Full Forms Starting with Letter R

Short FormFull Form
RIReferential Integrity Ring Indicate
RTERight to Education
RSRecommended Standard (ie RS-232)
RSETIRural Self Employment Training Institute
RCHReproductive Child Health
ROBReorder Buffer [Intel]
RERevenue Expenditure
RASRemote Access Server / Service
RIPSRaster Image Processing System
RSPRequired Space Character
ROADRapid Object Application Development
RADARRadio Angle Direction and Range
RRRevenue Receipts
ROOMReal-Time Object-Oriented Modeling
RTORegional Transport Officer
RIPRouted Internetworking Protocol (Routing Information Protocol)
ROCRegistrar of Companies
RESRemote Execution Service Reset Resolution
RITESRail India Technical and Economic Services- which takes on planning- design- and operational work in other countries (Angola- Mozambique- Zimbabwe- Botswana- Mexico- Zambia- Nepal- etc)
RANMRevised Auxiliary Nursing & Midwifery
RTSRemote Takeover System Request To Send
RDORemote Data Objects
RRBRegional Rural Bank
RTIRight to Information
RCEMRajdhani College of Engineering and Management
RMSRailway Mail Service
RPSRecord and Playback System
RCRun Command
RGBRed Green Blue (type of color display and printing)
RSSRashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh
RTRResults Through Referrals
RORegional Office
RRCReactor Research Centre
RETResolution Enhancement technology (HP lazerjet technology)
RAORecreational Activities Officer
ROCKReaching Out To Cancer Kids
RSVPResource ReserVation Protocol
RSCRailway Staff College- Vadodara
RANKReceptor Activator Of Nf Kappa
REFReference (file name extension)
RDBMSRelational Data Base Management System
ROFLroll on floor laughing
RGIRegistrar General of India
RECRural Electrification Corporation
REPCORepatriates Cooperative Finance and Development Bank Ltd
RISATRadar Imaging Satellite
RPCDRural Planning and Credit Department- RBI
RMPRemote Maintenance Processor [IBM]
RISCReduced Instruction Set Computer (minimal "self-processing" power to reduces cost)
RICURespiratory Intensive Care Unit
RTPSRadiation Treatment Planning System
RTFRich Text Format (extension for files that most windows word processors can read)
RUNPC Tools Batch file
RSRRehabilitation Service Representative
RDResource Domain (NT Server terminology)
RPLResident Programming Language
RCTCRisk Capital and Technology Finance Corporation
RBIReserve Bank of India
RTOSReal-Time Operating System
RBLReasonable Benefit Limit
RGGVYRajiv Gandhi Grameen Vidyutikaran Yojana
RPFRailway Protection Force (also see below- Miscellaneous)
RAJCONRajasthan Consultancy Organisation Ltd
RANRadio Access Network
RMBRenminbi (Chinese)
ROBERTRocket Borne Emergency Radio Transmitter
RAMRandom Access Memory
RIMRemote Installation and Maintenance [Microsoft]
ROHITReally Odd Human Infection Today
RCMRegistered Condominium Manager
RORRotate Right
RLEGPRural Landless Employment Guarantee Programme
REXRelocatable Executable
RSTReset Restart
RFCRequest For Comments (Similar to FAQs in content)
RLReal Life (as opposed to being online)
RDXResearch Developed Explosive
RCLRotate Carry Left
RCILRailtel Corporation of India- Ltd
RBRailway Board
RAWResearch and Analysis Wing
RTAReal Time Audio (music over the internet)
RPPReal People Profile
RTCReal-Time Clock
ROTRunning Object Table
RMReady Made: pre-existing
RCCReinforced Cement Concrete
RSERelative Standard Error
ROSERecognition Of Superior Effort
RPRegister Pair
ROIReturn On Investment
RAPPRajasthan Atomic Power Project
RMORight Mode Operator
RDSOResearch- Design and Standards Organization
RWARisk Weighted Asset
RAIDRedundant Array of Inexpensive Disks
RACPCrapid access chest pain clinic
RPMRedhat Package Manager (Bundled manager for Redhat distributed Linux)
RICRegional Instructional Coordinator
RCPRemote Control Panel Remote Copy [Internet]
RTPReserve Tranche Position
RLERun Length Encoding
RPCRemote Procedure Calls
RDDRequirements Definition Document
ROBOTIEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation
RSARegional Support Administrator
RSBYRashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana
RFRadio Frequency
RQBERelational Query By Example [Fox Pro]
RVNLRail Vikas Nigam Ltd
RTGSReal Time Gross Settlement
RAPRapid Application Prototyping
RDCReference Designator Code
RSDRoute Server Daemon
ROWRight of Way
RNRead News [Internet]
RTDReal Time Display
ROMRead Only Memory
RPGReport Program Generator
RADRapid Application Development
RSIRepetative Strain Injury
RIORadar Intercept Officer
RTPCRadial Time Projection Chamber
RCSRecords Communications Switching System
RSNReal Soon Now
RBSSRailway Board Secretariat Services (part of Railway Ministry)
RFDRequest for Discussion [Internet]
RIBGRelativistic Ideal Bose Gas
RDPReliable Datagram Protocol
RCURemote Control Unit
RAFRapid Action Force
REPORemote Emergency Power Off
RTReal Time
RITCRegional Irrigation Training Camp
RDBRelational Data Base
ROLRotate Left
REORe Employment Options
RGResidential Gateway
RTLRegister Transfer Language-Level
RIDFRural Infrastructure Development Fund
RHRestricted Holiday
RDARemote Database Access
REMREMark (command in DOS to ignore a statement as a command)
RSSCRajasthan State Sports Council
RMSARashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan
ROTFLMAORolling On The Floor Laughing My Ass Off
RIARadioactive Immunoassay
ROPRaster Operation RISC Operation
RAINReferral And Information Network
R-ORead Only
RTCCRealTime Computer Complex
RFSRemote File Sharing Remote File System
RCFRashtriya Chemicals & Fertilizers
RTVReal Time Video
RPLIRural Postal Life Insurance
RMDIRRemove Directory
RFIDRadioFrequency Identification
RERResearch Expenditure Report
RSYRashtriya Sadbhavana Yojana
ROBLRight oblique
RAReturn Authorization
RTGRoyal Thai Government
