Full Forms Starting with Letter L

Short FormFull Form
LAPTOPLightweight Analytical Platform Total Optimized Power
LLBBachelor of Law
LOVELake of sorrow(L) Ocean of tears(O) Valley of death(V) End of life(E)
LOCLine of Control (Pakistan)
LEDLight Emitting Diode
LASERLight Amplification By Stimulated Emission of Radiation
LINUX(Operating system named after Linus Torvalds)
LUCKLaboring Under Correct Knowledge
LAMPSLarge-sized Adivasi Multipurpose Societies
LTLong Term
LDCLong Distance Carrier
LCDLiquid Crystal Display (often found on laptops)
LEARNLifestyle Exercise Attitude Relationships And Nutrition
LOGICSymposium on Logic Programming
LOGOLimitation Of Government Obligation
LICLife Insurance Corporation of India
LOGLog files maintain information about who is visiting a web site- and what they look at
LOCALLocal public house bar
LABDatafile (NCSS - SOLO)
LACIndian Airlines Corporation
LINELogistic Information Network Enterprise
LCRLeast Cost Routing
LSymbol for an inductor or inductance (coil)
LIPSLogical Inferences Per Second
LETLetter (file name extension)
LSCSLower segment cesarian section
LMAOLaughing My Ass Off
LLMMaster of Law
LPCLocal Procedure Call (NT Server terminology)
LPGLiquefied Petroleum Gas
LLRLeft lumbar region
LDALogical Device Address
LIULook It Up
LAVALaboratory Animal Veterinary Association (formerly BLAVA)
LOLLaughing Out Loud
LAPLink Access Protocol (or Procedure)
LIBLabel Information Base (MPLS)
LOACLine of Actual Control (China)
LANLocal Area Network
LIFOlast in first out
LOSSLAPS Observing System Simulation
LAWLand Air And Water
LENLow Entry Networking
LCFLow Cost Fiber
LOILetter of Intent
LANELocal Area Network Emulation
LGSLoad Far Pointer in GS
LHCLarge Hadron Collider
LESALand Earth Station Assignment channel
LTELimited Term Employee
LEANLeaders Encouraging Activity And Nutrition
LSWLicensed Social Worker
LBSLocational Banking Statistics
LADLeukocyte Antibody Detection
LMSLocation and Monitoring Service
LSILarge-Scale Integration
LCALotus Communications Architecture [Lotus]
LATEXLouisiana-Texas Experiment
LSCLeast Significant Character
LDMSLangley Directives Management System
LOOPLoop on Count
LPTLocal Parallel Transmission (the printer ports)
LELatest Estimate
LASLoan & Advances by States
LSLevel Shift
LEAFLaw Enforcement Access Field
LSICLarge Scale Integrated Circuit
LERMSLiberalised Exchange Rate Management System
LISPLISt Processing (John McCarthy - 1961)
LKGLower Kindergarten
LPMLines Per Minute (How fast a printer prints)
LCLoop Counter
LRLink Register
LSDLysergic acid diethylamide
LMGLight Machine Gum
LUTLookup Table
LDMLong Distance Modem
LCOLaunch Control Officer
LSDMLagrangian stochastic dispersion model
LSBLeast Significant Byte
LPLiquid Propane
LMBLeft Mouse Button
LLTL. L. Thurstone Psychometric Laboratory
LARLoad Access Rights
LPALaws Prevention Association of India
LSCMLaser Scanning Confocal Microscope
LDLaser Diode
LELLink Embed and Launch-to-edit [Lotus]
LLCLogical Link Control
LPSLow-Power Schottky
LIBORLondon Inter Bank Offered Rate
LASALaboratory Animal Science Association
LMFAOLaughing My F***ing A## Off
LPDELinear Partial Differential Equation
LVLogical Volume [IBM]
LLLong List
LCSLow Contact Stress
LIDARLight Detection and Ranging
LFLine Feed
LUSLand Use Statistics
LMLlove my life
LOSLoss Of Sight
LTRLeft-To-Right Letter Load Task Register
LATEMissed a period possibly pregnant
LBTListen Before Talk
LALight And Accommodation
LTTELiberation Tigers of Tamil Elam
LRALand Retained Agreement
LAMPLinux Apache Mysql PHP
LOALeft Occipitoanterior
LRCLongitudinal Redundancy Check
LHRLondon Heathrow airport
LWELoad WhatEver
LAFLiquidity Adjustment Facility
LGLucky Goldstar
LANDSATBitmap graphics (EOSAT's Landsat Thematic Mapper data file)
LPDLine Printer Daemon (protocol) [Berkley]
LNGLiquefied Natural Gas
LLDDoctor of Law
LCLLocal Current Limiter
LCCLeadless Chip Carrier
LASTLocal Area Systems Technology
LDPLinux Documentation Projection (on going effort to document Linux OS)
LDBSLocal Database Services
LPDTLow-Power Distress Transmitter
LOTLeft Occiput Transverse
LHOLow Head Oxygenation
LWLazy Write
LRSLanguage Resource (file name extension) [WordPerfect]
LODLevel Of Detail
LEADERSLightweight Epidemiology Advanced Detection And Emergency Response System
LIPLarge Internet Packet
LTPLaser Thermal Keratoplasty
LDBLaunch Data Bus
LKRLuckeesarai Jn.
LAMALocal Automatic Message Accounting
LAMEStupid Unoriginal
LDTLocal Descriptor Table (Table of contents Windows uses to address memory)
LCMLowest Common Multiple
LDLLow Density Lipoprotein
LCPCLanguages and Compilers for Parallel Computing
LULogical Unit (IBM)
LCGLHC Computing Grid
LDMCLoop Data Maintenance Center
LARCLangley Research Center
LMILocal Management Interface
LPOLeft Posterior Oblique
LDOLocal Dental Officer
LSPList Source Package
LPELiquid Phase Epitaxy (semiconductors)
LFCLeave Fare Concession
LCVLoop Control Variable
LOBLine Of Bearing (radio direction finding)
LBALocal Bus Addressing (how BIOS can read HD larger than 504 Mb)
LABVIEWLaboratory Virtual Instrumentation Engineering Workbench
LTCLeave Travel Concession
LHLoad High (a command in MS-DOS)
LDAPLightweight Directory Access Protocol (one way server(s) manipulate multiple disks / users / and access levels)
LLLLow Level Language
LCULast Cluster Used
LTSLaughing To ones Self
LEEDLow Energy Electron Diffraction
LINLaryngeal Intraepithelial Neoplasia
LCBLeast Common Bit
LRBLiquid Rocket Booster
LPT1Line Printer porT
LTILinear Time Invariant
LLPLive Long Prosper
LONLocal Operating Network
LLDPELinear Low Density Polyethylene
LFTLow Function Terminal [IBM]
LSALAN and SCSI Adapter [IBM] Line Sharing Adapter
LPILines Per Inch
LBLeft Button (of 2 or 3 button Mouse)
LYI Love Ya.
