Full Forms Starting with Letter T

Short FormFull Form
TAXTrunk Automatic Exchange
TALLYTally is a software built by Tally Solutions Pvt Ltd is a Bangalore-based software company
TEACHERT-tolerance E-excellence A-adorable C-charming H-honest E- educator R- reliable
TEAMTogether Everyone Achieves More
TCTake Care
TRPTelevision Rating Point
TXTTeXT (file extension)
TAGTechnical Advisory Group
TOTandem Office or Toll Office
TELCOTata Engineering and Locomotive Company
TDMTime Division Multiplexer
TISCOTata Iron and Steel Company Limited
TEAMWORKTogether Everyone Achieves More work
TTechnical Stream
TOPTechnical and Office Protocol
TDSTax Deducted at Source
TBterabyte (trillion bytes)
TIESTime Independent Escape Sequence
TLCTotal Literacy Campaign
TAXITransparent Asynchronous Tranceiver-Receiver Interface
THINKTaking Hazards Into New Knowledge
TANTax deduction and collection account Number
TBHto be honest
TSCTotal Sanitation Campaign
TPSThats Pretty Stupid
TTTelegraphic Transfer
TATravelling Aliowance / Territorial Anmy
TSRTerminate and Stay Resident (programs that load into memory and stay there)
TCP-IPTransfer Control Protocol / Internet Protocol
TRYSEMTraining of Rural Youth for SelfEmployment
TREEdisplay a specified Directory Tree
TTCTeletracking Control
TEPPTechno Entrepreneurship Promotion Programme
TBDto be decided
TRCTax Reforms Committee
TASKTask Automation Scripting Kit
TEXTexture files in various formats used by graphics- and 3D rendering programs
TETTeacher Eligibility Test
TBAto be announced
TRNThreaded Read News [Internet] Token Ring Network
TEMPtemperature / temporary
TRSTelecommunications Relay Services
TRAITelecom Regulatory Authority of India
TELEXTeleprinter Exchange
TCMTrellis-Coded Modulation
TACTariff Advisory Committee
TIGERTopologically Integrated Geographic Encoding and Referencing
TMBTamilnad Mercantile Bank Limited
TR1 Terminal Ready (modem talk) 2 Token Ring (type of networking)
TBVHto be very honest
TTFTrue Type Font file (file extension)
TMCTata Memorial Centre
TDPTechnology Development Programme
TRATea Research Association
TEMIPTelecommunications Management Information Platform (Compaq)
TEBThread Environment Block
TYSMthank you so much
TPTranspersonal Psychology
TADATerrorist and Disruptive Activities (Prevention) Act
TEDTechnology Entertainment and Design
TABTetanus AntiBacilli (for inoculation against tetanus)
TDICITechnology Development Arid Information Company of india
TIMEDisplay or Set computer time
THSThesaurus (file name extension)
TATTyrosinal Adrenal Thyroid
TNCTerminal Node Controller
TNTTil Next Time
TMText Message
TCSTrusted Configuration Space
TDR-TBtotally drug-resistant tuberculosis
TDIPTelecom Development and Investment Promotion
TDITransport Device Interface
TIAThanks In Advance
TARArchive file Compressed raw data file
TOTPtalking on the phone
TRIPSTrade Related Intellectual Property Rights
TVSTV Sundaram Iyengar and Sons Limited
TIPTerminal Interface Processor
TINTax identification Number
TDTransmit Data
TSTough S**t
TFTthin film transistor
TUVTactical Underwater Vehicle
TCILTellecomunication Consultants India Ltd
TTMStalking to myself
TIFgraphic file extension (see TIFF)
TRBTerminating Resistor Block (a DIP or SIP on end of Drive cable to terminate signal)
TBUTape Backup Unit
TDDTime Division Duplexing
TESTInternational Test Conference (ITC)
TINATelecommunications Information Networking Architecture
TOCTable Of Contents
TTETravelling Ticket Examiner
TTLTransistor to Transistor Logic
TPCTransaction-Processing Performance Council
TALTyped Assembly Language
TSITime Slot Interchange
TDPSDi- Tert- Dodecyl PolySulfide
TDCTeacher Development Centre
TITexas Instruments
TMTThermo Mechanically Treated steel
TEMTransmission Electron Microscope
TODTime Of Day (refers to a computers internal clock)
TAFThat s All Folks
TEQIPTechnical Education Quality Improvement Programme
TCPTransmission Control Protocol (IETF)
TIETechnologists Investors And Entrepreneurs
TYThank You
TAIthink about it
TMIToo Much Info. (information)
TRITubulo Reticulo Inclusion
TPOTelePrinter Operator
TPTTirupattur Jn.
TIFFTagged Information File Format
TRMTerminal (file extension)
TECTokyo Electronics Corporation
TMLtell me later
TGthank god
TBCTo be continued
TETriennium Ending
TTATransport-Triggered Architecture
TIFRTata Institute of Fundamental Research
TPMTransactions Per Minute
TELNETTeletypewriter Network protocol
TKteam kill
TMPTeMPorary File (file extension)
TTYLTalk To You Later
TASMTurbo ASseMbler programming language (Borland / Delphi)
TCLTool Command Language
TIDTarget ID
TGIFThank Goodness Its Friday
TRIMTraining Records Information Management (software package)
TASTelephone Access Server
TOBteacher over back
TTSText-To-Speech Transaction Tracking System
TCITrading Corporation of India
TOUCHTelehealth Outreach For Unified Community Health
TTRtime to run
TMOTelegraphic Money Order
TTOTechnical Training Officer
TTFITable Tennis Federation of India
TNATamil National Agency
TPDUTechnology Promotion Development and Utilization
THRTransmit Holding Register
TEUTwenty Foot Equivalent Units
T.T.Tetanus Toxoid
TQMTotal Quality Management
TANSITamil Nadu Small Industries Corporation
TIPSThe Inevitable Police State
TPNTotal Parenteral Nutrition
TDFTrace Definition File (file name extension) [OS-2]
TFMTagged Font Metric (file name extension)
TOSSTransient or steady state
TURPTrans-Urethral Resection of the Prostate
TLBTranslation Lookaside Buffer
TESTraffic Engineering & Safety
TSSTask State Segment Time Sharing System
TBSTreasury Bills
TRTTechnology Resource Teacher
TADTelephone Answering Device
TSEThe Semware Editor
TAPTelelocator Alphanumeric Protoco
TDSATTelecom Dispute Settlement and Appellate Tribunal
TSOTime Sharing Option
TCCLTerminating Carrier Command Line
TRXTandem Repeater eXchange
TKDTae Kwon Do
TPITracks Per Inch (disk drive terminology)
TLType Locality
TTMtalk to me
TERThermal Eclipse Reading [Sony]
TCHTahlequah City Hospital
TDLToo Damn Lazy
TNTwisted Nematic
TCDTelephony Call Dispatcher
TYTTake Your Time
TSMThiagarajar School Of Management
TSKTinsukia Jn.
TERITata Energy Research Institute
TOSTape Operating System
TLSTransport Layer Security (IETF)
TTITemporarily Totally Incapacitated
TRQTariff Rate Quota
TCOTotal Cost of Ownership
TDETerminal Display Editor
TVTtransmissible venereal tumor
TSATarget Service Agent Technical Support Alliance
TARZCompressed Archived files (file name extension) [Unix]
TBPSterabit per second
TQThank You
TBSStoo bad so sad
TGATruevision Graphics Array
TFSthanks for sharing
TAPSTarapur Atomic Power Station
T-BTop and Bottom
TTMLtalk to me later
TTPThermal-Transfer Printing
TCPOTown & Country Planning Organization
TNEFTransport Neutral Encapsulation Format
TFRTotal Fertility Rates
TDMATime Division Multiple Access
TAH/BSOTotal abdominal hysterectomy/bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy
TROLLperson who diliberately stirs up trouble
TSTTest (file name extension)
TEPTrust And Estate Practitioner
TASITime Assigned Speech Interpolation
TFText Field
TOEFLTest of English as a Foreign Language
TBRCustom ToolBaR
TPPBorland Pascal Protected Mode Units
TASMACTiwi And Sylvatech Management Advisory Committee
TMVToo Many Variables
TSBTermination Status Block
TRIACTriode for Alternating Current
TORTerms of Reference
TWAINTechnology Without Any Interesting Name (humorous)
TPHTinpahar Jn.
TMKto my knowledge
THTable Header
TVFTwin Valley Farms
TWFThat was funny
TAAITravel Agents Association of India
TLITransport Layer Interface
TGISthank god it's saturday
TLAThree Letter Acronyms (I actually saw this one in publication)
TAPITelephony Application Programming Interface
TRIMSTrade Related Investment Measures
TAPPSymposium on Trends and Applications
TMAtake my advice
TUITangible User Interface
THBThanabihpur Jn.
TCGTrusted Computer Group
TDBTechnology Development Board
TIWteacher is watching
TORCCommittee On Training In Rehabilitation Counseling
TMSTransition Management Service
TISCthat is so cool
TSQLTemporal Structured Query Language
TOUthinking of you
TA/DATravel Allowance/Daily Allowance
TTTTibial Tubercle Transfer
TWITexting While Intoxicated
TCET-cell receptor Complex Expressed
TBKToolbook (file name extension)
TAOTropical Atmosphere Ocean
TPAPNTexas Peer Assistance Program for Nurses
TMFTelecommunications Management Forum
TUTtake your time
TFCTeam Fortress Classic
TAMETraits Attitudes Moods And Emotions
TJBthats just boring
TMTTtell me the truth
TKOTechnical Knotter Operation
TMOPTricare Mail Order Pharmacy
TOETcp Offload Engine
TECSARAn Israeli Reconnaissance Satellite
TTFNTa-Ta For Now
TPEThermoplastic Elastomer
TRIPTrade Related intellectual Property
T2RTrusted Transaction Roaming
TVMthanks very much
TPLTable Producing Language
THTTexas Healthcare Trustee
TSVTab Separated Values
TECOTerrestrial Ecological Research Initiative
TCNSTranscutaneous Nerve Stimulation Stimulator
TD2Turbo Debugger for Win32 Configuration file
TCDCTechnical Cooperation for Developing Countries
TGHIGthank god husband is gone
TATPTri-Acetone Tri-Peroxide
TDATrade Development Authority
TNQThank You
TATTTransfer and Trading in Technology
TOITable Of Isotopes
TVATennesey Valley Authority
TOKThat's ok
T-GRSIEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing
TENSTranscutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation
TH P DDoctor of Practical Theology
T-CARRIERTrunk Carrier
TMRTropical Meteorology Research
TLVTotal Length Value
THZthank you
TLDTopLevel Domain
TOHtyping one handed
TWATrans World Airlines (USA)
TSGTumor Suppressor Gene
TYVMThank You Very Much
TDWDebugger symbol table (Borland C++ Builder)
TNBTransthoracic Needle Biopsy
TREPC-Tools Directory TREE file
TLV-TWAThreshold Limit Value - Time-Weighted Average
TFLThanks For Looking
TGITTelecom Group on Information Technology
TCVDivision of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery
TMWToo much work
TBFTotal Body Failure
TASCTechnical Assistance for Specialty Crops
TMR@IAthe monkeys are at it again
TKRTotal Knee Replacement
TWASThird World Academy of Science
TERLSThumba Equatorial Rocket Launching Station
TWSTawes Fine Arts Building
TFHThread From Hell (a topic or discussion that wont stop - esp. newsgroups)
TFTPTrivial File Transfer Protocol
TQFPThin Quad Flat Pack
TILTumor Infiltrating Lymphocytes
TNOThe Netherlands Organization
TPFDownloadable PCL Soft font file (HiJaak)
TOTMtop of the morning
TAHBSOTotal Abdominal Hysterectomy with Bilateral Salpingo Oophorectomy
TB2Borland Turbo C Font file
TCTTranscatheter Cardiovascular Therapeutics
TVHTennessee Valley Homebrewer
TTCITea Trading Corporation of India
TRHTennessee Rural Health
TAATumor Associated Antigen
TNSTribune News Service
TBLDynamic Link library
TAWTeachers are Watching
TEXTTexas EXperimental Tokamak
TACIthat's a crappy idea
TTYStalk to you soon
TAVRTranscatheter Aortic Valve Replacement
TTYNWtalk to you next week
TRONThe Real-Time Operating System Nucleus
TL1Transaction Language 1
TAVTalala Jn.
