Full Forms Starting with Letter G

Short FormFull Form
GOOGLEGlobal Organization of Oriented Group Language of Earth
GSTGoods And Services Tax
GPSCGujarat Public Service Commission
GIFGraphics Interchange Format
GPSGlobal Positioning System
GSGroup Separator
GSATGeosynchronus Satellite
GSMGlobal System for Mobile telecommunications | or Groupe Spécial Mobile
GETgraduate engineer trainee
GTIGross Trading Income
GPRSGeneral Packet Radio Service
GMSGames Management System
GICGeneral Insurance Corporation
GOIGovernment of India
GPOGeneral Post Office
GOTGlutamic Oxalic Transaminase
GPRGeneral Purpose Register [IBM]
GATEGraduate Aptitude Test in Engineering
GATGeneral Any Topic
GREENGlobal Rivers Environment Education Network
GIFTGamete Intra Fallopian Transfer
GSDPGross State Domestic Product
GRIDCOThe Grid Corporation of Orissa Limited
GOGlobal Open
GPFGeneral Protection Fault (A window error message that occurs when a program crashes)
GAGo Ahead
GOPGeneral Organisation Plan
GDAGlobal Data Area
GAGANGEO and GPS Augmented Navigation System
GMLGeneralized Markup Language
GIRLg=genious i=intelligent r=rational l=liberal
GIPGastric Inhibitory Peptide
GNMGeneral Nursing & Midwifery
GISGeographic Information System
GPSSGeneral Purpose Systems Simulator (language)
GNTSTGeneral Nursing Training Selection Test
GRGotta Run
GMTGreenwich Mean Time
GCCGNU C Compiler
GHZgigaHertz (billions of cycles per second)
GREATGroundwater Recovery Enhancement And Treatment
GPGeneral Purpose
GUIGraphical User Interface
GDPGross Domestic Product
G4SGroup 4 Securicor
GRNGoods Receipt Note
GBPGreat Britain Pound
GESGoddard Experiment Support System
GIGovernment Issues
GB1-000-000-000 bytes (Gigabyte)
GAILGas Authority of India Limited
GTLGunning Transceiver Logic
GEPGeneral Education Program
GIGOGarbage In Garbage Out (computer slang)
GSLVGeosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle
GSTNGeneral Switched Telephone Network
GERGross Enrolment Ratio
GSCGlandular Stress Complex
GATTGeneral Agreement on Tariff and Trade
GOTOan unconditional branch in a Batch file
GOCGeneral Office in Commanding
GUTgrand unified theory
GDSGeneric Digital Services
GIAGastroIntestinal Anastomosis
GOALGround Operations Aerospace Language
GULGSE Utilization List
G2BGovernment-to-Business (e-commerce)
GAURAVGlobally Approving Unix as Reconfigurable Advanced Version
GODGravitational Orbits Dynamics
G-SECGovernment Securities
GDIGraphical Device Interface
GPDGross Primary Deficit
GTGreater Than
GNUrecursive acronym for GNUs Not UNIX - Linux style build of the UNIX kernel
GMPGlobal Mobile Professional
GRPGroup (file name extension)
GPTGUID partition table
GMAILGoogle Mail
GRTGross Rated Tonnage
GBSGross Budgetary Support
GBUGround Based Unit
GCMGreatest Common Multiple
GLGraphics Language
GRSGravitational Reference Sensor
GSSGround Support System
GOBThe Go Programming Language
GSRTCGujarat State Road Transport Corporation
GOMGroup of Ministers
GSIGeological Survey of India
GNPGross National Product
GVAGross Value Added
GMgeneral manager
GAPGood Agricultural Practices
GSAGeneral Services Administration (USA)
GRFGraph (file name extension)
GAMEGame Animation Music Editor
GPAGuest Physical Address
GABAGamma Amino Butyric Acid
GMATGraduate Management Admission Test
GSPGeneralised Special Preference
GEDGeneral Education Degree
GITGlass And Instrument Technology
GREFGeneral Reserve Engineer Force
GPCLGeneral Premises Cabling License
GCGoverning Council
GIMPGNU Image Manipulation Program (software)
GSLGoa Shipyard Limited
GRAGlobal Research Alliance
GORGround Operations Review
GAAPGenerally Accepted Accounting Principles
GUIDGlobally Unique IDentifier
GOATGeneration Of Anti Tobacco
GTSGreen Tobacco Sickness
GEMGlobal Enterprise Manager
GPMGeneral Program Manager
GDCGenetic Disease Control
GASGroup A Streptococcal
GMPCSGlobal Mobile Personal Communications System
GPIGraphics Programming Interface
GALGet A Life
GIDCGujarat Industrial Development Corporation
GBTGreen Bank Telescope
GPUGraphics Processing Unit
GGGamma Globulin
GEROGerontology courses
GTPGPRS Tunneling Protocol
GCIGround Controlled Interception
GOLDGlobal Online Directory
GMAXmaximum Gain
G2Egot to eat
GADGeneral Anxiety Disorder
GDRGlobal Depository Receipt
GTEGeneral Telephone Electronics (corporation)
GRCGlenn Research Center
GMRGiant Magneto-Resistive
GTOGuide To Operations [IBM]
GPCGeneral Purpose Computer
GDTGlobal Descriptor Table (a database- or register- for Windows to address memory)
GPIOGeneral Purpose InputOutput
GTAGrand Theft Auto
GSONGoldfarb School Of Nursing
GTRGot To Run
GPXGautampura Road
GPEGeneral Purpose Event
GREPGlobal Regular Expression Print
GBRGlass Bead Rating
GOGGynecologic Oncology Group
GEGarrison engineer
GTHgo to hell
GFDGross Fiscal Deficit
GSRGalvanized Skin Response
GCSEGeneral Certificate of Secondary Education
GFRGlomerular Filtration Rate
GCFGross Capital Formation
GLSGeneralized Least Squares
GECGaseous Electronics Conference
GPLGNU Public License
GNCTGeneralized No Circuit Treatment
GIFTSGeosynchronous Imaging Fourier Transform Spectrometer
GRIPGamma Ray Imaging Payload
GOVGovernment (organization Domain name) [Internet]
GOLGentleman Of Leisure
GIVGet Initial Value
GOTTAgot to
GLDGood Life Decision
GOSIPGovernment Open Systems Interconnection Profile (USA)
G2CGovernment-to-Consumer (e-commerce)
GOLFGlobal Oscillations at Low Frequency
GNAGet Next Argument
GKCGorakhpur Cant.
GLPGraduated License Program
GPPSGeneral Purpose Polystyrene
GTTGlucose Tolerance Test
GIIGlobal Information Infrastructure
GOKGod Only Knows
GAINGraphic Aids for Investigating Networks
GIRGeneral Index Register
GPPLGujarat Pipavav Port Limited
GGTPGamma Glutamyl TransPeptidase
GOCINCGeneral Officer Commanding in Charge
GSDGeneral Studies Degree
GMEGyro Management Electronics
GOOGastro-Esophageal Obstruction
GVCGastrovascular Cavity
GREGraduate Record Examinations
GIGGluten Intolerance Group
GBPSGigabits Per Second
GMOGuest Memory Operation
GCPGame Control Program
GHOSTGSM Hosted SMS Teleservices
G8Group Of Eight(Canada, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Japan, The United States and Russia)
GBMGlomerular Basement Membrane
GGSGlobal Geospace Science
GMCGeneral Medical Council (UK)
G2Ggot to go
GANGlobal Area Network
GDKGame Development Kit
GAVIGlobal Alliance for Vaccine and Immunization
GISTGraphics and Intelligence based Script Technology
GLAGamma Linolenic Acid
GATSGeneral Agreement on Trade in Services
GVOGross Value of Output
GPRAGovernment Performance Results Act
GNGradual Numbness
GSSPGlobal boundary Stratotype Section and Point
GPIBGeneral Purpose Interface Bus
GPPFGravitational Plant Physiology Facility
GPSOCGP Systems of Choice
GWSget well soon
GNDGround (signal-system)
GTKgood to know
GOOSEGeneric Object-Oriented Substation Event
GHVGoose Hepatitis Virus
GMVGuaranteed Minimum Value
GSSCGround Support Systems Contractor
GCMMFGujarat Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation Ltd.