LOPLeader of Opposition
LMLunar Moudle
LOLateral oblique
LFRLaughing for real
LRTILower Respiratory Tract Infection
LBELead-Bismuth Eutectic
LBDLand Development Bank
LAGSlow response (computer internet)
LIFELearning Immune Function Enhancement
LOLZlaugh out loud
LIMSLibrary Information Management System
LLFLow Level Format
LMDLeft Medline Deviation
LEPLicensed Environmental Professional
LHVLeft Hepatic Vein
LWRLight Water Reactor
LDPELow Density Polyethylene
LLALogical Layered Architecture
LCNWSLLewis & Clark Northwestern School of Law
LRULeast Recently Used (How Windows decides which information to flush from cache)
LPLLotus Programming Language [Lotus 1-2-3] [LDC]
LEHIPALow Energy High Intensity Proton Accelerator
LDHLactate Dehydrogenase
LIMALotus / Intell / Microsoft / AST standards (extended memory management software)
LLUCHLoma Linda University Children's Hospital
LNTLeave No Trace
LNLogarithm (Natural)
LATLocal Area Transport (Digital Equipment Corporation)
LIMBLaughing In My Brain
LRTSLight Rail Transit System (proposed- Kolkata)
LDFLogical Disk Format (the formatting done from a users level)
LSRLife Science Research
LEADLeadership for Environment And Development
LRDLoad Random Data
LPPLink Peripheral Processor
LEMLanguage Extension Module
LINQLanguage Integrated Query
LTYLaugh To Yourself
LL.M.Llegum Magister
LEDCLess Economically Developed Country
LUXlarge underground xenon dark-matter experiment
LSASLink-State Advertisements
LTOLong Term Operation
LERLabel Edge Router
LCAMLiver Cell Adhesion Molecule
LVFLeft Ventricular Failure
LEFLibrary-Exchange Format
LARRDISLibrary, Reference, Research, Documentation and Information Service
LDRLabor Deliver Recovery
LOPALower Order Path Adaptation
LNUPELaxmibai National University of Physical Education
LMNLower Motor Neuron
LETSLocal Employment Trading System
LRQLower right quadrant
LWPLeave Without Pay
LMKlet me know
LBFLimb Blood Flow
L3Layer 3 switching
LCPLink Control Protocol
LAPDLink Access Procedure Direct (protocol)
LRFLeukemia Research Fund
LEALoad Effective Address
LMOLocal Medical Officer
LASTPORTLocal Area Storage Transport (protocol) [DEC]
LBWLow Birth Weight
LAMOSTLarge Sky Area Multi-Object Fiber Spectroscopic Telescope
LMPLast Menstrual Period
LCSSLand Customs Stations
LTLLiving The Life
LEEPLoop Electrosurgical Excision Procedure
LIFLow Insertion Force
LPNLogical Page Number
LTTDLow Temperature Thermal Desalination
LTMlisten to me
LEILaserEnhanced Ionization
LRGLifted Research Group (clothing)
LPKLinux Porting Kit
LBCLidocaine Blood Concentration
LXLinear executable
LATALocal Access and Transport Area (USA)
LTDPLine Terminator type DP
LCXLeft Circumflex Artery
LIGOLaser Interferometric GravitationalWave Observatory
LILOLInux boot LOader
LESLunar Escape System
LUPLongest Unassisted Program
LOFLaughing on floor
LRTLower respiratory tract
LEMElet me
LGVLymphoGranuloma Venereum
LEVLow Emission Vehicle
LLDPLocal Loop Demarcation Point
LAOLand Acquisition Officer
LMFLanguage Media Format
LWDLeriWeill Dischondrosteosis
LOMLlove of my life
LDDLimited Distance Dialing
LGTMLooks Good To Me
LOL@ULaugh out loud at you
LSLLink Support Layer Load Segment Limit
LITELeon's Intensive Training For Employment
LSMLate Systolic Murmur
LFALeft ForeArm
LQLetter Quality
LADDRLAyered Device Driver Architecture (SCSI type drivers for accessing devices)
LORLlaugh out real loud
LGCLine Group Controller
LLELaboratory for Laser Energetics of the University of Rochester
LPFLow Power Field
LADALatent Autoimmune Diabetes of Adults
LQALink Quality Analysis
LUALogical Unit Application (interface)
LUCCLand Use/Cover Change
LVMLogical Volume Management [IBM]
LFULeast Frequently Used
LERCLewis Research Center
LOPTLower Order Path Termination (MUX)
LNPALocal Number Portability Administration
LCTLoose Connective Tissue
LEAVEHigh Level Procedure Exit
LPRLine Printer Remote
LAHDCLadakh Hill Development Council
LEDGELegend legendary
LEBLasco Electronics Box
LN:DILotus Notes:Document Imaging
LCNLocal Channel Number
LNBFLow Noise Block Feedhorn
LFSLoad Far Pointer in FS
LUNLogical Unit Number
LEAPLightweight Extensible Authentication Protocol
LLSLong leg splint
LEMMElet me
LOWLaunch On Warning
LLDFLow Level Drive Format (done at factory)
LIKEIntroduction to a quote
LVDTLinear Variable-Differential Transducer
LYTlove you too
LGRlittle girls room
LLLPLibrary Laptop Loaner Program
LAPBLink Access Procedure Balanced (protocol)
LASEKLaser-Assisted Sub-Epithelial Keratectomy
LIMLotus / Intel / Microsoft
LEISLow Energy Ion Scattering
LDCSLeast Developed Countries
LEELicentiate in Electrical Engineering
LISSLinear Imaging SelfScanning Censors
LUTSLower Urinary Tract Symptoms
LGDLoad Global Doubleword
LSELocal Security Environment
LENRLow Energy Nuclear Reactions
LDRPLabor Delivery Recovery Postpartum
LL.D.Llegum Doctor
LVSList View Style
LECLocal Exchange Carrier
LESVLand Earth Station Voice channel
LIDBLine Information DataBase
LAWNLocal Area Wireless Network
LBILibrary file Used to hold extraneous information from program to improve performance
LDILoad Data Immediate
LISLibrary Information Science
LPVLong Period Variable
LTULawrence Technological University
LEPTLearning Environment for Pathology Trainees
LRMLanguage Reference Manual Least Recently-Used Master
LMTLicensed Massage Therapist
LIPIIndonesian Institute of Sciences
LATERSSee you later goodbye
LULLeft Upper Lobe
LR FAXLow-Resolution Facsimile
LWALeave Without Allowance
LGOlife goes on
LRNLocation Routing Number
LYSMlove you so much
LHSLeft Hand Side