TAMPTariff Authority for Major Port
TTYNtalk to you never
TASTETraditional Artisan and Speciality Trade Expertise
TICSTechnology For Implementing Computer Software
TANQthank you
TI2Othat is too obious
TWXTeletypewriter Exchange (also known as telex)
TIICthe idiots in control
TCADTechnology Computer Aided Design
TAFFThermally Activated Flux Flow
TOMTraining Online Manager
TV7Overflow file above insert point in Doc 7 (WordPerfect for Win)
TAFNThat's all for now
TMC(M)Tamil Maanila Congress (Moopanar)
TFETextile Fiber Engineering
T3Transmission service at the DS3 rate of 44.736 Mbps
TMMTransient Multimon Manager
TAASACM Transactions on Autonomous and Adaptive Systems
TWBTouch Weight Bear
TEFTrade and Economic Framework
TPWTurbo Pascal for Windows
TGNThesaurus of Geographic Names
TEPCOTokyo Electric Power Company
TRALITransfusion related Acute Lung Injury
TMSGtell me something good
TCPATrusted Computer Platform Alliance - collaboration among Intel- Microsoft- and others to standardize the computer industry- and drive innovative solutions outside the mainstream corporations into an unsupported environment
TEGTechnical Exchange Group
TBITotal body irradiation
TDAPtetanus and reduced diphtheria toxoids and acellular pertussis vaccines
THDTotal Harmonic Distortion
TWGThat was great
TWTime Wait
TONIEEE/ACM Transactions On Networking
TMNTteenage mutant ninja turtles
TPADTechnical Preparation Associate Degree
TFSAInternational Symposium on Time-Frequency and Time-Scale Analysis
TH DDoctor of Theology
TMAItell me about it
TRAINSTrade Analysis and Information System
TLGOThe list goes on
TWPTap Water Purification
T-CIEEE Transactions on Computers
TR. V.transitive verb
TIEATax Information exchange agreements
TWSSThat's what she said
TOTALTaste Of Translation And Linguistics
TRCFRTotal Recordable Case Frequency Rate
TIOLItake it or leave it
TREESTherapeutic Remedial Energy Enhancement Services
TAIGThat's all I got
TTYTtalk to you tomorrow
TK-TKTrack to Track
TAPCISThe Access Program for the CompuServe Information Service
TMJTechnical Machine Jargon
T.D.S.ter die sumendum - three times a day
TNFTumor Necrosis Factor
TCFCToo Close For Comfort
TIMESTournament In Management And Engineering Skills
TARGABitmap graphics (Truevision Targa format)
TROPEXTROpical & EXotic
TSQTemporary Status by Qualification
TV5Overflow file above insert point in Doc 5 (WordPerfect for Win)
TRAMTransactional RAM
TLPTarget Licensed Practitioner
TYCLOSturn your CAPS LOCK off
TLUTable Lookup
TV9Overflow file above insert point in Doc 9 (WordPerfect for Win)
TTCNTree and Tabular Combined Notation
TF2Team Fortress 2
TASDTechnical and Administrative Support Division
TZPTaZobactam- Piperacillin
T-PAMIIEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence
TOFYThinking of You
TPUTurbo Pascal Unit
T-MTime To Market
TE-2Terminal Emulator-2 [Oberon]
TFCITourism Finance Corporation of India
TAPMIT. A. Pai Management Institute (India)
TX2Typequick File
TCCType Correctness Condition
TAKETalk Action Knowledge Equipment
TBAHTetra-Butyl-Ammonium Hydroxide
TOYAthinking of you always
TRNATemporarily Restricted Net Asset
TLK2UL8Rtalk to you later
TK2ULtalk to you later
TOGAFThe Open Group Architecture Framework
TYFIThank You for invite
TLDRToo LongDidn't Read
TAUthinking about you
TBBSThe Bread Board System (BBS)
THOTthat hoe over there
TTZTarget Training Zone
TDMSTerminal Display Management System
TRQSTariff Rate Quotas
TCERTexas Center for Educational Research
TZCompressed file archive.tar.Z ( Tar and Compress)
TTTTThese Things Take Time
TLTPRToo long to proof read
TTBTThreshold Test Ban Treaty
TINLAthis is not legal advice
TURTransUrethral Resection Of The Prostate
TMBItell me about it
TFMSThin-Film MicroStrip
TACACSTerminal Access Control Access Control System
TTUTTalk to you Tomorrow
TTNTransient Tachypnea Of The Newborn
TISWthat is so wrong
T.Otimed out
TMNTelecommunications Management Network
TRABTSH receptor antibodies
TRIFBitmap graphics (Tiled Raster Interchange Format)
TLYKto let you know
TARFOXTropospheric Aerosol Radiative Forcing Observational Experiment
TIBCTotal Iron Binding Capacity
TOATime of Arrival
T2Technology transfer
TCTCTechnical Communications Technical Certificate
TACDETactics & Aircrafts Development Establishment
TERPTsunami Emergency Relief Program
TOYTO Querty
TOTETake One This Evening
T-EIEEE Transactions on Education
TACLTexas Air Conditioning License
TCAPTransaction Capabilities Application Part (IN)
TOTPDtop of the page dance
TAFNThat s All For Now
TEOTWAWKIthe end of the world as we know it
TIFACTechnology Information Forecasting and Assessment Council
THORTandy High-Performance Optical Recording
TACWXTactical weather
TLIWWVthis link is worthless without video
TTYOtalk to you online
TOLOLthinking of laughing out loud
TLIFThin Layer Isoperichoric Focusing
TL8Rtalk later
TEMLTurbo Editor Macro Language [Borland]
TPBDownloadable PCL Soft font file backup (HiJaak)
TLDNRtoo long
TRACTTransportable Remote Area Communications Terminal
TLK2MEtalk to me
TPIWWPthis post is worthless without pictures
TTULTalk To You Later
TTYNAtalk to you never again
TEACTeacher Education Advocacy Center
TAAARThoracoAbdominal Aortic Aneurysm Repair
TERMPWRTerminator Power
TS-SITop Secret-Sensitive Information
TQCTeacher Quality Collaborative
TLXTelex (file name extension)
TYSTold You So
TERRATerrestrial Ecosystem Regional Research and Analysis Laboratory
TIOTelecommunications Industry Ombudsman
TGFTthank god for that
TEPATeacher Education Program Assistantship (University of Toronto)
TRCSLTelecommunications Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka
TXTYLtext you later
TINFthis is not fair
TZITrack Zero Interrupter (how a disk drive knows where to start)
TYFNthank you for nothing
TXFIntuit Tax Exchange Format
TTIHLICtry to imagine how little i care
TMA(S)tissue micro-array(s)
TAZTemporary Autonomous Zone
TNVTripura National Volunteers
T-11st Thoracic Vertebrae
TTYL8Rtalk to you later
TARRThe Alternative Reading Room
TTIUWPThis Thread Is Useless Without Pictures
TTYNLtalk to you never loser
TCSHTenex C shell
TTYWLTalk to you way later
TY2Gualtieri Theme Maker
TLCTender Loving Care
TAAOTasmanian Amateur Astronomers On-line
TELUSTelemetric Universal Sensor
TTYABTalk to you after breakfast
TARGTechnology And Application Resource Group
TALOBIAThere's a lot of it about
TUOTechnology Utilization Officer
TFICTongue Firmly In Cheek
TFFWToo funny for words
TGDTactile Graphic Designer
TROFFtypesetter roff
TNAUTamil Nadu Agricultural Unversity, Coimbatore
TSCMTaiwan Student Christian Movement
TV2Overflow file above insert point in Doc 2 (WordPerfect for Win)
TGSTTTTPTCTthank God someone took the time to put this crap together
TOK2UL8Ri'll talk to you later
TRIUMFTRI University Meson Facility
TP3Harvard Graphics 3.0 Template
TSTNTriple Supertwisted Nematic
TRUD SERVICETerminology Reference-data Update Distribution Service
T1Transmission service at the DS1 rate of 1.544 Mbps
TSAPITelephony Services Application Programming Interface (Novell)
TGTBTToo Good To Be True
TKUthank you
TEDETest of English for Distance Education
TMAAItell me all about it
TISBThe International School Bangalore
TGFEtogether forever
TOFMSTime-of-flight mass spectrometry
THANKXthank you
TQRTargeted Quality Recruitment
TT4Nta ta for now
T. A.Teaching Assistant
TTIUWIOPthis thread is useless without pics
TFTIthanks for the information
TISLYthat is so last year
TECH.technical grade [chemicals]
TGWSthat goes without saying
TROPIC HEATTropical Pacific Upper Ocean Heat and Mass Budgets
TLR(S)toll-like receptor(s)
TTUStalk to you soon
TCDLIEEE Technical Committee on Digital Libraries
TGIWJOThank God It Was Just Once
TAPVRTotal Anomalous Pulmonary Venous Return
TTIWWOPThis thread is worthless without pics
TTYADTalk to you after Dinner
TISNFthat is so not fair
TWMTab Window Manager
TPTBThe Powers That Be (can sometimes refer to the people that are running the chat room or server)
TTYITMtalk to you in the morning
TGFUAPthank god for unanswered prayers
TTUTTto tell you the truth
TN1trust no-one
TGWIGthank god wife is gone
TRAMSTraining Messaging Service
T-VTIEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology
TRIAM ACETTriamcinolone Acetonide
TTYLTtalk to you later today
TG1On Target Project file
TICTongue In Cheek = say something that appears to be serious but isn t
TGZCompressed file archive.tar.gz ( Tar and GNUzip)
TRADICTransistorized Airborne Digital Computer
TNPCTexas Newspaper Collection
TEWTibet Environmental Watch
TERA-Trillion (10^12 or 2^40)
TICUTrauma Intensive Care Unit
TMHTallahassee Memorial HealthCare
TTIUWOPthis thread is useless without pics
TDDUPtill death do us part
THERMAL AND EPITHERMAL NEUTRONSthermal and epithermal neutrons
TCIDTissue Culture-Infective Doses
TTIWWPthis thread is worthless without pics
TGFUtoo good for you
TBXProject Scheduler 4 Table
TRFMTime Resolved Fluorescence Microscopy
TFTAthanks for the add
TWAJSThat was a joke
TAMUTexas Agricultural and Mechanical University
TOPSTeenage Oncology Patient Support
TENCONIEEE Region 10 Conference
TDSRTransmitter Data Service Request
TTYTTto tell you the truth
TMTOYHToo Much Time On Your Hands
T2Btime to blunt
TWHSTraditional Water Harvesting Systems
TBNTthanks but no thanks
TRBLTemporary Revenue Borrowing Limit (part of capital control framework)
TASFAATexas Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators
TERTtelomerase reverse transcriptase
TEACCHTreatment and Education of Autistic and Related Communication Handicapped Children
TWRTactical Weather Radar
TYPEdisplay a file's content
TEDOTechnology Export Development Organisation
TWBCthat would be cool
TIGATexas Instruments Graphics Architecture
TRMPthiopurine methyltransferase
TREADSText REading And Summarization System
TSFYTough S**t For You
TV3Overflow file above insert point in Doc 3 (WordPerfect for Win)
TURBTransurethral resection of bladder
TGFITWThe Greatest Fans In The World
TFU2BAWtime for you to buy a watch
TTUL8RTalk to you later
TBTEMTwo-Band Target Entropy Minimization
TCPIPtransmission control protocolinternet protocol
TACFIGTown And Country Issues Financial Issues Group
TXXDataPerfect Text Storage
TWDAHthat was dumb as hell
TNLNSLTook nothing left nothing signed log
TACTEDTACtical Trunk Encryption Device
TXRCorel Graphics10 Custom File
TREDTaxonomic Resources and Expertise Directory
TIASTry It And See
TIARATamworth Independent Artists Recognition Award
TAGCBTalal Abu-Ghazaleh College of Business
T2Utalking to you
THITemprature Humidity Index
TYPthank you partner
TEMPSCTotally Enclosed Motor Propelled Survival Craft
TTYAStalk to you at school
TAAETenchi and Anime Awards Engine
TEACCH XXTreatment and Education of Autistic and related Communication Handicapped Children
TVXMicrosoft WebTV for Windows
TESCThomas Edison State College
TBGATape Ball Grid Array
TEHOTail End Hop Off
TX$Driver Modem Bitware Disk4 File
TYFYTThank you for your time
TXCTransmission Complete flag
TFLNthanx for last night
TRICHtrichomonas vaginalis
TB1Borland Turbo C Font file
TTYLOtalk to you later on
TBBTThe Big Bang Theory
TXBDescent/D2 Encoded Briefing File
TWFAFthats what friends are for
TWYSTalk With You Soon
TTYALTalk to you after lunch
THWYthe hell with you!
TBZBzip file
TXVThermal eXpansion Valve
TEIRTechnology Education Innovation and Research
TXAClarion for Windows Application Exported to Text Format
TBNAtransbronchial needle aspiration
TFBTexas Farm Bureau
THWDIthats how we do it
TCDMTool Development Cost Model
TRIOTelecommunications Research Institute Of Ontario
TREMORSTsunami Risk Evaluation through Seismic Moment from Real-Time System
TTFAFThrough the Fire and Flames
TCFMtoo cool for me
TRICOMIEEE Conference on Communications Software
TRPRCTulane Regional Primate Research Center
TPORTTwisted Pair Port Transceiver [AT&T;]
TLOTraining Liaison Officer
TIIAPTelecommunications and Information Infrastructure Assistance Program
TEMISTrauma and Emergency Medicine Information System
TLBBThe Little Blue Book
TCLPToxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure
TXKKaraDOS Karaoke File Text
TRKRTurekala Road
TTTHTalk To The Hand
TEPCTelecom Equipment & Services Export Promotion Council
TWMFThird World Monetary Fund
TEL & TELTELephone and TELegraph
TFISTTrainee Food Inspector Selection Test
TIRETraining Information Research And Education
TISSTeacher Instructional Support Specialist
TSNFthat's so not fair
TINSTAAFLThere Is No Such Thing As A Free Lunch
TSWCtell someone who cares
T2DMType 2 diabetes mellitus
TSTOACtoo stupid to own a computer
TCL/TKTool Command Language/Tool Kit
TIMIText Influenced Molecular Indexing
TUBETotally Unnecessary Breast Examination
TTYOTPtalk to you on the phone
TCP/IPTransmission Control Protocol/ Internet Protocol
TECDOCTEChnical DOCument
THP1TammHorsfall Protein 1
TMSIDKtell me somthing I don't know
T-MIIEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging
TIGERSTrial of Innovative Government Electronic Regional Services
TEPBGAThermally Enhanced Plastic Ball Grid Array
TCOYtake care of yourself
TEEXTexas Engineering EXtension Service
TJ(S)Tendon jerk(s)
TITUToday In The Union
TKETarikere Jn.
