Full Forms Starting with Letter E

Short FormFull Form
ECCEEarly Childhood Care Education
ETSIEuropean Telecommunications Standards Institute
E-MAILElectronic Mail
ERAExtended Registry Attributes
ESISEmployees State Insurance Scheme
EPIPExport Promotion Industrial Park
EMIEqual Monthly Installments
EPABXElectronic Private Automatic Branch Exchange
ECElection Commission
EBIZe business
ENDExotic Newcastle Disease
EPFEmployees Provident Fund
EARTHEducation And Research Towards Health
EVMElectronic Voting Machine
ENIACElectronic Numerical Integrator and Calculator
EDPElectronic Data Processing
ESCEISA System Component Escape
ECGElectro Cardiogram
EXIMExport Import Bank of India
EOEssential Oils
ECSEnhanced Chip Set
ESIEmployees State Insurance
EEPROMElectronic Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory
EDExternal Device
ELISAEnzyme Linked Immuno Sorbent Assay
EPRSEprss Prepared Recharge Service
EPROMErasable Programmable Read Only Memory (re-programmable ROM chips)
EPFOEmployees Provident Fund Organisation
EMDEarnest Money Deposit
ESICEmployees State Insurance Corporation
EPS1 Encapsulated PostScript (file extension)
ESymbol for basic unit of electron charge
ETCetcetera (and so forth)
EROMErasable Read Only Memory
ECREngineering Change Request
ENVISEnvironmental Information System
ETAestimated time of arrival
ESTDEasier Said Than Done
ESCAPEconomic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific
EEGElectro Encephalogram
EDCEnhanced Data Correction
EOIExpression of Interest
ESExtra Segment
EODEnd of the Day
EBCEISA Bus Controller
EPICEarth Polychromatic Imaging Camera
EMRExtra Mural Research
EECExtended Error Correction
ERDEmergency Recovery Disk
EPPIExpanded Plan-Position Indicator
EEROMElectronically Erasable Read-Only Memory
ENSEnhanced Network Services
EDVACElectronic Discrete Variable Automatic Computer
ESDEletroStatic Discharge (transfer of electrical current from carrier to object)
EOFEnd Of File
EMSExpanded Memory Specification (LIM Lotus / Intel / Microsoft)
ESCAPEThe Exotic Species Compendium Of Activities To Protect The Ecosystem
EDMElectronic Document Management
EGSEducation Guarantee Scheme
ETDElevated Temperature Drawn
ECGCExport Credit and Guarantee Corporation
ERPEnterprise resource planning
EPZExport Processing Zone
ELSEntry Level Systems (early terminology for scaled down PC - no frills)
EPCAEnvironmental Pollution (Prevention and Control) Authority
ETMEtiotropic Trauma Management
ETFExchange Traded Fund
EXEExecutable (file extension)
ECLEmitter Coupled Logic
EIDExercise Intolerance Disorder
ET ALet alii (and everyone else)
ESCOEnergy Service Company
EOEErrors and Omission Excepted
ESSElectronic Switching System
EAEffective Address Extended Attribute [OS-2]
ETOEarth Transfer Orbit
EMVElectronic Money Value
ECAEssential Commodities Act
EMEAEurope, the Middle East and Africa
EVCExecutive Vice Chancellor
EOMEnd Of Message (file transfer marker)
ECDEconomic Census Division
EDIElectronic Data Interchange
ERMExtension Renovation Modernization
EXIM BANKExport-Import Bank of India
EBCDICExtended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code (8-bit code to represent 256 chars)
EOWEconomic Offence Wing
EFEpidermal Fragments
ESREvent Service Routine
EEExecutive Engineer
ELEarned Leave
ETVEducational TV (e-learning)
EROEmergency Response Operations
EPDMEthylene Propylene Diene Monomer
EPIExternal Provisioning Interface
ETEnhancement Technology
EDSACElectronic Delay Storage Automatic Computer
ECALEnjoy Computing And Learn
EFTElectronic Funds Transfer
EPDSElectrical Power and Distribution Subsystem
EBExecutive Board
EUExecution Unit
ELSREdge Label Switch Router
ETEEstimated Time En Route
ETBEnd of Transmission Block
ECCError Correction Code
ETDRSEarly Treatment Diabetic Retinopathy Study
EPCElectronic Pressure Control
EAPExternally Aided Project
ETSEconometric Time Series
ECMPEqual Cost Multiple Routing (traffic)
EPElectrophotographic Engine
EMCExecutive Management Committee
ESMEngineering Systems Management
EMUElectric Multiple Unit
ESZEco Sensitive Zones
EBTElectronic Benefits Transfer
ETPEffluent Treatment Plan
ERTEstrogen Replacement Therapy
ESAFEnhanced Structural Adjustment Facility
EPAEicosaPentaenoic Acid
EMOElectronic Money Order
ERICEducational Resources Information Center [Internet]
ECTElectroConvulsant Therapy
EBBEducationally Backward Block
EOLEnd Of Line (control characters used with first generation languages)
EWSEmployee Written Software [IBM]
ETXEnd Of Text
EMISEngineering Management Information and Systems
EEPEinstein Equivalence Principle
EOBend of business
ETOPEnvironmental Technology Opportunities Portal
EGOMEmpowered Group of Ministers
ESLElectro Science Laboratories
EQEncephalization Quotient
EFPSEmployees Family Pension Scheme
EEFCExchange Earners Foreign Currency
EASIEasy Access For Students And Institutions
EGEvil Grin
EDPSElectronic Data Processing System
EADElite Athletes with Disability
EFIExtensible Firmware Interface
ECMElectronic Control Module
EHTPElectronics Hardware Technology Park
EMFEnhanced MetaFile (graphic file format- often used as extension)
EREastern Railway
ECBExternal Commercial Borrowing
ESMAEssential Services Maintenance Act
ECPExtended Capabilities Port (setup in BIOS for LPT1 - faster than EPP- or SPP)
EVSExtra Vehicular Suit
EIAElectronic Industries Association
EDTAEthylene Diamine Tetraacetic Acid
EGMextraordinary general meeting
ETRETSI Technical Report
EARASEstablishment of an Agency for Reporting Agricultural Statistics
EBITDAEarnings Before Interest
ESOPEmployee Stock Option Plan
EDGEEnhanced Data for GSM Evolution
EISExecutive Information System
ERCPEndoscopic Retrograde Cholangio Pancreatography
EPPEnhanced Parallel Port (can use longer printer cable than SPP)
ESPEnhanced Serial Port
EAGLEExtended Area GPS Location Enhancement
EORExclusive OR (Also XOR)
EDUEducation (organization Domain name) [Internet]
EPMEnhanced Editor for Presentation Manager [IBM]
EMPElectro-Magnetic Pulse
EOPEarth and Ocean Physics
EVDExternal Ventricular Drainage
ESPNEntertainment and Sports Programming Network
EATEnvironmental Acceptance Test
E=MC2Energy=Mass * (Velocity of light)**2
ETAPEnroute Traffic Analysis Program
EPIC FAILTotal failure
EBITElectron Beam Ion Trap
ECIExternal Call Interface
ECHEnoylCoA Hydratase
ECOSOCEconomic and Social Council ( of the United Nations)
ECATElectronic Card Assembly and Test [IBM]
ETOMElectron-Trapping Optical Memory
EUCEnd User Computing Extended Unix Code [IBM]
EIRFElectronic Interchange Reimbursement Fee
ETCO2End tidal carbon dioxide
EMTEmergency Medical Technician
