Full Forms Starting with Letter P

Short FormFull Form
PHDDoctor of Philosophy
PAPOPeninsula And Plains Orienteers
PDFPortable Document format
PHEPublic Health Engineer
PHEDPublic Health and Engineering Department
PCPersonal Computer
PLPaid Leave
PIUProject Implementation Unit
PVTGParticularly Vulnerable Tribal Group
PNRPassenger Numerical Record
PESAPanchayats Extension to Scheduled Areas
POWERPerformance Optimization with Enhanced RISC [IBM]
PDIPre Delivery Inspection
PINPersonal Identification Number
PCI1 Personal Computer Interface
PPpaginae (pages)
POPPower On Password
PDPPeoples Democratic Party
PHPhysically Handicapped
PDSPremises Distribution System (AT&T; cabling standards for networks)
PACSPrimary Agriculture Credit Societies
PWDPublic Works Department
POLICEPolite Obedient Loyal Intelligent Courageous Efficient
PCSPersonal Computer System
PGDBMPost Grduate Diploma in Business Management
PORTPediatric Oncology Resource Team
PHCPrimary Health Centre
PTPartition Table (Part of the information starting at track 0 sector 0 of a disk which allows a computer to communicate with the disk Other items include the MBR- DBR- & FAT)
PGDCAPost Graduate Diploma In Computer Application
PROPublic Relations Officer
PAINTApple Macintosh Black & White MacPaint file Bitmap graphics
PPPPoint to Point Protocol
PAHUNTPre Ayurvedic, Homeopathic, Unani, Naturopathy & Yoga Test
PRDPrinter Driver (file name extension) [Word]
POSParents are looking Over my Shoulder.
POTAPrevention of Terrorism Act
PACLPunjab Alkalies and Chemicals Limited
PGIPost Graduate Institution
PNGPortable Network Graphic Newer graphic format that uses smaller files to display pictures
PWGPeople’s War Group
PISPriced Information System
PDOPublic Debt Office
PLCpublic limited company
PICTPicture file format
PCMCPCI Cache Memory Controller [Intel]
PDCPrimary Domain Controller
PNCPostNatal Check up
PSIPopulation Service International
POPrincipal Office
PCARDBPrimary Cooperative Agriculture and Rural Development Bank
PROLOGProgramming In Logic (Programming Language)(See HLL)
PGDMPost Graduate Diploma in Management
PCBPrinted Circuit Board
PICSPlatform for Internet Content Selection
PFAPalmdale Final Assembly
PETPrint Enhancement Technology [Compaq]
PGPost Graduate
PIDProcess IDentification (number assigned by OS kernal to a process)
PODProof of Delivery
PCMBp-Chloromercuribenzoic acid
PHTPrimary Heat Transport
PDLCPolymer-Dispersed Liquid Crystal (display)
PNSTPre Nursing Selection Test
PETNPentaerythrite Tetranitrate
PTIPress Trust of India
PDO-NDSPublic Debt Office-cum-Negotiated Dealing System
PIOProgrammed Input / Output
PPTProject Placement and Training
PVCPermanent Virtual Circuits
PFProvident Fund
POSTPower On Self Test
PSBPhilippine Seed Board
POSCOPohang Iron and Steel Company
PUCPaid Up Capital
PNPPlug aNd Play (new technology that allows a computer to "read" your hardware)
PC-XTPersonal Computer XT (IBM)
PSUPublic Sector Undertaking
PCJMultimedia authoring tool graphics (IBM's Linkaway-Live)
PREPreformatted [HTML]
PAMIIEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine
PDBCProject Directorate of Biological Control, Bangalore
PASCAL(Programming Language named for Blaise Pascal)
PSEPublic Sector Enterprises
PASAPennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture
PRVPressure Reduction Valve
PRIDEPlan Of Recovery Individual Development And Employment
PGDAPretty Goddamn Awesome
PH DDoctor of ‘Philosophy
PIPOParallel In Parallel Out
PPMPages Per Minute (printer terminology)
PDAPersonal Desktop Assistant (hand held computer)
PTEPage Table Entry
PIXELPicture Element
PGRSpacelab Planning and Ground Rule
PTOPlease Turn Over
PMPost Meridian / Prime Minister
PCMPulse Code Modulation
PAISPublic-Access Internet Site [Internet]
PAPersonal Assistant
PSLVPolar Satellite Launch Vehicle
POKPakistan Occupied Kashmir
PCDPhoto Compact Disk
POTOPrevention of Terrorism Ordinance
PUBPublic (directory) [Internet] Publish
PSCPersonal Super Computer Print Server Command
PTECPage Table Edit Control
PGALGlyceraldehyde 3-phosphate
PABXPrivate Automatic Branch eXchange
PHWRPressurized Heavy Water Reactor
PANPersonal Area Network
PROMProgrammable Read Only Memory
PAPPassword Authentication Protocol
POIPropellant Quantity Indicator
PRCPsychiatric Rehabilitation Coordinator
PHMPost Harvest Management
PITProgrammable Interval Timer
PILOTProgrammed Inquiry for Learning or Teaching (rumor:) Also a popular 3-com PDA
PMOProgram Management Office
PIERProcedures for Internet-Enterprise Renumbering
PTRPupil–Teacher Ratio
PSPPaint Shop Pro file extension A popular graphic paint program
PEParity Even Processing Element Protect Enable
PLATOProgrammed Logic for Automatic Teaching Operations
PB1Document (First Publisher for Windows)
PC-ATPersonal Computer AT (IBM)
PDPrimary Deficit
PATPatch Pattern (file name extensions)
PLIPostal Life Insurance
PLAPeoples Liberation Army
PPIPay Per Incident: Tech service term- pay for each call to help desk
PPNPeer to Peer Networking (2 computers hooked together)
PCVPurge Control Valve
PCOPoint of Control and Observation
PRpublic relations
PTAParents Teacher Association
PRIPrimary Rate Interface (ISDN)
PBProtection Bit
PCCPradesh Congress Committee
PHPPersonal Home Page
PATAPacific Asia Travel Association
PPFPlant Protection Fund
POAProgramme of Action
PA SYSTEMPublic Address system
PPSPackets Per Second Power Personal Systems [IBM]
POLProblem Oriented Language
PMRProblem Management Report [IBM]
PUKPersonal unblocking code
PKProfessional Knowledge
POSIXPortable Operating System Interface based on uniX
PSMPrinting Systems Manager
PCRPediatric Cancer Research
PILPublic Interest Litigation
PTMPulse Time Modulation
POWPrisoner of the War
POPSPersistent Organic Pollutants
PASSPersonal Accident and Social Security
PAFSProject Affected Families
PHOPhone List (file name extension)
PH.D.Doctor of Philosophy
PEOProgramme Evaluation Organization
PDMSPayload Database Management System
PICPrioritized Interrupt Controller
PAMPulse Amplitude Modulation
PHIPeripheral Health Institute
PMOSPositive Channel Metal Oxide Semiconductor
PPAPProduction Part Approval Process
PTCTParents to Child Transmission
PURSEPromotion of University Research and Scientific Excellence
PSPlease See
PIMPersonal Information Manager
PMGSYPradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana
PCANPediatric Cancer Action Network
PDCAPurebred Dexter Cattle Association
PDISInternational Conference on Parallel and Distributed Information Systems
PTCProfessional Technical And Clerical
PCXPicture Image (file name extension)
PPEProgrammable Priority Encoder
PACProvincial Armed Constabulary
PTHCPercutaneous Transhepatic Cholangiography
PRGProgram (file name extension)
PDMProduct Data Management
PIPPicture In Picture Problem Isolation Procedure
PCTGraphics file extension (PiCTure)
PIProgram Interruption
PADPacket Assembler-Disassemble
PRFPulse Repetition Frequency
PUPhysical Unit (IBM SNA)
PUMAProgrammable Universal Machine For Assembly
PIFProgram Information File (file extension for Windows 3x)
PSNPacket-Switched Network
PRTCPunjab Roadways Transport Corporation
PDAFProbabilistic Data Association Filter
PSEBPunjab State Education Board
PGIMERPostgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research
PARAMParallel Machine