TRELSThumba Equatorial Rocket Launching Station
TQITeacher Qualification Index
TRUDTechnology Reference data Update Distribution
TLV/TWAThreshold Limit Value / Time-Weighted Average
TOPEX POSEIDONAltimetry Research in Ocean Circulation
TSCAToxic Substances Control Act
TUMSTelephone and Utilities Maintenance System
TYPOtyping mistake
TMTMOtext me tomorrow
TGFBTransforming Growth Factor-Beta
TX88-bit ASCII text
T-IEIEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics
TTYTMtalk to you tomorrow
T-O-Ftime of flight
TTYWtalk to you whenever
TMSAISTIThat's my story and I'm sticking to it
TMUTaipei Medical University
THIMUNThe Hague International Model United Nations
TWVSOYthat was very stupid of you
TBTFHto be totally freaking honest
T-5fifth thoracic vertebrum
T-MTTIEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques
TIHTewksbury Institute of Herpetology
TXLGenesis3D Texture File
TTBCTry to be cool
TS-CALTerminal Services - Client Access License
TWS2WAThat was so 2 weeks ago
TWES PERMITTraining Work Experience Scheme Permit
TTYRStalk to you really soon
TC/PCTechnical component / Professional component
TDF/FTCtenofovir plus emtricitabine
TUCTrade Union Congress
TCAMTelecommunications Access Method
TTYIAMtalk to you in a minute
TKJTilak Bridge
TROCHEtrochiscus - lozenge
TPITtrigger point injection therapy
TTTTTo Tell The Truth
TTYFTalk To You Friday
TGGIeee P802.11 - Task Group G
TSPSTraffic Service Position System
TOFLTest of English as a Foreign Language
TYSVMthank you so very much
TIRKSTrunk Integrated Records Keeping System
TODDTime Of Death Determined
T-7seventh thoracic vertebrum
TIMTOWTDIThere Is More Than One Way To Do It
TEBI-2^40 (prefix)
TMCMTamil Maanila Congress (Moopanar)
TMWFITake my word for it
TMAFTetraMethyl Ammonium Flouride
TWSITourism and Wild Life Society of India
TCO.Technical Consultancy Organisation
TDPLThree-Phase Dual-Rail Pre-Charge Logic
TKERteam killer
TBSATotal Body Surface Area
TFFTransnational Foundation for Peace and Future Research
TEXCONIEEE Textile Industry Technical Conference
TWWTagwrite Template
TXHTransmit High
TYFYCThank You For Your Comment
TWIPTwentieth Of A Point
TTHBtry to hurry back
TSISTransportable Satellite Internet System
TPFFTemporoParietal Fascia Flap
TZYTransfer Z to Y
TCEPTexas College of Emergency Physicians
TMTHtoo much to handle
TELSARTracking and Evolution of Solar Active Regions
TZLTechnologiezentrum Linth
TZVTetra-Zolium Violet
TTBOMKto the best o fmy knowledge
T2Mtalk to me
TIATWTCCthis is a trap word to catch copiers
TLWTermination Liability Worksheet
TVUTamil Virtual University
T2MDType 2 Diabetes Mellitus
TD0Teledisk Disk image
T-ECIEEE Transactions on Energy Conversion
TYTYthank you thank you
TVAFTv Anytime Forum
T2UL8Rtalk to you later
TWYLTalk With You Later
TVMSTape Volume Management System
TLRSToll-like Receptors
TIOATerminal Input/ Output Area
TWISthat's what I said
TXEEnriched Text File
TPR20Tissue-Phantom Ratio at depth of 20 centimeters in water
TWOHtyping with one hand
TLOCTotal Loss Of Consciousness
TXM SOTexas Mobile Single Operator
TFETMGTask Force On Employment Testing Of Minority Groups
TDOATime Difference of Arrival
T2ULtalk to you later
TUVMthank you very much
TV8Overflow file above insert point in Doc 8 (WordPerfect for Win)
TUEBTransurethral Enucleation with Bipolar
THKUthank you
TBGRITropical Botanical Garder and Research Institute
TB4Utoo bad for you
TNF-ATumor Necrosis Factor Alpha
T-CASIEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems
TUANThe Urban Agriculture Network
TSDCTOGA Subsurface Data Center
TSST-1Toxic Shock Syndrome Toxin
TGPSITransmission Gap Pattern Sequence Identifier
TWESTraining and Work Experience Scheme
TOQTo Qwerty
TOMSTotal Ozone Mapping Spectrometer
TENLTeaching English as a New Language
TMP SULFTrimethoprim Sulfate
T-CSVTIEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology
T-PDSIEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems
THVTerminal Hepatic Venule (central Vein)
T-FSIEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems
TMAETri-MethylaMino Ethyl
TWSYThat was so yeterday
TIAFAYHThanks in advance for all your help
TCPAMTrellis Coded Pulse Amplitude Modulation
TFELThin-Film Electroluminescent
TTFLtranscription-translation feedback loop
TDEVTransport-level DEViation
TFODMTask Force on Observations and Data Management
TISABTotal Ionic Strength Adjustment Buffer
TKQTransition Knowledge Questionnaire
TPOABThyroid Peroxidase Antibodies
TOFDTime of Flight Diffraction
TZWTechnologiezentrum Warnemuende
TSLPthymic stromal lymphopoietin
TYLtext you later
TLBLTape Label
TUBDTransurethral Balloon Dilation
TSSWGTransportation Sensor Systems Working Group
TRESORThrust in Reliable Software Research
T-22nd Thoracic Vertebrae
TOBITarget Of Brain Insulin
TPTPTest and Performance Tools Platform
THDRThandla Road
TFDDText File Device Driver
TMMSTechStudio Mobile Marketing Solutions
TIQTherapy Impact Questionnaire
TP-PATreponema pallidum particle agglutation
TNYAtari TINY Bitmap graphics
T4MTransgender for Male
TCIALThe cake is a lie
TTOXtetanus toxoid
TULIPThree Up Labels In Palm
TOPVTrivalent oral polio vaccine
TIAItake it all in
TVSWTeleVision SWivel mount
TFTSthyroid function tests
T-3third thoracic vertebrum
TILUTable of Integrals Look-Up
TMSCThe Marine Science Consortium
TTGSTest Tone Generator Software
TDP-43TAR (Trans-Activator Regulatory) DNA-binding Protein 43
TICAThe International Cat Association
TOLEDTransparent Organic Light Emitting Diode
TCBLtemporary capital borrowing limit
TXZMorfwarp AU File
TZXSilicon Epitaxial Planar Z-Diode
TPPNTrans- Pacific Profiler Network
TMMSNTexas Marine Mammal Stranding Network
TSCSTesting Structured Cabling Systems
TPCHThe Prince Charles Hospital
THANThan Jn.
TOMO-SARSynthetic Aperture Radar TOMOgraphy
TCVFTwo Chamber Vacuum Furnace
TER EDTERcenternary EDition
TDWRTerminal Doppler Weather Radar
TPR10Tissue-Phantom Ratio at depth of 10 centimeters in water
T-8eighth thoracic vertebrum
TOXOCongenital Toxoplasmosis
TDWIThe Data Warehousing Institute
TBHIMOto be honest in my opinion
TXRFTotal X-Ray Fluorescence
TIRFMTotal Internal Reflection Fluorescence Microscopy
TMAXMaximum Temperature
TBQHto be quite honest
TOCCTOUTime Of Check to Time Of Use
TDWDTGThe Devil Went Down To Georgia
TFVPolytetrafluoroethylene White
TDESTemporary Data Entry Staff
TXGGeoreference Sub-object File
TFYPTenth Five Year Plan
TPIDTag Protocol IDentifier
TOPEXOcean Topography Experiment
THVOTerminal Hepatic Vein Obliteration
TM2TToo Much To Type
TICIThrombolysis in Cerebral Infarction
TSORTtopological sort
TZBTumor Zentrum Berlin
TDHITelecommunications Device for the Hearing Impaired
TJOTheater Joint Operations
TGLPTuberculosis Genotyping Laboratory Procedures
TDLOlowest dose resulting in a toxic effect
TISRTest Intersecting Storage Ring
T-CPMTelesens Content Partner Management
TSSOPThin Shrink Small Outline Package
TV1Overflow file above insert point in Doc 1 (WordPerfect for Win)
TUCOWSThe Ultimate Collection Of Winsock Software
TCACTropical Cyclone Advisory Centre
TDSATELCO (TELephone COmpany) Distribution Support Architecture
THEPTOGA Heat Exchange Program
TTSNTaiwan Telemetered Seismographic Network
TWOPThe Wellness Opinion Person
TSACTerminal Services Advanced Client
T-TTMTelesens Traffic Trade Manager
TBPHTo be perfectly honest
TPPETeenage Pregnancy Prevention Executive
TSRPQTransmission System Reliability & Power Quality
TDF FTCtenofovir with emtricitabine
TDHIATexas Dairy Herd Improvement Association
TKVOTo Keep Vein Open
TCBHTime Consistency Busy Hours
TXM MOTexas Mobile Multiple Operator
TMAHTerrell Mill Animal Hospital
TOGATropical Ocean Global Atmosphere Experiment
TZJTubular Zippered Joint
T-ACIEEE Transactions on Automatic Control
TNGFTruncated Nerve Growth Factor
T-ASCIEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity
TCHBOTopic creater has been owned
TISAFTreasury Information Systems Architecture Framework
TULFTamil United Liberation Front
TOVSTiros Operational Vertical Sounder
TMNSTTethered Median Nerve Stress Test
TPAMIIEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence
TYVVMthank you very very much
TFIFTarget Fabrication and Injection Facility
TPIG3-prong PIGtail
TTFOTold to F%$# Off
T-SPIEEE Transactions on Signal Processing
T-4fourth thoracic vertebrum
TNYWRThe Number You Will Receive
TCLOlowest concentration resulting in a toxic effect
THANQthank you
TPASTenants Participation Advisory Service
TLPUTelecommunications Line Protector Unit
TSZTemporary Security Zone
TSFZTraveling Solvent Floating Zone
T-IAIEEE Transactions on Industry Applications
T-DM1trastuzumab emtansine
TMHCTallahassee Memorial HealthCare
TCOMThree Crystal Oscillator Mixer
TFAITrade Fair Authority of India
T1 - T12Thoracic vertebrae 1-12 (spine eg. T10 = tenth thoracic vertebra)
TXCYTexas Clay Loam
TBTDTonB-dependent transporter
TBFUtoo bad for you
T-APIEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation
TLWSTrunk and Line Work Station
TCTTETerminal Control Table Terminal Entry
TYK2tyrosine kinase 2
T-MECHIEEE/ASME Transactions on Mechatronics
TSETTWorkshop on Transferring Software Engineering Tool Technology
TTFTTime To First Treatment
T-BCIEEE Transactions on Broadcasting
TOBSYTotal Through-Bond Correlation Spectroscopy
TBRHThunder Bay Regional Hospital
TTRDThrough Tubing Rotary Drilling
TFRSThe Fund Raising School
TFYIThanks For Your Information
T-IPIEEE Transactions on Image Processing
TBPETubercular Pleural Effusion
T-CSTIEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology
TSDUTransport Service Data Unit
TJETechnology Journals Enhancement
THUNDERBURDSThe High User Number Delivering Early Referrals By Urgent Right Direction System
TDMATTetrakis DiMethylAmido Titanium
T-11eleventh thoracic vertebrum
TMDCTransverse Magnetization Decay Curve
TYPOETen Year (federal) Plan for Ocean Exploration
TOISTrial Outcomes Index scores
TC-HDLTotal cholesterol and high-density lipoprotein
TIDPTrade & Investment Development Programme
TNBHItotal non-batte hand injury/ies
THKSTemporal Hybrid Knowledge Server
TILSTechnical Information Library Services
TPRSTemperature Programmed Reaction Spectroscopy
TQTMTask Qualification Training Manager
TCCDTarrant County College District
T-BMEIEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering
TXPSlavaSoft Inc. PrivyPad file
THADTransient Hepatic Attenuation Differences
THEEDTransmission High-Energy Electron Diffraction
TUSMPTechnology Upgradation Scheme for Marine Products
TPPCTransaction Processing Performance Council
TZFCTriple Zeta Frozen Core
T-COMIEEE Transactions on Communications
THEMEDesktop theme ( Windows 95)
THRETop Hand Reactive Exertion
T-PSIEEE Transactions on Plasma Science
TRMMTropical Rainfall Measuring Mission
T-CADIEEE Transactions on Computer-Aided Design of Integrated Circuits and Systems
TAMCTexas Agricultural & Mining College
TSOHKThe School Of Higher Knowledge
TPNHThird Party Neutral Hosting
T-CAS2IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems II: Analog and Digital Signal Processing
TDDBTime-Dependent Di-electric Breakdown
TDEATTetrakis DiEthylAmino Titanium
TIMXTelephone Internet Mail Exchange
TCLSHTcl shell
T-PWRDIEEE Transactions on Power Delivery
TFPVThin-Film PhotoVoltaic
TOANTropical Ocean- Atmosphere Newsletter
TRKAtyrosine kinase-A
TWNICTaiwan Network Information Center
T-GEIEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing
TXTHUText Hook-Up
TD-FWTime Domain Floquet Wave
THESTake Home Examination System
TUYToin University of Yokohama
T-POPTOGA Program on Prediction
TXQTransaction Queue
TCIYPTurks and Caicos Islands Yellow Pages
TSRHTexas Scottish Rite Hospital
TTLCTotal Threshold Limit Concentration
TCSNTable Cache Size Needed
TSARTerminating Switched Access Rate
TPMTthiopurine S-methyltransferase
TGEVTransmissible GastroEnteritis Virus
TFISThai Aquatic Sciences and Fisheries Information System
T-RAIEEE Transactions on Robotics and Automation
TSC1tuberous sclerosis complex 1
T-12twelfth thoracic vertebrum
T-MAGIEEE Transactions on Magnetics
TLSOThoracic Lumbar Sacral Orthotic
TDIATransient Data Input Area
TJ-MJIEEE Translation Journal on Magnetics in Japan
TJZCameroon Radio
T-ITIEEE Transactions on Information Theory
T-VLSIIEEE Transactions on Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) Systems
TZK2-(sec-butyl) Thiazoline
TOLATeaching of Language Arts
T-PWRSIEEE Transactions on Power Systems
T-PEIEEE Transactions on Power Electronics
TIDFSTime- Invariant Deterministic Finite State Machine
TWZTimeWave Zero
TVLPLow-Profile TeleVision antenna
THEThawe Jn.
