Columbia Veterinary Medical Association
DFTIDaily Flight Time Index
DCOPDetailed Checkout Procedures
DYHWIHDo You Hear What I Hear?
DISTATUnited Nations Disability Statistics Database
DKSMEInternational Conference on Data & Knowledge Systems for Manufacturing & Engineering
DNCADaily Nutrition Council of Alberta
DNWBPRCDinka Nuer West Bank Peace and Reconciliation Conference
DWFSDisjunctive Well-Founded Semantics
DISTRODistribution (software music etc)
DSAVADanish Small Animal Veterinary Association
DSTPDouble-Shielded Twisted Pair
DNFTTDo Not Feed The Troll
DTUPCDesign To Unit Production Cost
DCOFDynamic Coefficient Of Friction
DCPSKDifferentially Coherent PSK (modulation)
DECENTGood awesome
DPBXDigital Private Branch Exchange
DIMEDiploma In Manufacturing Engineering
DCTIDesktop Computer Telephony Integration
DFTCdown for the count
DILLICDo I look like I care
DHBTDouble-Heterojunction Bipolar Transistor
DACTDisposable Absorption Collection Trunk
DMPHILMaster of Philosophy
DYKTDid You Know That?
D-BITDelivery confirmation Bit (X.25)
DMAIFDirect Memory Access Interface
DATA CLECData Competitive Local Exchange Carrier
DW2Drawing (DesignCAD for windows)
DHLCDeborah Heart and Lung Center
DIFADirect ImmunoFluorescence Assay
D.MISS.Doctor of Missiology
DUMCDuke University Medical Center
DSCSDefense Satellite Communications System
DU JOUROf the day (French)
DIHDiscrete Input High
DCISDuctal Carcinoma In Situ type of breast cancer
DSCS-MODDefense Satellite Communications System MODernization
DTCSDye Terminator Cycle Sequencing
DWFQDistributed Weighted Fair Queuing
DUCXDigital Use Case eXecution
DFCDData Format Control Documents
DGLBDirector General Labour Bureau
DAGGYUncool not trendy untidy
DFRFDryden Flight Research Facility
DCIUDigital Control and Interface Unit
DINLOStupid person
DBDUDistinguishable Balls and Distinguishable Urns
DGNADynamic Group Number Assignment
DMAP4DiMethyl Amino Phridine
DLUR/SDependent LU Requester / Server
DETRDepartment of the Environment Transport and the Regions
DMRAADes Moines Radio Amateur Association
DMCIDirect Memory Communications Interface
DSCCDeep Space Communications Complex
DRBCDenaturated Red Blood Cell
DEVMACDevelopment Milestone Achievement Certificate
DGHTDeutsche Gesellscaft fur Herpetologie and Terrarienkunde (German Society for Herpetology)
DNARDo Not Attemp Resuscitation
DSPMdecessit sine prole malus (died without sons)
DEFRADepartment for Environment Food and Rural Affairs
DUDETTEFemale dude
DRMODefense Reutilization and Marketing Office
DSFSADistrict School Food Service Association
D. SC. N.Doctor of Science in Nursing
DCAPDelaware County Action Plan
DISTDrug Inspector Selection Test
DSAMDeoxyabdrographolide Succinic Acid Mono-ester
DCEPDirect Current Electrode Positive
DWRDDouble Word
DQTVDistribution Quality Television
DSB(S)double strand break(s)
DSPOPData Service Point Of Presence
DFLIDon't Feel Like It
DIDRADalhousie Infectious Disease Research Alliance
DERDDelta Encoding via Resemblance Detection
DGCI&S;Directorate General of Commercial ntelligence and Statistics
DMABDiMethyl4Amino Biphenyl
D-DISDestroy Disposal