RIGSRadio ImmunoGuided surgery
RIBGraphics file extension
RBBSRemote Bulletin Board System
RBCReduced Block Command
RSORadiological Safety Office
RJPRealistic Job Preview
RPARupee Payment Area
RMCRegistered Municipal Clerk
RSPSRunescape Private Server
RNRRoyal Naval Reserve
RACReservation Against Cancellation
RITARadiofrequency Interstitial Tumor Ablation
RFQRequest for Quotation
RSLRequest-and-Status Link
RIEReactive Ion Etching
RPIRetail Price Index
RADIUSRemote Authentication Dial-In User Service
RBCSRemote Bar Code System
ROSRead-Only Storage [IBM]
RGPRate Gyro Package
RSHRemote Shell
RJRight Justify
RARRaw compression data used for programs like winraw (file extension)
RFTRevisable Form Text Rich Text Format
RCRRotate Carry Right
ROLFRolling On Laughing Floor
RFIRadio Frequency Interference
RIDT(S)rapid influenza diagnostic test(s)
RUPLRecently Used Program List
RAVERendering Acceleration Virtual Engine [Apple Computer]
RPORead and Print Only
RAGRow Address Generator
RWDRural Works Department
RMAReturn Material Authorization
RCSERoyal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh
READYReal-time Environmental Applications and Display sYstem
RESTRepresentational state transfer
RCGMReview Committee on Genetic Manipulation
RIMSRetarding Ion Mass Spectrometer
RSDPRemote Sensing Data Policy
RS-232Recommended Standard 232 (EIA standard for transmitting serial data)
RCMCRegistration Cum Membership Certificate
RSTSResource Sharing Time Sharing [Digital]
REDClarion Modula-2 Path information
RTURight To Use
RLLRun Length Limited code (method of recording digital data)
RDSRadio Data System
RISEReactive Intermediates Student Exchange
RNARemote Network Access (by use of Dial Up Connection)
RSACRecreational Software Advisory Council
RBDReliability Block Diagram
REACHRural Entrepreneurship for Art and Culture Heritage
RFPRequest For Proposal
RRRRisk Reduction Review
RIMCRashtriya Indian Military College
ROFRegistered Orthotic Fitter
ROCSRegistrars of Companies
RFOResearch Facilitation Office
RCDResidual current device
RIGRespected Internet Guitarist
RTMResponse Time Monitor Runtime Manager [Borland]
RJ-458-wire connector
RMDRapid Macro Development
RSMRegional Sales Manager
RIFFResource Interchange File Format
RISRemote Installation Server
RVGRadionuclide VentriculoGram
RGMRedundant Gyro Monitor
REXXREstructured eXtended eXecutor (high level language for OS/2)
RDFRadio Direction Finder
RNTCPRevised National Tuberculosis Programme
RIFRelative Importance Factor
RABRisk Assessment Board
RAMPRemote Access Maintenance Protocol [Internet]
RRORegional Reliability Organization
RIDReceiving Inspection Detail Instruction
RLRRaila Road
RNDRandom Number
RVCRaster Vector Converted format
RRLRudder Reference Line
RBRRotate Bits Randomly
RCBRemote Circuit Breaker
RPURead character and Print Upsidedown
RUIDReal User IDentification
RTHRegional Telecommunication Hub
RITFRat Infested TreFoil
RB@Uright back at you
RTBResistance Temperature Bulb
RRIRendezvous Radar Indicator
RACFResource Access Control Facility
RFERequest for Estimate
RCIRehabilitation Council of India
RDTRemote Data Transmitter
RHDRheumatic Heart Disease
RARPReverse Address Resolution Protocol
RRNRapid Response Network
ROTFRolling On The Floor (laughing is implied)
RMTRegistered Massage Therapist
RS(E)Rajya Sabha (Envelope)
RIMMRAMBUS In-line Memory Module
RDWReference Divider Word
RDMRealTime Data Manager
RIBARecombinant ImmunoBlot Assay
RTSMNReal Time Seismic Monitoring Network
RSURadio Shack Unlimited
RRTRegistered Respitory Therapist
RTTRadio Transmission Technology
RNBCResiduary Non-Banking Companies
RMIRadio Magnetic Indicator
RSPLRecommended Spare Parts List
RAAResidential Accredited Appraiser
RALURegister Arithmetic Logic Unit
RHSRight Hand Side Console
RHAResidence Hall Assistant
RLOReturned Letter Office
RRPRudder Reference Plane
RPBCP Backup Data Report file
RLDRashtriya Lok Dal
RRSRegistered Relocation Specialist
RDIResearch & Development by Industry
RFUReserved For Future Use
RALReduction and Acquisition of Lunar Pulse Heights
RMGRight Main Gear
RABIRoyal Agricultural Benevolent Institution
RANAPRadio Access Network Application Part
RNGRandom Number Generator
RFMReconfigurable Furnace Module
RLBHarvard Graphics for Windows Data
RFGResource Funding Group
RPRRuin Printer Ribbon
RMN(r)-Mandelic Acid
RNCRegistered Nurse Certifie
RAGAGEPRecognized And Generally Accepted Good Engineering Practices
RIPEInternet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers
RTDMReal-Time Data Migration
RIRResolve Initial References
RAERadio Astronomy Explorer
RUCRapid Update Cycle
RHTRadioactive Heater Unit
RMITRoyal Melbourne Institute of Technology
REERReal Effective Exchange Rate
REEReal Effective Exchange
ROMARailway Officers Medical Association
RPNReal Page Number
RSCPReceived Signal Code Power
RCSAright click save as
RD(C)Human rhabdomyosarcoma cells
RILReduced Income Logging
RDLCRemote Data Link Controller
RGNIYDRajiv Gandhi National Institute of Youth Development
RUDPReliable User Datagram Protocol
RRDRecurrence Rate Data
RSPBRoyal Society for the Protection of Birds
RIMAreversible inhibitor of monoamine oxidase type A
RATRadar Air Traffic Control Center
RAG RATING SYSTEMRed Amber Green rating system (Traffic light rating system)
RHORadiant Heat Output
RQRotate Quick
RSD(S)risk-specific dose(s)
RIVRecirculation Isolation Valve
RTRARail Tariff Regulatory Authority
RVIReverse Interrupt
RTDTRegional Technology Demonstration and Transfer
RT-PCRReverse Transcription Polymerase Chain Reaction
RHFLRecombinant Human FLT-3 Ligand
RCVReactor Control Volume
RNPRegional Network Provider
RISPIEEE Computer Society Symposium on Research in Security and Privacy
RVReal Value
RHCReduce Holidays Campaign