EOTEnd Of Thread (meaning end of discussion)
ETPLEndorsed Tempest Products List
EX-GFEx-Girl Friend
EBOEmbedded Base Organization
ECILElectronic Corporation of India Limited
EIREquipment Identity Register
EDDEnhanced Disk Drive Services
EFCExpect Further Clearance
ELDEquivalent Lens Diameter
EGAEnhanced Graphics Adapter (Accelerator)
ECNEngineering Change Notice
EQUIPEducation and Quality in Primary Care
EGREnergy Generation Region
ESTEmployees State insurance
ESEEnvironment And Safety Expert
EDACError Detection and Correction (transmission)
EUIEnd-User Interface
EEAExchange Equalization Account
EPINEpic Win
EXPOExposition large-scale public exhibition
ENOAwesome cool
EHTExtremely High Tension
EICElectron Indifferent Cardinal
ELSSEmergency Life Support System
ETHEcdysis Triggering Hormone
ESUElectro-Static Unit
EMEElectro Magnetic Effects
EFTAEuropean Free Trade Association
EMGElectro Myogram
ERGEmergency Response Group
ETTElementary Teachers Training
ELVEndofLife Vehicles
ESNElectronic Security Number
EOQEconomic Order Quantity
ENCEncoded (file name extension)
EDFEngineering Data File
EDAEmbedded Document Architecture [Go Corporation]
EHEnlarged Heart
EASEmployment Assurance Scheme
EC2Elastic Computing Cloud
EROSEarth Resources Observation System [US Geological Survey]
EVPExecutive Vice President
EVFEquipment Visibility File
EIPearly intervention in psychosis
EQ-5DEuroQol five dimension scale
ESOLEnglish for Speakers of Other Languages
EVExposure Value
ERVExpiratory Reserve Volume
EPCGExport Promotion Capital Goods
ELCINAElectronics and Radar Development Establishment
EXENExecutive Engineer
ESGExecutive Steering Group
EOMBexplanation of medical benefits
EDBEmbedded Data Base
EUDEnd User Development
ETOHEthyl Alcohol (Ethanol)
EDXEnergyDispersive Xray Analysis
EHVElectric Heart Vector
ERTSEarth Resources Technology Satellite
EPMSEngineering Performance Management System
ECOGEastern Cooperative Oncology Group
EPSFEncapsulated PostScript Files
ECC RAMError Correcting Code RAM (memory)
EGOExhaust Gas Oxygen
EGGEnergy Gradient Growth
EEEElectrical and Electronic Engineering
ECMAEuropean Computer Manufacturers Association
EFLEmitter Follower Logic
ECPCExperimental Climate Prediction Center
ELTElementary Laboratory Technology
EPLEffective Privilege Level
EGPExterior Gateway Protocol
ETIEnvironmental Technology Initiative
EARPEthernet Address Resolution Protocol
EPIPSExport Promotion Industrial Parks
EACEconomic Advisory Council
EMLand Email file extension
EMBExtended Memory Block [LIM-AST]
ETKAElektronischer TeileKAtalog
EBITAEarnings Before Interest Taxes And Amortization
EELEpsilon Extension Language
ENTEREnter Stack Frame
EDLEdit Decision List
ELFExtremely Low Frequency
ERIEnvironmental Response Inventory
EBPEnterprise Buyer Professional
EAVEqualized Assessed Valuation
EDCILEducational Consultants India Limited
EOCEnd Of Conversion
EDGARElectronic Data Gathering Analysis and Retrieval
EBREnterprise Backup / Restore (UNIX tape backup utility)
ELCEmbedded Linking and Control
ENITisn't it
EDOExtended Data Out (new RAM and DRAM data access technology)
EAMExternal Antenna Module
EVAEquine Viral Arteritis
ETWEvent Tracing For Windows
ECAFEEconomic Commission for Asia and Far East
E-911Enhanced emergency telephone number (USA)
ERCEmployee Relocation Council
EMD(S)Emergency Medical doctor(s)
ERDAEnergy Research and Development Administration
ELMEmitted Light Modulation
ETLEmbedded Transmission Line (microwave)
EAFExperimenter's Analysis Facility
ESRDEndstage renal disease
ERDASEarth Resource Data Analysis System
ESCONEnterprise System Connection (IBM)
EOSEarth Observing System [NASA] End Of String
EAAEasy Animal Aid
EARExternal Access Register
EAUEstimated Annual Usage
EEMSEnhanced Expanded Memory Specification
EOUExpert Oriented Unit
EIEElectron Impact Excitation
EPSAExploration and Production Sharing Agreement
ECCREmerging Chemicals Control Regulations
EOUSExport Oriented Units
EEFExtended Fund Facility
ERNETEducation and Research Network
ECBIEffectiveness of Coping Behaviours Inventory
EXCAExchangeable Card Architecture [Intel]
ETNElectronic Telecommunications Network
EIOEnhanced Input Output
EASAEasy Access Savings Account
EFAExtended File Attribute
EESSEarth Exploration Satellite Service (ITU)
ETECEnterotoxigenic Escherichia Coli
EIGRPEnhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol
ESAEnterprise Systems Architecture [IBM]
ETFEEthylene Tetra Flouroethylene
EESEscrow Encryption Standard
EDREvent Data Recorder
ENREnrichment and reprocessing
ETOSElectronic Trading Opportunities
EBAEarly Bacterial Activity
EAROMElectrically Alterable Read Only Memory
EBSEmergency Breathing Subsystem
EFRExchange Fluctuation Reserve
EPI HCLEpinephrine Hydrochloride
ECCOEarth Coincidence Control Office
ECMOExtracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation
EMAE-mail Address (example: ?ema or ema? = what is your email address)
ECAMEnvironmental Cost Analysis Methodology
EMMExpanded Memory Manager
EFFElectronic Frontier Foundation (studies impact of computers on society)
EBIEquivalent Background Input
EEICElectrical/Electronics Insulation Conference
ESQEarth Similarity Quotient
EFDEngineer Friendly Documentation
EDIFACTEDI for Administration Commerce and Transport
EAIEnterprise Application Integration
ERWElectrical Resistance Welding
EPCSExport Promotion Councils
ETMSEnhanced Traffic Management System
EODCExport Obligation Discharge Certificate
EGLEnglish as a Global Language
ECJEngineering Change Journal
ESOSEmployee's Stock Option Scheme
ECWExtreme Championship Wrestling
EDSElectronic Data Systems (corporation)
EBGEmirates Bank Group
ERGOEnergy Rich Glucose Optimized
ELICOSEnglish Language Course for Overseas Students
EUSEndoscopic UltraSonography
EHPExtended High Power
ENATevery now and then
EEMExtended Memory Management
ECETElectrical and Computer Engineering Technology
ETGEnhanced Target Generator
EMACSEditing MACroS (Linux / Unix text editor)
ECVExternal cephalic version
EIDEEnhanced Integrated Drive Electronics
EITExtremeultraviolet Imaging Telescope
EPTOXExtraction Procedure Toxicity
EVEExtensible VAX Editor
EWTExtended Working Time
EDAXEnergy Dispersive Analysis Of X
EEZExclusive Economic Zone
EVGAExtended Video Graphics Array
ELANEmulated Local Area Network
EEPCEqual Employment Practices Commission
EDCTExpedite Departure Path
EFTSElectronic Funds Transfer System
EBMEvidence Based Medicine
EISAExtended Industry Standard Architecture
ESSBEarth Systems Science Building
EIElectromagnetic Interference
EPNEmphysematous Pyelonephritis
EPEEmployees Provident Fund