PSFPermanent Swap File
POP3Post Office Protocol version 3 (e-mail)
PACEPriority Access Control Enabled [3Com]
PUDRPeoples Union for Democratic Rights
PDDPhysical Device Driver
PFMa Font file extension (Used by Adobe font extensions)
PHFPersonal Hygiene Facility
PLFPlant Load Factor
PERKPerfect Emotional Romantic Kiss
PDNPublic Data Network (fore-father to the Internet)
PRPPerformance Related Pay
PALPhase Alteration Line
PERTProgram Evaluation and Review Techniques
PET (SCAN)positron emission tomographic (scan)
PHSPersonal Handyphone System
PVSParallel Visualization Server
POEMPolar Orbiting Earth Mission
PWS1 Personal Web Server
PNBPunjab National bank
PSTplease send tell
PAXPortable Archive Exchange [Unix]
PPDPolicy Planning Division
PGPPretty Good Privacy (refers to network and email security)
PGRCPublic Grievance Redressal Cell
PCBCPlain Cipher Block Chaining
PDUProtocol Data Unit
PFBPrinter Font Binary (file name extension)
PGCProgram Group Control [Microsoft]
POBPreventive Oncology Board
PSLPropellant Seal
PPDCPunjab Poultary Development Corporation
P2PPeer To Peer computers connecting over the internet (Kazaa- Napster etc are examples)
PMCProcurement Method Code
PPAPersonnel Profile Analysis
PNGRBPetroleum and Natural Gas Regulatory Board
PCRAPetroleum Conservation Research Association
PNProcessing Node
PMUPressure Measuring Unit
PSWProcess Status Word
PDTSPublic Data Transmission Service
PCNLPercutaneous Nephrolithotomy
PARPersonal Animation Recorder Parallel
PTWplay to win
PHARM. D.Doctor of Pharmacy
PRISMPhoto-Refractive Information Storage Material
PDTPerformance Diagnostic Tool [IBM]
PYKKAPanchayat Yuva Krida Aur Khel Abhiyan
PBRProfessional Bull Rider
PVSMParam Vishisht Seva Medal
PEPSUPatiala and East Punjab States Union
PERLPractical Extraction and Report Language (found with flavors of UNIX / Linux) programming language - more precisely text reader and generator
PAO2Pressure of Oxygen
PMSPolicy Management System
PBTProfit Before Tax
PLPPost Literacy Projects
POEPower Open Environment
PIBPress Information Bureau
PBRTPharmaceutical Benefits Remuneration Tribunal
PCL1 Printer Control Language
PICUpaediatric intensive care unit
PVPParallel Vector Processing
PFTPhysical Fitness Test
PCPPersonal Contact Programme
PS-2Programming System 2 [IBM]
POCPoint Of Contact
PCNPersonal Communications Networks
PSKPhase Shift Keying
PHYPhysical Layer
PMTPlanning Management Team
PSDPassword File
POTPatients Out of Time
PNSPeripheral Nervous System
PUPPower Up Password
PGLGraphics (file name extension) [Hewlett-Packard]
PHRProfessional in Human Resources Certification
POHPower-On Hours
PIRPensioner initiated review
PAPSProject Affected persons
PGAPin Grid Array (AMD mother board terminology)
PEGPowered Explicit Guidance
PESTParameter Estimation by Sequential Testing
PHEEPublic Health & Environmental Engineering
POVPneumatic Operated Valve
PLRPrime Lending Rate
PINGPacket INternet Gopher (request sent to another computer; waits for answers)
PPOPolyphenylene Oxide
PFDPrefast For Drivers
PJPointer Justification
PSAProstate Specific Antigen test used in screening for prostate cancer
PEMPrivacy-Enhanced Mail [Internet]
PAFPayload Attach Fitting
PEMTPacific Exploratory Mission Tropics
PA1Worktable (PageAhead)
PCFCPreshipment Credit in Foreign Currency
PACSAPhilippine Association of Campus Student Adviser
PFSProgression Free Survival
PRAMParallel Random-Access Machine
PPRPayload Preparation Room
PEPPacketized Ensemble Protocol [Telebit]
PTSDPost Traumatic Stress Disorder
PURProfiling Ultraviolet Radiometer
PDLPage Description Language Program Description Language
PABPersonal Address Book
POMSparent over my shoulder
PVRPriya Village Roadshow
PCAPunjab Cricket Association
PLSPrimary Link Station
PTLPraise the Lord
PSGPower Subsystem Group
PCMCIAPersonal Computer Memory Cards International Association
PDEPositioning Determination Entity
PNAProgrammable Network Access
PRINTFPrint with Formatting [C Programming Language]
PESPublic Enterprises Survey
PASPASCAL source code (file name extension)
PWPratt and Whitney
PTSPage Table Shadowing
PBXPrivate Branch Network
PTTPost | Telegraph and Telecommunications (Government Departments)
PTCAPercutaneous Transluminal Coronary Angioplasty
PBFParker B. Francis Fellowship Program
PMDPhysical Media-Dependent
PDQpretty damn quick
PC-DOSPersonal Computer - Disk Operating System [IBM]
PREPPower PC Reference Platform [IBM-Motorola]
PAOPublic Affairs Office
PAGPractical Arts General
PEBPlant and Environmental Biotechnology
PDHPlesiochronous Digital Hierarchy
PAHIndonesian Communications Satellite
PIIProgram Integrated Information
PSTNPublic Switched Telephone Network
PLOPalestine Liberation Organisation
PLVProduction Level Video
PPCPPolypropylene Copolymer
PRSPrinter (file name extension) [WordPerfect]
PUDPower Up Diagnostics
PCGProtein Crystal Growth
PGSPreliminary Gravity Solution
PCASPersonal Communications Access System (cellular)
PACTPlasma Arc Centrifugal Treatment
PCHProgram Critical Hardware
P65Document (PageMaker 6.5)
POQPipeline Operator Qualification
PCI DSSPayment Card Industry Data Security Standard
PRWparents are watching
PHARMDDoctor of Pharmacy
PFCEPrivate Final Consumption Expenditure
PAIHPublic-Access Internet Host [Internet]
PRAPresident of the Royal Academy
PHEEMPHoto-Electron-Emission Microscopy
PC2Atari Degas Image Bitmap graphics
PLCCPlastic Leaded Chip Carrier (Pentium socket on Mother Board)
PVFPolyvinyl Fluoride
PAESPortfolio Additional Estimates Statement
PMRYPrime Minister's Rozgar Yojana
PQPerformance Qualification
PMAPressurized Mating Adapter
PAKPakala Jn.
PSVPower Sensor Unit
PAVPersonal Air Vehicle
PLMPayload Module
PVDPeripheral Vascular Disease
PACO2Pressure of Carbon dioxide
PCDOPeriodical Confidential Demi Official
PARCPalo Alto Research Center (where a lot of todays technology was developed)
PUFPolyurethane Foam
PIAPeripheral Interface Adapter
PBCPersonal Business Commitment
PCBAPrivacy Certification for Business Associates
PORDPerformance and Operations Requirements Document
PRMPulse Rate Modulation
PEMDASParenthesis Exponents Multiply Divide Add Subtract
PRINTset up or load Print queue
PRBPrimary Revenue Balance
PIVPeak Inverse Voltage
PIGProgram Implementation Group
PNLPeripheral Nerve Lesion
PAQPosition Assignment Questionnaire
PSIMPhysical security information management
PMLAPeoples Movement for Liberation of Angola
PFEProgrammer s File Editor
PVPostlanding Vent
P-TPart Time
PWLPassWord List (can refer to network profiles or Windows profiles)
PHIGSProgrammers Hierarchial Interactive Graphics Standards
PLDProgrammable Logic Device
PDGpretty damn good
POIDNHPics or it did not happen
PERPosition Error Recovery
PHNPharyngeal Branch Of The Vagus Nerve
PCFPayload Control Facility
PRTProgressive Regeneration Treatment
POMPrinter Output Microfilm
PLLPhase Locked Loop
POPAPop All Registers
PKIPublic Key Infrastructure (topology for coding data)
PBOPersonal Business Objective
PITAPain In The Ass
PDRPhysician's Desk Reference
P.C.after food (post cibum) [Lat.]
PCUProcess Control Unit
PRCLPipavav Railway Corporation Ltd
PWMPulseWidth Modulation
PFMEAProcess Failure Modes and Effects Analyses
PEEPSPeople. example: "There sure are a lot of peeps in this room" - meaning a lot of people are in the chat room.