TMRMCTallahassee Memorial Regional Medical Center
T-NSIEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science
TNFATumor Necrosis Factor Alpha
T-REIEEE Transactions on Rehabilitation Engineering
T-VCGIEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics
T4Athanks for asking
TTEPtitrate to end point
TNBVDVCThematic Network on Bovine Viral Diarrhoea Virus Control
TFV-DFTenofovir - Disoproxil Fumarate
T-6sixth thoracic vertebrum
TMP/SMXTriMethoPrim/ SulfaMethoXazole
TDSPTax Deferred Savings Plan
TMRPTropical Meteorology Research Programme
TBQFto be quite frank
T-NNIEEE Transactions on Neural Networks
TMTCATruman's Meteorological & Tropical Cyclone Agency
TFEDThin Film Electroluminescent Display
TAWSWorld Association for Transport Animal Welfare and Studies (translation)
T-SAPIEEE Transactions on Speech and Audio Processing
TIWETropical Instability Wave Experiment
TSEITotal Skin Electron Irradiation
TWUFThe Wireless University Forum
TZUTechnologiezentrum Umweltschutz
TJSCHT. J. Samson Community Hospital
TUNELterminal deoxynucleotidyltransferase-mediated dUTP-biotin nick end labeling
TSCUTouch Screen Control Unit
TAS-MIEEE Technology and Society Magazine
THQATexas Health Quality Alliance
T1-12Bones in the thoracic spine (upper back)
TNSQMTivoli Network Service Quality Manager
TDHCThe Doctors Healthcare Company
T-EIIEEE Transactions on Electrical Insulation
TH.P.D.Doctor of Practical Theology
TH.D.Doctor of Theology
TSGRTransport System Generic Requirements
TSCEThermally Stimulated Charge Emission
T-PCIEEE Transactions on Professional Communication
TUBCThammasat Undergraduate Business Challenge
T-IMIEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement
T-CEIEEE Transactions on Consumer Electronics
TQMDTemperature Quench Molecular Dynamics
TCPETransient Charged Particle Equilibrium
T-SEMIEEE Transactions on Semiconductor Manufacturing
TOPSSThe Odd Plant Show Sale
TSCAPThermally Stimulated CAPacitance
TUPRTransurethral Prostatic Resection
T-KDEIEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering
TMQ-42Hydrogen Generator
TRCGThoroughbred Research Consultative Group (of the Veterinary Advisory Committee of the Horserace Betting Levy Board)
T.I.D.ter in die - three times a day
T64Commodore 64 emulator tape file
TSABTSH Stimulating Antibodies
TUK- UUniversity of Tuktoyaktuk
TSIOATemporary Storage Input/Output Area
T-CAS1IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems I: Fundamental Theory and Applications
T-AESIEEE Transactions on Aerospace and Electronic Systems
T-EMIEEE Transactions on Engineering Management
TQBTeacher Quality in Biology
TMTOWTDIThere's More Than One Way To Do It
TSL&A;Tennessee State Library and Archives
TPMRTheoretical Photosynthetic Maximum Rate
T-EMCIEEE Transactions on Electromagnetic Compatibility
THRUSTTsunami Hazard Reduction Using Systems Technology
TV6Overflow file above insert point in Doc 6 (WordPerfect for Win)
TJLBackup file (VAXTPU editor)
TTWBToe Touch Weight Bearing
T-9ninth thoracic vertebrum
T.P.N.total parenteral nutrition
TROWALTROugh of Warm Air Aloft
T&S;Type and Screen
TRACIRTracking Air with Circularly Polarized Radar
T-DEIIEEE Transactions on Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation
THPVTranshepatic Portal Vein
TV4Overflow file above insert point in Doc 4 (WordPerfect for Win)
TUBATechnology Usability and Business Architecture
T-10tenth thoracic vertebrum
TUFETianjin University of Finance and Economics
TUP-VTechnological University of the Philippines-Visayas
T. NEUTHematology
TVLTTime-Varying Linear Transformation
T-EDIEEE Transactions on Electron Devices
TATFTTest All The Frigging Time
TUFATokyo University of Fine Arts
TVFDTime-Variant Feedback Delay
TASPTactical Advanced Signal Processing
TUMTTransUrethral Microwave Thermotherapy
THANXthank you
THIRTemperature Humidity Infrared Radiometer
TIGR/NISTThe Institute for Genomic Research/ National Institute of Standards and Technology
TVZTaupo Volcanic Zone
T.I.W.three times a week
T-SEIEEE Transactions on Software Engineering
TUCSRTomsk University of Control Systems and Radioelectronics
TTTNTandem Tie Trunk Network
TTEATrustee Teaching Excellence Award
TANUVASTamil Nadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences University, Chennai
TAAFTropical Agriculture Award Fund
T1DType 1 Diabetes
T44dBASE IV Temporary file for Sort or Index
TASMCTel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center
TTTSTwin To Twin Transfusion Syndrome
TVMATexas Veterinary Medical Association
T-NTWIEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking
TAAATexas Agricultural Aviation Association
T&CM;Type And CrossMatch
T&M;Test and Measurement
TANSTAAFLthere ain't no such thing as a free lunch
TAACSun TAAC Image File Format Bitmap graphics
TVSSTransient Voltage Surge Suppression
T1DMType 1 diabetes mellitus
TRIGATeaching Research Isotope General Atomics
T&R;Tenderness and rebound
T65PageMaker Template
TUBSTraumatic Unilateral lesion with Bankart lesion and usually requiring surgery
T&CS;terms and conditions of service
TANHHyperbolic Tangent
TARATechnology And Resource Advisor
T&D;Transmission and Distribution
TAUNCHte amo un chingo
TAPERTaxonomy And Path Enhanced Retrieval
T5ZZInterpret As Command
T/Ctable of contents
T+Think Positive
TX_Compressed TXT File
Short FormFull Form
SDMCSouth Delhi Municipal Corporation
SCIENCESecret closed in every natural compound eccentrically
SDFSpace Delimited File Space Delimited Format
SCSecurity Council/Supreme Court
SISSecret Intelligence Service (UK)
SIMSubscriber Identity Module
SISTERS-solution of problems.(Who is) I-important in life.(Who is) S-security is on you (whose) T-tear gives pain(whose) E-emotion is relateded with you(Whose) R-Relationship is very special(Whose)
STDRSpecial Term Deposit Receipt
SOSignificant Other
SSTSpread-Spectrum Technology
SAPTASouth Asian Preferential Trade Arrangement
SEEBinary Painter Operator
SESuperintending Engineer
SEARCHSociety for Environmental Awareness and Rehabilitation of Child and Handicapped
SSPService Switching Point (IN)
SCERTState Council of Educational Research and Training
SSIServer Side Includes (web technology that allows for dynamic data exchange in web pages)
SIRSerial Infrared [Hewlett-Packard]
SEBISecurity Exchange Board of India
SDPOSub divisional police officer
SCHOOLSincerity, Capacity, Honesty, Orderliness, Obedience, and Learning
SSASerial Storage Architecture (another communications port setup (like SCSI) that has fast data transfer but requires high demands of DMA channels)
SSSwitching System
SSCStaff selection commission
SAVESAARC Audiovisual Exchange
STETState Teacher eligibility test
STARSSatellite Tracking and Ranging Station
SAILSteel Authority of India Limited
SHGSelf-Help Group
SMSShort Message Service (more cell phones and pagers than chat rooms and the Internet)
SPCASociety for the Prevention of Cruelty of Animals
SDIState Directorate of Industries
STUDENTS-Studious. T-Talkative. U-United. D-Determined. E-Educated. N-Notable. T-Tolerant
SIDCState Industrial Development Corporation
SIEMATState Institute of Educational Management and Training
STPShielded Twisted Pair
SCCSerial Communications Controllers
SDCSkill Development Centre
SOPStandard Operating Procedures
SCBCScheduled Caste and Backward Classes Department
SFCSystem File Checker (command line program found with Windows XP)
SDMSystem Development Multitasking
STARTStrategic Armed Reduction Talks
SRCSample Rate Conversion
SDOSub divisonal officer
SIDOSmall Industry Development Organisation
SCIShipping Corporation of India
STCSecurities Trading Corporation
STSchedule Tribe
SUPPsuppositorium - suppository
SCOPEStanding Conference of Public Enterprises
STDCState TB Training and Demonstration Centers
SSESenior Section Engineer
SPEEDSocial Pact for Empowered Economic Development
SENSORInternational Conference on Solid-State Sensors & Activities
SAFTASouth Asian Free Trade Agreement
STDSubscribers Trunk Dialing
SIRDState Institute of Rural Development
SQRTSquare Root
SONService Order Number
SDSC-SHARSatish Dhawan Space Centre Sriharikota
SMARTSmall Mission for Advance Research
SRPSuggested Retail Price
STLSSenior Tuberculosis Laboratory Supervisor
SMLStandard Meta Language
SMOKEScripting Meta Object Kompiler Engine
SNOBOLString Oriented Symbolic Language (Progamming Language)
SPSStand-by Power Supply (see UPS)
SGOTSerum Glutamic Oxaloacetic Transaminase
SLNAState Level Nodal Agency
SHAREloads support for file sharing
SONIAService for Organizing Networked Information Autonomously
SILKScout In The Linux Kernel
STRESSStructural Engineering System Solver (Programming Language)
SGTSenior Grade Typist
SNASystems Network Architecture
SAMSecurity Administration / Account Module / Manager (NT profile terminology)
SISISmall Industries Services Institute
SCARDBState Cooperative Agriculture and Rural Development Bank
SBIState Bank of India
SLIPSerial Line Internet Protocol
SALTStrategic Arms Limitation Tax
SAPSystem Applications and Products
SPLSpooler System Programming Language [HP]
SIShift-In Source Index System Information
SPService Provider
SVScalar Value
SLVSatellite Launch Vehicle
SGLSubsidiary General Ledger
SEATScheme for Early Attraction of Talent
SIDBISmall Industries Development Bank of India
SSSBESSmall Scale Service & Business Enterprises
SERCScience and Engineering Research Council
SATTESouth Asian Travel and Tourism Exchange
SMBTSuck my big toe
SIPSingle In-line Package
SPO2oxygen saturation
SUBSubroutine Substitute Subtract
SISAStrategic Information Services Agreement
SSDSatellite System Division
SOSSame Old S**t (stuff)
SSLSecure Sockets Layer (usually NT terminology)
SMTPSimple Mail Transfer Protocol
SPOStrategic Planning Office
SHARShri Harikota Range
SQLStructured Query Language (database standards)
SEEPZSantacruz Electronic Export Processing Zone
SDSuper Density (a type of format for new DVD disks that allows up to 17 Gb of data to be stored on one CD)
SCPService Control Point (IBM-SNA)
STOState TB Officer
SAARCSouth Asian Association for Regional Cooperation
SGPTSerum Glutamicpyruvic Transaminase
SLRStatutory Liquidity Ratio
SUPWSocially Useful Productive Work
SBCSingle-Board Computer
SDGSpecial Director General
SMDSSwitched Multimegabit Data Services
SAINTSymbolic Automatic Integrator
SMEsmall and medium (size) enterprises
SPIUState Project Implementation Unit
SIDSecurity IDentification (NT terminology) or System ID- or Serial Input Data
SARSSevere Acute Respiratory Syndrome
SVGASuper video Graphics Adapter
SWIFTShort Work Programme in Information Technology
SSBServices Selection Board
SPPStandard Parallel Port
SMBServer Message Blocks
SCLSemi Conductor Laboratory
SUNFEDSpecial United Nations Fund for Economic Development
SMTStation Management
SETSecure Electronic Transaction (software to allow monetary transactions from PC - secure)
SSDMState Skill Development Mission
SEZSpecial Economic Zone
SCUBASelf Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus
SACSpace Application Centre
SPOCShuttle Payload Operations Contractor
SODISSolar Water Disinfection System
SCAMSCSI Configured Auto-Magically (plug-and-play SCSI cards)
SRSSound Retrieval System