ROADSArizona Transportation Information System
RSVRespiratory Syncitial Virus
ROGReally Old Guy
RGARate Gyro Assembly
RUAare you alone
RKVYRashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana
RPERailway Protection Force
REAPResource Efficient Agricultural Production
RHELRed Hat Enterprise Linux
RA3Red Alert 3 (game)
RA2red alert 2 (game)
RAIRetailers Association of India
RCFARoot Cause Failure Analysis
RMKRack Mount Kit
RAMARelational Access Management Association
RLCRepayment of Loans to Centre
REAReal Estate Agent
RDRRaw Data Recorder
RICLrolling in chair laughing
RRARegistered Records Administrator
RWRewrite While
RITA XXRecord of Individual Training Assessment
RUTare you there
RCCARough Combustion Cutoff Assembly
RSXReal Time Resource Sharing Executive
RS232EIA standard for transmitting serial data
RSWRegistered Social Worker
RLARecoveries of Loans & Advances
RTMSRental Tool Management System
REPO-RATERepurchase Agreement Rate
RUHare you horny
RCCBRemote Control Circuit Breaker
RUAGOABare you a girl or a boy
RCGRadiology Consulting Group
RSUPReliable SAP Update Protocol
RLFReal Life Friend
RBARelative Byte Address
RSSIReceived Signal Strength Indication
RAMSRadar Absorption Noise and Clutter
RIPEMRiordan s Internet Privacy Enhanced Mail
RVMRecoverable Virtual Memory
RIASIResearch Institute on Addictions Self Inventory
RRBSreduced representation bisulfite sequencing
RFBRead From Buffer
RGTRegistered Genetic Technologist
RIMERelayNet International Message Exchange
RAXRemote Access Computing System
RFLPReaction For Latent Plasmids
RRNARibosomal Ribonucleic Acid
RLMRashtriya Loktantrik Morcha
RD3Ray Dream Designer 3 Graphics
REPOSRepurchasing Obligations
RMFRCS Module Forward
RWBRainwater Basin
RSATRegulatory Sequence Analysis Tools
RGUKTRajiv Gandhi University of Knowledge Technologies
RITDResonant Interband Tunnel Diode
RLNRemote Lan Node
RTWReturn To Win
RAPDRandom Amplified Polymorphic DNA
RINGReally Interesting New Gene
RASPresource allocation and service planning
RASSRadio Acoustic Sounding System
ROSCReturn Of Spontaneous Circulation
RIPORegister of Orthopedic Prosthetic Implantology
RWGRaw Wool Group
ROIPRadar Ocean Imaging Programme
RS-422Recommended Standard 422 (ANSI/EIA standard for transmitting serial data)
RPVCRigid Polyvinyl Chloride
RDTAReliability Development Test Article
RMSORock My socks off
RTTIRuntime Type Information
RURare you ready
RSVIrespiratory syncytial viral infection(s)
RSCTReliable Scalable Cluster Technology (IBM)
RWFRabbit Welfare Fund
RT-DMSreal-time Diabetes Monitoring System
RITPRegent's Information Technology Plan
RITLCenter for Research of Innovative Technologies for Learning
RESPRegistered Education Savings Plan
RVPRadio Voice Phenomena
RBESRule-Based Expert Systems
RFRResidence Flag Reciprocal
RDNARibosomal Deoxyribo Nucleic Acid
RTJReal- Time Java
RHPRe Heat Pizza
RMANRecovery Manager
RLPRefill Light Pen
RASCALRemote Access Scheduling Terminal
RNKDial Up Networking shortcut file extension
RRMSRelapsing remitting multiple sclerosis
RJERemote Job Entry
RTZRate for Transmission service for a Zone load
RIVIRIbes VIscosissimum (sticky currant)
ROXRevitalization Of The Xbox
RVARelative Virtual Address
RPMIRoswell Park Memorial Institute
RINAReinforced Isotropic Network Adhesive
RSDSReduced Swing Differential Signaling
RPDSRevamped Public Distribution System
RIXSResonant Inelastic X-ray Scattering
RNTIRadio Network Temporary Identifier
RRFResource Recovery Facility
RWMARegional Wall Motion Abnormality
RANDDResearch And Development
RMRSRepeatable Maintenance and Recall System
RIVARamus InterVentricularis Anterior (anterior interventricular branch of left coronary artery)
RTSPReal Time Streaming Protocol
RBERadiation Biological Effectiveness
RPQRequest for Price Quotation
RPOCRemote Payload
RIBEReaction Ion Beam Etching
REXECRemote Execution
RMMRack Mount Modem
RIURemote Interface Unit
RINOrepublican in name only
RCQReceive Cookie Request
RTASRegional Trade Agreements
RINDReversible Ischemic Neurologic Deficit
RWWCORailway Womens Welfare Central Organization
RLSARadial Line Slot Antenna
REPZRepeat while Zero
RIGIReceiving Inspection General Instruction
RCERegional College of Education
RFARF Authorization
RBGRocket Boosted Glider
RULARapid Upper Limb Assessment
RAFCRevolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia
RVTRegistered Veterinary Technician
RUFRevolving Underwriting Facility
REBARapid Entire Body Assessment
RKAIEEE Richard H. Kaufmann Award
RUMFAre you male or female
RSFCRadially Stratified Flame Core
RIFKrolling on the floor laughing
RISARapid Imaging Spectrophotometric Array
RIPHHRoyal Institute of Public Health and Hygiene
RSTPRapid Spanning Tree Protocol
RBOCRegional Bell Operating Company (USA)
RIJRight Internal Jugular
RPMSReal Property Management System
RRKRapid Recall Keypad
RGPVRajiv Gandhi Proudyogiki Vishwavidyalaya
RS-423Recommended Standard 423 (EIA standard for transmitting serial data)
RIBR2RIchardia BRasiliensis (tropical Mexican clover)
RAURemote Acquisition Unit Interconnecting Station
RSCSRemote Spooling Communications System
RXZArginine Alanine Proline proteins
RLEGSRural Landless Employment Guarantee Scheme
RSINRural Stress Information Network
RIBDRandomized Incomplete Block Diagram
RFVRelative Feed Value
RITQRevised Infant Temperament Questionnaire
RNAIRiboNucleic Acid Interference
RDSSRadio Determination Satellite Service
ROTFLRolling On The Floor Laughing
RSLPResearch Libraries Support Program
RIVMARhode Island Veterinary Medical Association
RTSLReal- Time Specification Language
RIRBResponse Input Ring Buffer
RDLResearch and Development Laboratory
RTRCRailway Testing and Research Centre (a predecessor of RDSO)
RDGReferral Development Group of Northern Kentucky
RUOKare you ok?