PDXParadox files (file name extension) [Borland]
PBECSPacific Basin Extended Climate Study
PRSDPower Reactant Supply and Distribution
PGDIPpostgraduate diploma
PHXPast history
PMLPolyMorphonuclear Leukocytes
PBWProportional Band Width
P.O.by mouth
PLSCPrivate Line Service Center
PDLMProtocol Description Language Module
PDCAMPost Diploma in Computer Aided Manufacturing
PNIPeripheral Nerve Injury
PAF(S)population attributable fraction(s)
PIMSPacific Institutes of Marine Science
PEXPlease explain?
PHLPreliminary Hazards List
PABTPilot Apptitute Battery Test
PACIPartnerships for Advanced Computational Infrastructure
PDDSPeoria District Dental Society
PDMLPage Discrimination Markup Language
PMEPower Management Event
PLTPostliver Transplantation
PASIIput a sock in it
PSIGPropulsion Systems Integration Group
PECProjects and Equipment Corporation
PROFSProfessional Office System [IBM]
PETAPeople for Ethical Treatment of Animals
PEFSProcess Engineering Flow Scheme
P4Pentium IV
PGWGParticles and Gasses Working Group
PCDSPendulum Control Digital Software
PAR(S)protease-activated receptor(s)
PACFPartial Auto-Correlation Function
PMMAPolymethyl Methacrylate
PMPPer Million Of Population
PLBPrimary Lymphoma of Bone
PLLCPlastic LeadLess Chip (The Pentium Chip)
PRBCPacked Red Blood Cells
PVTPyrotechnic Verification Test
PGTPost graduate teachers
PGEApostgraduate education allowance
PWAProduct Work Authorization
PTBPayload Timing Buffer
PTFProblem Temporary-Trouble Fix [IBM]
PRE-PGPre Post Graduate
PS2PlayStation 2
PAYGPay As You Go
PIEPostIrradiation Examination
PBSPayroll Benefit Services
PMFJIPardon me for jumping in
PMIPrincipal Maintenance Inspector
PDDCPlant Disease Diagnostic Clinic
PJSPointer Justification Seconds (MUX)
PTPPicture Transfer Protocol
PSOPunch System Operator
PSDNPacket-Switched Data Network
PVAProperty Valuation Administrator
PVMParallel Virtual Machine
PILCPerformance Implication of Link Characteristics
PPBProgram Performance Baseline
PNDParoxysmal Nocturnal Dyspnea
PSPLPriced Spare Parts List
PHLRpeace hugs love respect
POGPiece Of Garbage
PEAPocket Ethernet Adapter
PONRPoint Of No Return
PL-1Programming Language One
PAC-EPacific ocean region East (Inmarsat)
PO POpolice
PIAFSPHS Internet Access Forum Standard (Japan)
PTDParallel Transfer Disk Drive
PCEProficiency Certificate in English
PFYpimply faced youth
PTPCPalm-Top Personal Computer (new hand held computers)
PACS-LPublic Access Computer Systems List [Internet]
PRJProject File
PFFTExpression of dismissal
PEARLPerformance Evaluation And Reporting Logic
PFXPenning Fusion eXperiment
PCOSPolyCystic Ovarian Syndrome
PMIPPaleoclimatic Model Intercomparison Project
PAEPhysical Address Extensions
PUCCPUCLPollution Under Control CertificatePeoples Union for Civil Liberties
POPADPop All Double
PNNProbabilistic Neural Network
PACS XXPatient Care and Services
PSSProduct Support Services
PELPicture Element [IBM]
PFFExpression of disagreement
PONMPakistan Oppressed Nationalities Movement
PALSPrinciples of the Alphabet Literacy System
PICAPyrotechnic Initiator Control Assembly
POTCpirates of the caribbean
PLMNPublic Land Mobile Network
PCIEPci Express
PDWDocument (Professional Draw)
PABAParaaminobenzoic Acid
PAPIParabolic Aluminum Reflector
POTWSPublicly Owned Treatment Works
PDCSPower Distribution and Control System
PCTRPad Connection Terminal Room
PCREPerl Compatible Regular Expression
PICCPerspectives In Colorectal Cancer
PCL-MPTSD Checklist - Military Version
PQEPerformance Quality Evaluation
PMIRProgram Manager's Integration Review
PAPP-APregnancy Associated Plasma Protein
PATHSearch a specified Path for a program in another directory
PEN SDKPen Computing Software Development Kit
PMRSPrivate Mobile Radio System
PLNPreLaunch Notification
PARTY POOPERA person who ruins the mood with their attitude
PCR-RFLPPolymerase Chain Reaction- Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism
PDMRProgram Director's Management Review
PSMSPunjab State Medical Services
PMGPost Master General
PALCPlasma-Addressed Liquid Crystal (display)
PADSPen Application Development System [Slate Corporation]
PRRPulse Repetition Rate
POWERPCPerformance Optimization with Enhanced RISC-Performance Computing
PBEPrompt By Example
PDBParallel Data Base
POS-PHYPacket Over SONET-Physical layer
PAMPpathogen associated molecular pattern
PQRPerformance Quality Review
PDIPProgram Development Integration Plan
PMCSPreventive Maintenance Checks and Services
PBMPharmacy Benefit Manager
PMBProgram Management Board
PS1Play Station 1
PSOSparent standing over sholder
PCO2Partial Pressure of Carbon Dioxide
PEEP DIScheck out what I'm telling you
PPEPPlasma Physics and Environmental Perturbation
PTDCPunjab Tourism Development Corporation
PCCPPreliminary Contract Change Proposal
PHKPersonal Hygiene Kit
PUNPhysical Unit Number (method of defining equipment of a computer)
PHI(S)penetrating head injury
PUSHPush All Registers
PICNICProblem In Chair Not In Computer
PPTPPoint to Point Tunneling Protocol
PCIBProtocol Control Information Bus
PTNPosterior Tibial Nerve
PANSPretty Awesome New Stuff (often referring to computer technology)
PFRPower-Fail Restart
PRAOPrincipal Accounts Office
PEACEProtection of Environment for Achieving Clean Earth
PMISPersonnel Management Information System
P2Pentium II
PHEWExpression of relief
PNPXPlug And Play Extensions
POMTPlanning Operations Management Team
PDETPortable Data Entry Terminal
PSRPulsating Source Of Radiation
PDCRProprietary Data Control Record
PICOPreInstallation CheckOut
POPFPop Flags
PAFNAPan African News Agency
PMEGPPrime Minister Employment Guarantee Programme
PURAProvision of Urban Amenities to Rural Areas
PINEPine Is Not Elm [Unix]
PADDSPediatric Attention Deficit Disorders Screener
PHSOParliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman
PS3Play Station 3
PIPEPractice In Programming Environment
PHZPetahertz (1015 Hertz)
PONFPaediatric Oncology Nurses Forum (UK)
PMSSYPradhan Mantari Swasthya Suraksha Yojna
PCMSPulseCode Modulation Shared
PNHLGDparents not home
PEEKPolyether Ether Ketone
PCICPhotonic Crystal Integrated Circuit
PHINDPharmaceutical & Healthcare Industry News Database
PE TUBEPerieustachian Tube - Ventilatory Tube For The Eardrum
PVLParameter Value Language
POTDPost Of The Day
POSIPromoting Conference for OSI (Japan)
PANASPositive Affect and Negative Affect Scale
PESCIEEE Power Electronics Specialists Conference
PNETPrimitive neuroectodermal tumour Context: CNS tumours
PIPAProtect IP Act
PSUSPublic Sector Undertakings
PRIMEPrescribed Right To Income And Maximum Equity
PHITPublic Health Intelligence Team
PAKY-RCMPercutaneous Access to the Kidney - Remote Center of Motion device
PHNLHonolulu Airport Weather Station
PEFPreferred Executable File
PBSCPeripheral Blood Stem Cell
POMGOh My God (variation)
PDCHPhysical Data Channel
PFPPersonal Financial Planner
PODCPentium OverDrive Chip
PEIPush Effective Indirect
PACHGProgram Advisory Committee on the Human Genome
PRMDPrivate Mangement Domain [X400]
PMFProgram Management Facility
PAVMAPennsylvania Veterinary Medical Association
PSPDNPacket-Switched Public Data Network
PALSARPhased Array type L-band Synthetic Aperture Radar
PHREPreventive Human Rights Education
PQIPerformance Quality Inspection
PHCTprimary health care team
PC1Atari Degas Image Bitmap graphics
PFLPrimary Freon Loop
POYPollachi Jn.