LALlaughing a little
LNKLink File Extension Used to create shortcuts in Microsoft Windows
LMELicentiate in Mechanical Engineering
LD1Overlay file (dBASE)
LC-MSLiquid Chromotography with Mass Spectrometry
LBHlet's be honest
LMULAN Management Utilities [IBM]
L2TPLayer 2 Tunneling Protocol
LUCASLancaster University Computer Assessment System
LISALeasing Information And Service Assistant
LESOLand Earth Station Operator (Inmarsat)
LSCCTLa Salle College Computer Team
LMCLighting Management Consultant
LCELoop Counter Expired
LINACLinear accelerator
LXILAN eXtensions for Instrumentation
LFMlooking for mate
LSFLovely Skin Formula
LLCCLeadLess Chip Carrier
LTNSLong Time No See
LTNCLong time no see
LVPLarge Volume Paracentesis
LWCLarge Water Cherenkov
LZLanding Zone (where the read/write heads go on a disk to read information)
L85Leiden-85 cohort
LLQLeft lower quadrant
LEMSLow-Emission Mobile System
LGFlittle green footballs
LMFOlaughing my face off
LHACompressed file format (extension)
LCPELine Corrugated PolyEthelene
LD-50Lethal Dose at 50 millirem
LTGLong Term Growth
LBBBLeft Bundle Branch Block
LIASLibrary Information Access System
LBMLean Body Mass
LOLCIlaughing out loud
LD50Lethal Dose at 50 millirem
LFPLooking For Party (in
LMALaryngeal mask airway
LAILocation Area Identity (GSM)
LUGLinux Users Group
LUISLibrary User Information Service
LEG ITRun away
LAALocal Airport Advisory
LOSTLango Orphans Scholarship Trust
LIHLaugh in head
LESCOLahore Electric Supply Company
LAPSLeft Aft Propulsion System
LAPMLink Access Procedure for Modems
LFBLook-ahead-For-Busy (information)
LMRLaser Magnetic Resonance
LCMSLow Cost Modular Spacecraft
LU2love you too
LGALarge For Gestational Age
LHLLeft Hepatic Lobe
LLETZLarge Loop Excision of the Transformation Zone
LESTLarge Earthbased Solar Telescope
L&DO;Land & Development Office
LDL-Clow-density lipoprotein cholesterol
LETMLake Evaporation and Thermodynamics Model
LFILast File Indicator
L2Plearn to play
L-ZONELanding zone for the read/write heads on a disk
LSTMLaughing Silently To Myself
LOCKLock the Bus
LMDSLocal Multipoint Distribution Services
LDNLicensed Dietitian Nutritionist
LSSLoad Far Pointer in SS
LLXLeft lower extremity
LVDSLowVoltage Differential Signalling
LBXLocal Bus Accelerator
LEOWLow-cost Exploration Operator Workstation (image processing)
LHFLeft Heart Failure
LIALegal Information Assistant
LEOSSLEOS Summer Topical Meeting
LMAPleave me alone please
LL3Laplink III related file
LEOSIEEE Lasers & Electro-Optics Society
LBVSlaughing but very serious
LERIGLeather Research Industry Get-Together
LULZLaughing out loud.
LBOdBASE IV Compiled label Object code
LERKLigand of Eph-Related Kinase
LPSCLiquid Propulsion System Centre
LANSLaboratory for Artificial Neural Systems
LERGLocal Exchange Routing Guide (Telcordia Technologies)
LLPQLow Latency Priority Queuing
LANALocal Area Network Adapter
LYLLove You Lots
LF1MLooking for one more
LVDlarge vessel disease
LZWLempel-Ziv-Welch (algorithm)
LBPLow Back Pain
LETNLaw Enforcement Television Network (broadcaster)
LNDLast Number Dialed
LLNLower limit of normal
LRVLeak Repair Verification
LWOLightwave (high end 3D generation program) file extension
LFNLong File Names
L-5fifth lumbar vertebrum
LOP-PLoss Of Pointer - Path
LDARLeak Detection and Repair
LENDLeadership Education in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities
LS SPINELumboSacral Spine
LASSALicensed Animal Slaughter and Salvage Association
LOHLoss Of Heterozygosity
LF2Mlooking for 2 more
LEDAOnline Earthnet Data Access
LTIPlaughting until I puke
LEIFSLake Erie Information Forecasting System
LVOLeft Ventricular Opacification
LAHFLoad Register AH from
LLDTLoad Local Descriptor Table
LOXLiquid Oxygen
LENGWeapon gun
LABALaboratory Animal Breeders Association
LAP-DLink Access Procedure- Digital channel (ISDN)
LAFBLeft Anterior Fascicular Block
LAELong Above Elbow (cast)
LAVCLocal Area VAX Cluster
LSMWLegacy System Migration Workbench
LTHLove Truth Honor
LCSNPClow cost small notebook personal computer
LATSLandfill Allowance Trading Scheme
LUBlaugh under breath
LAASLow Altitude Alert System
LEESVery Attractive Man/Woman
LESLPLondon Emergency Services Liaison Panel
LBSNAALal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration
LIDLow Impact Development
LFWLooking For Work
LAP-BLink Access Protocol-Balanced
LSNLocal Signal Network
LASELaboratory for Advanced Spectroscopic Evaluation
LESILand Earth Station Interstation signaling channel
LPTALight Producing Transgenic Animal
LTNSOHLong time
LMCALeft Main Coronary Artery
LCILogical Channel Identifier (X.25)
LAWLlauging out loud with a southern drawl
LLBWLighter Low Birth Weight
LWWLibrary Without Walls
LALLLongest Allowed Lobe Length
LTPALine Terminator type PA
LRRLong-Range Radar
LTBlooking to buy
LOZlozenge (nontabletcapsule oral dose form)
LNOLohna Road
LPMSlife pretty much sucks
LHZCompressed file archive (LHA)
LLBGLow Level Burial Ground
LSSCLake Superior State College
LGGLeast General Generalization
LOPCLaser-Optical Plankton Counter
LPQLine Printer Queue
LWILoad Word Indirect
LFBGALead-Free Ball Grid Array
LUVUVMlove you very much
LLRWLowLevel Radioactive Waste
LUSERuser who is a loser
LAUlaugh at you
LDCTlow-dose computed tomography
LVEFLeft Ventricular Ejection Fraction
LOSELineage Online Server Emulator
LALGILandless Agricultural Labourers Group Insurance
LANACSLocal Area Network Asynchronous Connection Server
LVHLeft Ventricular Hypertrophy
LANACLaminar Navigation Anti-Collision (aviation)
LOLROFLaughing out loud while rolling on the floor.