RJ-11Registered Jack type 11 (4-wire connector)
RIBFRadioactive Isotope Beam Factory
RUKare you ok?
RIHADRot In Hell And Die
RGDRegistered Graphic Designer
RSAES-OAEPRSA Encryption Scheme - Optimal Asymmetric Encryption Padding
ROFCRolling On Floor Crying
RIRGRead Inter Record Gap
RS-485Recommended Standard 485
ROMBLrolled off my bed laughing
RAITRamrao Adik Institute of Technology
RASARotation Around a Stationary Axis
RIDGERadar Integrated Display with Geospatial Elements
RADBRouting Arbiter Data Base
RJCReaction Jet Control
RIPHRoyal Institute of Public Health(it merged with the Royal Society of Health in 2008 to become the Royal Society for Public Health)
RTTYRadio Teletypewriter (Communications)
RNOResident Naval Officer
RMLRam Manohar Lohia Hospital, New Delhi
RJURajula City
RTMPRouting Table Maintenance Protocol
RXDReceive Data
RITGRadiatively Important Trace Gass
RISDRhode Island School of Design
RBWRed Blood cell Width
RMISRationalisation of Minor Irrigation Statistics
RBURabindra Bharati University
RIDICRadiation Internal Dose Information Center
RGKRoyal Grounds Keeper
RADSLRate Adaptive Digital Subscriber Line
RCRAResource Conservation ad Recovery Act
RIBR3RInodina BRouardii (Brouard's rinodina lichen)
RQPRequisition from Procurement
RSCCRegular Special Chinese Class
RBBBReally Bare Bones Board
RTAMRemote Terminal Access Method
RBDORelibility-Based Design Optimization
RATXRadiation Therapy
RUaRe yoU?
RRADRoll Rate Anomaly Detection
RASTRead And Shred Tape
RDCLKReceived Timing Clock
RTELReverse Telnet [Internet]
RSMMRedundant System Monitor Model
RWPRadar Wind Profiler
RPPSRepatriation Private Patient Scheme
RPVRemotely Piloted Vehicle
RIVDRuptured intervertebral disc
RLGReshall Linux Geek
RUKMare you kidding me
RSMISReal Estate and Space Management Information System
RCTRandomised Controlled Trial
R AND DResearch and Development
RPPROMReprogrammable PROM
RSAIRegional Science Association International
REFLrolling on the floor laughing
RJDRashtriya Janata Dal
ROICReadOut Integrated Circuit
RNFARegistered Nurse First Assistant
RSAARefugee Status Appeals Authority
RUWMare you watching me
RSDLRandomly Selectable Disc Length
RPE-LPCRegular Pulse Excited - Linear Predictive Coder
RAFSRotation Around the Front Side
RVCTReport of a Verified Case of TB
ROTFLMFAORolling On The Floor Laughing F(***ing) My Ass Off
ROFALOLroll on the floor and laugh out loud
RS422EIA standard for transmitting serial data
ROTFLRolling On The Floor Laughing
RVORoyal Victorian Order
RGMPRouter Group Management Protocol
RTCPReal Time Control Protocol
RNFResidence Not Flag
RRERahul Road
RSPANRemote Switched Port ANalyzer
RSEARegional Studies: East Asia
RRGReferral Resource Group
RDPPReconfigurable Data Path Processor
RTPLNokia Phone Ring Tone
RCT(S)randomized clinical trial(s)
RFD(S)reference dose(s)
RMONRemote MONitoring
RDBSRegistered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer
RACKReceptor Of Activated C Kinase
RTPCRReverse Transcriptase Polymerase Chain Reaction
RSGBRadio Society of Great Britain
RWMRead-Write Memory
RGCRadar Ground Clutter
RBANSRepeatable Battery for the Assessment of Neuropsychological Status
RRIIRubber Research Institute of India
RUABOGare you a boy or girl
RCSCReaction Control Subsystem Controller
RVERemote Video Expertise
RPHRegistered Physician
RXIRead Expansion Input
ROLAPRelational On Line Analytical Processing
REMORapid Epidemiological Mapping of Onchocerciasis
RPLBKreply back
RAGERadiation Adaptive Grid Eulerian
RELSECTRelative Sector
R AND RRemove and Replace
RPRINTERRemote Printer [NetWare]
ROSNIRound Spermatid Nuclear Injection
RKSRandom Keys Scheme
RFICRadio Frequency Integrated Circuit
REPNERepeat while Not Equal
RMOSRefractory Metal-Oxide Semiconductor
RDHRegistered Dental Hygienist
REHIhello again
RHURegistered Health Underwriter
RDI-LRemote Defect Indicator - Loop
RXWRatangarh West
RADARSATRadar Satellite
RSHMIRussian Hydrometeorological Institute
RCCLRobot Control C Library
RSRGReusable Software Research Group
RRDCResearch and Rehabilitation Development Center
RUBZ2NTare you busy tonight
RU18are you 18
RCDSResidential Care Development Scheme
RDCSRegistered Diagnostic Cardiac Sonographer
RPNNLRashtriya Pariyojana Nirman Nigam Limited
REGALRigid Epoxy Glass Acrylic Laminate
RSMASRosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science
REBOOTRe-Use Based Object Oriented Technology
RITD-HBTResonant Interband Tunnel Diode - Heterojunction Bi-polar Transistor