PGDProfessional Graphics Display (IBM)
PSSTPayload Specialist Station Panel
PCCFPrinicial chief conservator of forest
PWDSPersons with Disabilities
PDVPressure Disconnect Valve
PMBOKProgram Management Body Of Knowledge
PBDPrint and Break Drum
PHWOPhenakite Natural White gemstone
PDSSPost Development and Software Support
PNDBPerceived Noise level in dB
PEG TUBEPercutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy Tube
PBJpeanut butter and jelly
PG-13Parental Guidance if under 13 (movie rating)
PILOTACEPilot Automatic Computing Engine
PWNmade to look bad
PDAIPrimary Dealers Association of India
PVNPrivate Virtual Network
PHPUPublic Health Policy Unit
PWEProfessional Writing and Editing
PHWAPsychologically Healthy Workplace Award
PIN(BB)PIN used on the Base-Band Level (bluetooth)
PCMEPulseCode Modulation Event
PPPPPPPrior Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance
PGDNPage Down
PHSFPayload Hazardous Servicing Facility
PFNPrimitive Function Name
PHARMPredictive Health and Reliability Management
PEPT& PAT Pre Engineering, Pharmacy Test & Pre Agriculture Test
PAVNparaventricular nucleus
PFRDAPension Fund Regulatory Development Authority
PIMPPositive Intellectual Motivated Person
PHLSPublic Health Laboratory Service
POLDERPolarization and Directionality of the Earth
PCSCPalestine Commercial Services Company
PHTLSPre-Hospital Trauma Life Support
PDASPhotodiode Array Spectrophotometer
PHLAPostHeparin Lipolytic Activity
PDEAPublic Display of Elderly Affection
PNNIPrivate Network-to-Network Interface (ATM)
PDGFPlatelet Derived Growth Factor
PCQPosition Classification Questionnaire
PWPPeasants and Workers Party
PHGPPhospholipid Hydroperoxide Glutathione Peroxidase
PH2OPartial pressure of water vapor in the lungs
PEARPear shaped wrong
PNRPPalm Name Recognitiion Protocol (Palmpilot communication with desktop protocol)
PBUHPeace Be Upon Him
PFOSparental figure over sholder
PHDAPhysically Handicapped Direction Administrator
PHWMParametric Hurricane Wind Model
PCOMPhiladelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine
P.I.C.Partner In Crime
PIQPosition Information Questionnaire
PHIBPCI (Peripheral Component Interface)/ Hub Interface Bridge
PWWparents were watching
PIWParent is watching
PCRFPediatric Cancer Research Foundation
PHEMTPseudomorphic High Electron Mobility Transistor
PFUParis Farmers Union
PCCEPayload Common Communication Equipment
PODAPriority Oriented Demand Assignment
PSISPounds Per Square Inch Sealed
PCSAPersonal Computing System Architecture
PMKPattali Makkal Katchi
POTSPlain Old Telephone Service
P-PICTUREPredictive-coded picture
PCBDpage cannot be displayed
PSBSPublic Sector Banks
PBLPayload Bay Liner
PCIAPersonal Communications Industry Association
P16ProTracker Studio 16 16-channel Music file
PPSCPunjab Public service Commission
PHCDSPublic Health Common Data Set
PMNProgram Model Number
PQAProcurement Quality Assurance
PBUPacific Basin University
PRLPriority Rate Limiting
PRTSCPrint Screen
POSMBRIparent over shoulder might be reading it
POGOPolar Orbiting Geophysical Observatory
PDUSPrimary Data User Station
PLMAplease leave me alone
PILRPin Interconnect LayeR
PSIDPostScript Image Data
PHWIPhlyctis Willeyi (plant)
PCDUPayload Command Decoder Unit
PIGSThe police
PHDHPublic Health Dental Hygienist
PGYPost Graduate Year
PSIECPunjab Small Industries and Export Corporation
PLASTICCredit Card
PCZPhysical Control Zone
P-APosterior Anterior
PUSPointer To Unsigned Short
PPTVParts Per Trillion by Volume
PCTEPortable Commercial Test Equipment
POSCSparents over sholder change subject
PSIAPounds Per Square Inch Absolute
PCMMPacketCable MultiMedia
PBBparent behind back
PSDRPlanning and Scheduling Document Record
PEFRPeak Expiratory Flow Rate
PGSMPayload Gimbal Separation Mechanism
PETSPOCC Experiments Timeline System
PNHParoxysmal Nocturnal Hemoglobinuria
PESBPublic Enterprises Selection Board
PBGSProject Beneficiary Groups
PIOCPersons of Indian Origin Card
POSTNETPostal Numeric Encoding Technique
PHENYLEPH BITPhenylephrine Bitartrate
PHCSGPrimary Health Care Specialist Group
PIAGPatient Information Advisory Group
PCTSPatient Care Technology System
PDOAPublic Display Of Affection
PHE-GLU-GLYPhenylalanine-Glutamic Acid-Glycine
PVOPrivate Volunteer Organization
PCM-302.048 Mbps T-1 (E-1)
PRICEPinpoint Record Involve Coach And Evaluate
POCSAGPost Office Code Standardization Advisory Group (protocol)
PSDSPacket-Switched Data Service
PSVTParoxysmal SupraVentricular Tachycardia
PIDSPortable Image Display System
PCCBProgram Configuration Control Board
PTENPhosphataseTensin homolog deleted on chromosome 10
PBPPreburner Pump
PRE-MCAPre Master in Computer Application
PITCHContribute money
PDIALPublic Dialup Internet Access List [Internet]
PIKEProduction Immersive Knowledge Experience
PVUPhysical Vapor Transport of Organic Solids
PBGCPension Benefit Guaranty Corporation
PGEPetroleum Geosystems Engineering
PMPLPreferred Mechanical Parts List
PLANPosition Level Actions Network
PDBMPulse-Delay Binary Modulation
PATSERProgramme Aimed at Technological Self Reliance
PECLPositive Emitter-Coupled Logic (digital electronics)
PDC-PPersonal Digital Cellular-Packet technology
PL-MProgramming Language for Micros
PERMPrivatize Eliminate Retain Or Modify
PCEBPCI to EISA Bridge [Intel]
PMPCPower Manager Parallel Controller
PC-QFPPrinted-Circuit Quad Flat Pack (microchips)
PLHPayload Handling
PIPSParallel Information Processing System
POTUSPresident of the United States
PAYEPay As You Earn
PDARProgram Description and Requirements
PDEEPatient Data Enquiry/Extract
PDD(10)Percentage depth dose at 10 cm depth in water for a 10x10 cm2 field
PFCPunjab Financial Corporation
POWSProject Operating Work Statement
PGICPacific Gateway International College
PEARSPersonal Effort And Responsibility System
PGWPhagwara Jn.
PFICProgressive Familial Intrahepatic Cholestasis
PPORpost proof or recant
PLOTEPeoples Liberation Organization of Tamil Elam
PRCSPhilips Radio Communications Systems
PDZStands for PSD-95, Dlg, ZO-1, proteins in which this motif was identified first.