G-M COUNTERGeiger-Mueller counter (electronics)
GINAGenetic Nondiscrimination Act of 2008
GTFOGet The F*** Out
GPHGallons Per Hour
GIBGps Intelligent Buoys
GRIGraduate Of Realtor Institute
GLCGas liquid chromatography
GPNGlossopharyngeal Nerve
GTGgot to go
GLMGeneral Linear Models
GERDGastroEsophageal Reflux Disease
GPONGigabit Passive Optical Network
GIDWindows configuration file extension
GOTCHAgot you
GSVGrassy Stunt Virus
GTMGratuitous Tactile Moments
GSASGraduate School of Arts and Sciences
GMRTGiant Meterweb Radio Telescope
GCVGaseous Oxygen Control Valve
GNOMEGnu Network Object Model Environment
GMDGeneral Materials Designator
GGSNGateway GPRS Support Node
GSXGandhismrak Road
GDNGoods Delivery Note
GMDSSGlobal Maritime Distress and Safety System
GCLGround Coolant Loop
GIGABillion (10^9 or 2^30)
GFCIGround Fault Circuit Interrupter
GHGrowth Hormone
GWBGeorge W. Bush
GRUBGRand Unified Boot Loader
GMBGrain Marketing Board
GSTPGlobal System of Trade Practices
GIDEPGovernmentIndustry Data Exchange Program
GDMGestational Diabetes Mellitus
GDGGeneration Data Group [IBM]
GOGOGovernment-Owned Government-Operated
GPFSGeneral Parallel File System (IBM)
GONGonococcal Ophthalmia Neonatorum
GRRGranule For Reconstitution
GOBIGlobal Online Bibliographic Information
GTCGround Test Conductor
GKSGraphical Kernal System
GOODSGreat Observatories Origins Deep Survey
GNCGet Next Character
GFXGlobal Effects
GDRSGlobal Depositary Receipts
GVGet Value
GCRGroup Code Encoding (method of encoding and securing data)
GCTGerm Cell Tumour
GGPGateway-Gateway Protocol [Internet]
GNSTgoodnight sleep tight
GMIGlobal Precipitation Mission
GSDIGlobal Spatial Data Infrastructure
GDMOGuidelines for the Definition of Managed Objects
GEMSGetting Early Maternity Services
GAMGeneral Assembly Meeting
GAASGenerally Accepted Auditing Standards
GFSGovernment Finance Statistics
GNRGuns n' roses
GFCGeorgia Forestry Commission
GMACGeneral Motors Acceptance Corporation
GRINGermplasm Research Information Network
GONNAgoing to
GKKGokak Road
GEBAGlobal Energy Balance Archive
GIDAgovernment intervention in deprived areas
GESIGlobal Earthquake Safety Initiative
GSOGeneral Staff Officer
GEOSGraphic Environment Operating System [Geoworks]
GISSGoddard Institute For Space Studies
GFPGovernment Furnished Property
GSPCGlobal Strategy for Plant Conservation
GTBGastrointestinal Tract Bleeding
GOSGadolinium Oxide Sulfur
G7Group Of Seven(Canada, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Japan, and the United States)
GFYGovernment Fiscal Year
GDMSGlow Discharge Mass Spectrometry
GSFCGujarat State Finance Corporation
GBIGrand Bahama Island
GDLGrand Duchy of Luxembourg
GIOSGOOS (Global Ocean Observing System) Integrated Observing System
GRADEGraphical Airspace Design Environment
GLTGeneric Language Technology
GDDGlobal Disease Detection
GPYTFAHTgladly pay you tuesday for a hamburger today
GRASGenerally Regarded As Safe
GCESGeneral Crop Estimation Survey
GCSGlasgow Coma Scale
GROGamma Ray Observatory
GLIGeneral Ledger Interface
GARGeneral Accounts Receivable
GIICGujarat Industries and Investment Corporation
GCAGeneral Currency Area
GDSSGender Development Seminar Series
GIPSAThe Grain Inspection Packers And Stockyards Administration
GRULEHard work nuisance
GPWMgood point well made
G-20Group of Twenty
GENIUSGlobal Expertise Network For Industry Universities And Scholars
GETCHAget you
GP4GTX Group IV format
GRASSGeographic Resources Analysis Support System
GHOGhost file extension (ghs when image is spanned across multiple media) Ghost is a tool used to create an image of a disk or drive
GPCPGlobal Precipitation Climatology Project
GUCGerman University in Cairo
GLONASSGlobal Orbiting Navigation Satellite System (Russia)
GRXGPRS Roaming Exchange
GCBGrand Conseil de Bordeaux
GBLGovernment Bill of Lading
GSWGunshot wound
GLFgroup looking for
GCEGraduate Certificate of Education
GCDGreat Circle Distance
GSNGateway Switching Node
GUGastric ulcer
GISPGonococcal Isolate Surveillance Project
GRB(S)gamma ray burst(s)
GPCCGlobal Precipitation Climatology Centre
GMCRGlobe-Mackay Cable and Radio Corporation
GSOCGuide Star Occultation Utility
GWgood work
GCASGeneral Computing And Software
GNR(S)Gram-negative rod(s)
GTZGood Times
GPPAGeneral Practice Psychotherapy Association
GISCGlobal Information System Centres
GIXGlobal Internet Exchange [Internet]
GTCSGeneralized TonicClonic Seizures
GRDCGlobal Runoff Data Centre
GDBAGuide Dogs for the Blind Association
GOLD DIGGERPerson who loves someone just for
GSCEGas Source Control Equipment
GBCGovernors Business Council
GIEGenerate Irreversible Error
GGTGammaGlutamyl Transferase
GRILLZmetal teeth
GTGBBgot to go bye bye
GFEDCBAG - Girls F - Forget E - Everything D - Done & C - Catches B - (new) Boy A - Again !