SDTCSustainable Development Training Centre
SDLCSynchronous Data Link Control
SO2Sulphur Dioxide
SIM CARDSubscriber Identification Module Card
SDKSoftware Development Kit (Java or Microsoft usually)
SASStatistical Analysis System
SDPState Domestic Product
SAPNASouth Asian Professional Network for Health Awareness
SMGStanding Monitoring Group
SARASecurity Auditors Research Assistant
SMFSystem Manager Facility [Compaq]
SEOSearch Engine Optimization
SPBSimulate Peanut Butter
SROSSStretched Rohini Satellite Series
STISet Interrupt Flag
SITASuppression of Immoral Traffic in Women and Girls Act
SSRYso sorry
SPASoftware Publishers Association
SICStandard Industrial Code
SOAStart Of Authority
SPXSequenced Packet eXchange
SEEUYScheme for SelfEmployment for Educated Unemployed Youth
SITStuff-It (compressed file extension for Macintosh computers)
SALShift Arithmetic Left
SDSSysops Distribution System
SIAMSociety of Indian Automobiles Manufacturers
SAISports Authority of India
SDASoftware Disk Array Source Data Automation
SS1Signalling System 1 (500/20 Hz tones)
SCRSilicon Controlled Rectifier
SPSSStatistical Package for the Social Sciences
SHEScholarships for Higher Education in Science
SGMLStandard Generalized Markup Language
SRRSeed Replacement Rate
SDRAMSynchronous Dynamic RAM
SIDSSudden Infant Death Syndrome
SUPSupplemental Dictionary (file name extension)
SEPUPScience Education for Public Understanding Program (University of California)
SARTStimuli Analog Refresh Table
SACFAStanding Advisory Committee for Frequency Allocation
SGPGISanjay Gandhi Post Graduate Institute, Lucknow
SIDFSystem Independent Data Format
SAIDSystem Average Interruption Duration
SFSign Flag
SORSSchedules of Rates
SMPSSwitching Mode Power Supply
SKUStock-Keeping Unit
SPADSubsystem Positioning Aid Device
SPMSystem Performance Monitor [IBM]
SHGSSelf-Help Groups
STUPIDSmart Talented Unique Person In Demand
SCOSanta Cruz Operation (Software Company)
SHOStation House Officer
SOCSystem On a Chip
SMCSelfModifying Code
SEMSearch Engine Management
SOHStart of Header
SMDSurface Mounted Device (individual chip mounted on a PCB without leads)
SCFSystem Control Facility
SIPRIStockholm International Peace Research Institute
SIRTselective internal radiation therapy
SWDMacromedia flash debugging file
SMStation Manager
SPOTShared Product Object Tree [IBM]
SPVSpecial Purpose Vehicle
SSOSchool Services Officer
SIROSenior Information Risk Owner
SWPsorry wrong person
SDBSymbolic Debugger [Unix]
SGPSingle Ground Point
SRShift Register
STASpanning Tree Algorithm
SIMMSingle In-line Memory Module
STARSelf Defining Text Archival
SUCISocialist Unity Centre of India
STSSenior Time Scale
STREAMSalmon Trout Restoration Education and Aquatic Management
SFIStudents Federation of India
SDRFSample and Data Relationship Format
SULSingle User License
SDDSoftware Description Database [Internet]
SITESatellite Instruction Television Experiment
SMPSymmetric Multi-Processing
SARShift Arithmetic Right
SSHSecure SHell
SAGSenior Administrative Grade
SBLSHG-Bank Linkage
SLCSingle Line Controller (A type of processor that does not process math function separately - and can not be upgraded) often found in older laptop computers
SENSheep Extension Network
SSSPState Strategic Statistical Plan
SIMOPSSimultaneous Operations
SKSpecialized Knowledge
SSRSenior Secondary Recruits
SCRASpecial Class Railway Apprentice
SRVSafety Relief Valve
SNDSound File extension in AU format
SWOTstrengths weaknesses opportunities threats
SSLCSecondary School Leaving Certificate
SIASecretariat of Industrial Approvals
SCMScreenCam Format [Lotus]
SRRDAState Rural and Road Development Agency
SERPSearch Engine Results Page
SWNT(S)single-wall nanotube(s)
SCBState Cooperative Bank
SITCScottish Interactive Technology Centre
SICLsitting in chair laughing
STECSolar Thermal Energy Centre
STDIOHStandard Input-Output Header [C Programming Language]
SERVICESpace Entry Recovery Vehicle in Commercial Environments
SSNSocial Security Number
SIPPSingle In-line Pin Package
SPTSectors Per Track
SGSource Grep
SACPSpecial Agricultural Credit Plans
SDMSSCSI Device Management System [NCR]
STFStructured File (file name extension) [Lotus Agenda]
SIBSaturn IB Rocket
SSIDService Set Identifier
SFTSystem Fault Tolerance
SDWAmi Draw Vector graphics
SUVSport Utility Vehicle
SIEState Institute of English
STEPSatellite Telecommunication Experiment Project
SAUState Agricultural University
SANASANierung der Atmosph #228
SIDASwedish International Development Agency
SFDCSales Force Dot Com
SASource Address
SLAService Level Agreement (vendor agreement on whats under warranty for how long)
SRMSecurity Reference Monitor
SCMSSecure Console Management Switch
SIOSerial Input-Output (communications driver)
SPCSmall Peripheral Controller Statistical Process Control
SDHSynchronous Digital Hierarchy
SIMDSingle Instruction Multiple Data Stream (processor)
SCOUTA German Shorthaired Pointer dog type
SPESystem Policy Editor
SYMshut your mouth
SRISystem of Rice Intensification
SCADASupervisory Control and Data Aquisition
STRStore Task Register Synchronous Transmitter Receiver
SDRSpecial Drawing Rights
SAFFSouth Asian Football Federation
SBAScene Balance Algorithms [Kodak]
SECSingle Edge Card
SCARSSneak Circuit Analysis Report Summary
SARESustainable Agriculture Research And Education
SCTMicrosoft Script Component
SWGSecond Working Group on Money Supply
SOGSpeed Over the Ground
SGISilicon Graphics Inc
SIUCSouthern Illinois University at Carbondale
SCSISmall Computer System Interface
SDAOStudent Disability Access Office
SFOSpace Flight Operations
SWANState Wide Area Network
SATScholastic Aptitude Test
SGSSales Growth Specialist
SMHShaking My Head
SCASensitive Civil Activist
SMRSpecialized Mobile Radio
SFDStart Frame Delimiter
SEWStore Exclusive White
SSGTSchema Subset Generation Tool
SHSame Here
SSMSurfacetoSurface Missile
SPGSpecial Protection Group
SGSYSwarnajayanthi Gram Swarrojgar Yojana
SVCSwitched Virtual Circuit
SADASenior Assistant District Attorney
SOLShit Out Of Luck
SHCILStock Holding Corporation of India Limited
SBKAsymetrix Toolbook files
SBSound Blaster [Creative Labs] Sound Board
SIVSemen Immuno Deficiency Virus
SLSave Layout
SPQEMScheme for Providing Quality Education in Madarsas
SCARScientific Committee on Antarctic Research
SNLSaturday Night Live
SCRLStation Configuration Requirement List
SASASState Agricultural Statistics Authorities
SFDASmall Farmers Development Agency
SDESoftware Development Engineer
SAVSaved (file name extension)
SEDStream Editor Stream-Oriented Editor
SATOSouth Atlantic Treaty Organization
SDNSoftware-Defined Network (AT&T;)
SC2Microsoft Schedule+ 7.x Document file
SPOOLSimultaneous Peripheral Operations On Line
SI-SOSerial In-Serial Out Shift In-Shift Out
SDRDSurvey Design & Research Division
SLSCState Level Sanctioning Committee
SOEStandard Operating Environment
STMLSpoken Text Markup Language
SPYMSociety for Promotion of Youth and Masses
SPMSsecondary progressive multiple sclerosis
SCRSScalable Cluster of RISC Systems
SGBSecretary General's Bulletin
SONARSOund Navigation And Ranging
SIPMSilicon Photomultiplier
SIGSpecial Interest Group
SFSSystem File Server
SWStore Word
SCEService Creation Environment (IN)
SBTsorry bout that
STVSpace Transfer Vehicle
STMSynchronous Transfer Mode
SIPOSerial In Parallel Out
SLPSet Loop Point
SCNSpecification Change Notice
SROSharable and Read Only
SCICIShipping Credit and Investment Company of India
SRDScreen Reader System
SIFas if
SBRSource Browser (file name extension) [Borland]
SBESmall Business Enterprise
SOXSound Exchange
SVGScalable Vector Graphics
SFYspeak for yourself
SDRISustainable Development Research Institute
SLNERNO Spacelab Payload
SIPCSimply Interactive Personal Computer [Microsoft]
SKOSuperior Kerosene Oil
SEATOSouth East Asia Treaty Organization
SOHOSmall Office Home Office (computer or program with enough speed or functionality for business use May not have sound or a lot of bells and whistles)
SCRNScreen (video display)
SMMSystem Mangement Mode [Intel]
SMCSSeparation Monitor and Control System
SCOPSCOPolamine Hydrochloride
SWAPOSouth West African People’s Organisation
SESASpecial Equipment Stowage Facility
SPIService Provider Interface SCSI Parallel Interface
SCSSize Class Strata
SSTPShield Shielded Twisted Pair
SCDStandard Color Display
SDSCSan Diego Supercomputer Center
SCJPSun Certified Java Programmer
SSHDSingle Sided High Density (type of computer disk formatting)
SDFISecure Digital Forensic Imaging
SSSTSoutheastern Symposium on System Theory
STHSomatotropic Hormone
SDSLSymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line
SVNSelectively Vulnerable Neurons
SMSCShort Message Service Center
SRDASearch and Rescue Dog Association
SOTCstupid off topic crap
SOMSystem Object Modle
STTSecure Transaction Technology [Microsoft]
SIADHSyndrome Of Inappropriate Anti Diuretic Hormone
SNFSystem Noise Figure
SIACSafety Issue Assessment Center
SARCStudent Alumni Relations Cell
SMAMSports Marketing and Management
SEACSafety Environmental Assurance Centre
SIUStaff Inspection Unit
SFDSState Forest Departments
SBOSmall Bowel Obstruction
SIAOschool is almost over
SATASerial Advanced Technology Attachment
SNSStation Network Simulator
SERBScience and Engineering Research Board
SIDPSputter Ion Depth Profiling
SCI.Science (serial publication)
SWFFlash File Extension Usually an external flash file called by the html document
SODSepto Optic Dysplasia
SPICESpacecraft Planets Instrument Constants And Events
SMRCSpecial Medical Review Council
SRBSource-Route Bridge
SCCMStandard Cubic Centimeters per Minute
SQASoftware Quality Analyst
SCORESenior Core Of Retired Executives
SDLSoftware Defined Language
STYStyle (file name extension) [Ventura Word WordPerfect]
SRLShift Right Logical
SAD (M)Shiromani Akali Dal (Simranjit Singh Mann)
SCGColoRIX Bitmap graphics
SLDGerman Spacelab
SWAPthe exchange of one security for another to change the maturity
SINRSignal to Interference plus Noise Ratio
SNScreen Name. The name or moniker selected by person in an IM or chat program. ex: My "SN" in vp was "-lone.wolf"
SRESoftware Risk Evaluation
SEBSState Electricity Boards
STGswear to god
STPISoftware Technology Parks of India
SIR(S)standardized incidence ratio(s)
SEAStandard Extended Attribute [OS-2]
SOWStatements of Work
SNRSignal-to-Noise Ratio
SOFSoldier Of Fortune
SIMIStudents Islamic Movement of India
SIEMSystems Integration Effort for MSFC
SIFTStanford Information Filtering Tool
STDINStandard Input
SEDTSpacelab Experiment Data Tape
SCAEspinocerebellar ataxia with epilepsy
SEQAtari Animation file
SBMSmall Business Manager
SHRShift Logical Right
SAEstamped addressed envelope
SEBCSocially and Educationally Backward Classes
SAASShuttle Aerosurface Actuator Simulation
SRTSurf Rescue Technician
SOBShort Of Breath
STCLSpices Trading Corporation Ltd
SDVSwitched Digital Video [AT&T;]
SJSRYSwarna Jayanti Shahari Rojgar Yojana
SG IRONSpheroidal Graphite Iron
SETCState Express Transport Corporation
SIDHSystem Identification for Home Systems
SMUSystem Management Utility
SLMSpatial Light Modulator
SDRBSystem Design Review Board
SMAFSoil Management Assessment Framework
SOTScience Operations Team