PHREAKERphone hacker
PNPNPositive-Negative-Positive-Negative junction (semiconductors)
PIRPProgram on Information Resources Policy
PHARM. B.Bachelor of Pharmacy
P6Pentium Pro Processor (Intel)
PLOTPapers Laid on Table
PWBPrinted Wire Board
PDD-NOSPervasive Developmental Disorder Not Otherwise Specified
PECVDPlasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition
PPYPerennial Plant of the Year
PKMPerigee Kick Motor (satellite)
PFSHPast Family and/or Social History
PERSPacific Estuarine Research Society
P-TMSIPacket-Temporary Mobile Subscriber Identity
P22Patch file (Patch22)
PDUFAPrescription Drug User Fee Act
PCNFSPersonal Computer Network File System
PC3Atari Degas Image Bitmap graphics
PPSSPolyphenylene Sulphide Sulphone
PLACEPosition Location Aircraft Communications Equipment
PLOSParents Looking Over Shoulder
PCV1313-valent pneumococcal conjugate vaccine
PRCAProblem Reporting and Corrective Action
PAFCProvincial Agricultural and Fisheries Council
PEERProgram For Enhanced Early Retirement
PFQPersonal Feedback Questionnaire
POSBPost Office Saving Bank
PEWPacket over Ethernet over WDM
PVQPressure Vessel Quality
PCSOPolice Community Support Officer
PSTSPayload Spin Test Facility
PGDEPost Graduate Diploma in Education
PC02Pressure Of Carbon Dioxide
PFWPassport For Windows
POTMProgrammer Of The Month
PTBBpass the barf bag
PPCCPunjab Pradesh Congress Committee
PROBEPilot Radiation Observation Experiment
PFCSPrimary Flight Control System
PTVPlanning Target Volume
PSMPPublic Sector Management Program
PROMPTChange DOS Prompt
PBRSPacked Bed Reactors
PGVProximal Gastric Vagotomy
PRACSAPublic Remote Access Computer Standards Association
PROXProximo (in the next month)
PDI VPayload Defect Indicator - Virtual
PLSDPPlacement Linked Skill Development Programme
P-CODEProtected Code
PITSPayload Integration Test Set
PDIFP-CAD Data Interchange Format
PILSPrecision Instrument landing System
PQFPPlastic Quad Flat Pack (AMD motherboard terminology)
PDEFPhysical Design Exchange Format
PDN GWPacket Data Network GateWay
PDMFMPulse Duration ModulationFrequency Modulation
P.R.per rectum - by rectum
PSCLPropellant Systems Cleaning Laboratory
PCSRParallel Channels Signaling Rate
POONTANGfemale genitalia
PGIMRPost Graduate Institute of Medical Research
PIN(UI)PIN used on the User Interface Level (bluetooth)
PBACpolicy-based access control
PTCMPurified Tumor Cell Membrane
POSITProblem Oriented Screening Instrument for Teenagers
PVWAPlanned Value of Work Accomplished
PMTCPulse Modulation Unit
PRMLPartial-Response Maximum-Likelihood
PCOTPayload Center Operations Team
PHEN SALPhenyl Salicylate
PAMP(S)pathogen-associated molecular pattern(s)
PCACIASPersonal Computer Automated Calibration Interval Analysis System
PUVPropellant Utilization Valve
PENGGood looking person
PDRSSPayload Development and Retrieval System Simulator
PDADProposed Draft Addendum
PXEPreboot Execution Environment
PPDSPersonal Printer Data Stream [IBM]
PEBCAKProblem Exists Between Chair And Keyboard
PENN STATEPennsylvania State University
PULPointer To Unsigned Long
PCRSParents can read slang
PURCPublic Utilities Regulatory Commission
PDCDPituitary Dependent Cushings Disease
P12Childish person
PERCPerformance Evaluation Research Center
P.M.post meridiem - evening or afternoon
PQSPerformance Qualification System
PHENYLEPHPhenylephrine Hydrochloride
PEERSPerformance Effort Efficiency Recognition And Selection
PJLPrint Job Language (HP printer language)
POVPoint Of View
PQDPranpur Road
PROGProgram Programmer
PICESNorth Pacific Marine Science Organization
PSFCPower SupplyFuel Cell
PPDFProtected Portable Document Format
PWMDPrinted Wiring Master Drawing
PMJIPardon Me for Jumping In (when you enter into a new conversation)
P@Wparents are watching
POLYPolyamory loving more than one person at a time
PSCSPublic Service Commissions
PGMDEpostgraduate medical and dental education
PQLPractical Quantitation Limit
PSSPPayload Support Structural Assembly
PICKPace Inter Collegiate Karaoke
PDFEProgrammable Data Formatter Engineer
PEMNPentaErythrityl MonoNitrate
PCMM/IDIProgram in Cellular and Molecular Medicine/Immune Disease Institute
PCILPilotControlled Instrument Landing
PPARCParticle Physics and Astronomy Research Council (UK)
P-SRAMPseudo-Static Random Access Memory
PG TELECOMPayam Gostar Telecom Company (Iran)
PMEACEconomic Advisory Council to the Prime Minister
PLMKplease let me know
PI2Atari Degas Image Bitmap graphics
PSPCPermanent South Pacific Commission
PBGAPlastic Ball Grid Array
PGMEpostgraduate medical education
PLSLPropellants and Life Support Laboratory
PTPPPlanting Transferability Pilot Project
PDAIAPDA Industry Association (U.S. standards organization)
PEPPPooled budget External Placement Panel
PICPProgram Interface Control Plan
PC8NewWave Write ASCII text IBM8 character set file
PILACPulsed Ion Linear ACcelerator
PSBMSparent standing by my side
PEJPercutaneous Endoscopic Jejunostomy
PIGEONWoman using a man for personal gain
PLLNPublic Leased Lines Network
PEG RATIOPrice to Earning Growth Ratio
PDVCPhase-Dependent Voltage Contrast
PODPPublic Office Dialing Plan
POPPINGoing on happening
PSPAPressure Static Probe Assembly
PRIMSProportionally Reactive Investment Management System
PDSNBOPersonal Demographics Service National Back Office
POESPolar Orbiting Environmental Satellite
PMATPage Map Address Table
PDRDProcurement Data Requirements Document
PSERVERPrint Server [NetWare]
PPASPhotometric Periods Of Artificial Satellites
PQVPersonal Qualifying Volume
PIECEProductivity Information Education Creativity Entertainment
PPCBPunjab Pollution Control Board
PMFJIPardon Me For Jumping In
PEM-WESTPacific Exploratory Mission-West
PI3Atari Degas Image Bitmap graphics
PPGAPlastic Pin Grid Array
PROTEMPro tempore (for the time being)
PMSCProduction Monitoring Test
PRDAProgram Research and Development Award
PIIMSPersonal Interactive Information Management Site
PLDTPhilippine Long-Distance Telephone
PEUPort Expansion Unit
PDRMPayload Deployment and Retrieval Mechanism
PDMAEMAPoly((2-dimethylamino)ethyl methacrylate)
PGGProject Galactic Guide
PITRTULparents in the room text you later
PTBTPartial Test Ban Treaty
PCGRIDSPersonal Computer Gridded Interactive Display and Diagnostic System
PSOPPayload Systems Operating Procedures
PC XTPersonal Computer eXtended Technology
PMMUPaged Memory Management Unit
PDBAZPlease Don't Be A Zombie
PCM-IMPulse-Code Modulation
PGUPlant Growth Unit
PDE5phosphodiesterase type 5
PIHBPayload Internet Hub Bridge
PEANUTPet name for
PGCILPower Grid Corporation of India Limited
PSAGPrivate Sector Advisory Group
PTUPunjab Technical Unitersity
PCT MSprimary care trust-led medical services
PESQPersonal Experience Screening Questionnaire
PSCFCPostshipment Credit in Foreign Currency
PEFOPayload Effects Followon Study
PROX.Proximo(in the next month)
PRTLSPowered Return to Launch Site
PILBType IV PILus Biogenesis
PMDCPPower Manager Digital Control Platform
PRQPersonal Resource Questionnaire
PBKCProblem between keyboard & chair
PICTSPhoto-Induced Current Transient Spectroscopy
PIDBPeripheral Interface Data Bus (AT&T;)
PEWSPost Election Withdrawal Syndrome
PDM/PMPulse-Duration Modulation on Pulse-Modulation
PTDDSSPTD Data Selection Sheet
PRACAProgram Risk Assessment Board
PYTProfessional Yoga Therapist
PIREPSPilot Reports
PCYDPp-CYmene Degradation Pathway
PCI-XPeripheral Component Interconnect-Extended (computer)
PFCFPayload Flight Control Facility
PLAMSparents looking at my screen
PANAMParametric Aircraft Noise Analysis Module
P5Pentium '586 CPU
PDSIPalmer Drought Severity Index
PEHPhysical Education And Sport Science
PJCMPointer Justification Count Minus (MUX)
PUGSPropellant Utilization and Gaging System
PEPIPhysical Education Pupil Instructor
PASBAPatient Administraton Systems and Biostatistics Activity
PSDPPayload Station Distribution Panel
PICS XXPacing in Cardiomyopathy Study
PPBMPulse-Polarization Binary Modulation
PWOBParent watching over back
PILOPublic Information Liaison Officer
POTS-RPlain Old Telephone Service-Remote (ADSL)
PLSCFMplease confirm
PLARPrivate Line Automatic Ringdown
PEQUODPacific Equatorial Ocean Dynamics
PWNEDmade to look bad
PEMPPerformance Evaluation and Measurement Plan
PQNPwnklaknder Road
PEMVPea Enation Mosaic Virus
PLCPPhysical-Layer Convergence Procedure (networking)
PWOSparent was over sholder
PIDAPayload Installation and Deployment Aid
PPFAPlantation Pine Framing Alliance
PMYMHMMFSWGADPardon Me You Must Have Mistaken Me For Someone Who Gives A Damn