EXT2Sometime noted as Ext2fs; this is the file system used by Linux OSs
ESBEnglish Speaking Background
ECADEstimates cost attribution development
EX-BFEx-Boy Friend
ERFExternal rotation in flexion
ECRSExpense Cost Recovery System
EAOEducational Affairs Office
ETABExecutive Technical Advisory Board
ECBCEastern Carpathians Biodiversity Conservation
EVLEvil Laugh
EGFREpidermal Growth Factor Receptor
EGIEmbedded Gateway Interface
ECFExtracellular Fluid
EWEast and West
ECDISElectronic Chart Display Information System
EICCEastern Iowa Community College
EDO-RAMExtended Data Output Random Access Memory
EDEEmbedded Development Environment
ELKSEmbeddable Linux Kernel Subset
ESCREnvironmental Stress Cracking Resistance
ELOExplosives Liaison Officer
ESO(S)eating disorder(s)
EMAILElectricity Meter And Allied Industries Limited
EBVEpstein Barr Virus
EPDExpected Progeny Difference
ECTCExpected Cost To Company
ESTSExpress Sequence Tags
EPSSElectrical Power Subsystem
EHREnhanced Half-Rate codec
E-TIMEExecution time
ECOSEducation And Career Opportunities System
ESWLExtracorporeal Shock-Wave Lithotripsy
ECOMEn Route Communications
EIGElectronic Information Group
ETPCEducation and Training Programme in informatics management and technology for Clinicians
ETANNElectrically Trainable Analog Neural Network (chip) [Intel]
EPTAExpended Programme of Technical Assistance (UN)
EAASEssential Amino Acids
EPGElectrical Power Generator
EXTRAOver the top excessive
EMAPEnvironmental Monitoring and Assessment Program
EJElbow jerk
EZeasy (one of the really old ones)
EULAEnd User License Agreement
ENMEmergency Notification Message
EJVexternal jugular vein
EFTPOSElectronic Funds Transfer Point Of Sale
ENAECN Notify Acknowledgment
EMBAExecutive Masters of Business Administration
EPOElement Project Office
EMMCEastern Maine Medical Center
EOAEnd Of Address
ENFElks National Foundation
EPI BOREpinephrine Borate
EPIRBEmergency Position-Indicating Radio Beacon (COMSAR)
EPTExtended Page Table
EAMCETEngineering And Medical common Entrance Test
EVTEngineering Verification Test
ESFEngineered Safety Features
ERLEnvironmental Research Laboratory
ESPSExperiment Segment Pallet Simulator
EMIREasy Management for Internet Routers
ECUEISA Configuration Utility
EVBEnergy Vitality Balance
ERBEngineering Review Board
EFTPSElectronic Federal Tax Payment System
EVRElectro Video Recording
ESCPEcole Superieur De Commerce De Paris
EHIEnormous Hail Index
EBFElectron Backscatter Factor
ELIZAprimitive AI program (1966) after Eliza Doolittle of Pygmalion
EQPEnd Quantity Pricing
ELCBEarth Leakage Circuit Breaker
EXIFExchangeable Image File
ESVEnd Systolic Volume
EPTSEnhanced Print Trouble Shooter
EMERALDEnvironmental Management Exchange And Resource Alliance For Local Development
EPI BITEpinephrine Bitartrate
EHOEnvironmental Health Officer
ETACSExtended Total Access Communication System [IBM]
ETCPElectrolytic Tough-pitch Copper (wires)
ERUEmergency Recovery Utility (configuration backup utility with Windows 95)
EDMSEnterprise Document Management System
ERISAEmployee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974
ETNSEmergency Telephone Number System
ERNEngineering Release Notice
EPBRExtended Partition Boot Record
EPRPEthiopian Peoples Revolutionary Party
EDLCEthernet Data Link Control
EFOElectronic Flame-Off
E-NOSEElectronic Nose
EXMEnterprise Messaging Exchange [Lotus]
EHFExtremely High Frequency (more than 30 GHz)
ETRAEgyptian Telecommunications Regulatory Authority
ETIDEveryTime I Die (band)
EGS-PMDAProject Management Decisional Assistant for Enhanced Geothermal Systems
ECMSEgyptian Company for Mobile Services (operator)
ECTPEthernet Configuration Test Protocol
EETElectrical Engineering Technologies
EEDElectroexplosive device
EPDBElectrical Power Data Box
EDSSExpanded Disability Status Scale
EHCElectrical Heating Control
EOOEqual Opportunity Office
EBPSEnvironmental Benefit Permit Strategy
ELCSEquipment Load Carrying Subsystem
EMASEnvironmental Management and Auditing System
EUUEnd User Update
ED.L.D.Doctor of Education Leadership
ECNEEnterprise Certified NetWare Engineer
EC-GCElectron Capture-gas Chromatograph
EIBEconomic Intelligence Bureau
EAXElectronic Automatic Exchange
EDPMElectronic Data Processing Machine
ECCBEngineering Change Control Board
EGREPExtended Global Regular Expression Print [Unix]
ER-RCExtended Result-Response Code
EPOSElectronic Point Of Sale
ENACEnergetic Neutral Atom Camera
EVOEngineering Verification Order
EPBEquivalent Pension Benefits
EWAEstimated Warehouse Arrival
EDVEndDiastolic Volume
EPEPElectrical Performance of Electronic Packaging
EGDElectronic Government Directorate
EWWExpression of disgust
ETLPDSEmerging Technologies: Designing Low Power Digital Systems
ECFMGEducation Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates
ECSAExchange Carrier Standards Association (now ATIS)
EGPWSEnhanced Ground Proximity Warning System
ER1Data (ERWin)
ECOREngineering Committee on Oceanic Resources
EVMSEarned Value Management System
EOMSEarly Onset Multiple Sclerosis
EPUEarly Pregnancy Unit
EDOSEnhanced DOS for windows
EREExternal rotation in extension
ETQRExternal Total Quality and Reliability
EHAEmergency and Humanitarian Action
ETRIElectronics & Telecommunications Research Institute (Korea)
ERASElectronic Routing and Approval System [Hughes Aircraft]
EML-EMSElement Management Layer- Element Management Service
ETDPExpert Tsunami Database for the Pacific
ERSSEarth Retaining Stabilizing Structure
ETSSExternal Tank Separation Subsystem
EFWEvanescent Floquet Wave
EMLAEMulsion Local Anesthetic
EBDEmotional Behavioral Disorders
ESCAElectron Spectroscopy for Chemical Analysis
E-ZINEElectronic magaZINE
EBHElectronic Bone Enhancement
ETFTPEnhanced Trivial FTP (networking)
ETHERLECEthernet Local Exchange Carrier
ETTMElectronic Toll and Traffic Management
ETRFElectrically Tuned RF (filter)
ED DEducation Doctorate
ECTLElectronic Communal Temporal Lobe
EDIFElectronic Design Interchange Format
ETPSElectro Therapeutic Point Stimulation
EWPElectronic White Pages
ERPCEvacuation Of Retained Products Of Conception
EMCOEgyptian Maritime Consultant Office
EHSEnhanced HOSC System
EWMEquine World Management
EPOCElevated PostExercise Oxygen Consumption
EVDVEvolution Data Voice
EMC(S)IEEE International Electromagnetic Compatibility Symposium
ETSUEast Tennessee State University
EITCEarned Income Tax Credit
ELRTSElevated Light Rail Transit System (proposed- Bangalore)
EEREstimated Energy Requirement
EIMEthernet Inverse Mapper
ENIEnvironmental Network International
ECCKTExchange Company Circuit
EYErnst Young