SEGShit Eating Grin
SCBASupreme Court Bar Association
SIMASmall Incremental Motion Actuator
SRBCSheep Red Blood Cell
SMVSilver Medal of Valor Award
SUSsee you soon
SCCPSignaling Connection Control Point (IN)
SI-SPASystems Improvement Scheme under Special Project Agriculture
SGDLahey Blackbeard Help file
SLTERNO Spacelab Technology
SNTSerial Number Tracking
SDUStatus Display Unit
SSFSecurity Strength Factor
SANStorage Area Network or System Area Network (Himalaya)
SENSEXSensitive Index of Share Prices
SCVSpace Construction Vehicle
SMKSoftware Migration Kit [Microsoft]
SF6sulphur hexafluoride
SLEDSingle Large Expensive Disk
SASSISynoptic Antarctic ShelfSlope Interactions Study
SPFShortest Path First System Programming Facility
SMASecondary Mirror Assembly
SRASenior Residential Appraiser
SPCLSpectrum Cellular Corporation
SBDSelective Bowel Decontamination
SIMCLsitting in my chair laughing
SVPSaturated Vapour Pressure
SXA type of processor that does NOT do numeric processing separately - but a Math coprocessor chip can be added to upgrade the unit (Better than an SLC but not as good as a DX or Pentium)
SILACStable Isotope Labeling with Amino Acids in Cell Culture
SUGSAS Users Group
SPKSpacecraft And Planet Kernel
SIRDSSingle-Image Random Dot Stereogram
SEWASelf Employed Women’s Association
SCHILStock Holding Corporation of India
STNSuper-Twist Nematic
SHSState Health Society
STPLSewickley Township Public Library
SBPDSambalpur Road
SDMISocial Development Management Institute
SPH.sphere / spherical
SRGBStandard Red Green Blue
SESSpace Engineering Spacecraft
SIUTSindh Institute of Urology and Transplants
STQCStandardization Testing & Quality Certification
STEMIST-segment elevation myocardial infarct(ion)
SSDDSingle Sided Double Density (type of computer disk formatting)
SCFSStandard Cubic Feed per Second
SLSISuper Large-Scale Integration
SATANSecurity Administrator Tool for Analyzing Networks
SFXSound Effect(s)
SBPState Bank of Patiala
SPDFOrbits in an electron shell
SQSqueezed (files)
SVMSystem Virtual Machine [Microsoft]
STSCISpace Telescope Science Institute
SSRBBryant Space Science Center
SCHQSpecial Cold Heading Quality
SYSincerely Yours
SIBIRsibling in room
SYLSutlej Yamuna Link Canal
SEPACSpace Experiment with Particle Accelerators
SDTStructural Dynamic Test
SECAMSequentiel Couleur Avec Memoire
SDACStudent Diversity Advisory Council
SLGSlide Gate Operator
SCAMPSupplemental Camera And Maneuvering Platform
SCREWSpecial Comittee to Review Extracurricular Workshops
SNDTShreemati Nathibai Damodar Thackersey Womens University
SPRSpecial Purpose Register Statistical Pattern Recognition
SDTMStudy Data Tabulation Mode
SMPCShared Memory Parallel Computer
SIIScience Information Infrastructure
STRCStop RealTime Clock
SLETState Level Eligibility Test
SDMASpace Division Multiple Access
SRNState Registered Nurse
SEUSmallest Executable Unit
SCFMStandard Cubic Feet per Minute
SAMLSecurity Assertion Markup Language
SIFTR XXService Increment for Teaching and Research (SIfTR)
SASIShugert Associates System Interface
SDDSSpecial Data Dissemination Standards
SEEDSocial Ecological And Economic Development
SSBSState Statistical Bureaus
SCADShort-chain acyl-CoA dehydrogenase deficiency
SONETSynchronous Optical Network (ANSI)
SDMLSpacial Data Modeling Language
SAFStandAlone Engine Simulator
SBBSubtract With Borrow
SD-ROMSuper Density ROM
SABASupplied Air Breathing Apparatus
SORStable Orbit Rendezvous
SWISoftWare Interrupt
SCCSSource Code Control System
SSJSelect Stacker and Jam
SAC DIPStonebridge Associated Colleges Diploma
SCSASignal Computing System Architecture [Dialogic]
STWSearch The Web
SCIMPISimple Cabled Instrument for Measuring Parameters In-Situ
SPSTSame Place Same Time
SLISet Link Information
SEISystems Engineering and Integration
SSLDSingle Sided Low Density (type of computer disk formatting)
SAASystem Application Architecture
SEPAScottish Environmental Protection Agency
SLLShift Left Logical
STESpecial Trust Fund
SADQSeverity of Alcohol Dependence Questionnaire
SVRSystemic Vascular Resistance
SC3dBASE IV - Renamed dBASE III screen mask file
SGSNServing GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) Support Node
SGXLahey Fortran Help file index
SCCLSanta Clara City Library
SMPVsmallpox vaccination
SOVSolenoid Operated Valve
SPECSystems Performance Evaluation Cooperative
SCANShuttle Connector Analysis Network
SDPCShuttle Data Processing Complex
SAOSmithsonian Astrophysical Observatory
SCATSolar Composting Advanced Toilet
SDPISustainable Development Policy Institute
SNPSerial Number-Password [Omen Technology]
SMISystem Management Interrupt [Intel]
SUIStress Urinary Incontinence
SFUStandard Firing Unit
SMCCShuttle Mission Control Center
SWCNTSingle-Wall Carbon NanoTubes
SCIMStandard Cubic Inches per Minute
SFBHP Soft font
SFPSend For Pizza
SFNShort File Name
SFASun Finder Assembly
SPDCState Peace and Development Council
SDTVStandard Definition Television
SMITSystem Management Interface Tool [IBM]
SIOASurface Induced Optical Anisotropy
SASCOSouth African Students COngress
SITMFsay it to my face
SPARCScalable Processor Architecture
SBECSouthern Biomedical Engineering Conference
SAP ECCEnterprise Control Component
SAAFSouth Asian Accountants Federation
STAC IS-STACScience and Technology Advisory Committee/Inter-Sectoral Science and Technology Advisory Committee
SDSSSpace Division Shuttle Simulator
SUSwitch User
SCASScan String
SSUSalisbury State University
SOUPSolar Optical Universal Photopolarimeter
SQRSquare Root
SGESiemens and General Electric Railway Signal Co- Ltd
SHASecure Hash Algorithm [NSA]
SMKSSingle Master Key Scheme
SLICSubscriber Loop Interface Circuit
SS6Signalling System 6
SMILESSimplified Molecular Input Line Entry System
SDCCHStand-alone Dedicated Control CHannel
SHLShift Logical Left
SDNSSecure Data Network Service
SPIDService Profile-Provider Identifier
SMAWShielded Metal Arc Welding
SNMsay no more
SDV(S)single-dose or single-use vial(s)
STEISStrategic Executive Information System
SIOLShout It Out Loud
SCUSystem Control Unit
SOAPStorage Operand Attenuation Prevention
SGRSet Graphics Rendition
SOADsystem of a down
SCOFSenate Committee On the Faculty
SAFMASouth Asian Free Media Association
SCLCSmall Cell Lung Cancer
S2Usame to you
SUTSystem Under Test
SITDStill In The Dark = Still don t understand
SLATSecond Level Address Translation
SIONStandard Input Output Norms
SOISolar Oscillations Investigation
SPANSpace Physics Analysis Network
SICASick Industrial Companies (Special Provisions) Act
SLESystemic Lupus Erythematosus
SPIC MACAYSociety for promotion of Indian Classical music and culture among youth
SLSSpacelab Simulator
SAP-1Simple As Possible computer
SUNSun Microsystems Inc
SAGESolvent Alternatives Guide
SMDBSelf-Managing Database Systems
SNMISurvey of Non-Manufacturing Industries
SCLMSoftwre Configuration and Library Management [IBM]
SIDTStore Interrupt Descriptor Table
SS3Signalling System 3 (2280 Hz tone)
SPACESpacecraft Prelaunch Automatic Checkout Equipment
SNAFUSituation normal all effed up
SODIMMSmall Outline DIMM
SSSDSame Shit Same Day
SSTI(S)skin and soft tissue infection(s)
SHFSuper High Frequency (3 GHz to 30 GHz)
SHTMLHTML with server side includes
SHVSafe High Voltage
STDOUTStandard Output
SASASBand Antenna Structural Assembly
SPSUSouthern Polytechnic State University
SNPSsingle nucleotide polymorphisms
SWATSkilled With Advanced Tools
SEVSeverance Pay
SDFSSpacelab Data Flow System
SCMPSystem Contractor Management Plan
SUDIsudden unexplained death in infancy/an infant
SPOSstupid peace of shit
SC1Standard Clean 1
SIJSacroiliac joint
SAPDState Appellate Public Defender
SEPSimplified Employee Pension
SLUSpoken Language Understanding
SS4Lsmoking sista for life
SEHStructured Exception Handling
SDCSSAIL Data Communications System
SLATESecond Level Architecture Test Environment
SSECSelective Sequence Electronic Calculator [IBM]
SFTPSecure File Transfer Protocol
SGMShaded Graphics Modeling
SCYReaGeniX Security file
SIG GENSignal Generator
SNMPSimple Network Management Protocol
SOKIt's ok
SIMTELSimulation and Teleprocessing
SYTsee you there
SS7Signaling System 7 (ANSI)
STCISecurities Trading Corporation of India Limited
SARPShuttle Astronaut Recruitment Program
SPARQLSPARQL Protocol and RDF Query Language
SLCCERNO Spacelab Contract Administration
SHELLload a new command processor
SOFASstepping out for a smoke
SHWShow (file name extension)
STDAUXStandard Auxillary
STZSet Zero
SCRRSafar Center for Resuscitation Research
SDBMSimple Diagnostic Biosphere Model
SPDPIEEE Symposium on Parallel and Distributed Processing
SEALSegmentation and Reassembly Layer (protocol)
SLOERNO Spacelab Operations
STDMStatistical Time Division Multiplexing
SCBSSupreme Court Bar Association
SABStorage and Assembly Building
SDXSpatial Data Explorer
SPP(S)surface plasmon polariton(s)
SRQService Request
SDCLSupplier Documentation Checklist
SCMOSenior Clinical Medical Officer
SSCPSystem Services Control Point (IBM)
SGCStabilized Ground Cloud
SRESSchool for Resource and Environmental Studies
SFWsafe for work
SCPPSeasonal-to-Interannual Climate Prediction Program
SDSUSan Diego State University
SQPSoftware Quality Professional
SCORScientific Committee On Oceanic Research
SMBGSelf Monitor Blood Glucose
SUBTSubscriber Terminal
SPDTShadow Page Directory Table
SDCPSummary Development Cost Plan
SOMLstory of my life
SMOSenior Medical Officer
SRTMStatic Root Of Trust For Measurement
SP-5Strategic Plan number 5
SO DIMMSmall Outline Dual-In-line Memory Module
SADSystems Analysis and Design
SOCKSSocket Secure (server) [Internet]
SBIRISmall Business Innovative Research Initiative
STXStart of TeXt
SRCBSoftware Requirements Control Board
SNWString Next Word
STM-1155.520 Mbits/ Second
SSIAsubject says it all
SWBSubtract With Borrow
SNISubscriber Network Interface
SESTSemiconductor Science Technology
SIG CONDRSignal Conditioner
STREXSTore Register EXclusive
SUMEScheme of Urban Micro Enterprises
SFWE(M)Static Feed Water Electrolysis
SS2Signalling System 2 (600/750 Hz tones)
SDHTSelectively Doped Heterojunction Transistor
SDHSSatellite Data Handling System
SDRLSupplier Data Requirements List
SOARShuttle Orbital Applications and Requirements
STHUshut the hell up
SXEstraight edge
SCRPSoil Conservation Research Programme
SHTFshit hits the fan
SHNSpontaneous Hemorrhagic Necrosis
SDCTNIST Software Diagnostics and Conformance Testing Division
SOFASave Our Forest Association
STDERRStandard Error
SPICMCSociety for the Promotion of Indian Classical music and culture
SSRISelective Seratonin Reuptake Inhibitor
STLCSimply-Typed Lambda-Calculus
SDIFSoftware Development and Integration Facility
SJSShamlaji Road
SLBMSubmarine Launch Balistic Missile
SOTPSeat Of The Pants
SQESupplier Quality Engineer
SIL(S)squamous intraepithelial lesion(s)
SOCASpecial Operations Control Area
SEP(S)Syringe Exchange Program(s)
SANEStandare Apple Numeric Environment
SPECIALA form of weather advisory for hazards that have not yet reached warning or advisory status or that do not have a specific code of their own.
SDTAStructural Dynamic Test Article
SANCSpacelab Ancillary Data Tape
SB5Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scales 5th ed.