PSACPresidential Scientific Advisory Committee
PERDPayload Element Requirements Document
PLMSProgram Logistics Master Schedule
PJEPointer Justification Event (MUX)
PFTQPartnering For Total Quality
PBGAMPlastic Ball-Grid Array Multilayer (microchips)
PCTPPrivate Communication Technology Protocol
PLACparent looking at computer
PGHMPayload Ground Handling Mechanism
PLDSPilot Land Data System [NASA]
PACASPersonnel Access Control Accountability System
PTPMPackaging and Transportation Program Manager
PRABProbabilistic Risk Assessment
PBSCCPeripheral Blood Stem Cells Collection
PCADPackaging Computer-Aided Design
PBDSPerceived Benefit of Drinking Scale
PRAISEPersonal Recognition Award Identifying Service Excellence
P7?P7A- P7B etc are used in email encryption and certification files
P2MPPoint-to-Multipoint (networking)
P2WPay To Win
PAIRPerforming Artist In Residence
PRCBDProgram Review Control Board Directive
PAADPharmaceutical Assistance to the Aged and Disabled
P4Ppic for pic
POCCPayload Operations Control Center
PBCAKBproblem between chair and keyboard
PUEPolyurethane Elastomer
PEDCPan European Digital Communications (GSM)
PBCGCPractice Based Commissioning Governance Committee
PFGParliamentary Friendship Group
PGNAAPrompt Gamma Neutron Activation Analysis
PTCRPad Terminal Connection Room
PGDGAPost Graduate in Digital Graphic Arts & Animations
PCCHPhysical Control Channel
PBSSIPresident of British Superultramodern Scientific Institution
PBETPerformance-Based Equipment Training
PMELPrecision Measurements Equipment Laboratory
PQOPerformance Quality Operation
PEAPPersonal Egress Air Packs
PBMAProcessBased Mission Assurance
P1 CASUALTYPriority 1 casualty
PAWBPsychosocial Assistance Without Borders
PACORProcessor Data Capture Facility II
PQGSPreliminary Quality Inspection
PECCPacific Economic Cooperation Council
PPILPriced Provisioned Item List
PUSHFPush Flags onto Stack
PVWSPlanned Value of Work Scheduled
PMMProperty Management Manual
PJDPrecision Jet Drive
PTMGPoly Tetra Methylene Glycol
PBSPPhilippine Business for Social Progress
PIN-FETPIN (diode) Field Effect Transistor (semiconductors)
PERU BALPeruvian Balsam
PIRSPositioning Inertial Reference System
PGADPersistent Genital Arousal Disorder
PJCPPointer Justification Count Plus (MUX)
PAAPPersonal Asthma Action Plan
PFKPayload Function Key
PAMOCProperties of Atoms and Molecules in Molecular Crystals
PFGEPulsed Field Gel Electrophoresis
PLTSPrecision Laser Tracking System
P-RATINGPerformance rating
PSSAPad Safety Supervisor
P10Tektronix Plot 10 drawing
PPO2Partial Pressure O2
PIXITProtocol Implementation extra Information for Testing
PBERPseudo-Bit Error Ratio
P2 CASUALTYPriority 2 casualty
PORCNProduction Order Records Change Notice
PCI(S)percutaneous cardiac intervention(s)
PESOSPhoto Electron Spectroscopy of Outer-Shell electrons
PAUPunjab Agriculture University
PPGTPrincep Ghat
PLOMSparent looking over my shoulder
PCG2Personal Computer Government Operator Aerospace Language 2
PLOMparents looking over me
PTMSPulse Time Modulation
PMIAParallel Multiplexer Interface Adapter
PMEBPreMembership Education Seminar
PKITPlease Keep In Touch
PVRDPiravam Road
P-FRAMEPredictive Frame
PKRDPakara Road
PWCBparents watching close by
P-CHANNELPacket-mode channel
PRCBProcessor Control Block
PSHEDPlatform Specific Hardware Error Driver
PBBGPersistent Browser Based Game
P-MOSP-channel MOS (semiconductors)
PMAPPerformance Monitor Annunciation Panel
PMONPerformance Management Operations Network
PGRWGPayload Ground Requirements Working Group
PSTFPatch Survey and Switching Unit
PIKSAPersonal Information Kiosk System Architecture
PCWPreviously Complied With
PSEDFPublic Sector Enterprises Development Fund
PFTAPayload Flight Test Article
PFRTPreliminary Flight Rating Test
PGOEProtectorate General of Emigrants
PACAPriority Access and Channel Assignment
PSASPunjab State Accounts Services
PUMSPublic Use Microdata Samples
PMBSPacket Mode Bearer Service
PCDBPrimary Care Delivery Board
PBWYPeace Be With You
PGSCpatient global symptom control
PDI-PPayload Defect Indicator - Path
PVTOSPhysical Vapor Transport of Organic Solids
PBNMPolicy-Based Network Management
PBJTpeanut butter jelly time
PIEASPakistan Institute of Engineering & Advanced Sciences
PSFDCPunjab State Forest Development Corporation
PORCH MONKEYPerson who sits on their porch lazy person
PALRPrecision Approach and Landing Radar (aviation)
PAWparents are watching
PUSHFDPush 32Bit Flags Register
PMCMPlastic Multichip Module
PMADPower Management and Distribution
PCPTProstate Cancer Prevention Trial
PER SEBy or in itself intrinsically
PKINGplayer killing
PGY-2second post-graduate year
PLANKIdiot stupid person
PDNEPatient Doctor New Era
PWOMSparent watching over my shoulder
PFX-IPenning Fusion eXperiment - Ions
PASTInternational Symposium on Phased Array Systems and Technology
PGNCSPrimary GN and Control System
PPCO2Partial Pressure CO2
PGSEPayload Ground Support Equipment
PADDYOffensive term for an Irishman
PADIPatches Arrive During Instruction
PAUSEa Batch command to stop execution
PLURPeace Love Unity and Respect
PAGPPort Aggregation Protocol
PACXPrivate Automatic Computer Exchange
PGY-3third post-graduate year
PDPSPhotographic Data Processing System
PBMCSperipheral blood mononuclear cells
PBPRForestry and Rural Productivity Project
P2C2EProcess Too Complicated To Explain
PBUMSPacific Basin University Medical School
PKCSPublic-Key Cryptography Standards
PLRDPayload Requirements Document
POAMPolar Ozone Aerosol Monitor
PFRXPreflight Relmat
PLSSPrimary Life Support Subsystem
P-MACPacket Media Access Control
PPAHPollution Prevention and Abatement Handbook
POLSKPolarization Shift Keying (modulation)
PTRDPataudi Road
PSRTPostScript Round Table [GEnie]
PFCSGPelvic Floor Clinical Studies Group
PCMIAPersonal Computer Manufacturer Interface Adapter
PBCTProposed Boundary Crossing Time
PGY-5fifth post-graduate year
PBSCRPeripheral Blood Stem Cell Rescue (transplant)
PBSCTPeripheral Blood Stem Cell Transplant
PIPJProximal Inter-Phalangeal Joint
P1DBPower at one dB gain compression
PLOMBparents looking over my back
PCNEPaciente Com Necessidades Especiais
P3PPlatform for Privacy Preferences
PTFPPartTime First Professional
PMDIPrecision Mobile Drip Irrigation
PGY-1first post-graduate year
PGDFOR.OD.Postgraduate Diploma in Forensic Odontology
PFPEPerFluorinated PolyEther
PWBSProgram Work Breakdown Structure
PSCNProgram Support Communications Network
PGORPayload Ground Operation Requirements
PGCPParticles and Gases Contamination Panel
PGHTPrecursor Growth Hormone Transdermal
PPMEPacific Plate Motion Experiment
PSSUPeriodic Significant Scheduled Tasks
PGP FONEPGP Telephone Protocol
PLMRPrivate Land Mobile Radio
PCKDPolyCystic Didney Disease
PAMSPersonnel Administration Management System
PMODPhysikalischMeteorologisches Observatorium Davos
PATCHCorrection applied to a computer program
PFPSpatellofemoral pain syndrome
PMOMPerformance Management Operations Manual
P1DBOUTP1dB referenced to the output
PTPRPapillary Tumor of the Pineal Region
PCTAPersonal Computer Terminal Adapter (ISDN)
POSSEPluto And Outer Solar System Explorer
PLANKINGLying face down in an unusual place
PTMLPeripheral T Malignant Lymphoma
PB&J;peanut butter and jelly
PBWUPeace Be With You
PCTCPayload Crew Training Complex
PUSHADPush All Double
PFASCParallel Framework for Audio Similarity Clustering
PSHAPreliminary Safety Hazard Analysis
PTISProgram Test Input System
PCITParent-Child Interaction Task
PLATCSparent looking at the computer screen
PGOWGPayload Ground Operations Working Group
PEER TO PEERComputer network without a central server
PINK TOEWhite girl
PCV77-valent pneumococcal conjugate vaccine
PBZPhysiological and Biochemical Zoology
PFDLPolicy Framework Definition Language
PLDMPayload Management
PADMATInternational Conference on Properties and Applications of Dielectric Materials
PIAPHPPartners in Information Access for Public Health Professionals
PAM55-level (quinary) Pulse Amplitude Modulation
PANIPseudo-Automatic Number Identification
PITMEPeace In the Middle East
PGIVASPost Graduate Institute of Veterinary and Animal Science, Akola
PBTRIPediatric Brain Tumor Research Institute
P-BANDRadar Frequency band ranging from 0.22 to 0.39 GHz (SAR)
PAGEOSPassive Geodetic Earth-Orbiting Satellite (NASA)
PAJPort Authority of Jersey
PKERplayer killer
P/E RATIOPrice-to-Earnings Ratio
PBBHPeter Bent Brigham Hospital
PITGPayload Integration Task Group
PCINProgram Change Integration
PINTPint Is Not Twian
PMIGBOMPut Mind In Gear Before Opening Mouth!