L22nd Lumbar Vertebra
LOOLLaughing Outlandishly Out Loud
LTFT TRAININGLess than full-time training
LCRALight Canard Research Aircraft
LSATLaw School Admission Test
LEPORLongterm and Expanded Program of Oceanic Exploration and Research
LFNARlaughing for no aparent reason
LLATleft lateral
LEAPSLong-term Equipment Anticipation Securities
LUFLeg Ulcer Forum Journal
LAYALooking After You Always
LOOPNELoop while Not Equal
LLAPlive long and prosper
LTNLocal Transport Network
LLTDLink Layer Topology Discovery
LVCLaser Vision Correction
LCSHLibrary of Congress Subject Heading
LVRLaboratory of Vision Research
LASSDLocal Authority Social Services Department
LPICIntraLATA Primary Interexchange Carrier
LIU7Line Interface Unit for CCS 7
LVYAlove you
LINCLaboratory Instrumentation Computer
LOMLeft otitis media
LHILoad High Immediate
LSOHLow Smoke Zero Halogen
LCSWLicensed Clinical Social Worker
LTOTLong Term Oxygen Therapy
LLDLLow-Level Differential Logic
LOCISLibrary of Congress Information System
LUILocal User Input
LC50lethal concentration causing death in 50%
LINXLondon Internet Exchange
LTMSLaughing to my self
LPT3Third Parallel Printer Port
LLNQLeast Lots Next Queue
LLTNTlive like theres no tomorrow
LSVLong Saphenous Vein
LLWCLong Leg Walking Cast
LATNlaugh at the newbs
LOCAL TVLaunching Our Communities Access to Local Television (Act)
LRLLeast Recently Loaded
LARTSLifeformulae ASN Reader Tool Set
LBVLung Blood Volume
LTCSLabel Traffic Control System
LZHCompressed file format extension (raw data compression)
LLBNLow Level Bellman Net
LOISLand Ocean Interaction Study
LEASLATA Equal Access System
LLC2Logical Link Control Layer 2
LAADLos Angeles Aircraft Division
LDSLoad Pointer Using DS
LODSBLoad String Byte
LLD2Link Layer Discovery And Diagnostics
LOCSLand-Ocean-Climate Satellite
LAIVlive attenuated influenza vaccine
LIMPLinux Multi-media Player
LANDALocal Area Network Dealers Association (Canada)
LFGLooking for group
LCFSLocality Counterfraud Specialist
LTTPOTlaughing to the point of tears
LAMERAnnoying person
LESDLand Earth Station Data channel
LANALYZERLAN analyzer (networking)
LO-FERFLow-Order Far-End Receive Failure alarm (MUX)
LMRPLocal Medical Review Policy
LRELinguistic Research And Engineering
LUSMlove you so much
LDQLeeds Dependence Questionnaire
LATNETLatvian Network
LUWAMHLove You with All My Heart
LALTlarynx-associated lymphoid tissue in the eye
LNBLow-Noise Block down-converter (satcom)
LUSTLeaking Underground Storage Tank
LOWEDon't bother forget it
LIM-EMSLotus Intel Microsoft EMS
LLWASLow Level Wind Shear Alert System
LMHLiquid Metallic Hydrogen
LOQLeft lower quadrant
LCPDLegg Calve Perthes Disease
LIQLeft inner quadrant
LOLMlaugh out loud man
LFACSLoop Facility Assignment and Control System
LECIDLAN Emulation Client Identifier (ATM)
LLDDLow-Level Design Document
LEO GERLosing Electron Oxidation Gaining Electron Reduction
LSTTLLow-power Schottky Transistor-to-Transistor Logic (digital electronics)
LTSPLong Term Soil Productivity
LITALibrary And Information Technology Association
LOOPZLoop while Zero
LVADLeft Ventricular Assist Device
LOI/LOPLetters of Intent/Letters of Permission
LOGMLLOG Markup Language
LQILaughing Quietly Inside
LBNRlaughing but not really
LDIFLDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) Data Interchange Format
L11st Lumbar Vertebra
LNFLife's Not Fair
LTNTlong time no talk
LSUList Super Users
LI-IONLithium-ION (rechargeable battery)
LYSlife years saved
LGULocal Government Units
LOLVLots Of Love
LZ77Lempel-Ziv compression method developed in 1977
LCAOLinear Combination of Atomic Orbitals
LUV ULove You
LCKLibrary Construction Kit [Mircrosoft FoxPro]
LTWLake Tahoe Water
LWSLinear White Space
LDISLodged Disposal
LFFAOLaughing My F***(freaking) Ass Off
LULABLove you like a brother
LIST SERVList Server (Internet)
LCCBlocal collaborative commissioning board
LCHLangerhans cell histiocytosis
LLODLower Limit Of Detection
L-3third lumbar vertebrum
LVSDleft ventricular systolic dysfunction
LLIFLinear LIF (amplifier)
LFATLapse Free Abstinence Time
LISTSERVList Server [Internet]
LLRSLow Level Requirements Statement
LYMLove You More
LOTFlaughing on the floor
LIDTLoad Interrupt Descriptor Table
LPT2Second Parallel Printer Port
LOFIALongest Frequent Itemset mining Algorithm
LSAPILicense Services Application Program Interface
LFAULarge File Allocation Unit
LOMBLying On My Bed
LLSCFLex Language Source Code File
LWTListen While Talk
LCTALungs clear to auscultation
LLUCMCLoma Linda University Community Medical Center
LRMSLong Run Marginal Cost
LSILLow Grade Squamous Intraepithelial Lesion
LOMYlove of my life
LFDLigament Fixation Device
LCTSLet's Change The Subject
LRDSSLong Range Decision Support System
LOAFLinux On A Floppy
LECSLAN Emulation Configuration Server (ATM)
LOC FIN DOCLetter of Competence for Faculty Instructing Doctors
LNPLocal Number Portability (cellular networks)
LOCUSLoyola's Online Connection to University Services
LPRFLow-Power Radio Frequency
LOL2ULaugh out loud to you
LOSVLeft Oblique Subcostal View
LTMQLaugh To Myself Quietly
LQLLaughing Quite Loudly
LICSLotus International Character Set [LDC]
LFACLarge Follicle Anovulatory Condition
LTPSLow Temperature Poly-Silicon
LOELlowest observed effect level
LKLLake Land College
LSASSLocal Security Authority Subsystem Service
LNCLegal Nurse Consultant
LHMCLong-Haul Mileage Calculation
LPSMLevenson Phase Shift Mask
LLNLLawrenceLivermore National Laboratory
LQCLine Quality Control
LDCLLakshadweep Development Corporation Limited
LOLIOlaugh out loud I own
LVNLicensed Vocational Nurse
LOTOSLanguage Of Temporal Ordering Specification
LU2Dlove you to death
LODSDLoad String Doubleword
LTIDLogical Terminal Identifier (ISDN)
LMSTLocal Mean Sidereal Time
LVQLearning Vector Quantization
LLOLliterally laughing out loud
LU4Llove you for life
LTACLossless Transform Audio Coding
LQVLocus Questions in Vision
LSAPLaserfiche Software Assurance Plan
LFAPLaboratory For Applied Physics
LT CLASSLogical Terminal Class (ISDN terminal)
LPADlimited population antibiotic drug
LUELeft upper extremity
LRITLong-Range Identification and Tracking of ships (IMO)