GLUgirl like us
GILSGovernment Information Locator Service
GFCEGovernment Final Consumption Expenditure
GIMGeneralized Information Management
GTDGlyoxal Trimeric Dihydrate
GBDGallbladder disease
GWIGulf War Illness
G3Macintosh processor
GOALSGlobal OceanAtmosphereLand System Program
GMS2 XXNew General Medical Services contract
GRBGamma Ray Bursts
GPWSGround Proximity Warning System
GFEGovernment Furnished Equipment
GUIDEGeneralized Unbiased Interaction Detection and Estimation
GGWPGood Game Well Played
GPSRGlobal Positioning System Receiver
GAIAGlobal Astrometric Interferometer For Astrophysics
GRUGlavnoye Razvedivatel'noye Upravileniye
GTAWGas Tungsten Arc Welding
GLYGlossary (file name extension) [Microsoft Word]
GFNGone For Now
GDEGeneral Diagnostic Engine
GFLOPSOne billion Floating-point Operations Per Second (computer)
GNIEGovernment Not Included Elsewhere
GAARGeneral Anti Avoidance Rule
GB2go back to
GSOHGood Sense of Humour
GRASPAnimation (GRAphical System for Presentation format)
GSEGround Servicing Equipment
GOTCget on the computer
GAMSFemale legs
GO3OSGlobal Ozone Observing System
GLISGlobal Land Information System [US Geological Survey]
GIST(S)gastrointestinal stromal tumor(s)
GFRPGraphite Fiber Reinforced Plastics
GSECGeneral Secondary Education Certificate
GNBG. N. Balasubramaniam
GAOGovernment Accountability Office
GSDLGround Software Development Laboratory
GBAgame boy advance
GMFCSGross Motor Function Classification System
GFFGeneral Feature Format
GTACGene Therapy Advisory Committee
GPASGeneral PurPose Airborne Simulator
GRTGGetting ready to go
GPDBGeneric Probe Database Browser
GGALgo get a life
GMSCGateway Mobile Switching Centre
GP PUG XXGeneral Practice Pan User Group
GSFGlobal Spectral Forecast
GTNGlyceryl TriNitrate
GILGalileo Interconnected Libraries
GAISGateway Access for Internet Services
GAMMAGreeks Advocating the Mature Management of Alcohol
GDUGelatin Digesting Units
GOMLget out of my life
GNLFGorkha National Liberation Front
G2Pgot to pee
GOMBget off my back
GDLCGeneric Data Link Control [IBM]
GERPGIMP Enhanced Robot Photographer
GJgood job
GAJget a job
GARNETGlobal Applied Research Network
GSMPLMNGSM Public Land Mobile Network
GGIGATE Graphical Interface
GFLgrounded for life
G-LGeneral Ledger
GPOYGratuitous Picture Of Yourself
GOSSGround Operations Support System
GPTCGeneral Post and Telecom Company (Libya)
GAPIGateway Application Programming Interface
GPWSIgeneral practitioner with Special Interest (GPSI)
GMBHGesellschaft mit Beschr
GNOgoing to do
GBNGPRS Backbone Network
GBHGiving Bodies Harm
GJEPCGems & Jewellery Export Promotion Council
GMSKGaussian-filtered MSK (GSM modulation)
GOD SPEEDGood luck
GMTAGreat Minds Think Alike
GERTGas Emission Reduction Trading
GPECGeneral Practice Education Committee
GDFGasoline Dispensing Facilities
GENESISGeneralized Early Sepsis Intervention Strategies
GPDPTGuest Page Directory Pointer Table
GOOHget out of here!
GTHOget the hell out
GL HFgood luck
GELGel Or Jelly
GPRSGGeneral Picture Recognition Software General
GACGeneric Artificial Consciousness
GLEGrade Level Equivalency
GPIEMInternational Marine Environment Award
GENIEGeneral Electric Network Information Exchange
GSHGlucocorticoidSuppressible Hyperaldosteronism
GMAThe Gold Medal Of Achievement
GPURGround Power Unit
GMFGenital Male Function
GKYGo kill yourself
GHRGrowth Hormone Releaser
GOWgears of war
GPOPGlobal Point of Presence
GPEEGeneral Purpose Encryption Equipment
GUGGimp User Group
GDIAFgo die in a fire
GORKGod only really knows
GPGPUGeneral-Purpose computation on Graphics Processing Units
GHCGorkha Hill Council
GICSGeographic Identification Code Scheme
GNEGateway Network Element (SONET)
GPTSGeneral Purpose Timers
GOOMHget out of my head
GDSIIGeometrical Data base for Information Interchange
GSRPGround Safety Review Panel
GPVTGeneral Practitioner Vocational Training
GOKIDgot observers - keep it decent
GNIGHTgood night
GTFGeneralized Timing Formula
GCUGyro Coupling Unit
GPFCGeneral Practice Finance Corporation
GFAGeneral Framework Agreement
GHMGod Help Me
GNNGlobal Network Navigator
GQGentlemen Quarterly (magazine)
GSELGround Support Equipment List
GSNWGateway Service for NetWare
GMUGyro Mechanical Unit
G2go to
GRIDGradual Retrograde Immune Degeneration
GPADLGuest Physical Address Descriptor List
GNDNGo Nowhere and Do Nothing
GEAGlobal Endometrial Ablation
GATESGovernment Authorised Tax Elimination Strategies
GC3Golden Common Lisp 3.1 Lisp language source code file
GUDGenital Ulcer Disease
GHUGnome Hamradio Utilities
GDSOGround Data Systems Officer
GSSAGround Support Systems Activation
GGAgood game all
GORDGastro Oesaphageal Reflux Disease
GBNFGone but not forgotten
GRABGalactic Radiation And Background
GZa raw compressed image file extension used across multiple files
GPASSGeneral Practice Administration System Scotland
GERANGSM (Global System for Mobile communications) Edge Radio Access Network
GPESGoal Performance Evaluation System
GPDTGuest Page Directory Table
GOREGoal Oriented Requirements Engineering
GUSTGonzaga University Summer Term
G9good night
GRAD. DIP. DENT.Graduate Diploma in Dentistry
GSMSGraduate School of Medical Sciences
GTSYgood to see you
GC/MSGas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry
GLOBEGlobal Learning by Observations to Benefit the Environment [Internet]
GKLGraphics Kernel Language
GN8good night
GOUGood On You
GIFFBitmap graphics (GIF87A/GIF89A CompuServe Graphics Interchange Format)
GPMSSGeneral Practice Minimum System Specification
GPTEGeneral Purpose Test Equipment
GOKWGod Only Knows Why
GPAQGeneral Practice Assessment of Quality
GPAWGGP Appraisal Working Group
GARCHGeneralised Auto Regressive Conditional Heteroskedasticity
GOESGeostationary Operational Environmental Satellite
GPNZGeneral Practice New Zealand
GMYGood Man Yourself
GSOMIAGeneral Security of Military Information Agreement
GRADDGraphics Adapter Device Driver [IBM]
GRANDgamma ray and neutron detector
GSL MEDICINEGeneral Sales List medicine
GPMEGeneral Purpose Mission Equipment
G-CSFGranulocyte Colony Stimulating Factor
GUAGMS User Agent
GPRBCGuinea Pig Red Blood Cell
G2GSgot to go sorry
GSM-RGSM Standard for Railway Applications