PLAKPLM Late Access Kit
P/UPick Up
PARTSParts Assembly And Reuse Tool Set
PMIRRPressure Modulated InfraRed Radiometer
PGY-4fourth post-graduate year
P2OPlastic to Oil
PBTIO3lead titanate
PC4PCPicture Comment For Picture Comment.
PPNAPeak Phrenic Nerve Activity
PANDASPediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorder
PGSAPennsylvania Governor's School for the Arts
PACHparents are coming home
PZIProtamine Zinc Insulin
PAMPSpathogen-associated molecular patterns
PIOCSPhysical Input/Output Control System
P.M.H.N.P.Psychiatric/Mental-Health Nurse Practitioner
PUSSPallet Utility Support Structure
PATOOTPetersons Annual Trip On Old Tractors
PJTCPermanent Joint Technical Commission for Nile Waters
P(E)The Perimeter of E
PGCMEPostgraduate and Continuing Medical Education
PCCAPortable Computer and Communications Association (U.S.A.)
PSRDProgram Support Requirements Document
P3 CASUALTYPriority 3 casualty
PKESPublic-Key Encryption System
PPRHPiparahan Halt
PCLECPacket Competitive Local Exchange Carrier
PRNCPurnia Court
PUCSPropellant Utilization Control System
PMHLPreferred Measurement Hardware List
PACORIIPhotoconductor Array Camera and Spectrometer
PTVSPortable Test and Verification System
PGBMPulse-Gated Binary Modulation
PIKEYOffensive term for a Gypsy/traveller
PLARSparty like a rock star
PATHSPacific Transport of Heat and Salt
PAAGHydrophilic PolyAcrylamide Gel
PILFPublic Interest Law Fellowship
PSMPCPublic Service and Merit Protection Commission
PINDParticle Impact Noise Detection
PTCSPayload Module Thermal Control Subsystem
P-GILDProjection Gas Immersion Laser Doping
PBPSPostBoost Propulsion System(
POKER FACEExpressionless face
P02Partial Pressure of Oxygen
PFFDProximal Femoral Focal Deficiency
PBTRPediatric Brain Tumor Research
PHENYLTOLPhenyltoloxamine Citrate
PIRLOSparent in room looking over shoulder
PQUProfessional QUalification
PAMAPulseAddress Multiple Access
PLIESAmerican rapper
PCCCInternational Phoenix Conference on Computers and Communications
PAREPhysiological And Anatomical Rodent Experiment
PEMFDPulsed Electro-Magnetic Field Device
PEP/PLPpersonal education plan/personal learning plan
PFOCPending the Firm Order Commitment
PAMISParliamentary Monitoring and Intelligence Service (!)
PEECPartial Element Equivalent Circuit
PIRNPreliminary Interface Revision Notice
PDSHPressure Differential Switch High
PXRpunk rocker
PHABPhysically Handicapped Able Bodied
P4-MPentium IV (laptop version)
PHENIRPheniramine Maleate
PETEOSPlasma-Enhanced TetraEthylOSilicate
PMQVPersonal Monthly Qualifying Volume
PHISHINGScamming method used to get personal information
PICRSProgram Information Coordination and Review Service
PCMPPost Chemical-Mechanical Polishing
PMARSPolice Mutual Aid Radio System
PGMPSPrecision Guided Munition Planning Software
PASRRPreAdmission Screening and Resident Review
PIINProcurement Instrument Identification Number
PCI SIGPCI Special Interest Group
PLGSSPayload Ground Support Systems
POOL SHARKGood pool player
PBSCHPeripheral Blood Stem Cell Harvest
PACCProblem Action Control Center
POIDHPics Or It Didn't Happen
PCECPadnos College of Engineering and Computing
PANAHPakistan National Heart Association
PLYWMplay with me
PEMHPhilosophy and Ethics of Mental Health Programme
PACHSparents are coming home soon
P0WNmake to look bad
PILLOCKIdiot fool
PHOARExpression of lust physical attraction
PIOSPoint In Oncogene Synthesis
PGORSPayload Ground Operations Requirements Study
PEMV-1Pea Enation Mosaic Virus - 1
PIFOVPlanet In Field Of View
POPFDPop 32Bit Flags Register
PCICONIEEE Petroleum and Chemical Industry Conference
PEKKPolyether Ketone Ketone
PAMRPublic Access Mobile Radio (service)
PISDPlanned In-Service Data
PYGPrayag Ghat
PBHAPhillips Brooks House Association
PHOTINTPhotographic Intelligence
PALEPaleoclimate of Arctic Lakes and Estuaries
P1DBINP1dB referenced to the input
PLEBCommoner inferior person
PORRPreliminary Operations Requirements Review
PIGAPendulous Integrating Gyro Accelerometer
PAMRAPatient Access To Medical Records Act
PLZTHXplease? Thanks
PEATPatient Environment Action Team
PAHRISPayroll and Human Resource Information System
PC-DACPreformed Conjugate-Drug Affinity Complex
PGAHPine Grove Animal Hospital
PASLPrimary Area Switch Locator
PDAUPhysical Data Access Unit
PERIPharmaceutical Education and Research Institute
PAWSProtection Against Wrapping Sequence
PENDEJOIdiot fool
PESCIPre-Employment Structured Clinical Interview
PEBBPower Electronic Building Block
PEBMACProblem Exist Between monitor and chair
PC-MIEEE Personal Communications [Magazine]
PCSNPrivate Circuit Switching Network
PIMPLPee In My Pants Laughing
POCNPurchase Order Change Number
PILDPediatric Interstitial Lung Disease
PDRLProcurement Data Requirements List
PCMMUPulseCode Modulation Master Unit
PEPCIProtocol for Exchange of Policy Information (IETF)
PORBProduction Operations Review Board
PEWPEWLaser sound
PIHKALPhenethylamines I Have Known and Loved (Book)
PEIRProject Equipment Inspection Record
PCGOALPersonal Computer Government Operator Aerospace Language
PF XFERPower Failure Transfer (electronics)
PODEGPort Development Gujarat Programme
P45Employment severance form (UK)
PHIDSPersonalized Healthcare Information Delivery System
PCRBProgram Change Review Board
PICMETPortland Industrial Conference on Management of Engineering and Technology
PILEProgressive isoinertial lifting evaluation
PD-CHANNELPacket-mode Data channel
PEPGProgram on Education Policy and Governance
PEYAPresident's Environmental Youth Award
PIPTPhysically Indexed Physically Tagged
PIHMSPacific International Hotel Management School
PGPRMPostgraduate Program in Retail Management
PCTMSprimary care trust-led medical services
PHCFPituitary Growth Hormone Cell Function
PEVNperiventricular nucleus
PDRSPayload Deployment and Retrieval Subsystem
PCITSPikeville College Office of Information & Technology Services
PIARProject Impact Analysis Report
PIECPPreliminary Impact Engineering Change Proposal
P54COfficial part number for Pentium processor (Intel)
PIFSPoint Inter- Frame Space
PANSYSissy unmanly person
PLUMBUMPlumber's crack
PI3KPhosphoInositide-3 Kinase
PESTOPhotosynthesis Experiment System Testing and Operations
POPPERAmyl Nitrate
P/FPoll/Final Bit
PER OSBy mouth
PATDPanic At The Disco
PINOYFilipino man
PEHTPediatric Environmental Health Toolkit
POTS-CPlain Old Telephone Service-Centralized (ADSL)
PACICOMPacific Coastal Marine Productivity
PANTHERWoman who likes older men