LMMLentigo Maligna Melanoma
LHRHLuteinizing Hormone Releasing Hormone
LUMOLowest Unoccupied Molecular Orbit
LOAELLowest Observed Adverse Effect Level
LOC IUTLetter of Competence in Intrauterine Techniques
LMCOLaughing My Cats Off
LFXLocal Effects
LE ARPLAN Emulator Address Resolution Protocol
LULASLove You Like a Sister
LVISLow Velocity Intense Source
LZSCompressed file archive (LARC)
LOLOLsaying lol out loud
LOLAWlaugh out loud at work
LPRDLaryngoPharyngeal Reflux Disease
LB2Lower Bound number 2
LFADLoad From A Disk
LJlive journal
LUHFLowest Usable High Frequency
LNDOLocal Neglect of Differential Overlap
LVIFifty- Six (Roman Numerals)
LGRB(S)long gamma ray burst(s)
LTXLaTeX Mathematical TeXt document
LDOCLong Distance Operational Control
LR-WPANLow-Rate Wireless Personal Area Network
LOC SDILetter of Competence in Subdermal Implants
LOW ITAllow It don't worry
LSA DIODELimited Space-charge Accumulation diode
LIVMLike It Very Much
LQELine Quality Engineering
LOIFLeft Outer Inner Forward
LIRLeft iliac region
LZPLempel-Ziv Prediction (data compression method)
LNMFLocal Network Management Function
LES-SIGLand Earth Station Signaling channel (Inmarsat)
LXCLong-distance Carrier
LFELow Frequency Effects
LPMHClicenced professional mental health counselors
LTYWLlove the way you lie
LBWALinnBenton Women for Agriculture
LSCITLight guide Stranded-Cable Interconnect Terminal
LCOSLiquid Crystal On Silicon (semiconductors)
LIMOLimousine luxury car
LMSWLoad Machine Status Word
LOCOSLOCal Oxidation Of Silicon
LGILarge Glucagon Immunoreactivity
LINUSsee Linux
LIC. ARTSLicentiate in Arts
LIEClike i even care
LUMLakehead University Manga
L&W;living and well
LUNSLogical Unit Numbers
LDTDLaser Diode Thermal Desorption
LIEPLarge Internet Exchange Packet [Novell]
LUNARLearning and Using New Approaches to Research
LGDTLoad Global Descriptor Table
LURKERone who reads but doesn't reply
LPCBLactoPhenol Cotton Blue
LHCPLeft-Hand Circular Polarization (microwave)
LSAVALithuanian Small Animal Veterinary Association
LCPGALow-Cost Pin-Grid Array (microchips)
LBNLogical Block Number
LIMEHang out socialise
LUMULove You Miss You
LINCOMPEXLinked Compressor and Expander
LFAMLook For A Match
LGMHLove Gives Me Hope
LRECLLogical RECord Length
LGMLittle Green Men
LACELow-power Atmospheric Compensation Experiment
LC25lethal concentration causing death in 25%
LSHLaughing So Hard
LY2love you to
LWNlast week's news
LVPECLLow Voltage Positive Emitter Coupled Logic
LKGCLast Known Good Configuration
LDPBLearning Development Partnership Board
LLUPTCLoma Linda University Proton Therapy Center
LGLLownGanongLevine syndrome
LMEILayer Management Entity Identifier
LNDFLinear Natural Density Filter
L2TPV3Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol version 3
LOLEESlaugh out loud
LCOELevelized Cost Of Energy
LCMPLife Cycle Management Plan
LWMLaugh With Me
LWBSLeave Without Being Seen
LHGLeft hand grip
LTHTTlaughing too hard to type
LCMVLymphocytic ChorioMeningitis Virus
LFTSLiver Function Test
LDTVLow-Definition Television
LXELightguide eXpress Entry
LGNlink goes nowhere
LDDCLong-Distance Direct Current (dialing system)
LCOMLogic Control Output Module
LSHIDlaugh so hard i die
LCAFLocal Commemorative Activities Fund
LZARILempel-Ziv Arithmetic (data compression method)
L-11st Lumbar Vertebra
LZDDifference file for binaries (Ldiff 1.20)
LADTLocal Area Data Transport
LCRCLake Champlain Research Consortium
LZFGLempel-Ziv-Fiala-Green (data compression method)
L2Mlistening to music
LSOFLiSt Open Files
LTFRLess Than Full Reciprocity
LMADLet's Make A Deal
LZJLempel-Ziv-Jakobsson (data compression method)
LSSDLevel-Sensitive Scan Design
LURKRead a forum but never post
LUMHSLiaquat Medical University Health And Science
LGOTlet's go out tonight
LROBTLand Revenue Other than Basic Tax
LVEDPLeft Ventricular End Diastolic Pressure
LWKLarge White Kidney
LQ2Mlaughing quietly to myself
LCCDLaunch Commit Criteria Document
LZSSLempel-Ziv-Sorer-Szymanski (data compression method)
LCRFLuminal CCK Releasing Factor
LGGDlet's go get drunk
LMHOlaughing my heiny off
LQRLine Quality Report
LBRSLow Background Reference System
LZJHLempel-Ziv-Jeff-Heath (data compression method)
LN2Liquid Nitrogen
LMTUSlet me tell you something
LPDPLocal Policy Decision Point
LYLADlove you like a dad
LMKWUTlet me know what you think
LSDULink Layer Service Data Unit
LOLLERSKATESlaughing out loud
LBDBLakshadweep Building Development Board
LANTRANational Training Organization for the Land Based Industries
LHCARPLarge Hadron Collider Accelerator Research Program
LZBLempel-Ziv Bell (data compression method)
L@Ulaughing at you
LTPDLaboratory Tested Permissible Defect
LIVSLithuanian Institute of Veterinary Studies
LGELateral Ganglion Emisence
LRQTMSlaughing really quietly to myself
LCKMSLakh Conductor Kilometres
LTCHlong-term care hospital
LITSLife Is Too Short
LOLFlots of love forever
LIOCSLogical Input/Output Control System
LPOPLittle Pairs Out of Position
LISDLibrary and Information Services Division
LADCLicensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor
LVSFLeft Ventricular Shortening Fraction a heart function test
LSCIlife sciences
LSHMBHLaughing So Hard My Belly Hurts
L-22nd Lumbar Vertebra
LC-WSULake Campus of Wright State University
LVHHNLehigh Valley Hospital and Health Network
LTSALinear Taper Slot Antenna
LTSNLearning and Teaching Support Network (e-learning)
LBBLow back bending
LRHlaughing really hard
LSAPSLatvian Small Animal Practitioners Section
LQFLeadership Qualities Framework (NHS Leadership Framework)
LIMARCLong Island Mobile Amateur Radio Club
LBWCLimb Body Wall Complex
LYLAFLove You Like A Friend
LUMPSLiver Unit Management Protocol System
LSHRNlaughing so hard right now
LSMSLocal Service Management System
L2 FETLogic Level FET (semiconductors)
LQTMLaugh quietly to myself
LUQLeft Upper Quadrant
LPFKLease Programmable Funcctional Keys
LN03DEC LN03+ Sixel file Bitmap graphics
L2FLayer 2 Forwarding protocol
LYLAMlove you like a mom
LMBCSLotus Multibyte Character Set [Lotus]
LCHTFLow Cycle High Temperature Fatigue
LQSLife Quotations System
LBDNLook Busy Doing Nothing