SJFSajanvar Road
SPUSheep Production Unit
SZString Zero
SML-SMSService Management Layer-Service Management Service
SERTSpecial Education Resource Teacher
SPREADSystems Programming Research Engineering and Development [IBM]
SHIPSStatistical Hurricane Intensity Prediction Scheme
SADLSynchronous Data Link Control [Racal-Vadic]
SDIOSecure Digital IO
SECASelf Employment Contributions Act
SEPPSecure Encryption Payment Protocol
S SStep-by-Step
SVRAMSynchronous VRAM
SELLSocietas Veterinariorum Finlandiae ( Finnish Veterinary Association)
SETSSociety of Electronics Transaction and Security
SSTEPSymphonic Satellite Telecommunication Experiment Project
SHARADShallow Subsurface Radar
SLSNEsuperluminous supernova events
SVTSupraVentricular Tachycardia
SDMCETSri Dharmasthala Manjunatheshwara College of Engineering and Technology
SANSScale for Assessing Negative Symptoms
SAVDMSingle Application VDM
SRWTOSmall road & Water Transport Operators
SSAPSource Service Access Point
SDSDSatellite Data Services Division
SRSTStress Restrained Specimen Test
SAS DOCTORAbbreviation for:
SDBTTSamantha Dickson Brain Tumour Trust
SHTTPSecure Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
SADCSouthern African Development Community
SFLSpace Flight Laboratory
SROMSpontaneous Rupture of Membranes
SSPISummer Service Project Internship
STOSStore String
SQUIDSubmersible Quiet Underwater Intelligent Driver
SLSAShuttle Logistics Support Aircraft
SFCSSurvival Flight Control System
SERFSolar Electromagnetic Radiation Flux
SIMMSSolutions In Managing Media Systems
SLFSpacelab Engineering Model Unit
SQUADSoftware Quality Association in Denver
SZMSecurity Zone Management
SOTAState Of The Art (latest technology)
SSPDSadashivapet Road
SDLTSScanning Deep-Level Transient Spectroscopy
SHIStanding Hold Instruction
SPICSpace Programs Information Coalition
SBSStyrene Butadiene Styrene
SEPCServices Export Promotion Council
SOFTAPSoft Access Point
SHXAutoCAD Shape entity
SSGASystem Suppport Gate Array
SRDHSystem Requirements Definition Handbook
SDFLSchottky-Diode FET (Field Effect Transistor) logic
S.A.secundum artum - use your judgement
SGRAMSynchronous Graphics RAM
SLRDSurla Road
SDNEInternational Workshop on Services in Distributed and Networked Environments
SUPLSecure User Plane Location
SUIDSudden Unexpected Infant Death
SPELLSoftware Process EvoLutionary Language
SSADA Structured Software Analysis And Design
SYNSynchronize Sequence Number
SOSDDsame old shit
SMABSolid Motor Assembly Building
ST-VSega Titan Video
SAHRSouth Asians for Human Rights
SASEShuttle Atmospheric Science Experiment
SDIUScanivalve Digital Interface Unit
SOACSymposium on Applied Computing
SSPOScottish Salmon Producers Organization
SVDSpontaneous Vaginal Delivery
SWALKsealed with a loving kiss
SAHMATSafdar Hashmi Memorial Trust
SDAFSolid Rocket Booster Disassembly Facility
SECTORSpace Exploration And Colonization Through Organized Relationships
SMQStructure Module Qualification Test
SMN(S)subsequent malignant neoplasms
SAPISpeech Application Program Interface [Microsoft]
SEBState Electricity Board
SMIPSOHO Mission Implementation Plan
SATSSmall Applications Technology Satellite
SELVSafe Extra Low Voltage
SNOMEDSystematised Nomenclature of Medicine
SRPIServer-Requester Programming Interface
SHGCSolar Heat Gain Coefficient
SNRI(S)Serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor
ST506Shugart Technology (old disk technology manufacture)
SILCShrewsbury International Language Centre
SMA(S)shared medical appointment(s)
SDNBSecondary DN Call Blocking
SSDLSecondary Standards Dosimetry Laboratory
SSRI(S)Selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors
SMDCShielded Mild Detonating Cord
SAACSchedule Allocation and Control
SOSGspouse over shoulder gone
SMPMSystem ManagementPerformance Monitor
SEIMSoftware Engineering Improvement Method
SOOLshit out of luck
SOASSchool of Obscure and Abstract Studies
SGPCSiromani Gurudwara Prabandhak Committee
SRRBSolar Radiation Research Branch
SPAFAir Force Support Office
STDAStreetTalk Directory Assistance [Banyan]
SHBCorel Show Presentation
SKISakri Jn.
SOIPStorage Over Ip
SO-JSmall Outline J-lead Dual In-line Package
SPURSingle Precision Unpacked Rounded
SDVFSoftware Development and Verification Facilities
STBXsoon to be ex
SEEASystem of Integrated Environmental and Economic Accounting
SG1Stanford Graphics Graphics file
SOM(S)self-organizing map(s)
SFDFSatellite Field Distribution Facility
SGLT2sodium glucose cotransporter 2
SODASolar Observational Data For Applications
SSTASea- Surface Temperature Anomaly
SDCVShuttle Derived Cargo Vehicle
SEAMAPSoutheast Area Monitoring and Assessment Program
SCBUSpecial Care Baby Unit
SMOBCSolder Mask Over Bare Copper
SPTTDSpecial Projects Traffic & Transportation Division
SERISchepens Eye Research Institute
SBRDso bored
SH3Harvard Graphics 3.0 Presentation File
SPOFSoftware Project Management
SPDIFSonyPhilips Digital Interface Format
SLJJapanese Spacelab
SPC-Esimple point charge extended
SFISShop Floor Information System
SPECTASSP Workshop on Spectrum Estimation and Modeling
SXTSame eXact Thing
SPPSScalable Power Parallel System [IBM]
SMATVSatellite Master Antenna Television
SEG(S)segmented neutrophilic white blood cell(s)
SHPShaft Horsepower
SUTUCTso you think you can type
SAMISan Andreas Mod Installer
STOAScientific and Technological Options Assessment
SORTAsort of
SAOCSpatial Audio Object Coding
SRYND2Gsorry need to go
SEEDSSelf Employment And Entrepreneurial Development System
SNRISerotonin And Noradrenaline Reuptake Inhibitor
SOFIAStratospheric Observatory For Infrared Astronomy
SNUSolar Neutrino Unit
SFRSet Factory Reset
SNIPESSociety of National Institutes for Physical Education and Sports
SPEMSpasmolytic Polypeptide Expressing Metaplasia
SH2Supercritical Hydrogen
SELECTInstall DOS with Selected format
SMIFStandard Mechanical Interface
SPARTSpace Research and Technology
SLM(S)spatial light modulator(s)
SNESSuprascapular Nerve Entrapment Syndrome
S-MIEEE Software [Magazine]
SS5Signalling System 5 (2400/2600 Hz tones)
SETEXTStructure Enhanced Text [Internet]
SCICEXSubmarine Arctic SCIence Cruise Exercise
SPRDSingapuram Road
SBCSSingle-Byte Character Set
SWROSeawater Reverse Osmosis
SKJSahibpurkml Jn.
SYNTRANSynchronous Transmission
SERVSingle Stage Earth Orbital Reusable Vehicle
SMESSuperconduction Magnetic Energy Storage
SSARSociety for the Study of Amphibians and Reptiles
SLSSSystems Library Subscription Service [IBM]
SOMSShuttle Orbiter Medical System
SARLSustainable Agriculture and Rural Livelihoods
SOFISprayon Foam Insulation
SPIKEScience Planning Intelligent Knowledge-Based Environment [STScI]
SBI(S)screening and brief intervention(s)
STRSState Teacher Retirement System
SUAGOOMLshut up and get out of my life
SNEWwhat's new
SMYSSpecified Minimum Yield Strength
SLOBSimple List Of Blocks
SQL-DSStructured Query Language-Data System [IBM]
STRUDLStructural Design Language (Programming Language)
SMICSalaire Minimum Interprofessionnel de Croissance
SSPESimple Security Policy Editor
SERMSelective Estrogen Receptor Modulator
SH.BSheath Blight
SLDTStore Local Descriptor Table
SHAPSample Handling and Analysis Plan
SMTOESets My Teeth On Edge = annoys you a lot
SFOCSpace Flight Operations Contract
SLWShift Left Word
SBCASaint Bernard Club of America
SA NODESino-Atrial Node
SENSScience and Engineering Node Services
SADCCSouth African Development Corporation Conference
SLIPSNote This term had 47 hits on 19.10.2011. It was the title of a course from the Royal College of Surgery
SIMULASimulation (language)
SHDSustainable Human Development
SH.RSheath Rot
SRTNSibsagar Town
SOQStatements Of Qualifications
SFFSpecial Frontier Force
SMWStandard Materials Worksheet
SEDSSmall Expendable Deployer System
SEYSingle Enlightened Yogi
SYSOPSYstems OPerator
SJPSamajwadi Janata Party
SLARSight Looking Environment Radar
SMSRSide-Mode Suppression Ratio
SLRSScheme for Liberation & Rehabilitation of Scavangers
SEPSSolar Electric Propulsion System
SETISearch for Extraterrestrial Intelligence
SYZSatyananda Yoga Zentrum
SAEDSemiAutomatic External Defibrillator
SSIPstrategic service implementation plan
SXYSwap X and Y Registers
SNHUSouthern New Hampshire University
SRFISquash Racquets Federation of India
SSTCSabah Skills Technology Centre
SSDPSimple Service Discovery Protocol
SFALASmall Farmers and Agricultural Labourers Agency
SHITSpecial HighIntensity Testing
SIRNAsmall interfering ribonucleic acid
SFHSet Flags to Halfmast
SSHSSSocial Science and Humanities Student Society
SMSWStore Machine Status Word
SUDICSudden Unexpected Death in Infancy/Childhood
SKUASTSher-e-Kashmir University of Agriculture Sciences and Technology
STTRSmall Business Technology Transfer
SHTSolution Heat Treated
S-JStevens-Johnson syndrome
SGRB(S)short gamma ray burst(s)
SGOSociety of Gynecologic Oncologists
SYOTBFsee you on the battlefield
SYIABsee you in a bit
SED RATESedimentation Rate
SMIEEESenior Member IEEE
SOKAYit's okay
STM-4622.080 Mbits/ Second
SM OFCSingle-Mode Optical Fiber Cable
SITE:Sign in to enter
SVUspecial victims unit
SCVMMSystem Center Virtual Machine Manager (Microsoft)
SLACERNO Spacelab Product Assurance Department
SXUSaint Xavier University
SMRAMSystem Management Random Access Memory
SYIAFsee you in a few
SILSquamous Intraepithelial Lesion
SWAKsealed with a kiss
SINESecure Inbound Network Environment
SEEQSurvey of Essential Elements Questionnaire
STVMSociety for Tropical Veterinary Medicine
SCIDSpacecraft Identification
SGVSelf Guided Vehicle
SJAOffice of Student Judicial Affairs
SMIRShuttle Multispectral Infrared Radiometer
SFMEStorable Fluid Management Experiment
SWCIDSouthwest Collegiate Institute for the Deaf
SQHScottish Qualification for Headship
S-HTTPService Hypertext Transport Protocol
SXISeverely Multiply Impaired
STYSspeak to you soon
SLOT-1Slot 1 Bus Connector
SAXSSmall Angle X-ray Scattering
SOFARSound Fixing And Ranging
SPREPSouth Pacific Regional Environment Programme
SEACATSeaBird Conductivity and Temperature Recorder
SGMTSimulated Greenwich Mean Time
SARBSan Antonio River Basin
SMOPSectional Manual of Office Procedure
SNTPSimple Network Time Protocol
SFWUZsafe for work until zoomed
SCQSituational Confidence Questionnaire
SAPSSheep Annual Premium Scheme
SHUPshut up
SHARPSafety And Health Achievement Recognition Program
SCRBCSchomburg Center for Research in Black Culture
SORTInstruct DOS to SORT text data
SGG(ZW3)Shaggy(Zeste- White 3) kinase
SPIRESStanford Public Information Retrieval System
SVOCSemiVolatile Organic Compounds
SHHShapur Jn.
SOTSSeat Of The Pants
SLF4JSimple Logging Facade for Java
SSRISSelective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors
SMNSuper Mayoreo Naturista
SBLAIstop babbaling like an idiot
SWMTStop Wasting My Time
SSTHSemantic Script Theory of Humour
SNEWSSecure News Server [Internet]
SFVSan Fernando Valley
SWISHSimple Web Indexing System For Humans
SLFPSri Lanka Freedom Party
SFSGSo far so good
SFOMShuttle Flight Operations Manual
SQTMsnickering quietly to myself
SFACSanta Fe Astronomy Club
SCISStandard Cubic Inches per Second
SGDMStudy Group on Data Management
SYRSsee ya real soon
S-ASinoatrial Node
SSPACollege of Social Sciences and Public Affairs
SNCPSub-Network Connection Protection
SPPPSpecial Purpose Manipulator System
SUDEPSudden Unexpected Death of Epilepsy Patient
SIO2Silicon Di- Oxide
SAMSSymbols And Message Strings
SL4Nso long for now
SGGSuperconducting Gravity Gradiometer
SSSISite of Special Scientific Interest
SWSW2Bsingle when she wants to be
SWAFKsealed with a friendly kiss
STA-7University of St Andrews-7
SXMSelfeXamining Mechanism
SWMBOshe who must be obeyed
SMILSynchronized Multimedia Integration Language
SASHSaline - Administration of medicine - Saline - Heparin
SEDACSocioeconomic Data and Applications Center
SSDBSequence Specific DNA Binding
SNDPZSyndicat National des Parcs Zoologiques
SIADSustainable Integrated Area Development
SBZShould Be Zero
SEBRFlorida Hospital in SEBRing
SVJDMSardar Vallabhbhai Patel Centre of Jewellery Design and Manufacture
SNIDStudies in National and International Development
SMTAStandard Material Transfer Agreement
SPTDSupplemental Provisioning Technical Documentation
SQXarchive format
SNSTSciatic Nerve Stretch Test
SOD FLSodium Fluoride
SFAMSister from another mother
SUQShizuoka University Quails
SALIScience and Life Issues (University of California)
SYATPsee you at the party
SU.VI.MAXSupplementation en Vitamines et Mineraux Antioxydants
SSHFSSecure SHell FileSystem
SUCRSingle-Use Camera Reader
SJQSurajpur Road
SUS PROGRAMMESecondary Users Service Programme
SJPLSSan Jose Public Library System
SHEFEXILShellac and Forest Products Export Promotion Council
SYAMSystems Area Management
SSSTLASociety of Study of the Science and Technology of Laboratory Animals
SLQShift Left with MQ
SGBADQSearch google before asking dumb questions
SSMBSAP Solutions for Mobile Business
SPECIAviation Selected Special Weather Report
SYTYCDso you think you can dance
SAIDISpaced Antenna Imaging Doppler Interferometer
SLZShift Left Zero
SOD BIPHOSSodium Biphospahte
SHEPSSociety of Health Education and Promotion Specialists
SS GLWithout Glasses (or Corrective Lenses)
SPIDER-MEMSEMATECH Process-Induced Damage Effect Revealer - Manufacturing Equipment Monitor
SS4Signalling System 4 (2040/2400 Hz tones)
SRDCSurface Reference Data Center
SCFFSanta Cruz Film Festival
SASSASoil Analysis Support System for Archaeology
SLMRSilly Little Modem Reader
SURMSolapur Jn.