PEHCPunch Extra Holes in Cards
PAM5X5Two Five-level Pulse Amplitude Modulation signals simultaneously transmitted over the two wire pairs
PCVDPlasma Chemical Vapor Deposition
PARSProperty Accountability Record System
PHARMEXCILPharmaceuticals Export Promotion Council
PEHGPayload Ethernet Hub Gateway
PCMIPresident's Council on Management Improvement
PERTCOProgram Evaluation And Review Technique With Cost
P911parent emergency (parent near)
PATTParty All The Time
PASCPerceptual Audio Sub-band Coding
PHWWPeak Hourly Wet Weather
PC 4 PCPicture Comment For Picture Comment
PASFISPhilippines Aquatic Sciences and Fisheries Information System
PIBMPlanetary Interchange Of Bioactive Material
PORDAPersonnel Officers of Research and Development Agencies
PACES XXMRCP(UK) Part 2 Clinical Examination
PLISNProvisioning List Item Sequence Number
PACVDPlasma-Assisted Chemical Vapor Deposition
PLSPPayload Signal Processor
PEMV-2Pea Enation Mosaic Virus - 2
PCI SSCPayment Card Industry Security Standard Council
PHOTONSPhotometric Thermospheric Oxygen Nightglow Study
PCMDIProgram for Climate Model Diagnosis and Intercomparison
PCCNProvisioning Contract Control Number
PRSSProblem Report Squawk Sheet
PEBCACProblem Exists Between Chair And Computer
PAM/FMPulse-Amplitude Modulation on Frequency-Modulation
PEMJPatch by Exception Modular Jackfield
PA/VAPublic Address and Voice Alarm
PIJACPet Industry Joint Advisory Council (Canada)
PCM/FMPulse-Code Modulation on Frequency-Modulation
PICHPilot Channel
PEELSParallel Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy
PEBKACproblem exists between keyboard and chair
POLARPolar Plasma Laboratory
P/EPhysical Examination
POFSPrivate Operational Fixed Service (microwave)
PHENYLEPH TANPhenylephrine Tannate
POPPINGDance style
PALAPAPrecision Approach and Landing System
POTNETPolice Training Network
PCVBPyro Continuity Verification Box
PZDPlanning and Zoning Director
PHONYFake object or person
PI1Atari Degas Image Bitmap graphics
PIPICOPanel for International Programs and International Cooperation in Ocean Affairs
PAL-MPhase Alternation by Line-Modified version (TV format)
PRPSProgramming Requirements Process Specification
PECORAWilliam T. Pecora Memorial Symposium on Remote Sensing
PETMPaleocene Eocene Thermal Maximum
PESISPhoto Electron Spectroscopy of Inner-Shell electrons
PEPCProject Exports Promotion Council
PIMRISPacific Islands Marine Resources Information System
PAGESPast Global Changes
PATUPan-African Telecommunication Union
PIKRPhosphatidyl-Inositol-3-Kinase Regulator
PATPPreliminary Authority To Proceed
PROTOPrivate Rocket To Orbit Tiny Objects
PCMIMPersonal Computer Media Interface Module
PA-RISCPrecision Architecture - Reduced Instruction Set Computing (Hewlett-Packard)
P/SParallel-to-Serial (converter)
P90XType of workout schedule
POCKET DIALAccidentally make a call with the phone in your pocket
PJ/NFProjection-Join Normal Form
PCGEProtein Crystal Growth Experiment
PEDTpremature ejaculation diagnostic tool
PILPParametric Integer Linear Program
PDSPProject Defined Software Processes
PCIXPeripheral Component Interconnect Extended
PDESProduct Data Exchange Specification
PERNPreliminary Engineering Release Notice
PILNPacific Invasives Learning Network
PIDPProgrammable Indicator Data Processor
PDEPPediatric Diabetes Education Portal
PIIIPentium III Microprocessor
PHATPleomorphic Hyalinizing Angiectatic Tumor
PELTPhilippines English Language Teaching
P!ATDPanic! At The Disco (band)
PEMFTPulse Electro-Magnetic Field Therapy
PCTOPayload Cost Tradeoff Optimization
PAPCONPulp and Paper Industry Technical Conference
PIBEPlay It By Ear
PICARProgram on International Conflict Analysis and Resolution
PIKBPathways and Interaction Knowledge Base
P(J)The Price of J
PACAYPoint and Click with Activation (with YouTube)
PCVLPilot Controlled Visual Landing
PIG./PIGM.pigmentum - paint
PERTRANPerturbation Transport
PRCUPayload Rack Checkout Unit
PLRVPayload Launch Readiness Verification
PITRparent in the room
PLDIPayload Data Interleaver
PINXPrivate Integrated Services Network Exchange
PCASSProgram Compliance Assurance and Status System
PHOTONTopical Meeting on Photonic Switching
POTWPatient of the Week (House M.D.)
P55COfficial part number for Pentium processor with MMX (Intel)
PLUMPayload Umbilical Mast
PC-I-OProgram Controlled I-O
PINCHEDCaught arrested
PCGRAFAXPC-based High Frequency Facsimile System
PAFBPayload Accommodations Handbook
PRSDSPower Reactant Storage and Distribution System
POTYPost Of The Year
POTVPlain Old TV (Microsoft)
PICT2Apple Macintosh PICT file color Bitmap graphics
PC/XTPersonal Computer/eXtended Technology
PCEMPropulsion Contamination Effects Module
PICMGPCI Industrial Computer Manufacturers Group (U.S.A.)
PATSProgram for Analysis of Time Series
PHILCOMPhilippine Global Communications Inc.
PAKHPrince Aly Khan Hospital
PICIOPIXAR picture file Bitmap graphics
PDRSTAPayload Deployment and Retrieval System Test Article
PCCMPrimary Care Case Manager
PASEPPeer Assisted Self Evaluation Plan
P/APeak-to-Average (ratio)
PLONKCheap wine
PDM/FMPulse-Duration Modulation on Frequency-Modulation
PACTOPPacific Tsunami Observation Program
PCLAPrimary Care Learning Association
P/XPart exchange
PARDPresidential Adviser on Rural Development
P&P;Party And Play
PEMQPrenatal Energy Mobilizing Qigong
PHWGPediatric HIV Working Group
PCWGPersonal Conferencing Work Group
PIKCPast Illustrious Knight Commander
PIMAPhotographic And Imaging Manufacturers Association
PHASPayload Module
PICT1Apple Macintosh PICT file black and white Bitmap graphics
P&A;Percussion and Auscultation
PIREPPilot Weather Report
PIRATAPilot Research Moored Array in the Tropical Atlantic
PERRPreliminary Engineering Research Report
PERVINGFlirting in a creepy way
PL/1Programming Language 1 (IBM)
P&S;physicians and surgeone
P&T;professional and technical
P&L;Profit And Loss
PDRRProgram Definition and Risk Reduction life cycle phase
P&AO;Pay & Accounts Office
PL/MProgramming Language for Microcomputers
PERTSIMProgram Evaluation and Review Technique Simulation
PAFIDPhilippine Association for Intercultural Development
P & EPopulation And Environmental Psychology
P&C;Point and Click
P&ID;Piping & Instrumentation Diagram
PEBASISHimaprodi Pendidikan Bahasa dan Sastra Inggris Universitas Brawijaya
P REGIONPositive region or holes (semiconductors)
P&N;psychiatry and neurology
PJ'SPyjamas night wear
PCS-1900Personal Communications Systems operating at 1900 MHz
PH#phone number