GNITEgood night
GRHGonadotrophin Releasing Hormone
GR2Screen driver (Windows 3.x)
GGBBGood Game Bye Bye
GZIPCompressed file archive (GNU Zip)
GPOHGesellschaft fur Padiatrische Onkologie und Hamatologie (German Pediaatric Oncology Group)
GAFIget away from it
GPPUGGP Pan User Group (GP PUG)
GSPOTGraphics System Processor Operating Tool
GEISGeneral Electric Information Service (Web based catalog service)
GHOSTSGenealogy Helper And Organizer Search And Tracking Software
GDIHGo die in hell
GVTGlobal Virtual Time
GHQGeneral Headquarters
GARTGraphics Address Remapping Table
GTTYgood talking to you
GIFSGlobal Interactive Forecast System
GMRSGeneral Mobile Radio Service
G/DLgrams per deciLiter
GEOSATGeodetic Satellite
GARDGameboy Advanced Real-time Debugger
GSK3Glycogen Synthase Kinase 3
GENIACGenius Almost-Automatic Computer
GABGeneral Agreement to Borrow
GMPLSGeneralized Multi Protocol Label Switching
GVPNGlobal Virtual Private Network
GOPSOne billion Operations Per Second (computer)
GLBPGateway Load Balancing Protocol
GWAGeneral Work Area
GFAKgo fly a kite
GEUGyroscope Electronics Unit
GPVECGreat Plains Veterinary Educational Center (University of Nebraska)
GOBJObject code (non-error-checking version) (Geoworks)
GHRSGoddard High Resolution Spectrograph
GM STAINGram (biologic) stain
GOXGaseous OXygen
GIGIGeneral Imaging Generator and Interpreter
GFMGovernment Furnished Material
G4Ygood for you
GOHGeosynchronous Orbiting Habitat
GOPGGround Operations Planning Group
GOSHExclamation of suprise or shock
GUKGate Unicode Kit
GYPSwindle rip off
GETSGround Equipment Test Sets
GEFGlobal Environment Facility
G4Ugood for you
GVRPGARP VLAN Registration Protocol
GTCPGlobal Tropospheric Chemistry Program
GOOSGlobal Ocean Observing System
GITSGastro Intestinal Therapeutic System
GPOYWGratuitous Picture Of Yourself Wednesday
GVSGalvanic Vestibular Stimulation
GTGNgot to go now
GEVGigaelectronvolt (109 eV)
GVUGrand Valley University
GWXGenigraphics Graphics Link presentation
GLMMgeneralized linear mixed modeling
GESAMPJoint Group of Experts on the Scientific Aspects of Marine Environmental Protection
GARPGross Anatomy Review Program
GGCGreenhouse Gas Concentration
GADSGilliam Asperger Disorder Scale
GSAPGeneral-purpose Sample Analysis Processor
GPML4TGuest Page Map Level 4 Table
GIUGraphic Interface Unit
GNGBNGgang bang
GFAR2CUgo find a rock to crawl under
GRICGlobal Reach Internet Connection
GSCCGeneral Social Care Council
GOIAget over it already
GFVGovernment Furnished Vehicle
GMROIGross Margin Return On Investment
GOES-NEXTnext-generation GOES
GPIRSGlobal Positioning Inertial Reference System
GNXGenigraphics Graphics Link presentation
GCVSGeneral Catalog Of Variable Stars
GLIRLGood Luck In Real Life
GNFPWLBNgood news for people who love bad news
GNSSGlobal Navigation Satellite System
GWCCMGeorge Washington [University] Certified Contract Manager
GJTgood job team
GLB11Ball Lightning's Electromagnetic Effects
GHAGrowth Hormone Antagonist
GTLDGeneric Top-Level Domain (Internet)
GFRCGlass Fiber Reinforced Concrete
GTGFNgot to go for now
GOMEGlobal Ozone Monitoring Experiment
GTHUgrow the heck up
GIRDGround Integration Requirements Document
GMESGlobal Monitoring for Environmental and Security
GFE2Egrinning from ear to ear
GA TECHGeorgia Institute of Technology
GABHSGroup A Beta-Haemolytic Streptococcus
GNSDGood Night Sweet Dreams
G1good one
GLR-NGlobal Location Register
GSOMGeorgia School Of Ministry
GSOSTGoldstein-Scheerer Object Sorting Test
GSWAGeological Survey of Western Australia
GOTHICGeneration Of Thermal Hydraulic Information For Containment
GIMMEgive me
GRWRGraft to Recipient Weight Ratio
GVEGeneral Visceral Efferent [nerve]
GORUgeriatric orthopaedic rehabilitation unit
GSPIDGain- Scheduled Proportional Integro-Differential
GMTYTgood morning to you too
GBEKnight Grand Cross of the British Empire
GODAEGlobal Ocean Data Assimilation Experiment
GSDNGlobal Software Defined Network (AT&T;)
GSODGeneral Surgical Outcomes Quality Improvement Database
GBCSGlobal Business Communications Systems (AT&T;)
GROSSUnpleasant disgusting
GSGEGulf Society for GeoEngineeiring
GNSTDLTBBBgood night sleep tight don't let the bed bugs bite
GCCBGround Systems Configuration Control Board
GALTGut Associated Lymphoid Tissue
GSOEGlasgow School Of English
GTGTBgot to go to bed
GSCUGround Service Cooling Unit
GOERGlobal Operational Environmental Review
GSIUGround Standard Interface Unit
GAMEZillegally obtained games
GUTSGaming Utility Tool Set
GLB4Rod-Shaped Ball Lightning
GCNGround Control Network
GEQGain Equalizer
GAPLGroup Assembly Parts List
GSTFGround Systems Test Flow
GD4UGood For You
GISISGlobal Integrated Shipping Information System (IMO)
GORPGround Operations Review Panel
GLB3Ball Lightning with Rays
GLNHFGood Luck and Have Fun
GSMBEGas Source Molecular Beam Epitaxy
GNASDgood night and sweet dreams
G4PGUI for Processing
GOWGGround Operations Working Group
GQOSGeneric Quality Of Service
GIACGeneral Inquiry Access Code
GSDBGenome Sequence Data Base
GSQMGlobal Supplier Quality Manager
GTRNGeneral Transients
GDBYgood bye
GLB21Miscellaneous Observations of Bizarre Ball Lightning
GINUGlad I'm Not You
GMDBGuaranteed Minimum Death Benefit
GRAPHICSallows Graphics to pass from screen to Printer
GFAPGlial Fibrillary Acidic Protein
GSSAPGeneric Security Service Application
GOESECSGeochemical Ocean Section Study
GU2Iget used to it
GISMGo Into Sleep Mode
GNG2going to
GFBCompressed GIF image (GIFBlast)
GEEAGovernor's Environmental Excellence Awards
GLO2Glyoxalase II gene
GM-CSFGranulocyte Macrophage Colony- Stimulating Factor
GAFGrowing Annuity Factor
GNASGeneral National Airspace System
GTTSDrops per minute
GOCAGround Operations Control Area
GLA1Auroral Pillars: Natural Searchlight Beams
GR9Better than
GWRGuinness World Records
GTSSGlobal Telecom Solutions Sector (Motorola)
GSR GENERALStatutory Rules
G2Hgo to hell
GERBGeostationary Earth Radiation Budget experiment
GDSMGround Data Systems Manager
GNCSGuidance and Navigation Control System
GAOEPgenerally accepted office etiquette principles
GOWMGovernment Office of the West Midlands
GNRHGonadotropinreleasing Hormone
GAASPGallium-Arsenide Phosphide (semiconductors)