ROHORegional Oral History Office
RECISTResponse Evaluation Criteria in Solid Tumor
RJMRemote Job Management
REPERepeat while Equal
RCAPRemedial Clinical Action Plan
RETRRemote Event Trigger Recording
RLTAPRevised Long Term Action Plan
RUPPRoyal University of Phnom Penh
RUSTRefactoring Using Source Transformation
RHEReproductive Health Externship
RUGTAare you going to answer
RSBPRegeling Stimulering Biologische Productie
RPSSRubber Producers’ Societies
RALBResource All Busy
RTXMIME Richtext format Text document
RGGArginine- Glycine- Glycine peptides
RUPRational Unified Process
RACESRadio Amateur Civil Emergency Services
RTOCReal-Time Operating Centre
RMMSrelapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis
RVHResearch Vessel Heraclitus
RNFLRetinal Nerve Fiber Layer
RSMCRegional Specialized Meteorological Centre (WWW)
RPSGTRegistered Polysomnographic Technologist
RPE-LTPRegular Pulse Excited - Long Term Prediction
RJRI5!Restarting JRun in 5!
RHWRockwell International
RTP3Real-Time output Port bit 3
RADTRapid Antigen Detection Test
RNURadiology Nuclear Medicine
RSSPOResident Space Shuttle Project Office
RC2MicroSoft Developer Studio Not editable resource
RACGPRoyal Australian College of General Practitioners
RXPRoaming eXchange Protocol
RXTRadiation Xray Therapy
RIOPMHRegional Institute for Out-Patient Mental Health Care
RQQReliability Qualification Requirement
RTTTReferral to Treatment Target
RLHRice Leaf Hopper
RAMDACRandom Access Memory Digital-to-Analog Converter [Sierra]
RWZOutlook Rules Wizard files
RAOBRawindsonde Observation
RAISRedundant Arrays of Inexpensive Systems
RKIRamkanali Jn.
RTCSRealTime Computer System
R-WRead / Write (usually refers to the heads inside a disk drive)
RTSMRandomization and Trial Supply Management
RNEReturn if Not Equal
RPRFReactivity of Psychosis Rating Form
RELCRegional English Language Center
RWUReal World University
RPIEReal Property Installed
ROBDDReduced Ordered Binary Decision Diagram
RHLRelative Humidity Monitor
RASAPIRemote Access Service Application Programming Interface [Microsoft]
RFMTRepublic of Fiji Military Forces
RDTOReceive Data Transfer Offset [IBM]
RGC(S)radial glial cell(s)
RTRPReal Time Routing Protocol
RTPEReal-Time Programming Environment
RBDDRare Bleeding Disorders Database
RXRResource eXchange Register
RDMSRegistered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer
RCCPRecorder and Communications Control Panel
RAWBReturn Air Wet Bulb temperature at evaporation
RUWRemaining Usable Water
RGNDWMRajiv Gandhi National Drinking Water Mission
RDSRReceiver Data Service Request
RHVRight Hepatic Vein
ROZARoza Jn.
RANVRadio Amateurs of Northern Vermont
RTCTRoTator Cuff Tear
RALPHRapidly Adapting Lateral Position Handler
RRDSReduced Resolution Data Set
RNDISRemote Network Driver Interface Specification
RRRARiver Raisin Repeater Association
RCOPRural Cancer Outreach Program
RCSDReverse Carlson Surge Device
ROOFLESrolling on the floor laughing
ROTFWLRolling On The Floor With Laughter
RCPCRate Compatible Punctured Convolutional
RL4Bitmap graphics
RAZRead as Zero
RATTRemote Acquisition Unit
RTPTResearch Technician
RAOFLMAOrolling around on floor laughing my a** off
R.Ftag Radio Frequency tag
RACSRotation Axis Coordinate System
RSTVRajya Sabha Television Network
RDPGPERegional Director of Postgraduate General Practice Education
RTBQRead The Blinking Question
RBBBase Sheet Resistance
RFTKRadio Frequency Tracking
RHECRegional Health Education Center
RTORReal Time Operating Room
REUResearch Experience For Undergrads
RLQRight Lower Quadrant
RJUPRRevista Juridica Universidad de Puerto Rico
RPRCRepatriation Pharmaceutical Reference Committee
RTFLReal Time Fault Location
REHABReHabilitative Therapy
ROSE XXRefugees and Overseas health professionals
REPNZRepeat while Not Zero
RLSDReceived Line Signal Detected
RWXCriterion RenderWare Script
RXOReceiver Output
RCACRegent Candidate Advisory Council
RADCCRadiation Control Center
RMBLRocky Mountain Biological Laboratory
RFIMRandom Field Ising Magnet
RTMRead The Manual
RCCSRepatriation Comprehensive Care Scheme
RCDMRoyal Centre for Defence Medicine
RTACResearch and Technology Advisory Committee
RTPUReal-Time Processing Unit
RNDCRemote Name Daemon Control
ROBMSRadiation Oncology Benefit Management Companies
RGEARight Gastroepiploic Artery
RDACRapid Diagnostic and Assessment Centre
RE-LYRandomized Evaluation of Long-Term Anticoagulation Therapy