DESCADevelopment of a Simplified Consortium Agreement
DMHCDepartment of Managed Health Care
DEWIZDistance Early Warning Identification Zone
DTSXWDigital Transmission Systems Warrants
DTPRDetailed Test Procedures
DWITDo What I'm Thinking
DSMUDirectory Service Migration Utility
D-NBAPDedicated Node B Application Part
DTLLSDiploma in Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector
DMAHTCDefense Mapping Agency Hydrographic Topographic Center
DTBVDonor Tissue Bank of Victoria
DUBSTwenty inch wheels
DAIDSDevelopment of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
DUAADavenport University Alumni Association
D-CLECDigital Competitive Local Exchange Carrier
DBGMPData Bus Generation and Maintenance Package
DKJRDhekiajili Road
DXVADirectx Video Acceleration
DIT12-Oxoglutarate/malate Translocator
DAFSDiffraction Anomalous Fine Structure
DMAEDiMethyl Amino Ethanol
DACBUData Acquisition and Control Buffer Unit
DWLSDependent Weighted Least of Squares
DDR&E;Director of Defense Research and Engineering
DSCFDestination Sectional Center Facility
DSPDDangerous and Severe Personality Disorder
DCLGDepartment for Communities and Local Government
DSNETDefense Secure Network
DCPJDirection Centrale Police Judiciaire
DSOSDependable Systems Of Systems
DWWMDecentralized Wastewater Management
DUBTCDuke University Brain Tumor Center
DRESDepartment of Renewable Energy sources
DISLDauphin Island Sea Laboratory
DANDDespun Active Nutation Damper (Intelsat)
DAIICTDhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information and Communication Technology
DGNSSDifferential Global Navigation Satellite System
DMALFDes Moines Action Loan Fund
DEIVInternational Symposium on Discharges and Electrical Insulation in Vacuum
DSDTDifferentiated System Description Table
DENGDoctor of Engineering
DMBUDeadly Modifier BuildUp
DUICDriving Under the Influence of Cannabis
DURAWDura Pharmaceuticals
DHCADehydrocholic acid
DAFODynamic Ankle Foot Orthoses
DUCBTDouble Unrelated Cord Bone Marrow Transplant
DISUDual Input Switching Unit
DCTNDefense Commercial Telecommunications Network
DESIGNCONSemiconductor and Electronic Design Conference
DMHADivision of Mehtal Health and Addiction
DBCLDilute Blood Clot Lysis
DTLRTransport Local Government Regions
DEATDepartment of Environmental Affairs and Tourism
DESECODevelopment of Selected Contacts
DSSLLDifferentiated Services over Specific Link Layer
DCBFDyamic Cardiac Blood Flow
DCPBData Collection Proto Board
DOCCMED XXDiploma in Occupational Medicine
DWTTAIDon't Want To Talk About It
DORTDiscrete Ordinates Code
DMIIDDon't Mind If I Do
DARCDeutscher Amateur Radio Club
DEMKODenmark Elektriske Materie Kontrol
DCOTDouble precision trigonometric COTangent
DEWIData Extraction Web Interface
DW/DISPDishwasher And Disposal
DEWRDepartment of Employment Workplace Relations
DATVDirect Airside Transit Visa
DMAMDigital Media Asset Management
DENCHAwesome cool
DAGUDisability Advisory Group for Users
DR.MED.DENTDoctor of Medical Dentistry
DACDDigital Automatic Call Distributor
DWBCDeep Western Boundary Current
DSHISDefence Service Homes Insurance Scheme
DIGSHome lodgings
DIAOCool hip
DYJHIWDon't You Just Hate It When...