EHVTEdinburgh Heart Valve Trial
ETTHEpisodic Tension Type Headache
ETACOMAnnual Conference on Emerging Technologies and Applications in Communications
E-OTDEnhanced Observed Time Difference
E-TDMAExpanded Time Division Multiple Access
ESA(S)Erythropoiesis-stimulating agent(s)
EQASExternal Quality Assurance Service
ETVAExternal Tank Vent Arm
EECPEnhanced External Cardiac Pulsation
EEQEvaluation Of Effort And Quota
E-BCCHExtended-Broadcast Control Channel
ECOWASEconomic Cooperation Organization of West African States
ETFAIEEE Conference on Emerging Technologies and Factory Automation
EFFFLextra friendly friends for life
EPH SULFEphedrine Sulfate
EMCETEngineering and Medicine Common Entrance Test
ETITOElectro-Technology Industry Training Organization
ETRODEastern Test Range Operations Directive
ESASElectronic Service Activation System (Inmarsat)
EDRMEnterprise Digital Rights Management
EXISTa Batch command that tests for the existence of a specified file
ENFIAExchange Network Facilities for Interstate Access
ETDMElectrical Time-Division Multiplexing
EQFEqualizer Settings file (WinAmp)
EBCTElectron Beam Computed Tomography
ETLAextended three letter acronym
EGCGepigallocatechin gallate
ECASExperiment Computer Application Software
EESAEnergy Efficiency Standards Act
ETTDCElectronics Trade and Technology Development Development Corporation
EFPEffective Fringing Property
EBPPElectronic Bill Presentment and Payment
EMPIEnterprise Master Patient Index
EMT(S)Emergency Medical Technician
EPHEphedrine Hydrochloride
EUAExamination Under Anesthetic
ELEDEdge-emitting Light-Emitting Diode
EBWElectron Beam Welding
ETTXEthernet To The X (X = whatever)
ENDTElectroNeuro Diagnostic Technology
ENDSEnds Segment
ERCAElectrochemically Regenerable CO2 Absorber
ESIRElectronic Safety Incident Report
EEOEqual Employment Opportunities
ELEExtremely Low-frequency Emission (monitors)
ECPRElectricallyCalibrated Pyroelectric Radiometer
EPVEmployer Provided Vehicle
ECLSSEnvironmental Control and Life Support System
EPONEthernet Passive Optical Network
ECCMElectronic CounterCountermeasures
ETPIEastern Telecommunications of Philippines Inc.
ELLEElle Looks Like EMACS
EVASEnlarged Vestibular Aqueduct Syndrome
ECESEnvironmental Cost Element Structure
EPCHExport Promotion Council for Handicrafts
ESHEnd System Hello packet
EOTWend of the world
ESDUEvent Storage and Distribution Unit
ESDIEnhanced Small Device Interface (Hard disk interface- older than SCSI- ISA- PCI newer than the ST506)
E-UALExternal Ultrasonic Assisted Liposuction
EECSElectrical Engineering and Computer Science
ECIBExtracorporeal Irradiation Of Blood
EPNNEldor Peripheral Nerve Needle
ELS NETWAREEntry Level System NetWare (networking)
EXE2BINPKWare program (exe2binexe) that converts a compression (zip arc- lhz- etc) file to a binary or executable file This allows a user to decompress the file without having a copy of PK Zip
ENEErratic Neurotic Erotic
EMHEmergency Medical Hologram
E-OKElectronically OK
EPRLFElam People’s Revolutionary Liberation Front
EJBEnterprise Java Beans
EDHElectronic Document Handling
ETRANMonte Carlo computer code for Electrons and Photons through Extended Media
EMPSExpanded Modular Power System
EAPOEngineering Academic Programs Office
EDFAErbium-Doped Fiber Amplifier (fiber optics)
E-IDEEnhanced IDE (interface)
ETDMAExtended TDMA (access)
EMSFExternal Maintenance and Servicing Facility
ELT(S)ejaculation latency time(s)
EUSIEnd-User Support Interface
ESC-PEpson Standard Code for Printers
ENEAEnte per le Nuove Tecnologie
EICSEmergency Integrated Communication System
EGSMExtended (frequency range) GSM
EAFBEdwards Air Force Base
EUTEarly User Test
EDRMSElectronic Document and Records Management System
EVRY1every one
ETMCEast Texas Medical Center
E-DATINGOnline dating
EPDCElectrical Power Distribution and Control
EGCExperiments Ground Compute
ESCMExtended Services Communications Manager [IBM]
E-IUDemergency intrauterine device
EATAEnhanced AT Bus Attachment
EOL-RRend-of-life recycling rate
EFMAEthernet in the First Mile Alliance
EHR(S)electronic health record(s)
EEKExpression of surprise distress
EPOWEarly Power Off Warning
EERAEducational Employment Relations Act
EAFCEnhanced Automatic Frequency Control (electronics)
EARCEconomic Administrative Reforms commission
EPGCExecutive Program for Growing Companies (Stanford University)
ENOBEffective Numbers of Bits
EOJEnd Of Job (file transfer marker)
EUPEnvironmental Use Permit
ESCOTEducational Software Components Of Tomorrow
ENRPEnvironment and Natural Resources Program
ELMSEnvironmental Land Management Scheme
EGFEpidermal Growth Factor
EMBARCElectronic Mail Broadcast to a Roaming Computer
EBCPR(S)evidence-based clinical practice resource(s)
EEVEmergency Escape Vehicle
EGWEdge Gateway
ELHEntire Life History
ESMTPExtended Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
ESSAEnvironmental Sciences Services Administration
EVALEarth Viewing Applications Laboratory
EXOFFICIOBy virtue of one's office
EEDFElectron Energy Distribution Function
ER2Earth Resources
ESYSEn Route Equipment Systems
E-EDIDEnhanced Extended Display Identification Data
EPRIElectric Power Research Institute
EPSONEpson printer graphics file
E-DDCExtended Display Data Channel
ESDAElectronic System Design Automation (ICT)
EDSIEnhanced Small Device Interface
EV-DVEVolution Data/Voice
EBEExtraterrestrial Biological Entity
ERSCEnvironmental Remote Sensing Center
ECIOExperiment Computer InputOutput
ESMREnhanced Specialized Mobile Radio
EOSESDAnnual Electrical Overstress/Electrostatic Discharge Symposium
ENLFElam National Liberation Front
EILEngineers India Limited
ERSIElastomeric Reusable Surface Insulation
EHXExperiment Dedicated Heat Exchanger
EGTElapsed Ground Time
EMTCEastern Maine Technical College
ELCPEmergency Lighting Control Panel
EDMUExternal Debt Management Unit
EPDUElectrical Power Distribution Unit
EBLEstimated Blood Loss
EDYEdit Data Yourself
ECFAEvangelical Child and Family Agency
EXITstop execution and close a Batch file
EASE-GRIDEqual Area SSMI Earth Grid
EPSPExperiment Power Switching Panel
EPARExternal Tank Project Assessment Review
EBICElectron-Beam-Induced Current
EATSEmpire Air Training Scheme
ECPAElectronic Communications Privacy Act 1986
EDO RAMExtended Data Output RAM (memory)
E-LMIEnhanced Local Management Interface (frame relay)
EFXEFfect eXtenstion
EBKEmbryonic Bovine Kidney
EPMAElectron-Probe MicroAnalysis
EPLDElectrically Programmable Logic Device
ECMITEmirates College for Management & Information Technology
ENSSExterior Nodal Switching Subsystem [Internet]
ECVFExtra cellular Fluid Volume