RFRSReady For Rational Software
ROUORecord Of Unknown Origin
RWISRoad Weather Information System
RFUCMSRoyal Free and University College Medical School
RWPCPRead/Write Priority Ceiling Protocol
RXFRefracted X-ray Fluorescence
RQNReturn of Qualified Nationals
RWIIRotary Wing Instrument Instructor
RPCIReconfigurable PCI-BUS Interface
RMSGRisk Management Steering Group
RL8Bitmap graphics
RMTDRack Mounted Tape Drive
RNXRespiratory Neuron Homeodomain Protein
RREDRight Reading Emulsion Down
RTTTLRing Tones Text Transfer Language
RBCCred blood cell count
RCPNResearch Center for Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology
RBAUright back at you
RHHReproductive Herd Health
RMTFRecipe Management Task Force
RTCQReadiness To Change Questionnaire
ROT13Rotate 13 encoding
RGPORendezvous Guidance and Procedures Officer
RPSGBRoyal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain
RECOMBConference on Computational Molecular Biology
RDTPRational Drug Therapy Program
RBGURegional Brain Glucose Utilization
RMCPRemote Management Control Protocol
RUTFready-to-use therapeutic food
RGITRajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology
RNRDRanipur Road
RANP-AAtrial Natriuretic Peptide Selective for Receptor-A
REHRandom Evolutionary Hits
RRELRisk Reduction Engineering Lab
RCTFCRisk Capital and Technology Finance Corporation
RRBDReally Really Big (disk) Drive
RD50concentration producing a 50% decrease in respiratory rate following a 10-minute exposure
RRCONJoint ASME/IEEE Railroad Conference
RCPCHRoyal College of Paediatrics and Child Health
REXMLRuby Electric XML
RRQOReadout Request Output
RJ-14Registered Jack type 14 (2-wire connector)
RTESrespOnse to traumatic event scale
RBNPReverse Brazil Nut Problem
RTFPRalston Test of Finger-spelled Pseudowords
RHBDRadiation Hardening By Design
RBTLRead between the lines
RBMKReactor Bolshoi Moshchnosti Kanalni
RUMAResponsible Use of Medicines in Agriculture Alliance
RPCCRabbit Population Control Centre
RHEORight Hand Forward Equipment Bay
RGQRaigadh Road
ROMANIEEE International Workshop on Robot and Human Communications
RCMDVRemote Controlled Mine Disposal Vehicle
REFMResource Ecology and Fisheries Management
RBTSReed Bed Treatment System
RNVRadio Nuclear Ventriculography
RLATright lateral
RDIDRelationship Dependent Item Data
RWVRandom Wire Vertical
RFASRequirements for Accreditation Scheme
RMCARajasthan Master of Computer Application
RTPRRelative True Positive Rate
REPLACEcopy or add selected file(s) to target drive and directory
RFDURadio Frequency Distribution Unit
RTPMReal Time Power Monitoring
RUSHRapid Up Super High
RLHSResidence Life and Housing Services
RQEReliability Quality Evaluation
RTSPCReal-Time Statistical Process Control
RPFTRegistered Professional Forest Technologist
RGRMARate Gyro Redundancy Management Algorithm
RVVCRecurrent vulvovaginal candidiasis
RTP4Real-Time output Port bit 4
RGALRate Gyro AssemblyLeft SRB
RBRVSResource Based Relative Value Scale
RRMSEPRelative Root Mean Square Error of Prediction
ROCR SCReview of Central Returns Steering Committee
RMCDRadiation Monitoring Container Dosimeter
RTP7Real-Time output Port bit 7
RPRDRupra Road
RHCPRight Hand Circular Polarization
RJ-25Registered Jack type 25 (6-wire connector)
RPSTRisk Pooling Scheme for Trusts
RPTARudder Pedal Transducer Assembly
RUOK?Are yoU OK?
RTFCRead The F Code
RESSGRural Economy and Society Study Group
RBRUReproductive Biology Research Unit
RCOGRoyal College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists
RZMRoot Zone Management
RROMResistive Range of Motion
RFHRadio Frequency Heating
RTV/TVRice Tungro Virus
RGCARajeev Gandhi Centre for Aquacultureix
RQARational QualityArchitect
RTWPPMReal Time Wind Power Portfolio Manager
R.D.TRural Development Trust
RXUReceiver Unit
RVQRegister Value Queue
RZORaZor Operation
REIXSResonant Elastic and Inelastic Xray Scattering
RGHRepatriation General Hospital
RRBIRadar Range Bearing Indicator
RBHCRegional Behavioral Health Center
RUASRoyal Ulster Agricultural Society
REXSresonant elastic x-ray scattering
RFIFRecurrent Fractal Interpolating Function
RQYRelative Quantum Yield
RBODRight Bank Outfall Drain
RFCPRequest for Computer Program
RPGNRapidly Progressive GlomeruloNephritis
RDLDReceptive Developmental Language Disorder
RLOFReceive Loss Of Frame
RTCERotationTranslation Control Electronics
RPBSRepatriation Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme
REHCRandom Evolutionary Hits per CODON
RBSOAReverse Bias Safe Operating Area
REREXRemote Readout Experiment
RCAGRemote Center AirGround
RERLRadar Echo Return Loss
RCCOResearch Conduct and Compliance Office
RFPRRelative False Positive Rate
RDI-VRemote Defect Indicator - Virtual
RMAILrestricted mail
RT-LAMPReverse Transcription Loop-Mediated Isothermal Amplification
RMSEPRoot Mean Square Error of Prediction
RBIURegional Bus Interface Unit
RDMARemote Direct Memory Access
RGAORate Gyro AssemblyOrbiter
RVTDRight Ventricular Transverse Diameter
RETFReturn Far
RMDCNRegional Meteorological Data Communication Network
RACTReasonably Available Control Technology
RCGPRoyal College of General Practitioners
REBCRegistered Employee Benefits Consultant
RLDIReceive Line Data Input
RJDAReaction Jet Driver Aft
RRMERanchi Road
RDI-PRemote Defect Indicator - Path
RUQRight Upper Quadrant
ROHFTRoyal Orthopaedic Hospital Foundation Trust
RRPIRural Retail Price Index
RCIIRelevance Category II
ROMMONRead Only Memory MONitor
RHCERed Hat Certified Engineer
RBBHRobert Breck Brigham Hospital
RXXReceiver Remote Restart
RREURendezvous Radar Electronics Unit
RDASRocket Data Acquisition System
RNGFRhodaminenerve Growth Factor
RETNReturn Near
RCOEReich College of Education
RBTYright back to you
RACURemote Automatic Calibration System
RHCSSRed Hat Certified Security Specialist
REJASERE-using Junk As Something Else
RRDTRapid Response Documentation Team
RHETResonant Hot-tunnelling Electron Transistor
RWL&F;Real World Look and Feel
RBGANRegional Broadband Global Area Network
RUIMRemovable User Identification Module
RHFVRheumatic Fever
REHEXRegional Human Exposure
RMERegister Maintenance And Enquiries
RMDELremove delta
RABSRestricted Access Barrier Systeme
ROIALResidential Option in Arts and Letters
RCFRRey Complex Figure Recall
RGTMCReliability Growth Tracking Model Continuous
RHSCRadiant Heat Temperature
RFIDAIRadio Frequency IDentification Association of India
RYRReject outside of Y Range
RKSSRandom Key Spaces Scheme
RZCRaZor Command
RICPRecurrent Intrahepatic Cholestasis Of Pregnancy
REHPRegistered Environmental Health Professional
RBLDRing-Based Limited Directory
RBSFReuse Based Software Factory
RNZCGPRoyal New Zealand College of General Practitioners
RHEEDReflection High-Energy Electron Diffraction
RBGHRecombinant Bovine Growth Hormone
RFEIRequest for Engineering Information
RALACRepatriation artificial Limb and Appliance Centre
RCSFMRandom Coefficients Stochastic Frontier Model
RGARRate Gyro AssemblyRight SRB
RLUKResearch Libraries of the United Kingdom
RDEFGeoworks UI resource file (old)
R8PIntellifont PCL 4 bitmap font file
RMAKRabbit Muscle Adenylate Kinase
RWSIRemote Workstation Interface
RREVResearch Recommendations and Electronic Voting
RVCZSRoyal Veterinary College Zoological Society
RDTRResearch Division Technical Report
RPIZRoss Polynya Ice Zone
ROPOSRemotely Operated Platform for Ocean Science
RTLTRound Trip Light Time
RMTNRegional Meteorological Telecommunication Network
RQHRaditek Quadrature Hybrid
RHQDAPUReporting Hosptial Quality Data for Annual Payment Update
RDDLResource Directory Description Language
R2DReflex 2 Data file
RAQCCRegional Air Quality Coordinating Committee
RBUAResidential Broadband Users' Association
RLABResidence Life Advisory Board
RUGGIERORanging Under Ground Gearing In Entry on Remote Ocean
RRSORisk reducing salpingo-ooporectomy
RFIORemote File Input Output
RLGFReal Life Girl Friend
RBDERadar Bright Display Equipment
RWOHReliability WithOut Hermeticity
RZFRaZor File
RHICRelativistic Heavy Ion Collider
REBUSRoutine for Executing Biological Unit Simulations
RMANCOVArepeated measures analysis of covariance
RNZNRoyal New Zealand Navy
RWIFERotary Wing Instrument Flight Examiner
R-UIMRemovable User Identity Module
RGCVASRajiv Gandhi College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Pondicherry
RCRBRead Card Read Binary
RXSResonant X-ray Scattering
RCEPPRegistered Continuing Education Providers Program
RCTMSRepetitive Cranial Trans-Magnetic Stimulation
RCPSYCHRoyal College of Psychiatrists
RUPCRudrapur City
RTPBReal-Time Parallel Benchmark
RHITRegistered Health Information Technician
RVOCResearch Vessel Operators Council
RUPRRudrapur Road
RLOGINRemote Login
REPPCRrepetitive extragenic palindromic polymerase chain reaction
RCPATHRoyal College of Pathologists
RCQSRoaming Call Quality Sensor
RDVHRemote Desktop Virtualization Host
RKSNRajkharsawan Jn.