LICSWLicensed Independent Clinical Social Worker
LSTPLow Signal Transfer Point
LHARCLempl-Huffman archiver
LBDOLong-billed Dowitcher (bird)
LYAlove you always
LOLLERCAUSTan extreme event of hilarity
LIJLeft Internal Jugular
LWJGLLightWeight Java Game Library
LAMOMispelling of
LRSILowtemperature Reusable Surface Insulation
LBNPDLower Body Negative Pressure Device
LVCMOSLow-Voltage Complementary MOS (semiconductors)
LMSULomonosov Moscow State University
LSCHLondon School of Classical Homoeopathy
LHRMLicensed Healthcare Risk Manager
LTICLaugh Til I Cry
LAFHLower Anterior Facial Height
LVZLeast Variable Zone
LFTSULook Forward To Seeing You
LMWHLow Molecular Weight Heparin
LCUGLiquid Cooling Under Garment
LMOAMLeft Message On Answering Machine
LDSDLow Dimensional Structures and Devices
LCMTLearning Credit Management Tool
LDIULaunch Data Interface Unit
LSCBlocal safeguarding children board
LWOBLightwave Object Format
LMESLand Mobile Earth Station
LRCPLicensed Respiratory Care Practitioner
LIOLlaugh insanely out loud
LCEDLaboratory for Community and Economic Development
LXTLocal Exchange Terminal
LFCCLocal Federal Coordinating Committee
LCISLobular Carcinoma In Situ - type of breast cancer
LXDLiquid Crystal Display (X=crystal)
LRCPSLipid Research Clinics Prevalence Study
LD-AACLow-Delay Advanced Audio Compression
LGPOLocal Group Policy Object
LTRRLatur Road
LVSEMLow-Voltage Scanning Electron Microscopy
LCPLLakes Country Public Library
LCCEL2TP Control Connection Endpoint
LPCVDLow Pressure Chemical Vapor Deposition
LMBBLumbar Medial Branch Block
LILABOCLife Is Like A Box Of Chocolates
LMMALaser Microprobe Mass Analysis
LPTVLow-Power Television (service)
LFSRLinear Feedback Shift Register
LUTCFLife Underwriter Training Council Fellow
LDJLok Dal Janvadi
LUCOLEDLUminescence COnversion Light Emitting Diode
LYLCLove You Like Crazy
LSSWLow-Speed Switch
LVSTLaboratory Vane Shear Test
LPRCLanguage Policy Research Center (Bar-Ilan University)
LFOVLimited Field-Of-View (radar)
LHRCLobster Health Research Centre (Atlantic Veterinary College)
LTCCLow-Temperature Co-fired Ceramic (substrate technology)
LHEPLaboratory for High Energy Physics (Universität Bern)
LSNGLarge-Scale Networking Group
L-4fourth lumbar vertebrum
LINFOThe Linux Information Project
LD51Lethal Dose resulting in 50% mortality
LS TRUNKLoop-Start Trunk
LYLSlove you lots
LTHO(S)long-term health outcome(s)
LSSIRTLibrary Support Staff Interests Round Table
LYMYLove You Miss You
LRIMHLeicester Royal Infirmary Maternity Hospital
LQTSlaughing quietly to self
LDOSLocal Density Of States
LZHUFLempel-Ziv-Huffman (data compression method)
LQTYLaughing Quietly To Yourself
LULTLine Unit/Line Termination
LYLMBLove You Like My Brother
LBRMLarge Basin Runoff Model
LBSULong Beach State University
LYNEFLytic Nephritic Factor
LCCCLeaded Ceramic Chip Carrier
LDECLunar Docking Events Controller
LYRLove You Really
LSOGLocal Service Ordering Guidelines
LGPOSLocal Group Policy Objects (Windows)
LDCCLeaded Ceramic Chip Carrier.
L-TO-CL-band to C-band
LOROLobe On Receive Only (radar)
LNLSBrazilian Synchrotron Light Laboratory
LCSTLow Critical Solution Temperature
LYBLove You Bye
LUMENLoyola University Medical Education Network
LYLASAlove you like a sister always
LQMLink Quality Monitoring (protocol)
LDDSLimited Distance Data Service
LNRULike New Repair and Update
L-RERPLong-Range Effects Research Program
LWWYLive While We're Young
LOP-VLoss Of Pointer - Virtual
LPESLand Portable Earth Station
LVEDLeft Ventricular End-Diastolic
LYLABlove you like a brother
LFTRLiquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor
LPORTLogical port
LOAEL(S)lowest observed adverse effect levels
LUMILove You Mean It
LBENLow-Byte Enable
LIC. PS.Licenciate in Psychology
LRPSLicentiate of the Royal Photographic Society
LJLLower Jaw Length
LWIRLong Wavelength Infra-Red
LSZLocal Scope Zone
LVTTLLow Voltage Transistor Transistor Logic
LNG-IUDlevonorgestrel-releasing intrauterine device
LZMWLempel-Ziv-Miller-Wegman (data compression method)
LUNALaparoscopic Uterine Nerve Ablation
LIGHTSARLight Synthetic Aperture Radar
LREMLinear Rational Expectations Model
LHHLaughing Hella Hard
L1 L5Lumbar vertebrae 1 5 (spine eg L1 = 1st lumbar vertebra)
LNNILANE Network-to-Network Interface (ATM)
LSHIClaughing so hard i'm crying
LSCIELight guide Stranded-Cable Interconnect Equipment
LWDULiquid Waste Disposal Unit
LAWLZlaughing out loud with a southern drawl
LTGRPLogical Terminal Group (ISDN)
LY4ELove You Forever
LSOALocal Service Order Administration
LBPFLong Bone Or Pelvic Fracture
LD-CELPLow-Delay Code-Excited Linear Prediction (voice coding)
LSSBLarge Secondary Side Break
LFPSCertification in Lean and Flexible Production Systems
LDDMLaser Doppler Displacement Meter
LTTBLine Terminator Test Board
LSHIDMTLaughing So Hard I Drop My Taco
LYVMlove you very much
LDGPSLocal Differential GPS
LB1Lower Bound number 1
LDVSLocally Dynamic Voltage Scaling
L8R G8RLater Gator
LGRSLocal Government Radio Service
LMTRCLeft Message to Return Call
LTVSLanguage Testing Virtual Specbank (International Language Testing Association)
LVSVLeft Ventricular Stroke Volume
LSHILarge-Scale Hybrid Integration
LORANCA Radio Navigation System Operated by the US Coast Guard
LMOACLocal Medical Officer Advisory Committee
LCAFSLouisiana Coastal Area Feasibility Study
LDMOSLaterally Diffused Metal Oxide Semiconductor
LPDCLaboratory For Parallel And Distributing Computing
LCBILaboratoryconfirmed Bloodstream Infection
LWSPLinear White SPace
LINCCLibrary Information Network For Community Colleges
LSUSDLouisiana State University School of Dentistry
LUXPACLuxemburg Packet-Switched Network
LCRILake Champlain Research Institute
LTRSLaboratory for Terrestrial Remote Sensing
L2MSlaughing to myself
LNTXLongchain Neurotoxin
LUVVIEStage actor
LDAFLearning Disabilities Award Framework
LFDYLive Fast Die Young
LWGQLearning With Growing Quality
LPRMline printer remove
LHVNLocality Health Voice Network
LMTYlaughing more than you
LCLSLinac Coherent Light Source
LTCNLong-Term Care Network (TV broadcaster)
LSUDILets see you do it
LRGSLocal Readout Ground Stations