GEAR UPGaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs
GITAMGandhi Institute of Technology and Management
GSICSGlobal Spacebased InterCalibration System
GWTG-CADGet With The Guidelines - Coronary Artery Disease
GXRGrazing XRay Reflectometry
GILDGas Immersion Laser Doping
GBYgood bye
GHXGround Heat Exchanger
GTGTWNGot to go to work now
GSCTGoldstein-Scheerer Cube Test
GEMMGenerate Edit And Manipulate Molecules
GRACEGrieving Reverence After Christ's Example
G-MGarrison & Morton
GMYBSgive me your best shot
GOFSGlobal Ocean Flux Study
GOKILCrazy (Indonesian)
GUHGalway University Hospitals group
GHFGastro Hemorrhagic Fever
GSO-FSSGeostationary Satellite Orbit
GS TRUNKGround Start Trunk
GEMAGeorgia Emergency Management Agency
GDAYGood Day
GAL PALMan who hangs around with girls
GEBGujarat Electricity Board
GLWGreat Lakes Water
GOMERGet Out Of My Emergency Room
GUTIGet Used To It
GES2Geophysics Electromagnetic Shadow phenomena: Moving Shadow Bands in the Atmosphere
GGOHGotta Get Outta Here
GPFHgeneral practice fundholder (extinct)
GERMSGeorgetown Emergency Response Medical Service
GAFMGet away from me
GR&D;Grinning Running & Ducking
GSMPGeneral Switch Management Protocol (ATM)
GLB2Ball Lightning with Spikes
GREJGroup Reject
GTHAgo the hell away
GD&T;Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing
GE-OPCGroup of Experts on Ocean Processes and Climate
GNDCChassis Ground pin
GSIRDGround Data System Information Requirements Document
G2GBgot to go bye
GSWPGlobal Soil Wetness Project
GASPGroup Against Spraying Pesticides
GKIGraphics Kernel Interface
GIWGlobal Image Workflow Solutions
GLU2good luck to you too
GSHVGround Squirrel Hepatitis B Virus
GTTPget to the point
GLO3Glyoxalase II gene
GBICGigabit Interface Converter (Ethernet)
GSTQGod Save The Queen
GES4Geophysics Electromagnetic Shadow phenomena: Shadow Bands Seen Through the Telescope
GLW8Geophysics Luminous Phenomena over Water: Zigzag Phosphorescent Flashes
GWCGrown Wounded Child
GCFIGulf and Caribbean Fisheries Institute
GRSPGeorgia Rotary Student Program
GLA22Geophysics Luminous Aurora-like Phenomena: Black Auroras
GTGMMILOMSgot to go my mum is looking over my shoulder
GEEPGroup of Experts on Effects of Pollutants
GASKGeocaching Swiss Army Knife
GOOMFGet Out Of My Face
GCNSTGranular Cell Nerve Sheath Tumor
GERQGastro Esophageal Reflux Questionnaire
GLW13Geophysics Luminous Phenomena over Water: Colored Rays Emanating from Ships
GGPAWgotta go parents are watching
GCHGlobal Change Climate and History
GAAGeneral Accredited Appraiser
G2BGgot to be going
GAFIAGet Away From It All
GYOGet Your Own
GTGTPIRIOgot to go the price is right is on
GLB8Transparent Ball Lightning
GUIDOGnome Universal Internet Domain Observatory
GUSTOGlobal Use of Strategies To Open Occluded Coronary Arteries
GOMMSGround Operations and Material Management System
GLA5Geophysics Luminous Aurora-like Phenomena: The Odor of the Aurora
GROKGraphical Representation Of Knowledge
GWGgestational weight gain
GIPMEGlobal Investigation of Pollution in the Marine Environment
GI SERIESGastroIntestinal Series
GTOSGlobal Terrestrial Observing System
GCSE XXGeneral Certificate of Secondary Education
GLOFMGlacial Lakes Outburst Flood Monitoring
GHG2EGreen House Gasses coversion To Energy
G2-go to hell
GATFGraphic Arts Technical Foundation
GDOPGeometric Dilution Of Precision
GBYFGo Bother Your Father
GLA9Auroras Correlated with Thunderstorms
GRFGGreen Frog
GIYFgoogle is your friend
GMC XXgeneral medical clinic
GC1Golden Common Lisp 1.1 Lisp language source code file
GET DOWNParty dance
GGCPGraduate Gerontology Certificate Program
GLSLGreat Lakes and St. Lawrence
GSMQGlobal Services Management Queue
GNFBGood Night Facebook
GDDMGraphics Data Display Manager
GGNOREgood game no rematch
GLTAGonioscopic Laser Trabecular Ablation
GAWUGraduate Student Employees United
GROOLGreat and Cool
GRTDGraphical Real Time Display
GURGanagapur Road
GROMGrommet young surfer
GINGERPerson with red hair
GCIPGEWEX Continental-scale International Project
GXCGdi To Xps Conversion
GERCGlendora Emergency Response Communications
GNDAAnalog Ground pin
GWT-SLGoogle Web Toolkit Server Library
GIRCGeorgetown International Relations Club
GFIGas Field Ionization
GLAPGreat Lakes Action Plan
GRAYBitmap graphics (raw gray bytes)
GADOGeneral Aviation District Office
GAIQGoogle Analytics Individual Qualification
GDGDgood good
GMILSpaceflight Tracking and Data Network
GXLGraphics library (Genus)
GM2Bitmap graphics (mode 2 black/white) (Autologic files)
GTFTGenerous Tit-for-Tat (Game theory)
GMCLGround Measurements Command List
GLA10Auroras Correlated with Earthquakes
GDMCGastrointestinal Diagnostic Mobility Center
GETTYget tty
GEMIMGroup of Experts on Marine Information Management
GLHFgood luck have fun
G2GPgot to go pee
GETMGeneral Estuarine Transport Model
GYTGet Yourself Tested
GWZGenigraphics Graphics Link presentation
GUEGaussian Unitary Ensemble
GEWEGlobal Energy and Water Cycle Experiment
GIWGGround Interface Working Group
GLUCKGood Luck
GESGGorlicka Ekologiczna Strefa Gospodarcza
GEOLOGYGeneral Earth Or Lithology Of Great Yarmouth
GLOLGeology Labs On-Line
GVSUGrand Valley State University
GNDGGigabit National Data Grid
GMCSFGranulocyte Macrophage Colony Stimulating Factor
GALVGibbon Ape Leukemia Virus
GLW7Geophysics Luminous Phenomena over Water: Phosphorescent Spinning Crescents
GEEKGreen Environment Electronic Knetwork
G2Kgood to know
GWIMGlobal Warming Impact Model
GAMMDGo Ahead Make My Day
GALEGiant Aperture Lidar Experiment
GE REFLUXGastroEsophageal Reflux scan
GCDCSGround Checkout Display and Control System
GARFGeothermal Aquaculture Research Facility
GLA27Challenges to the Theory of Aurora Origin
GLOWGuiding Lives Organically Worldwide
GDNFGlial cell line-Derived Neurotraphic Factor
GECOSGeneral Electric Comprehensive Operating System
GLA16Geophysics Luminous Aurora-like Phenomena: Weather or Storm Lights
GESSGraphics Executive Support System
GDPSGeographically Dispersed Parallel Sysplex
GFUGood For You
GLB19Repeating Ball Lightning
GBRSGeneric Block Recording System
GRQGatekeeper Discovery Request
GNVFCGujarat Narmada Valley Fertilizers Chemicals Limited.