RBSNRegional Basic Synoptic Networks
RWINReceive WINdow
RGMLRDF Graph Modeling Language
RLLAResistively Loaded Linear Antenna
RAWINSONESradiosonde and RAWIN
RCTTRepublican Centre for Technology Transfer (Belarus)
RCOPHTHRoyal College of Ophthalmologists
ROIORecord Of Indeterminate Origin
RELPHYInternational Reliability Physics Symposium
RAMMRegional and Mesoscale Meteorology
RESGRace Equality Steering Group
RMCAEReliability & Maintainability in Computer-Aided Engineering Workshop
RLDRAMReduced Latency Dynamic Random Access Memory
RHFEBResidual Hazards List
ROMCPRange Of Motion Complete and Pain free
RRMDLResidential Remodel
RDUKRare Disease UK
RUNMResidential Unit Nurse Manager
RAIURadioactive Iodine Uptake
RAEXRoaming Agreement EXchange
RUSQReference & User Services Quarterly
REGICORRegistre Gironi del Cor
RBSVRecreational Boating Safety Visitor
RBJAIEEE Reynold B. Johnson Information Storage Systems Award
RQZRadio Quiet Zone
RLGSRestriction Landmark Genomic Scanning
RVCCRaritan Valley Community College
ROESYRotational Overhauser Effect SpectroscopY
RBAYright back at you
RREARendezvous Radar Electronics Assembly
RHEDRegions of High Electron Density
RCEMBSRegional Conference of IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society
RCTDNAResidual Comet Tail Deoxyribonucleic Acid
REPCONRural Electric Power Conference
RPKSRandom Pairwise Keys Scheme
RCVSRemote Control Video Switch
RQRRapid Quote Response
RRBCRelease-to- Release Binary Compatibility
RCMAGRecent Change Memory Administration Group
ROIQReturn On Investment Quiz
RCOARoyal College of Anaesthetists
RBUURelativistic Boltzmann-Uehling-Uhlenbeck
RAMDISRAMM Branch Advanced Meteorological Satellite Demonstration and Interpretation System
RLCIReceive Line Clock Input
RXJReceive and Reject
RFPARequest for Proposal Authorization
RPRAResilient Packet Ring Alliance
RBSTRare Breeds Survival Trust
REMSHRemote SHell
RTSEReliable Transfer Service Element
RANNRequirements Analysis Package
RULPRight Upper Lobe Pneumonia
R2CPRadial Reception Control Protocol
REFQreference question
RCSLTRoyal College of Speech and Language Therapists
RQMHRegimental Quarter Master Havildar
RTTASReal-Time Technology and Applications
RNJDRanjangaon Road
RLSIRidiculously Large-Scale Integration
RPCRRealtime Polymerase Chain Reaction
RANLIBcreate RANdom access LIBrary
RUCSTRegent University College of Science and Technology
RZRBeratungszentrum Regensburg
RIJSReischauer Institute of Japanese Studies
RLBFReal Life Boy Friend
RPTERegular Part Time Employment
RHIARegistered Health Information Administrator
RCRIMRegulated Clinical Research and Information Management
RAABRemote Amplifier and Adaption Box
RBLWReflected Bound Long Wave
RTBSRepatriation Transport Booking System
RAMMPRecords and Mail Management Project
RTPHCReal-Time Protocol Header Compression
RHRNReproductive Health Research Network
REG5IEEE Region 5 Conference
RTP6Real-Time output Port bit 6
RL&L;Romance Languages and Literatures
R0Record zero
RXHRed Cross Hospital
RTP0Real-Time output Port bit 0
RLRCRose Lake Research Center
RAVCRoyal Army Veterinary Corps
RDL/TTRule Description Language for Tree Transformation
RAINNRape Abuse Incest National Network
RAWPResource Allocation Working Party
RANFCray family of random number routines
RHASSRoyal Highland and Agricultural Society of Scotland
RESTORERestore backedup files
RWNMwrite with new mask
RHEBRight Hand Equipment Bay
REDWIEEE Radiation Effects Data Workshop
RZARechenZentrum Amaliendorf
RANCResearch Applied to National Needs
RTAFARoyal Thai Air Force Academy
RFDQReasons for Drinking Questionnaire
RIMGReinsurance Intermediary Manager
RTCVDRapid Thermal Chemical Vapor Deposition
RATCHETRegional Atmospheric Transport Code for Hanford Emission Tracking
RTMMReduced Thermal Mathematical Model
RBMTRetrospective Bibliographies on Magnetic Tape
RESPPIResidential Substance Abuse and Psychiatric Programs Inventory
RTP5Real-Time output Port bit 5
RANFVCray family of Vectorized random number routines
RABMABSRabbit Monoclonal Antibodies
RAATERecovery Attitude and Treatment Evaluator
RERLERadar Echo Return Loss Enhancement
RIDTrapid influenza diagnostic test
RAHFRoll Attitude Indicator
RIEQRelay Interlocking EQuipment
RBFLWReflected Breakpoint Forced Long Wave
RAMCRoyal Army Medical Corps
RAADRoll Attitude Anomaly Detection
RASMReserve Access Team
RTNIReal-Time Non-Intrusive
RTPQReal-Time Priority Queue
REMEMBERreducing early mortality and morbidity by empiric tuberculosis treatment
RAPIRutgers Alcohol Problem Index
RIBPRadiation-Induced Brachial Plexopath
RAPDFResidue-specific all-Atom conditional Probability Discriminatory Function
RALESRandomized Aldactone Evaluation Study
RERIrelative excess risk due to interaction
RAHSCRoyal Aberdeen Hospital for Sick Children
RTPWRapid True Polar Wander
RIDIRight Inboard Elevon
RARRRequirements Allocation Sheet
RANPRat Atrial Natriuretic Peptide
RTNZReturn if NonZero
RALTRadar Altimeter
R&RO;Rehabilitation and Resettlement Officer
RTCSAInternational Workshop on Real-Time Computing Systems and Applications
RITNReal-time Information Transfer and Networking
RTTRReal Time Thermal Rating
RA-MIEEE Robotics & Automation Magazine
RTTLRingtone Text Transfer Language
R&D;Research and Development
RESSFOXREcessed Sealed Sidewall Field OXidation
RABMNRemote Area Business Message Network
RATLRegulatory Audit Trade Liaison
RENAMERename a file
RTM/SFRealtime Monitor / Systems Facility
RECOVERRecover a damaged file
RTKSReal Time Knowledge Service
RAPSRange and Range Rate
RAAMRoll Attitude Acquisition Mode
R&L;Research & Library
RECHRechni Road
RELMAPregional Lagrangian model of air pollution
R&R;Rehabilitation and Resettlement
REBATRestricted Bandwidth Technique
RZXReturn to Zero for any X
R&A;Refrigerator & Air-conditioner
RTCPSRepatriation Transport Claims Processing System
RAFFRaw Actual Final Fractions
RTADSRealTime Attitude Determination System
RECSAMRegional Centre for Education in Science and Mathematics
RTPGRandom Test Program Generation
R/PRespiration and Pulse
RAPCONRam Air Progression System
R&CS;Recruitment & Conditions of Service
RIC ACIDRicinoleic Acid
RAJPRajapur Road
R/VResearch Vessel
R/CSRate Contracts
RAWINRadar Wind Sounding
RAIAThe Royal Australian Institute of Architects
R...remote (e. g. rsh = remote shell)
RELDISSymposium on Reliability in Distributed Software and Database Systems
RI/FSRemedial Investigation/ Feasibility Study
RS_Resource fork of a Macintosh file