EIRPEffective Isotropic Radiated Power
EMCCEmergency Mission Control Center
EIUEastern Illinois University
E.M.P.ex modo prescripto - as directed
ESQAExtended System Queue Area
ECOSAREcological Structure Activity Relationships
EDDRElectron DipoleDipole Reservoir
ECAEElectronic Computer-Aided Engineering
ECDSAElliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm
ERTLElectronics Regional Test Laboratory
EDDCExtended Distance Data Cable
ECVIEast Coast Vancouver Island
EARSElectronic Access to Reference Services
EFGEpic Fail Guy
EDCPEngineering Design Change Proposal
EOKEnvironmentally OK
EDLINEDitor for LINe text
ESTAElectronic System Test Equipment
ECRISElectronCyclotronResonance Ion Source
ED.S.Educational Specialist
ECHIEast Carolina Heart Institute
EITSessential IT skills
ESSPEarth System Science Pathfinder Mission
ESIGEnvironmental And Societal Impacts Group
EDIDAGElectronic Data Interchange of Dangerous Goods information
EGEEthylene Glycol Ether
ERXData (ERWin)
ELCIWAElectronics Component Industries Association
EHLLAPIEmulator High Level Language Application Programming Interface [IBM]
ERADEn Route Broadband Radar
EPLSREnhanced Position Location Reporting System
EMACEthernet Media Access Controller
EAEExperimental Allergic Encephalomyelitis
EVOHEthylene Vinyl Alcohol
ESTLElectronic Systems Test Laboratory
ENCODEEncyclopedia of DNA Elements
EOMIExtraocular Movements Intact
EMAGEditorial Management Advisory Group
ERLLEnhanced Run Length Limited
EMKEmergency Medical Kit
EUNEgyptian Universities Networks
EXZExcessive Zeros (data encoding)
EKEEncrypted Key Exchange (protocol)
ESBAREpitaxial Schottky Barrier (diode)
E COLIEscherichia Coli
ELBWExtremely Low Birth Weight
EMCDElectroMechanical Control Diagram
EIASExport Inspection Agencies
EXTRNExternal Reference
EMWElectroMagnetic Wave
ELM1ELongated Mitochondria 1
ERBEEarth Radiation Budget Experiment
ESLOCEquivalent Source Lines Of Code
ENV.E.Environmental Engineer(ing)
EMNEngineering Management Network
ESRBEntertainment Software Rating Board
ELEOExtremely Low Earth Orbit
EDISEmergency Digital Information System/Service
ECSUEastern Connecticut State University
E-BEAMElectron Beam
EDTVEnhanced Definition Television
EPSRCEngineering and Physical Sciences Research Council
ERGOTErgotamine Tartrate
EHLExtensor Hallucis Longus
EUSPElectric Universal Service Program
E-FETEnhancement-mode FET (semiconductors)
ECLSEnvironmental Control and Life Support
EIFEchogenic Intracardiac Focus
ESMUExtended Subscriber Module-100 URBAN
EVTRElectro Video Tape Recording
EGCSEarly Gastric Carcinomas
EWANEmulator Without A Good Name [Internet]
EMT-BEmergency Medical Technician - Basic
EPSNEurasian Political Studies Network
EMECElectromagnetic Effects Capability
EDODRAMExtended Data Out Dynamic Random Access Memory.
ECUSEC2 Compute Units
EVCUExtravehicular Communications Umbilical
EDAREducation Department Acquisition Regulation
EPACEnhanced Perceptual Audio Coder
E-BPREnhanced Bottom Pressure Recorder
ESFDLExtended Super Frame Data-Link
EEOCEqual Employment Opportunity Commission
ERINEnvironmental Resources Information Network (Australia)
ESOAEurpoean School of Antennas
EMMAEuclidean Model MAtching
EHPCExtended High Priority Command
EDMOHigh Performance Electron Devices for Microwave and Optoelectronic Applications
EFRFEquipment Failure Report Form
EUSREnergy and Utility Skills Register
ENHDEgyptian Navy Hydrographic Department
EXOSExtension Outside
ESPCEarly Stage Prostate Cancer
EOBIEarly Onset Bacterial Infections
EMVERExperimento Meteorologico del Verano
EMUOEarly Morning Urine Osmolality (evaluating urine concentration)
ESECEn Route Broadband Secondary Radar
EXORExclusive OR (digital gate)
EPHINElectron Proton Helium Instrument
EFSEvent Free Survival time from diagnosis to defined events (eg
ESLFEndstage Liver Failure
EPLREarly Pregnancy Loss Rate
ENCGEcole Nationale de Commerce et de Gestion
ENNEmergency News Network
ENOSendothelial nitric oxide synthase
E-LEADEar Lead
EOSPEarth Observing Scanning Polarimeter
EPOBElectronic Post Office Box
EXPGNExtracapillary Proliferative Glomerulonephritis
ELSUEthernet LAN Service Unit
EAHEarly Administrative Hearing
EGASECCMA Global Attribute Schema
EIMWTEcho Integration-MidWater Trawl
ESSGEducation Strategy Steering Group (of the RCVS)
ERIPExperiment Requirement and Implementation Plan
EFCIExplicit Forward Congestion Indication
ED RAMEnhanced Dynamic RAM (memory)
ELINTElectromagnetic Intelligence
EUCLEnd User Common Line
EIPPEnvironmental Internet Procurement Portal
EO-ICWGEarth Observations International Coordination Working Group
ERTEEEverything is Related to Everything Else
EIUSEnvironmental Improvement of Urban Slums
EADIElectronic Attitude Director Indicator
EDXRFEnergy Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence
ESESElectrical Status Epilepticus during Sleep
EEEVEastern equine encephalitis virus
EDACSEnhanced Digital Access Communications System
EMILMElectro-absorbtive Modulated Isolated Laser Module
EMPDInternational Conference on Energy Management and Power Delivery
ELLFExpected LogLikelihood Function
EHPHExtrahepatic Portal Hypertension
ECTAEsophageal Gastric Tube Airway
EUMEnd User Manual
EV MPDEudraVigilance Medicinal Product Database
EMPHEmphasis (FM transmission)
ERDIEnhanced Remote Defect Indication
ED. DEducational Doctorate
EOBJObject code (error-checking version) (Geoworks)
ESMCEastern Space and Missile Center
EPFDElectronic Position-Fixing Device (GPS)
ERWDAEnvironmental Research And Wildlife Development Agency
EDPEElectronic Data Processing Equipment
EVCSExtravehicular Communications System
ESPANEgress Switched Port ANalyzer
EOTCEdge Of The Continent
EMSAWEnRoute Automated Minimum Safe Altitude Warning
ESD/IPCEnvironmental Satellite Distribution/Interactive Processing Center
ESDIMEarth System Data and Information Management
EGNExperimental Glomerulonephritis
EIAFExpanded Inward Access Features
ESCDExtended System Configuration Data
EELVEnd Expiratory Lung Volume
EMTALAEmergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act
ESDTEarth Science Data Type
ELPATEnvironmental Lead Proficiency Analytical Testing Program
EMRCPExcess Maximum Return Capital Profit
EDCOMPEdCompCon - Educational Computing Conference
EHWEast Headwaters
EMIBExecutive Masters in International Business
EMIPEmployment Market Information Programmes
EFISElectronic Flight Information Systems
EIEOSElectric Idle Exit Ordered Set
EBISElectron Beam Ion Source
EACHEast Anglias Childrens Hospices
ELRFExtremely Low Radio Frequency
ERPSExperimental Rocket Propulsion Society