GES6Geophysics Electromagnetic Shadow phenomena: Non-Eclipse Shadow Bands
GYTSGlobal Youth Tobacco Survey
G6PDGlucose 6- Phosphate Dehydrogenase
GDPFSGlobal Dataprocessing and Forecast System
GLA8Auroras with Unusual Geometries
GWIJDguess what i just did
G2GEgot to go eat
GBPUATGovind Ballabh Pant University of Agricultural and Technology, Pantnagar
GJPgood job partner
GASBGovernmental Accounting Standards Board
GJOACGo Jump Off A Cliff
GACUGround Avionics Cooling Unit
GIMMGastro-Intestinal Motility Monitor
GCRPGlobal Change Research Plan/Program
GGSSGravity Gradiometer Survey System
GLWDGlobal Lakes and Wetlands Database
GIOPGeneral Inter Orb Protocol
G2GPCgot 2 go parents coming
GTUGGoogle Technology User Group
GAGTLGemmological Association and Gem Testing Laboratory
GIMPSGreat Internet Mersenne Prime Search
GASBCConcepts Statements of the Governmental Accounting Standards Board
GEPDGeorgia Environmental Protection Division
GCCEPGlobal Climate Change Education Project
GIGEGIGabit Ethernet
GEMVSGeneric Equipment Model Verification System
GCTMGroup for the Conservation of the Tropics in Mexico
GGPSSOGuidelines for Good third-party-access Practice for Storage System Operators
GLW15Geophysics Luminous Phenomena over Water: Deep-Sea-Vent Glows
GEOSSGlobal Earth Observing System of Systems
GTRDGeneralized Transverse Resonance Diffraction
GYCGet Your Coat
GOMSGround Operations Management System
GLA14Geophysics Luminous Aurora-like Phenomena: Transient Sky Brightenings
GWC7Unusual Clouds: Ring Clouds
GASBTGovernmental Accounting Standards Board Technical Bulletins
GDSSRGDSD Staff Support Room
GHCNGlobal Historical Climatology Network
GNVQGeneral National Vocation Qualification
GLOMUGLObal MUon track matching
GASBIGovernmental Accounting Standards Board Interpretations
GLOCKSemi-automatic pistol
GAFEGoogle Apps for Education
GVNSGlobal Virtual Network Service
GDOGGeneralized Double Optical Gating
GLOPACGyroscopic LOwPower Attitude Control
GREQGraduate Record Examination Quantitative score
GISLAGovernment Information Security Leadership Awards
GTASAGrand Theft Auto : San Andreas
G3GOne better than
G2GNgot to go now
GLAMPINGGlamorous/luxury camping
GIG-BEGlobal Information Grid - Bandwidth Expansion
GBTMGet Back To Me
GARSGlobal Automated Recruitment System
GDHSGround Data Handling System
GRIMGeneral Record Of Incidence Of Mortality
GWYTOSEgo waste your time on someone else
GGEPGreat Grain Elevator Project
GNDSGuy's Neurological Disability Scale
GM4Autologic mode 4 gray-scale files Bitmap graphics
GXTGraded eXercise Test
GMIPgenuine memory impairment profile
G2G2TBgot to go to the bathroom
GIYGoogle It Yourself
GGBCGreater Grace Bible College
GLWIGreat Lakes Water Institute
GH EFFECTGordon-Hous Effect (transmission)
G4 FAXGroup 4 Fax system
GMISGrants Management Information System
GJEGroup Job Entry
GMRPGARP Multicast Registration Protocol
GES5Geophysics Electromagnetic Shadow phenomena: Unusual Shadows Observed during Eclipses
GBMLGood Bye My Love
GWWGreat Western War
GLOBECGlobal Marine Ecosystem Dynamics Program
GTARCompressed file archive (GNU tar)
GINOGarbage In Nothing Out
GBIFGlobal Biodiversity Information Facility
GLWSGood Luck With Sale
GLB15Artificial Ball Lightning
GTSTGas Turbine System Technician
GVTELGarden Valley Telephone (company)
GWC6Unusual Clouds: Noctilucent Clouds
GTTDGigabit To The Desktop
GITMOGuantanamo Bay
GEOASGlobal Employee Opinion Action Survey
GGEQGlobal Generic EQuivalent
GNEICGlobal Network Engineering & Integration Center
GWUPDGeorge Washington University Police Department
GNDUGuru Nanak Dev University
G2FGot To Fly
GB SERIESGallbladder series
G-MSCGateway Mobile Switching Center (GSM)
GES3Geophysics Electromagnetic Shadow phenomena: Colored Shadows
GJXDMGlobal Justice XML Data Model (U.S.A.)
GUFNGrounded Until Further Notice
GLARGGGreat Lakes Regional Genetics Group
GHRCGlobal Hydrology Resource Center
GDCFGross Domestic Capital Formation
GCCEGraduate Certificate in Counselor Education
GLFCGreat Lakes Fisheries Commission
GALSGather At Lunch and Study
GMRIGated Magnetic Resonance Imaging
G2CUglad to see you
GILCGlobal Internet Library Campaign
GFDLGeophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory
GLW4Geophysics Luminous Phenomena over Water: Marine Phosphorescent Wheels
GITGGround Interface Technical Group
GDEPGraduate Diploma of Editing and Publishing
GEEZERA guy a bloke a person
GAJUGhana Alumni of Japanese University
GLA13Geophysics Luminous Aurora-like Phenomena: Glowing Night Skies
GVHDGraft versus Host Disease
G-CDFgranulocyte colony-stimulating factor
G-6-PDGlucose-6- Phosphate Dehydrogenase
GWCCGateWay Community College
GWTIGround Water Tank Irrigation
GLWOGetLaid WriteOff
GWCWGeorge Washington University Cold War Group
GTLCGunning Transceiver Logic Plus (CMOS circuits)
GERAMGeneralized Enterprise Reference Architecture and Methodology
GFAEGovernment Furnished Aerospace Equipment
GBWYGod Be With You
GNDDDigital Ground pin
GWTG-HFGet With The Guidelines - Heart Failure
GWASGame Was A Success
GAAFRGovernmental Accounting
GBTWgo back to work
GBASGround-Based Augmentation System
GOMPGet Off My Phone
GAZELGlobal Arizona E-Learning (E-learning)
GRAFTABLload Graphics Characters higher than ASCII 127
GBASEGenome Database of the Mouse
GWTG-SGet With The Guidelines - Stroke
GFDAGust Front Detection Algorithm
GGEGGlobal Gene Expression Group
GLA29Possible Atmospheric-laser Emission Accompanying Auroras
GTWAPSGlobal Theater Weather Analysis and Prediction System
GCVEFGulf Coast Veterinary Education Foundation
GLA24Geophysics Luminous Aurora-like Phenomena: Millisecond Brightness Pulsations of the Night Sky
GBFNGoodbye for Now
GWC4Unusual Clouds: Miniature Thunderclouds
GCFDGlynn County Fire Department
G2BL8going to be late
GCCCGround Control Computer Center
GFTWGo For The Win
GLASTGammaray Large Area Space Telescope
GLOMPHug very hard
GCMDGlobal Change Master Directory
GGGIGallus Gallus Gene Index
GIGIGget it got it good
GIWISTGee I Wish I'd Said That.
GRAILGravitational Radiation Antenna In Leiden
GLTYGood luck this year
GWTPGet With The Program
G-TUBEGastrostomy Tube; feeding tube
GDTRGlobal Descriptor Table Register
GUIPGraphical User Interface for Blind people
GYFSGet Your Facts Straight
GYALDEMGroup of girls
GLB16Ball Lightning with Long Tails
GWTKGooseWorks ToolKit
GFFCGeophysical Fluid Flow Cell Experiment
GEDACGeneral Electric Detection and Automatic Correction
GTGGGot To Get Going
GEORGEGeneral Experiment Organisation Response and Guidance Executive
GINGEPerson with red hair
GIKIGhulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering
GEMDGround Electronics Maintenance Division
GMEAGDLS Manufacturing Excellence Award
GDCLSGeneral Dynamics Commercial Launch Services
GWINFOGateWay INFOrmation Protocol
GUCPGround Umbilical Carrier Plate
GLA25Geophysics Luminous Aurora-like Phenomena: False Dawn
GDVXGudivada Jn.