LVASLeft Ventricular Assist System
LWGVLightWeight Genome Viewer
LMFRLets Meet For Real
LNIBLike New In Box
LSSGRLATA Switching System General Requirements
LWIHlook what I have
LGFBLooks Good From Behind
LPFITLondon Programme for IT
LIMMLaughing In My Mind
LACBEDLarge-Angle Convergent Beam Electron Diffraction
LSOLarge Send Offload
LM HOSTSLAN Manager Hosts (Windows file)
LRRMLine-Reflect-Reflect-Match (calibration)
LHOTSLong-Haul Optical Transmission Set
LMOSLoop Maintenance Operations System
LJRLanjigarh Road
LMILDLinear/Multiplicative Increase and Linear Decrease
LHBVLeft Heart Blood Volume
LDUHLow-Dose Unfractionated Heparin
LTKLaser Thermal Keratoplasty
LAND MINEUgly skinny girl
LCWNLiveCache Wireless Network
LMKSLet Me Know Soon
LCEADLow-Cost Encryption and Authentication Device
LGCIISDN Line Group Controller
LIBGFL221.DLLDynamic Link Library
LYLAFKLClove you like a fat kid loves cake
LTSELearn To Speak English
LFSSLink Failed Signal State
LSCIMLight guide Stranded-Cable Interconnect Module
LYLABAlove you like a brother always
LSTATLife Support for Trauma And Transport
L-ADMLinear Add/Drop Multiplexer (MUX)
LMHCLicensed Mental Health Counselor
LWGLCSIRO Land and Water Griffith Laboratory
LFTILooking Forward To It
LASSOLiberal Arts Support Staff Organization
LBCDLeft Border Of Cardiac Dullness
LRCOLimited Remote Communications Outlet
LTWTALinearized Traveling Wave Tube Amplifier
LTTRLong-Term Thermal Resistance
LYAAFLove you as a friend
LSCSWLicensed Specialist Clinical Social Worker
LYMYWYLove You Miss You Want You
LMGTLockheed Martin Global Telecommunications (company)
LHYWLike Hell You Will
LSIRDLivestock Systems in Integrated Rural Development network
LBPGpound per gallon
LACIELarge Area Crop Inventory Experiment
LOLSlaugh out loud
LHRHAleuteinizing hormone-releasing hormone agonist
LTPBLine Terminator type PB
LSHIWMSlaughing so hard I wet myself
LSCOMLarge Scale Concept Ontology from Multimedia Understanding
LMCNILivestock and Meat Commission for Northern Ireland
LCDWLower Circumpolar Deep Water
LTCVDLow-Temperature Chemical Vapor Deposition
LUOQLeft Upper Outer Quadrant
LYLTLove You Long Time
LTOELLong Term Occupational Exposure Limit
LYESLiver Yang Exuberance Syndrome
LYTDLove You To Death
LRODLong-Range Overwater Diffusion
LDGOLamont Doherty Geological Observatory
L-BAND1435 - 1525 MHz frequency band
LDPHLead Director of Public Health
LCIFLaserCollisionInduced Fluorescence
LYMIlove you mean it
LPZLow Population Zone
LYLNOLove you like no other
LYLASI love you like a sister
LMSOlaughing my socks off
LOXENlaughing out loud
LHCNLong-Haul Communications Network
LMAMLeave Me A Message
LTNUMLogical Terminal Number (ISDN)
LFCRLine Feed & Carriage Return
LBNLLawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
LVPDLa Verne Police Department
LSSULocal Safety Surveillance Unit
LPFMLow-Power FM (radio station)
LCASLink Capacity Adjustment Scheme
LMTCBLeft Message To Call Back
LDIPLong-Distance Internet Provider
LTACSlong term acute care facility/ies
LMTOLinear Muffin-Tin Orbital
LFMFLearn From My Fail
LBIRLow Background Infrared Radiometry
LSEQLeeds Sleep Evaluation questionnaire
LRRTLibrary Research
LYAABLove you as a brother
LWUITLightweight User Interface Toolkit
LPRILaboratoire Primaire des Rayonnements Ionisants
LCBFLocal Cerebral Blood Flow
LGIBLower gastrointestinal bleeding
LMINLiters Per Minute
LUGIPLinux Users Group In Princeton
LBWBLow Birth Weight Baby
L4DLeft 4 Dead (game)
LUDWIGULudwig-Maximilians University
LKDMLow k Dielectric Material (k = dielectric constant)
LOLINGThe act of laughing out loud
L84SKOOLlate for school
LAWSLaser Atmospheric Wind Sounder
LCFALong Chain Fatty Acid
LAVLymphadenopathy Associated Virus
LCAELalbagh Court Road
LMFULocal Maxima Finder Unit
LASSLocal Area Signaling Services (PBX)
LFSTLangley Full-Scale Tunnel
LGFSTPLiquefied Gaseous Fuels Spill Test Facility
LRECLocal Research Ethics Committee (UK)
LPRTLightPipe Radiation Thermometers
LOTDLink Of The Day
LOLAROTFlaughing out loud and rolling on the floor
LMERLand Margin Ecosystem Research
LQTMSLaughing quietly to myself
LCVGLiquid Cooling and Ventilation Garment
LTERLong Term Ecological Research
LTWELinearly Transformed Wave Equation
LOTIlaughing on the inside
LUNTLine Unit Network Termination
LBSWLicensed Baccalaureate Social Worker
LPTFLaboratoire Primaire du Temps et des Fr
LOOSELaboratory Of Object Oriented Software Engineering
LTRASLeukotriene Receptor Antagonist
LGOSLiverpool Guild of Students
LARPLive Action Role Player
LPACLossless Predictive Audio Compression
LTFMlong term financial model
L2TPEXTLayer 2 Tunneling Protocol Extension (Cisco)
LMCLLeft-Mid-Central Lobe
LPISMLiquid Photo-Imageable Solder Mask
LSBMDLumbar Spine Bone Mineral Density
LVORLinear Vestibulo Ocular Reflex
LSMALarge-Scale Multicast Applications
LAKlove and kisses
L2RLearn to read
LOMGlike oh my god
LMDELinux Mint Debian Edition
LWICDLook What I Can Do
LOMOLights Out Missionary Only
LTCILine Trunk Controller of ISDN
LHUPLock Haven University of Pennsylvania
LMRILaboratoire de Mesure des Rayonnements Ionisants
LOTRlord of the rings
LDEFLong Duration Exposure Facility
LARSLight Amplifying And Reflecting Satellite
LANLLos Alamos National Laboratory
L1 - L5Lumbar vertebrae 1 - 5 (spine eg. L1 = 1st lumbar vertebra)
LADYBROA Female Friend
LVDMLow-Voltage Differential Multipoint
LSHMSONlaughing so hard milk shot out nose
LWERLightweight Encoding Rules (data encoding)
LASCOTLarge Screen Color Television System
LSACLaw School Admission Council
LAMMLarge-Antenna Mini-M terminal (Inmarsat)
LOCATLevel Of Care Assessment Tool
LOPSNLower Order Path Sub-Network (MUX)
LQTLong QT syndrome
LABA(S)long-acting beta antagonist(s)
LTWILake Tahoe Wellness Institute
LODSWLoad String Word
LOLNGSlaghing out loud never gonna stop
LMCSLocal Multipoint Communications System
LDMFLibrarian Disc Master File
LXOLiquid Crystal Oscillator (X=crystal)
LMGTFYLet me Google that for you
LORDERlibrary order
LIDSLatex Induced Disease Syndrome
LRICLong-Run Incremental Cost
LOOMMlaughing out of my mind
LTERPLong-Term Ecological Research Project
LWSDLarge Wall Screen Display