EMANEcological Monitoring and Assessment Network
EMRLEquipment Maintenance Requirements List
EMITEnhanced Management Information Tool
EDO DRAMExtended Data Output DRAM (memory)
ERAPEnvironmental Risk Analysis Program
EOFYSEnd Of Financial Year Sale
EAYEffective Annual Yield
EMTSIEEE International Electronic Manufacturing Technology Symposium
EUNUEast Ukrainian National University
EEIExternal Environment Interface
EEMPEnvironmental Enhancement and Mitigation Program
EQSEnvironmental Quality Standard
EPLANSEngineering Planning and Analysis System
ERBFEffective Renal Blood Flow
EV-DOEVolution-Data Optimized
ELADExtracorporeal Liver Assist Device
ERDSEmergency Response Data Sheet
ELSSEElectronic Sky Screen Equipment
EPACTelectronic prescribing analysis and costing
ENMOCEl Nino MOnitoring Center
EDKMEvery Disease Known to Man
ELDVElectrically Operated Depressurization Valve
ENRMEthernet Network Routing Module
ECSDEnhanced Circuit-Switched Data
EIPAElectronic Information and Communication for Pedagogical Academies (Austria)
ERECEfficiency and Renewable Energy Clearinghouse
EBCDCExtended Binary Coded Decimal
ELMLeLesson Markup Language
EDNSExtension mechanisms for the Domain Name System protocol
EABExperimental Analysis Of Behavior
ENDLEvaluated Nuclear Data Library
EBBDEconomic Botany Bibliographic Database
EMMLEnterprise Mashup Markup Language
EUSBEID Universal Serial Bus
EHZExa-Hertz (1018 Hz)
ERPMEngineering Requirements and Procedures Manual
EEFLExternal Electrode Fluorescent Lamp
ELECEnterprise Local Exchange Carrier
EMRPEffective Monopole-Radiated Power (Intelsat)
EPDAEngineering Professional Development Award
EMEMSElastomeric Micro-Electro-Mechanical System
EIEKEquilibrium Isotope Exchange Kinetics
ECQBElectro-Chemical Quartz crystal Balance
ERAUEmbry Riddle Aeronautical University
ENIDEGC (closed-) Network Identification code (Inmarsat)
ESDISEarth Science Data and Information System
EESNExpanded Electronic Serial Number
EGIFElectronic Government Interoperability Framework
EDGYCutting edge
EIECEnteroinvasive Escherichia Coli
EMT-PEmergency Medical Technician - Paramedic
EARTHKAMEarth Knowledge Acquired By Middleschoolers
EMUSElectro-Mechanical Units and Systems
EAPLElectronic AstroPhysical Journal Letters
ENNITExpression of agreement
ECVFPExpanded Charted Visual Flight Procedures
EPMFEnvironmental Performance Measurement Framework
EBIDAEarnings Before Interest
EDDRESSEmail address
EDAMEnhanced Digital Announcement Machine
EMULAbbreviation for emulsion
ESTHREmergency short term home relief
EFRDEcoFriendly Radiation Detector
EUSMEmory University School of Medicine
EDLTElectric Double Layer Transistor
EFECEnhanced Forward Error Correction
EVPRTEvent Printer
EREPEarth Resources Package
EUSNEndoscopic UltraSound-guided fine Needle aspiration biopsy
E.O.M.every other month
EHAPEthical Hackers Against Pedophilia
ELSECElectronic Security
EPSCSEnhanced Private Switch Controlled System
ERTFExchange Rate Transaction Fee
ERFENRegional Study of the El Nino Phenomenon
ELLBeDAQ Low Level Board
EPRMLExtended Partial Response/Maximum Likelihood
EUWEnd-User Workstation
EACAPEast Alameda County Area Plan
EUI-64Extended Unique Identifier-64 (bits)
E. COLIEscherichia Coli
E2EGEar To Ear Grin
EUVExtreme Ultraviolet
EBONYDark skin tone
EUTPEnhanced Unshielded Twisted Pair
EUSLEastern University of Sri Lanka
EVSCExtravehicular Suit Communications
EGZFEquine Grass Sickness Fund
EDENDORElectrically Detected Electron-Nuclear DOuble Resonance
EBIOSEnhanced BIOS (computer)
ER/LAextended release/long acting
EACPEmergency Auxiliary Control Panel
EAPSEnvironmental Action Programme Support
EFMPElectronic Forest Management Plans
EOTDEnhanced Observed Time Difference
EBITDAREarnings Before Interest Taxes Depreciation Amortization And Rent
ELLEquivalent Loudness Level
EOPAPEarth and Ocean Physics Application Program
EBSDElectron Back Scatter Diffraction
EFFCEast Freehold Fire Company
EBIDTEarnings Before Interest
EMULS.emulsum - emulsion
ENAPEnergetic Neutral Atom Precipitation
EAECEast Asian Economic Caucus
ECLAEconomic Commission For Latin America
EICASEngine Indication and Crew Alerting System
EBEFEquivalent Beam on Elastic Foundation
EMOSEnvironmental Management Overview Strategy
EDIMARElectronic Data Interchange of Maritime documents (ICT)
EBAMElectron-Beam-Accessed Memory
EFOCSEvanescent Fiber Optic Chemical Sensor
EIEOEnergy In
ENLEleven Nineteen Leukemia
EMSSElectromagnetic Servoactuator System
ERKExtracellular Regulated Kinase
ERTAEconomic Recovery Tax Act of 1981
ELLTElliott Hall of Music
EGTAEthylene glycol bis(2aminoethyl ether)tetraacetic acid
ELM3ELongated Mitochondria 3
EEDIDEnhanced Extended Display Identification Data
EIDPEnd Item Data Package
EIBIEarly Intensive Behavioral Intervention
EAEOEnd Access End Office
EGAPPEvaluation of Genomic Applications in Practice and Prevention
EETBElectronic Electrical Termination Building
EERFEcological Effects Research Forum
ECMREqual Cost Multipath Routing
EWSDElektronisches Wahl System Digital (Siemens Switching system)
ENMUEastern New Mexico University
ECOMEGE-Commerce Experts Group
EHSGEnvironment Health and Safety Group
ERSIREarth Resources Shuttle Imaging Radar
EMPDPEuromicro Workshop on Parallel and Distributed Processing
EHBFEstimated Hepatic Blood Flow
ELPGExtended Life Premium Generator
EPBFEffective Pulmonary Blood Flow
ENAVEn Route Navigational Aids
ELMFEmitted Light Modulation Frequency
EDSXElectronic Digital Signal Cross-connect
EBJError-checking object file (Geoworks)
EUVLExtreme UltraViolet Lithography
EMROEastern Mediterranean Region of Operations
EBWQAElliott Bay Water Quality Assessment
EHIBEnvironmental Health Investigations Branch
EMWRTEuromicro Workshop on Real-Time Systems
ELM2ELongated Mitochondria 2
ENDZArea where you live
EGUNFast Pulse Electron Gun
ELECTRAEnhanced Light Efficiency Cophasing Telescope Resolution Actuator
EVVKCouldn't Care Less (Finnish)
ELINSLIEEE International Symposium on Electrical Insulation
EFSQEx Falso Sequitur Quodlibet
EMCEElectrical Measurement and Control Engineering
EBHCEquated Busy Hour Call (Intelsat)
EBMEElectro Biomechanical Engineer
EIAPEmirates Institute of Architects and Planners
EAMFROEast African Marine Fisheries Research Organization
ERNCEmerging Researchers National Conference
ECRAEngineering Change RequestAuthorization
ENSDFEvaluated Nuclear Structure Data File
EECTElectricity Electronics Computer Technology
EARTSEn Route Automated Radar Tracking System
EGSEElectrical Ground Support Equipment
EUNSDelectronic Unique Non-Standard Data
ESDFEastern Samar Development Foundation