GCTEGraduate Certificate in Tertiary Education
GEODASGeophysical Data System
GES7Geophysics Electromagnetic Shadow phenomena: Persistent or Living Shadows
GCDCGround Checkout Display and Control
GWCUGeorge Washington Carver University
GCCTGeneralized Composite Commodity Theorem
GMIIGigabit Media Independent Interface
GAMERPerson who plays video games
GRONKIdiot fool
GDSLGeneric Data Structures Library
GVSCGrand Valley State College
GGAGGood Governance Advisory Group
GGBTSGolden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary
GWC14Unusual Clouds: Cloud Spokes Radiating from Thunderclouds
GNDUAAGuru Nanak Dev University Alumni Association
GLA19Auroras Interacting with Lunar Halos
GTLPGunning Transceiver Logic Plus (electronics)
GHCHGiant Hepatic Cavernous Hemangioma
GMLSEGame Maker Language Shell Extension
GLW6Geophysics Luminous Phenomena over Water: Phosphorescent Patches Moving in Circles
GTJGo To Jail
GVAPGEWEX Water Vapor Project
GTCUGround Thermal Conditioning Unit
GDB/OMIMGenome Database/Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man
GCATGeneral Compliance Awareness Training (University of Texas)
GOEGround Operating Equipment
GNMCGlobal Network Management Center
GMALGeneral Electric Macro Assembly Language
GCTSGround Communications Tracking System
GCCSGeostationary Communication and Control Segment
GGRFGSM Global Roaming Forum
GLB9Fragmenting Ball LIghtning
GB/SGigabit per second
GESKESGesellschaft fuer klinische Ernaehrung in der Schweiz
G16Compiled config (GoldED for DOS)
GEBCOGeneral Bathymetric Chart of the Oceans
GCARGet Correct Answer Regardless
GASADGate And Source And Drain
GMODGlobal Moderator
GNDOOutput Ground pin
GLOSSGlobal Sea Level Observing System
GCLOGastric Campylobacter-Like Organism
GWTUGround Water Treatment Unit
GCMGGod Calls Me God
GCTPLGujarat Chemical Terminal & Port Limited
G2SGo To Sleep
GGGTGaussian Gain Gaussian Threshold
GDSIDBGlobal Digital Sea Ice Data Bank
GGREGeology Geophysics And Reservoir Engineering
GOMFGet Outta My Face
GWORKgood work
GNDBGeographic Names DataBase
GMBFGastric Mucosa Blood Flow
GDSIRDGround Data System Information Requirements Document
GMMLGround Master Measurements List
GWTTGroundWater Treatment Technologies
GGEIGreenhouse Gas Emissions Index
GCAGSGulf Coast Association of Geological Societies
GUGKGlavnoye Upravileniye Geodesii I Kartografii
GUFMEXGulf of Mexico
GCDPLGuernsey County District Public Library
GMAGGenetic Manipulation Advisory Group
GGELGamma-Glutamyl E-Lysine
GWUGeorge Washington University
GTTACGene Technology Technical Advisory Committee (Australia)
G2G2Wgot to go to work
GCHXGround Cooling Heat Exchanger
GTOCGeneral Telephone Operating Company
GUARGoethe University Autopsy Register
GWCSGeneral Wireless Communications Service (46560 - 4685 MHz)
GWMPGroundwater Management Plan
G2G2BGot To Go To Bed
GMCRFGeneral Motors Cancer Res. Foundation
GDSDGround Data Systems Division
GTRMGoing To Read Mail (leaving chat room to check email)
GULLYRough raw unpolished
GUUGGerman Unix User Group
GCACGeneric Connection Admission Control (ATM)
GWC12Unusual Clouds: The Morning Glory Phenomenon and Other Roll Clouds
GTBOSHGlad To Be Of Some Help
GWACGround Water Advisory Committee
GCFCGeneralized Complementary Flux Condition
GALPGood Automated Library Practices
GWUBSGeorge Washington University Biostatistics Center
GWRIGeorgia Water Resources Institute
GCPWGrounded Coplanar Waveguide (microwave)
GCRAGeneric Call Rate Algorithm (ATM)
GFMPLGeophysical Fleet Mission Program Library
G2GB2WNgot to go back to work now
GCBFGlobal Cerebral Blood Flow
GFWLGames For Windows Live
GEXConfig file (GEcho)
GUVZSGlasgow University Veterinary Zoological Society
GCCMGeneral Contractor Construction Method
GAWGlobal Atmosphere Watch
GFOAGovernment Finance Officers Association
GFGASGradient Furnace for Get Away Special Canister
GCTFGranulosa Cell Tumour Research Foundation
GEDCOMGenealogical Data Communication (data exchange
GDBSGeneralized Data Base System
GFETEGrinning From Ear To Ear
GFXSGround start FXS
GFXOGround start FXO
GWTT-94GroundWater Travel Time Analysis of 1994
GWTFGrassland Water Task Force
GANGNAMGangnam Style" is the 18th K-pop single by the South Korean musician Psy. The song was released in July 2012
GCCDGrafton County Conservation District
GWCNGateWay Core Network
GASBSStatements of the Governmental Accounting Standards Board
GENTEXGeneral Telex
GWCIGround Water Canal Irrigation
GNDECGuru Nanak Dev Engineering College
GCILUGround Control Interface Logic Unit
GAL1Galectin-1 (protein)
GVTAGround Vibration Test Article
GOOMLGet Out Of My Life
GUVMAGlasgow University Veterinary Medical Association
GCOMGlobal Climate Observation Mission (remote sensing)
GCDISGlobal Change Data and Information System
GGEAGeorgia Gender Education and Advocacy
GLA23Geophysics Luminous Aurora-like Phenomena: Banded Skies
GADGGlobal Animal Data Group
GCILCGround Command Interface Logic Controller
GWH HAgigawatt hour hectare
GCILGround Control Interface Logic
GWTNGlobal Wood Trade Network
GWPASGeneral Work Force Performance Appraisal System
GLW10Geophysics Luminous Phenomena over Water: Radar-Stimulated Phosphorescent Displays
GLW5Geophysics Luminous Phenomena over Water: Expanding Phosphorescent Rings
GBYMGo Bother Your Mother
GAHExpression of frustration
GGECGlobally Green Energy Consortium
GCOSGround Computer Operating System
G8RGator (University of Florida)
G2G4AWgot to go for a while
GWC8Unusual Clouds: Thunderclouds Affecting the Ionosphere
GUSBGuided Unified SBand
GTDSGoddard Trajectory Determination System
GCRIOGlobal Change Research Information Office
GEOSECSGeochemical Ocean Sections Study
GOSAMRGelation Of Soils: Applied Microgravity Research
GLW3Geophysics Luminous Phenomena over Water: Aerial Phosphorescent Displays
GROLGeneral Radiotelephone Operator License
GCOPGlucocorticoidinduced Osteoporosis
GJSUgod just shut up
G2RGot To Run
GMABgive me a break
GWBPGalton-Watson Branching Process
GAALASGallium-Aluminum-Arsenide (semiconductors)
GTHBAGood Times Had By All
GLW11Geophysics Luminous Phenomena over Water: Te Lapa: Underwater Lightning
GORMGormless person
GAALMAgo away and leave me alone
GTUOGreater Toronto Urban Observatory
GAAAGeneral Aviation Activity and Avionics
GWCTGordon West Code Teacher
GTBBGood To Be Back
GROOVYCool awesome
GLOMRGlobal LowOrbiting Message Relay
GLB20Penetration of Physical Barriers by Ball LIghtning
GURFRIPGlobal Utility Restructure For Relative Intelligent Process
GWC5Unusual Clouds: Noisy Clouds
GLB7Giant Ball Lightning
GFSKGaussian Frequency Shift Keying
GTASGeneric Testing and Analysis System
GLR-LGlobal Location Register
GTSPPGlobal Temperature-Salinity Pilot Project