DISOSSDistributed Office Support System (IBM)
DAYTONAvionics Integrity Program: IEEE/AESS Dayton Chapter Symposium
DISNETDefense Integrated Secure Network
DWTTDrinking Water Taste Test
DMPKDestroy Memory Protect Key
DCSINTDeputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence
DIGEDifferential In-Gel Electrophoresis
DWEEBDork nerd
DRINKY POOAlcoholic drink
DTTXSfax-Thyna/El Maou
DERGDiesel Emissions Reduction Grant
DACXVIP Tank Services
DMNLDirect Multi Network Link
D-FETDepletion-mode FET (semiconductors)
DMSCData Mining Solutions Center
DESYDeutsches Elektronen Synchrotron
DCVDDielectric Chemical Vapor Deposition
DAMEDesignated Aviation Medical Examiner
DBDBDigital Bathymetric DataBase
DSUADynamic Special Use Airspace
DPPEDevice Power Policy Engine
DMKPDalit Mazdoor Kisan Party
DCCXDirect Circuit Control Exchange
DENSdoctor’s educational needs
DBLEDouble Eagle Petroleum & Mining Company
DRWPDoppler Radar Wind Profiler
D/HDrug History
DCPVDaily Customer Pool Volume
DIPHEN CITRDiphenhydramine Citrate
DTMXDigital Trunk Manual (telephony) Exchange
DETEMOptical detector/emitter combiner (transducer)
DAZDelhi azadpur
DAAWGDisability Awareness and Action Working Group
DR.MED.DENT.Doctor of Medical Dentistry
DRPMDesign Resource and Program Manager
DTMPNDefect Test Monitor Phase Number
DMAUDirect Memory Access Unit
DAIUDocked Audio Interface Unit
DMSUDigital Main Switching Unit
DCOVDeamino Carba Ornithine Vasopressin
DTRXDetrex Corporation
DTVEDigital Transversal Equalizer
DRASERDoppler Radar And Storm Electricity Research
DYJDo Your Job
DCWVDC Working Voltage (electronics)
DEKEAvoid fake decoy
DECSSDecrypt Content Scrambling System
DATUDart Containerline Incorporated
DIBEGDigital Broadcasting Expert
DTTBDigital Terrestrial Television Broadcasting
DARABDepartment of Agrarian Reform Adjudicatory Board
DSAILDecision Systems and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
DIPPMDiploma in Project Management
DSFMDirectShow Filter Manager
DCPNDirectionChanging Positional Nystagmus
DTTNDigital Trade Transport Network
DACUData Acquisition and Control Unit
DPOFDigital Print Order Form
DASSLDifferential Algebraic System Solver
DAVIDigital Audio- Visual Interface
DISSOSDistributed Office Support System
DCSIData and Control Signal Interface
DIRBEDiffuse Infrared Background Experiment
DBRNCdeciBel Relative to Noise in a Circuit
DMALMDiMethyl ALaninate Methobromide
DIPBMDiploma in Business Management
DMBEDepartment of Minority Business Enterprise
DAWSDefense Automated Warning System
DSB-ECDouble-Sideband Emitted Carrier (modulation)
DOLARSDepartmental Online Accounting Reporting System
DSRCTDesmoplastic Small Round Cell Tumor
DMESPIEEE/ACM Conference on Developing and Managing Expert System Programs
DAOVDone At Office Visit
DCOHDays Cash On Hand
DASIDistrict Attorney Staten Island
DUSTAngel dust
DIAPHOXDIAminoPHosphine OXide
DIBLDrainInduced Barrier Lowering
D80DVDescendants of the 80th Division Veterans
DMBODelta Marsh Bird Observatory
DIPPAEDDiploma in Paediatrics
DAACDepartmental Affirmative Action Coordinator
DAHCDartmouth Atlas of Health Care
DILLIGAF?Does It Look Like I Give A F***?
DIRT CHEAPInexpensive
DOELAPDepartment of Energy Laboratory Accreditation Program
DSOGDeep Submergence Operations Group
DSX-2Digital Stream Crossconnect 2 (6.312 Mbps)
DCYLDauphin County Young Lawyers
DMBTDifference in Mean Body Temperature
DCFPSDiscretionary Cash Flow Per Share
DIPFNDiploma in Fitness & Nutrition
DICODE-NRZDi-Code-Non-Return to Zero level (data encoding)
DIA/DCADIA Document Content Architecture
DMACCDes Moines Area Community College
DSB-TCDouble-Sideband Transmitted Carrier (modulation)
DERBDisassemble Resource Bundle command
DPAFDual Payload Attachment Fitting
DSMPDamn Small Media Player
DIFCODDifferential Coder
DIFTDiscrete Inverse Fourier Transform
DEMPRDEC Multiport Repeater
DTSRDial Tone Speed Recording
DRAPACDesign Rule And Process Architecture Council
DAFNE XXdose adjustment for normal eating
DESPOTDesign Performance Optimization
DSB-RCDouble-Sideband Reduced Carrier (modulation)
DATCOMData Communications Symposium
DNDHDimethyl aminoNaphthalin1
DHCPDDynamic Host Configuration Protocol Daemon
DCOADistrict of Columbia Office off Aging
DOOFUSStupid person
DMALDiMethyl Alaninate