EIINETEmerging Infections Information Network (Yale University)
EINAEncrypted Inbound Network Access
EIBAEastern Iowa Bonsai Association
ED. S.Education Specialist
EGPRSEnhanced General Packet Radio Service
EIEGEquipment and Infrastructure Enhancement Grant
ELACSExtended Life Attitude Control System
EBDITAEarnings Before Depreciation
ELMQElaboration Likelihood Model Questionnaire
EFRCEnvironmentally Friendly Road Construction
EOSATEarth Observation Satellite Company
ELOBExpeditionary Learning Outward Bound
EBNFExtended Backus Naur Form
EROCEcological Rates of Change
EOLASEmbedded Objects Linked Across Systems
EEHOEither End Hop Off
EIVTElectrical and Instrumentation Verification Test
EIEQElectronic Interlocking EQuipment
ELOTGreek Organization for Standardization (Greece)
EMLEElectrochemical Molecular Layer Epitaxy
EHIAEnvironmental Health Impact Assessment
ESCHExecutive Service Corps of Houston
EI-MIEEE Electrical Insulation Magazine
EATERSEntitlement and Treatment Eligibility Recording System
EGADSEdwards Geophysical Analysis Display System
EUI-48Extended Unique Identifier-48 (bits)
EOAMEndoscopic Oblique Aspiration Mucosectomy
ENODEffective Number Of Digits
EBGAEnhanced Ball-Grid Array (microchips)
EHENExceptional Human Experience Network
EIETElectrical and Information Engineering Technology
ELNESEnergyLoss NearEdge Structure
ELMTElectroMechanical Technology
EAPREnergy Assistance Program Rate
ELLDElective - Lower Division
ECFVGEducational Commission for Foreign Veterinary Graduates (of the AVMA)
EUALExternal Ultrasonic Assisted Liposuction
EL.B.A.ELectronics and Biotechnology Advanced
EKMSElectronic Key Management System
EASCONIEEE Electronics and Aerospace Systems Convention
EGRETEnergetic Gamma Ray Explorer Telescope
ESCWAEconomic and Social Commission for Western Asia
ENABLIEEE Workshop on Enabling Technologies
EUVSExtreme UltraViolet Spectrometer
ELCIEnvironment Liaison Centre International
EFFORTEasy Flat File Organization Report Tool
EFCSEarth Fixed Coordinate System
EVSUExtravehicular Space Unit
ELFEXTEqual-Level Far-End Cross-Talk
ESSCEngineering Support Services Contract
EUSSRExternal Unit Support Service Request
EDEPRElectrically Detected Electron Paramagnetic Resonance
ENACWEast North Atlantic Central Water
EKORTrojan Backdoor.Sdbot.AQ computer virus
EBITDEarnings Before Interest
EBCAKError Between Chair And Keyboard
EJOEngineering Job Order
EIEEElectrically Independent Earth Electrode
EVLSSExtravehicular Life Support System
EOTWAWKIEnd Of The World As We Know It
ECBVEffective Circulating Blood Volume
EBDIElectronic Business Data Interchange
EPHRelectronic personal health record
EEHAElectrical Equipment for Hazardous Areas
EIDIBitmap graphics (Electric Image EIDI file)
EBSDAElectron BackScattered Diffraction Analysis
EBLIPEvidence Based Library and Information Practice
ERATOExploratory Research for Advanced Technology Office
EXAFSEdge Xray Absorption Fine Structure
EFRBEducational Facility Revenue Bond
EBHTElectron Beam High Throughput Lithography
EBXEmbedded Balanced Technology Extended
EDMAEnhanced DirectMemoryAccess
ENFFExtended Neutral File Format
ERASEDelete File(s)
ESOWEngineering Statement of Work
ELLIOTEngineers Live Life In Otts Together
EBCDExtended Binary Coded Decimal
EOPREngineering Order Purchase Requisition
EITFEmerging Issues Task Force
ELDISCElectrical Disconnect
EPDPEnhanced Performance Drill Pipe
EELSElectron Energy Loss Spectroscopy
ESRFEnd Stage Renal Failure
EOPOEqual Opportunity Program Office
EUSUEastern University Students' Union
ERMAElectronic Recording Machine Accounting
ELSCEarth Landing Sequence Controller
EC-50Effective Concentration at which 50% of worms will leave sediment
ENDFEvaluated Neutron Data File
EARDSExperimental Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome
E2ECEEnd-to-end Customer Experience
EACUEnvironmental Analytical Chemistry Unit
EDCHEnhanced D-Channel Handler
EMONException Monitoring
EIERAEnvironmental Improvement and Energy Resources Authority
EVATAExtravehicular Activity Translational Aid
EBICONElectron Bombardment Induced Conductivity
EAPDEngineering Access Permits Division
EYPElectronic Yellow Pages
EPICSExperimental Physics And Instrument Control System
ENDORElectron Nuclear DOuble Resonance
EFSBEnergy Facilities Siting Board
ES-ISEnd System to Intermediate System (protocol)
EDCMEvery Disabled Child Matters
EGDSEthylene Glycol DiSstearate
ERNEEnergetic and Relativistic Nuclei and Electron Experiment
EHSDSExperimental Health Services Delivery System
EOSDISEarth Observing System Data and Information System [NASA]
EWBAEverything Will Be Alright
EABVEffective Arterial Blood Volume
ELTSEpithelial Lesions Triage Study
EUSEEffects of Urbanization on Stream Ecosystems
EECCExtraordinary Electrical Circuit Change
EMCONEmission Control (propagation)
EJDEElectronic Journal of Differential Equations
EDDMSElectronic Document Database and Management System
EWSMElectronic Warfare Support Measure
ELNSEller noe s
EAPUEpithelial Protein Induced Uveitis
EDBPErect Diastolic Blood Pressure
EHCIEnhanced Host Controller Interface
EIBWEffective Instantaneous BandWidth
EEELElectronics Electrical Engineering Laboratory
EFRAEnhanced Farm Research Analyst
ESTIRElectrochemical Science and Technology Information Resource
ERBSEarth Radiation Budget Satellite
EBSPElectron BackScattering Pattern
EDSLExtended DSL (access)
EDPAFEDP Auditors Foundation
EMARElectronic Medication Administration Record
EDOMPEDO Medical Project
ECTFEEthylene Chloro TriFlouroethylene
EDLNEngineering Development Logic Network
EFICSElectronic Financial Inventory Control System
ELLLOEnglish Listening Lesson Library On-line
EIEIOElectron Impact Excitation of Ions from Organics
EYOREstimated Year Of Retirement
EFWAEducational Foundation for Women in Accounting
EDIDExtended Display Identification Data
ELIUElectrical Line Interface Unit
ERFCComplementary ERror Function
EASTROPACEastern Tropical Pacific
EDIUExpansion Digital Interface Unit
EFTIREmission Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy
EKTSElectronic Key Telephone Set
EAITEarnings After Income and Taxes
EICCDEastern Iowa Community College District
EAPMOEnterprise Architecture Program Management Office
EUVEExtreme Ultraviolet Explorer
ESHCRUEconomics of Social and Health Care Research Unit (UK)
EIFAElement Interface Functional Analysis
ELMBExtended Local Monitor Board
EMERGElectronics Manufacturing Engineering Research Group
EBNAEpstein Barr Nuclear Antigen
EFWPEpilepsy Foundation of Western/Central Pennsylvania
E&M;Ear and Mouth | or recEive and transMit (signaling)
EETDNEnd-to-End Transit Delay Negotiation