GFIAGenerating Facility Interconnection Agreement
GLOHGradient Location-Orientation Histogram
GAGASGenerally Accepted Government Auditing Standards
GRWTACGroundwater Remediation Technologies Analysis Center
GJWHFGirls Just Wanna Have Fun
GNDQOutput Buffer Ground pin
GLB5Double and Triple Ball Lightning
GOPDGeneral OutPatient Department
GLEEKA fan of the TV show Glee
GLO1Glyoxalase I gene
GQFPGuard-ring Quad Flat Pack
GLA7Geographically Displaced Auroras
GOONGlobal Ocean Observing Network
GJISIGlobal Justice Information Sharing Initiative
GE-RCDSGroup of Experts on Responsible National Oceanographic Data Centers
GWIPGround Water Improvement Pond
GFTDGone For The Day
GOOOSGoogle Operating System
GLESECGLobal Electronic-SECurity
GDRIMSGlowDischarge Resonance Ionization Mass Spectrometry
GATMGlobal Air Traffic Management (aviation)
GRJGateway ReJect
G3 FAXGroup 3 Fax system
GLA6Artificial Low-Level Auroras
GAINASGallium-Indium-Arsenide (semiconductors)
GLA26Geophysics Luminous Aurora-like Phenomena: Auroras Following Coastlines
GEODSSGroundbased Electrooptical Deepspace Surveillance System
GAUSSGalileo And Umts Synergetic System
GLM2Geophysics Low-level Meteor-like Phenomena: Darting Gleams of Light
GT&T;Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company
GLOTRGood Luck On The Rebuild
GREMGrand Rounds in Environmental Medicine
GWCEGeneralized Wave Continuity Equation
G/AGround-to-Air communication
GLHGreen Leaf Hopper
GFARADGlobal Food Animal Residue Avoidance Databank
GLWQPGreat Lakes Water Quality Program
GLSVGreat Lakes Symposium on VLSI
GLB14Unusual Physiological Effects of Ball Lightning
GLB17Correlation of Ball Lightning Incidence with Solar Activity
GES1Geophysics Electromagnetic Shadow phenomena: Eclipse Shadow Bands
G/TGain-to-noise Temperature (ratio)
GRAD DIP DENTGraduate Diploma in Dentistry
GWC2Gnutella Web Caching System version 2
GCIGGynecologic Cancer InterGroup
GOONERSupporter of Arsenal Football Club
GTXCGlobal Telephone Exchange Carrier
GLODGeometric Level Of Detail
GLW9Geophysics Luminous Phenomena over Water: White Water or Milky Sea
GWPPGround Water Protection Program
GASBCODGovernmental Accounting Standards Board Codification
GLUXgood luck
GOMRGlobal Ozone Monitoring Radiometer
GOMOSGlobal Ozone Monitoring By Occultation Of Stars
GPSI XXGeneral Practitioner with Special Interest
GQPAGroundwater Quality Protection Act
GLA17Geophysics Luminous Aurora-like Phenomena: Curious Folklore: Auroras and Silken Threads
GORSGround Observer RF System
GE-GLOSSGroup of Experts on the Global Sea-level Observing System
GLERLGreat Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory
GLOOGraphics Library d'Object Oriented
GJIALgo jump in a lake
GALDEMGroup of girls
GOYHHget off your high horse
GRIKPICGrant to Return Indigenous Knowledge to Pacific Islands Communities
GRLUGGrand Rapids Linux User`s Group
GLA18Correlation of Aurora Frequency with Lunar Phase
GLAADSGun Low Altitude Air Defense System
GLUEGrade Level Union Executive
GLCFSGreat Lakes Coastal Forecasting System
GRDEFGeoworks User Interface resource definition file
GLOVGLobal Observational Vehicle
GLA2Sky-Spanning Auroral Arches
GODARGlobal Oceanographic Data Archaeology and Rescue
GORIZONTThe Russian geostationary telecommunications satellite
GROUSEGreat amazing
GLMBAGlobal Local Masters of Business Administration
GENT SULFGentamycin Sulfate
GPVTSGeneral Practitioner Vocational Training Scheme
GTMOSIGeneral Teleprocessing Monitor for OSI
GEOCACHEScavenger hunt destination point
GLOMEXGLObal Meteorological EXperiment
GLA21Geophysics Luminous Aurora-like Phenomena: Auroras and Surface Fogs
GLOS-RAGreat Lakes Observing System Regional Association
GLM1Geophysics Low-level Meteor-like Phenomena: Low-level Meteor-like Objects
G6PDDGlucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency
GLA3Auroral Meteors: Moving Luminous Patches and Bands
GENCAMGeneric Computer-Aided Manufacturing (ICT)
GLB13Ball Lightning with Apparent Internal Structure
GLWTgood luck with that
GO-MVIPGlobal Organization for MVIP Inc. (U.S.A.)
GLA28Geophysics Luminous Aurora-like Phenomena: Flash Auroras
GLWQGreat Lakes Water Quality
GLB6Miniature Ball Lightning
GLITCHError mistake
GOTYGame Of The Year
GLA30Geophysics Luminous Aurora-like Phenomena: Mysterious Bright Streaks in the Sky
GNIDGram-negative intracellular diplococci
GLFSGreat Lakes Forecasting System
GWRKgood work
GABCSGovernment Advisory Board for CyberSecurity
GLB18Ball Lightning External to Aircraft
GCMTGlobal Centroid-Moment-Tensor
GEWEXGlobal Energy and Water Experiment
GISAGeneral Intelligent Software Agent
GETVISGET VIrtual Storage
GSTDNGround Spacecraft Tracking and Data Network
GRINSCHGRaded INdex Separate Confinement Heterostructure
GSSIGround Support System Integration
GASPIGuidance Attitude Space Position Indicator
GLW14Geophysics Luminous Phenomena over Water: Radar Detection of Phosphorescence
GLB1Ordinary Ball Lightning
GLB10Materialization of Ball Lightning in Enclosures
GLAGGiggling Like A Girl
GOULDBitmap graphics (Gould scanner file)
GOMDGuy/Girl Of My Dreams
GLA20Electrical Effects of Auroras at the Earth's Surface
GPBIMGeneral Purpose Buffer Interface Module
GLOXGLyolax OXidase
GROWNGoods Raised Only With Nature
GKYSGo kill yourself
GLA12Geophysics Luminous Aurora-like Phenomena: Close Relationship between Aurora Displays and Clouds
GOSATGreenhouse gas Observing Satellite
GLORIAGeological LOng-Range Inclined ASDIC
GRAMMAGig and Recording Amplifier Monitor Modulation Attenuator
GLWQAGreat Lakes Water Quality Agreement
GERUGenetic Epidemiology Research Unit at Yale University
GESTECGenome Science and Technology Center
GRIBGridded Binary
GOEZSGlobal Ocean Euphotic Zone Study
GERMGeneric Entity-Relationship Model
GLA11Auroras Correlated with Meteors
GRENADEUgly girl in a group
GONDGlaucomatous Optic Nerve Damage
GOINGlobal Observation Information Network
GEOSEPSGeosynchronous Solar Electric Propulsion Stage
GETILGround Elapsed Time of Landing
GES8Geophysics Electromagnetic Shadow phenomena: Curious Mountain Shadows
GRSUGeneric Remote Switch Unit
GEMSSGrid Enabled Medical Simulation Services
GALAGlobal Access to Local Applications
GIMMIEgive me
G/GGround-to-Ground communication
G2T2Sgot to talk to someone
G&M;Garrison & Morton
GLOCOMIEEE Telecommunications Conference: GLOBECOM
GAASFETGallium-Arsenide FET (semiconductors)
GL&HF;good luck and have fun
GLA4Low-Level Auroras
GEMEGraduate Experience In Medical Education
GASEXGas Exchange Experiment
GOWONGulf Offshore Weather Observing Network
GETIGround Elapsed Time of Ignition
GRIPPGetting Research into Policy and Practice
GSM-900GSM at 900 MHz
G'DAYGood Day hello