LXGLeague of Extraordinary Gentlemen
LAMAOLouisiana Mu Alpha Theta
LOLQlaugh out loud quietly
LOLOCOSTlaugh out loud
LAP-FLink Access Procedure for Frame Relay
LBRVLow-Bit-Rate Voice
LISPMBitmap graphics (Lisp Machine file)
LOLOLZlaugh out loud
LBAPLocal Biodiversity Action Plan
LIGBTLateral Insulated-Gate Bipolar Transistor (semiconductors)
LANSROList of Academic and Not-for-Profit Survey Research Organizations
LORELine Oriented Editor
LOLLERCOASTERlaugh out loud (a lot)
LASPLaboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics
LOSWLoss Of Synchronous Word
LTECLamp Testing Engineers Conference
LOVLLaughing Out Very Loud
LAMNLook At Me Now
LORANLong Range Aid to Navigation
LOFARLow-Frequency Array (antennas)
LMSSLand Mobile Satellite Service
LAMEOLame Person
LAURALangley Aerothermodynamic Upwind Relaxation Algorithm
LIUNLong Island University Network
LOTSLate Onset Tay Sachs
LCSDLaboratory Control Sample Duplicate
LXXSeventy ( Roman Numerals)
LORGLarge-size Organizations (Microsoft)
LACBLanding Aids Control Building
LAFEASLegislative, Financial, Executive and Administrative Service
LOLAGEThe act of
LOP-LLoss Of Pointer - Line
LODSLoad String
LASCRLight-Activated Silicon-Controlled Rectifier (electronics)
LMIRLLet's meet in real life
LASSILow-Altitude Satellite Studies of Ionosphere
LOLEDPast tense of
LOLLLaugh Out Loud Literally
LADSLocal Area Data Service
LIRLlaughing in real life
LAMMSLAser Micro-Mass Spectroscopy
LATMLaughing At The Moment
LAITSLaboratory for Advanced Information Technology and Standards
LOXXENlaughing out loud
LAAAMLightweight Architecture Alternative Assessment Method
LOTROLord Of The Rings Online
LTMALess Talk More Action
LBNElong baseline neutrino experiment
LOLVQlaugh out loud very quietly
LORESLow Resolution
LUFFTThe Lawrence University Forum for Free-thought
LOLERZlaugh out loud
LOVUlove you
LOTWLogbook Of The World
LINALina Is Not Apple
LMTALLet Me Take A Look
LMWAGLocal Medical Workforce Advisory Group
LAMARLarge-Area Modular Array of Reflectors (antennas)
LANNETLarge Artificial Neuron Network
LOVCLower Order Virtual Container (MUX)
LOLWTIMElaughing out loud with tears in my eyes
LAIULaunch Abort Interface Unit
LASINTLaser Intelligence
LODELarge Optics Demonstration Experiment
LSUHSCLouisianna State University Health and Safety Commission
LAADSLow Altitude Air Defence System
LORACLong-range-accuracy (radio system)
LOOPELoop while Equal
LSCGlocal specialised commissioning group
LBWEMLattice-Based Word Error Minimization
LIRRLink Incident Record Registration
LAFSlove at first sight
LOBLLeft oblique
LISNLine Impedance Stabilization Network
LSFWLess Safe For Work
LASARLaboratory Analytical Storage And Retrieval
LINCSLeased Interfacility NAS Communications System
LOLLAMLaughing Out Loud Like A Maniac
LOCFLast Observation Carried Forward
LALBLaughing A Little Bit
LAWLEDlaughed out loud
LJMULiverpool John Moores University
LAMPFLos Alamos Meson Physics Facility
LJBFLet's Just Be Friends
LRSFLactating Rat Serum Factor
LIYFlaughing in your face
LSMFTLucky Strike Means Fine Tobacco
LADCPLowered Acoustic Doppler Current Profile
LOLCANOlaugh out loud
LAGOSLaser GravitationalWave Observatory in Space
L1 CACHELevel 1 cache (memory)
LSMIHlaughing so much it hurts
LSODLaser Shut Off Disable
LANCLong arm navicular cast
LIHOPLet It Happen On Purpose
LASCSLight-Activated Silicon-Controlled Switch (electronics)
LOLNlaught out loud... not
LACIPLarge Area Crop Inventory Program
LOICZLand- Ocean Interactions in the Coastal Zone
LOLDlaughed out loud
LAMISLaser Ablation Molecular Isotopic Spectroscopy
LAIRLaboratory for Artificial Intelligence Research
LDREXLoad Register EXclusive
LCGNLogical Channel Group Number
LOBNHlights on but nobody home (!)
L4/5Lumbar vertebrae 4 and 5 interspace
LXIVRoman Numeral 44
LSSTLarge Synoptic Survey Telescope
LACNLocal Area Control Network
LANSCELos Alamos Neutron Scattering Center
LATERZSee you later goodbye
LAMMRLarge-Antenna Multifrequency MW Radiometer
LONALLocal Off Network Access Line
LOLCITYthe whole city laughs out loud
LASMATTopical Meeting on Lasers in Materials Diagnostics
LASPOTECHLagos State Polytechnic
LASTOLinearized Augmented Slater-Type Orbitial
LOD2Lightweight Omega Digital Dropwindsonde
LPMUDLars Pensjo Multiuser Dungeon
L0LZlaugh out loud
LOOPW16Bit 80386 LOOP
LODYCLaboratoire d'oceanographie dynamique et de climatologie
LASVLow Altitude Supersonic Vehicle
LAKEICELakeInduced Convection Experiment
LAWLSlaughing out loud with a southern drawl
LOOPD32Bit 80386 LOOP
LAGSLaunch Abort Guide Simulation
LAMSCALLarge Area Monochromatic Source for Calibrations
LAERLowest Achievable Emission Rate
LOLINlaughing out loud
LARTLuser Attitude Readjustment Tool
LAWTELaboratory Animal Welfare Training Exchange
LINILisbon Internet and Networks Institute
LOW-RESLow Resolution
LAHSOLand and Hold Short Operation
LASCOWhite Light And Spectrometric Coronagraph
LAMMALAser Microprobe Mass Analysis
LOADLaser Opto-Acoustic Detection
LAGEOSLaser Geodynamic Satellite
L.A.S.label as such
LATTISLocal Area Transport Tariff Information System
LOLROTFlaughing out loud rolling on the floor
LAEBLiberal Arts and Education Building
LIGHSLower Income Group Housing Scheme
LIITAlove is in the air
LATWTTBlaughing all the way to the bank
LAP-MLink Access Procedure for Modems
LIMHlaugh in my head
LOSCLouisiana Office of State Climatology
LOLCATCat picture with silly caption
LANCELocal Area Network Controller for Ethernet
LORRLlaugh out really really loud
LOWRIDERVehicle with modified suspension often hydraulically controlled
L&D;labor and delivery
L5-S1Lumbar Vertebrae 5 to Sacral Vertebrae 1 connection
LOOPNZLoop while Not Zero
L4D2Left 4 Dead 2 (game)
LSIOUList of Serials Indexed for Online Users
LOSWSLoss of Sync Word Seconds
LAWRSLimited Aviation Weather Reporting System
L&H;Lungs and heart
L&A;Light And Accommodation
LAHMLimited Area HIBU ( Hydrological Institute And Belgrade University) Model
LOGNAMElog-in name
LAGWLoad And Go Wrong
L&S;Liver and spleen
LALOLlots and lots of laughs
L/S RATIOLecithin/ Sphingomyelin Ratio
L/MINLiters Per Minute
LOL'Dlaughed out loud
LAWL'Dlaughed out loud