EMRSAepidemic meticillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus
EASCEastern Administrative Support Center
ECEPExperiment Checkout Equipment Processor
EEPLDElectrically Erasable Programmable Logic Device
ESFMUExtended Super-Frame Monitoring Unit
EPCAMepithelial cell adhesion molecule
EAPOLExtensible Authentication Protocol Over LAN
EMOTICONSequence of characters representing an emotion eg 🙂
EQPACEquatorial Pacific
EHBDExtrahepatic Bile Duct
EIIAEmbedded Industrial Internet Appliance
EVMUExtra Vehicular Mobility Unit
EDNOSEating disorder not otherwiaw specified
EHOBelevated head of bed
ECSEDElectronic Commerce in Scientific and Engineering Data
EYOHey yo(u)
EIEMEnvironmental Interference Effects Model
EDIMSEDI Messaging System
EFASEncephalic Frequency Amplitude Scanner
EEVTElectrophoresis Equipment Verification Test
EHBPExtrahepatic Biliary Passages
EJASAElectronic Journal Of The Astronomical Society Of The Atlantic
EOPDEast Orange Police Department
EEMCSE Equals M C Squared
ESCRTendosomal sorting complex required for transport
EACIElectronic Atlas of Central Indiana
EAESCEnterprise Architecture Executive Steering Committee
EPRNEmergency Program Release Notice
EQOEnvironmental Quality Objective
EORMEnvironmental and Occupational Risk Management
EQUIPRTCEQUIPment Real-Time Control
ECTFEnterprise Computer Telephony Forum
EIRREconomic Internal Rate of Return
EADASEngineering and Administrative Data Acquisition System
ESMOSEarth Science Mission Operations and Systems
EAP-FASTExtensible Authentication Protocol-Flexible Authentication via Secure Tunneling
EAPMEngineering And Production Management graduate program
EMAWEvery Man a Wildcat
EVSSExtravehicular Space Suit
EDMAXEducational Management Exchange
EERUFError Eliminating Rapid Ultrasonic Firing
EHRCEquality and Human Rights Commission
EAHCEast Asia Hydrographic Commission
ESADeat shit and die
EAPMCEquitable Access to Primary Medical Care
EAGEElectrical Aerospace Ground Equipment (Intelsat)
E2DISEnvironmental Effects for Distribution Interactive Simulation
EFI&T;Engineer Furnish Install and Test
ELOLEvil Laugh Out Loud
EHPSEndurance Horse and Pony Society of Great Britain
EVRCEnhanced Variable Rate voice Coder
EOHTExternal Oxygen and Hydrogen Tanks
EIESElectron Impact Emission Spectroscopy
E.COLIEscherichia coli
ECHAM-1/LSGCoupled global Ocean- Atmosphere Model
EEPGEnhanced Electronic Program Guide
EB/NOEnergy per bit-to-Noise power spectral density (ratio)
EDESPLEndorsed Data Encryption Standard Products List
ECGFExecutive Committee of the Graduate Faculty
EQUALANTEquatorial Atlantic Survey
ESCAREmpirically Successful Classical Automated Reasoning
ECMEAEnhanced Cellular Message Encryption Algorithm
ESAVAEstonian Small Animal Veterinary Association
ERNAErasmus Remote Network Access (Erasmus University Rotterdam)
EIBJElectromigration-Induced Break Junction
EDPAAEDP Auditors Association
EDIMElectronic Data Interchange Message
ESDIADElectronStimulated Desorption Ion Angular Distributions
ECSSBExalted Carrier SSB (modulation)
ESSDEnvironmentally and Socially Sustainable Development
E PORTExpansion Port
E1520Propylene Glycol
EPLFEritrean People's Liberation Front
ECMHSAEast Central Michigan Health Systems Agency
ECUSTEast China University of Science and Technology
EMPFElectronics Manufacturing Productivity Facility
ECKDExtended Count Key Data
EUSWEstimated Utilizable Surface Water
EBKACError between keyboard and chair
EEOIFNOExecute Every Other Instruction From Now On
EMERGEEast Manchester Environment and Resources Group Emergency
ELLHEllis Hall
EPDCSElectrical Power Distribution and Control System
ECTELEastern Caribbean TELecommunications Authority
EPOCSEquatorial Pacific Ocean Climate Studies
ECTMSelectronic clinical transfusion management system
EUMIEnvironmental Urban Management Initiative
ES/NOEnergy per symbol to Noise power spectral density (ratio)
ESRCEconomic and Social Research Council
EDJEnergy Drink Junkie
E2PROMElectronically Erasable Programmable ROM (memory)
ECWCFSElectrostatic Cloth and Wet Cloth Field Study
EMB-MIEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Magazine
ESLNTEquivalent Satellite Link Noise Temperature
EMCIEngineering Model Configuration Inspection
EH&S;Environmental Health and Safety
EQTVExtended Quality Television
EDBIEducational Development Bank of India
ESVSEscape Suit Ventilation System
EIHDWEvaluation Of Ischemic Heart Disease In Women [study]
ESLDEnd Stage Liver Disease
EIEEAExcellence In Engineering Educator Award
ECSMEffective Current Source Model
EQUARIDGEInternational Study of the Equatorial Segment of the Mid- Atlantic Ridge
EMERG.Emergency Department; Emergency Room (Canada) (see ER)
EF&I;Engineering | Furnishing and Installation
ELMUElaeagnus Multiflora
EIASNEnd Item Assembly Sequence Number
ESNUGE-mail Synopsis User Group
EFTOEncrypted for Transmission Only
EURBOTEuromicro Workshop on Advanced Mobile Robots
ECSTExercise Cardiac Stress Test
ECGAEnergy Conservation Grant Award for Affordable Multifamily Housing
ESTCPEnvironmental Security Technology Certification Program
E CHANNELEcho Channel
EPARSEnterprise Planning And Review System
ECSFFEmbedded Computing Small Form Factor
ECPATEnd Child Prostitution in Asian Tourism
EQEEasy Quick Efficient
ESDRAMEnhanced Synchronized Dynamic RAM (memory)
ECDINEnvironmental Chemicals Data and Information Network
EM64TExtended Memory 64-bit Technology
EPDEElectronic Product Data Exchange
E&E;Eye and Ear
ESSENCEElectronic Surveillance System for the Early Notification of Community-based Epidemics
EKASEssential Knowledge and Skills
EZPZEasy peasy very easy
EFDSExplicit Fractional Derivative System
ESKIType of urban music
EAPJElectronic AstroPhysical Journal Letters
ECPEEmbedded Customer-Premises Equipment (telephone company)
EPWGEnvironmental Projects Working Group
EDQNMEddie- Dampened Quasi- Normal Markovian
EMRAPEmergency Medicine Research Associates Program
EQUAPACCooperative Survey of the Pacific Equatorial Zone
EMVTIEastern Maine Vocational Technical Institute
E&OE;Errors and omissions excluded
E4U2Seasy for you to say
ESCUExtended Service and Cooling Umbilical
ESNETEnergy Science network
EDTREffective Data Transfer Rate (transmission)
E LINKExtended Link
E/VH/V English Version and Hindi Version
E&T;education and training
E/AEvents and Alarms subsystem (Intelsat)
EQUIPC/IEQUIPment Control and Integration
E>Heart like
E&I;Engineering and Installation
E BANDOptical Frequency band ranging from 1360 to 1460 nm
ECRTElder Crime Report Team
E/SEarth Station (satcom)
E_ETired exhausted
ETM+Enhanced Thematic Mapper Plus