SIRAShuttle Imaging RadarA
SQUHSultan Qaboos University Hospital
SSARGstandard spending assessment reduction grant
SCRIPTStanford Computerized Researcher Information Profile Technique
SHMILYsee how much i love you
SIAASocietas Iuridica Antiliana et Arubana
SIBSShanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences
SQZRoots IV Backup file
SOD BENZOATESodium Benzoate
SLSN-Ihydrogen-poor SLSNe
SHCIStock Holding Corporation of India
SVSUSaginaw Valley State University
SSMLSpeech Synthesis Markup Language
STBMSeminiferous Tubule Basement Membrane
SMTSScalable Migration And Tracking System
SJMCSt. Jude Medical Center
SPELTSoros Professional English Language Teacher
SETASearch For Extra Terrestrial Artifacts
STEPSStudent And Temporary Employee Placement Services
SNDRSwedish National Diabetes Registry
SMIRDSOHO Mission Implementation Requirements Document
SCT(WM)Specialised Commissioning Team (West Midlands)
SSM/ISpecial Sensor Microwave/ Imager
SSCFSafer and Stronger Communities Fund
SHAGSimplified High Accuracy Guidance
SDMUSerial Data Management Unit
SWRTSahawar Town
SFMLSimple and Fast Multimedia Library
SCXColoRIX Graphics bitmap
SSP4Supplemental Support Pack 4
SQPMMSoftware Quality and Process Maturity Model
SWEATSalt Water Energy Accumulation and Transformation
SGTSScottish Gaelic Texts Society
SWOGSouthwest Oncology Group
SWF-DS1SWitched Fractional Digital Signal 1 line
SLPDService Location Protocol Daemon
SFOPFrench Paediatric Oncology Society
SVQMusic file
SBMOMOSBMO/IEEE MTT-S International Microwave and Optoelectronics Conference
SMVPShuttle Master Verification Plan
SZABISTShaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Institute of Science & Technology
SZFSingle Zero Failure
SXDSelfeXamining Device
STMBSpace-Time Multiple Beam
SPML4TShadow Page Map Level 4 Table
SYL8Rsee you later
SJBFSouth Jetty Bird Flat
STLRSafety Thermal Limit Recorder
SUBCSydney University Boat Club
SNOMScanning Nearfield Optical Microscopy
SOCSSubsystem Operation and Checkout System
SUIBshut up im busy
SITARSeafloor Imaging And Toxicity Assessment Of Risks
SRAGSpace Radiation Analysis Group
SFPSSingle Failure Point Summary
SCUFESouthwest China University of Finance and Economics
SOCATTSociety of Clerks at-the-Table in Common Wealth Parliaments
STRSTThermal Stress Restrained Specimen Test
SVIDSubsystem Vendor Id
SGAPSimple General Awareness Protocol (IBM)
SHMOSenior Hospital Medical Officer
SMDFSubscriber Maintenance Distributing Frame
SMLIStateful MultiLayer Inspection
SFSSSPARTAN Flight Support Structure
SJMITSri Jagadguru Murugharajendra Institute of Technology
S2Asent to all
SRO STATUTORYRules and Orders
SUGSScottish Universities Golfing Society
SHASUScheme for House and Shelter Upgradation
SJDDoctor of Laws
SGGMSuperconducting Gravity Gradiometer Mission
SINADSIgnal-to-(Noise And Distortion) ratio
SPSEState Public Sector Enterprises
SOFTEInternational Conference on Software Engineering
SNHCSynthetic And Natural Hybrid Coding
SFACISoftware Flight Article Configuration Inspection
SNIISuperNova of Type II
SWOPSpecifications for Web Offset Printing
SCOTISharing Career Opportunities and Training Information
SGSSSolar Generator Subsystem
SYVSanta Ynez Valley
SADS-CSchedule of Affective Disorders and Schizophrenia - Change
SAE(S)serious adverse event(s)
SZESecurity Zone Entry
SRNAStudent Registered Nurse Anesthetist
SGGTSerum Gamma Glutamyl Transferase
SOHHDScottish Office Home and Health Department (said to be extinct)
SNI1Selective Noise Isolator Type 1
SZASarotra Road
SGCRSubcommittee on Global Change Research
SHRINEStrategic Human Resources Information Network
SGTMslightly gigling to myself
SLLRSingle Line Loud Ringer
SWTVSurface Water Temporal Variability
SGLSSpace Ground Link System
SY3Harvard Graphics 3.x Symbol file
SHIFTin a Batch file
SCJASun Certified Java Associate
SGENSignal Generator System Generator
SSOLSessynesis Software Open License
SGUTSiliguru Town
SIOPInternational Society of Paediatric Oncology
STTYset tty
SGNDShrigonda Road
SGODStudy Guide On Demand
SFTAStructural Fatigue Test Article
SC.BBachelor of Science
SSAVASwedish Small Animal Veterinary Association
SZXarea SiZe in X dimension
SFPPLShort Form Provisioning Parts List
SNITSouthern Nebraska Institute of Technology
SVSCSaginaw Valley State College
SWTDSystem With Training Data
SHOTSpace Houston On Ten
SOD CLSodium Chloride
SNI2Selective Noise Isolator type 2
SJTUShanghai JiaoTong University
SDS BUREAU SERVICESpine Directory Service Bureau Service
SHHECScottish Heart Health Extended Cohort
SOFTSpace Operations and Flight Techniques
SGBPStack Group Bidding Protocol
SNPPSimple Network Paging Protocol
SKESchwarzchild Kinematical Explorer
SFJSingle Fibre Jitter
SXASaint Xavier Academy
SMOOSShipboard Meteorological And Oceanographic Observing System
SKBRSree Konaseema Bhanoji Ramars
SADDShort Alcohol Dependence Data
SCHOOLMATESchool Mobile Assisted TEacher
SDJSave Daniel Jackson
SHOOSoft HandOver Overhead
SWFZShockWave Flash Z-axis
SGNICSingapore Network Information Centre
SYNUSDSC Synu image file Bitmap graphics
SJCHSt. Jude Children's Hospital
SNXSaneh Road
SHSCSunnybrook Health Science Centre
SWISSatellite Weather Information System
SJSUSan Jose State University
SUWEScheme of Urban Wage Employment
SLSN-Rradioactively powered SLSNe
SCWDPSocial Care Workforce Development Programme
SCUPSerbian Children Unity Program
SFQLStructured Full-text Query Language
SCCCCSt. Clair County Community College ( Michigan)
SUIDIRFSudden Unexplained Infant Death Investigation Report Form
SGMMSemiconductor Generic Manufacturing Model
SLRVShuttle Launched Research Vehicle
SWFCSouthwest Fisheries Center
SRBDFSRB Disassembly Facility
SGOSShuttle Ground Operations Simulatio
SCDUSignal Conditioning and Display Unit
SAVERShuttle Avionics Verification and Evaluation
SGSCStrain Gauge Signal Conditioner
SHTTSilghat Town
SNZSkip if Not Zero
STDFStandard Test Data Format
SCRSYSerialized Control and Record System
SBDOShort- Billed Dowitcher (bird)
SBIWWordwide Subtraction
SZZarea SiZe in Z dimension
SWBHTSandwell and West Birmingham Hospital Trust
SPISSpacecraft Plasma Interaction System
SRCBDSoftware Requirements Control Board Directive
SBWWISociety of British Water and Wastewater Industries
SWQSSurface Water Quality Standards
SIWSpace Internet Workshop
SFACETScottish Farm and Countryside Educational Trust
SRRPSource Reduction Review Project
SHWTSeasonal High Water Table
SPHRSenior Professional in Human Resources Certification
SY1Ami Pro Smartpix symbol library
SMRDSpin Motor Run Discrete
SUPERService Unique President Executive And Relationship
SOFHSecretary of Health
SOPSSelect Committee on Ocean Policy
SRBPFSolid Rocket Booster Processing Facility
SANDSite Activation Need Date
SRNSSteroid-Resistant Nephrotic Syndrome
SGCPSimple Gateway Control Protocol
SCITStandard Change Integration and Tracking
SEMASupport Equipment Move Authorization
SECTSpacelab Experiment Channel Tape
SMEARSpanMission Evaluation Action Request
SIRBShuttle Imaging RadarB
SETTSociety for the Eradication of Tuberculosis Transmission
SUSYSuper Symmetry
SBIVSolar Backscatter UltraViolet
SNIFScent-based Navigation and Information Foraging
SVMESociety for Veterinary Medical Ethics
SOD SALSODium SALicylate
SEKEInternational Conference on Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering
SICPStructure and Interpretation of Computer Programming
SLAHTSStanford Linear Accelerator Center
SHACIOSStrategic Health Authority Chief Information Officer
SULAIRStanford University Libraries & Academic Information Resources
SFCFSamoyed Fanciers of Central Florida
SPIMSShuttle Program Information Management System
SWQDSurface Water Quality Division
SFHMSenior Fellow in Hospital Medicine
SNMTsystematic nutritional muscle testing
SSPHOSouth Shore Physician Hospital Organization
SRMTSelf-Reproducing Machine Tool
SMEMASurface Mount Equipment Manufacturers Association
SVEPMSociety for Veterinary Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine
SWOSUSouthWestern Oklahoma State University
SIAPSystem Integrity Assurance Program
SWQASoftware Quality Assurance
SLCAERNO Spacelab Project Control
SHEALShuttle High Energy Astrophysics Laboratory
SFMRStepped Frequency Microwave Radiometer
SNOTELSnow Telemetry
SFDUStandard Formatted Data Unit
SNIF-ACTScent-based Navigation and Information Foraging in the Atomic Components of Thought architecture
SRBCPSatellite Radiation Budget Climatology Project
SIPRODSimultaneous Production and Drilling
SNCSSensory Nerve Conduction Studies
SHPCCScaleable High Performance Computing Conference
STACSkills Talents Abilities And Characteristics
SWMMSawaimdhopr Jn.
SUSSSpectrum Utilization Study Software
SUSTCSouth University of Science and Technology of China
SHOOTSuperfluid Helium OnOrbit Transfer
SWICSevere Weather Information Centre
SEPARShuttle Electrical Power Analysis Report
SPAINSocial Policy Ageing Information Network
SWQPSurface Water Quality Program
SFTFStatic Firing Test Facility
SWHASoftware Hazard Analysis
SZYarea SiZe in Y dimension
SLSSSSpacelab Subsystem(s) Segment
SEPICSingle Ended Primary Inductor Converter
SPWInternational Software Process Workshop
SECOSustainer Engine Cutoff
STIMScanning Transmission Ion Microscopy
SLOSsomeone looking over shoulder
SPRITEAnimation (Sizzler)
SAAMSpecial Air Force Airlift Mission
SNVELSyndicat National des Veterinaires d'Exercice Liberal (French Veterinary Association)
SFBHStandards for Better Health
SFPASingle Failure Point Analysis
SRPTShortest Remaining Processing Time
SAFDSystems Anomaly and Failure Detection
SLCONIEEE International Semiconductor Laser CONference
SUSEService Und Software Entwicklung
SESAMESevere Environmental Storms and Mesoscale Experiment
SCFHStandard Cubic Feet per Hour
SEONSolar Electro Optical Network
SLAKStowage List and Hardware Tracking System
SCRDSchool of Community Resources and Development
SARRSmall and Rapid Response
SFSUSan Francisco State University
SLCLERNO Spacelab Configuration Management
SFTICStatistics of Foreign Trade in India by Countries
SHRUGS XXScottish Health Resource Utilisation Groups
SVCPSpecial Virus Cancer Program
SCOSSubsystem Computer Operating System
SAHFStore Register AH into
SIASTSaskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology
SAFIShortterm Average Failure Intensity
SMVRDShuttle Master Verification Requirements Document
SEFCSoutheast Fisheries Center
SIFRScalable Inman Flash Replacement
SIGAsecretory immunoglobulin A
SDSMTSouth Dakota School of Mines and Technology
SFUEStanford Fund for Undergraduate Education
SWOOTACSemantic Web Owl Ontology Classifier
SP-MIEEE Signal Processing Magazine
SBSTASubsidiary Body for Scientific and Technological Advice
SEAJSemiconductor Equipment Association of Japan
SRBABSRB Assembly Building
SRNVMSubretinal neovascular membrane
SREBPSterol Regulatory Element Binding Protein
STSSshort term support services
SFEASinus Floor Elevation and Augmentation
SIASSchool of Indigenous Australian Studies
SLPBSpacelab Program Board
SROPSenior Registered Options Principal
SDPFSensor Data Processing Facility
SYKExcel Symbolic link spreadsheet format
SER-DESSerializer/ De-serializer
SFHSSaint Francis Health System
SCAGNHS Security and Confidentiality Advisory Group
SBRNSensory Brnch of Radial Nerve
SWSESemantic Web Search Engine
SCKRSalichauka Road
SFEXSolar Flare Xray Polarimeter
SFDTSite Format Dump Tape
SGDTStore Global Descriptor Table
SARIMASeasonal Auto Regressive Integrated Moving Average
SUNQSee yoU Next Quarter
SWGMSite Working Group Member
SHLBSimulation Hardware Load Boxes
SOD NITRSodium Nitrate
SURTASSSurveillance Towed Array Sensor System
SBLOCASmall-Break Loss-of-Coolant Accident
SZWSingle Zone Warfare
SWBXTSynchrotron White Beam X-ray Topography
SNOAPADStandard Nomenclature of Animal Parasites and Diseases
SJCPLSt. Joseph County Public Library
SNRNPSmall Nuclear Ribonucleo Protein Particle
SWIGSensors for Water Interest Group
SLIITSri Lanka Institute of Information Technology
SRSGSpecial Representative to the Secretary General
SBFTSmall Bowel Follow Through Series
SLICESelective Line Insertion Communication Equipment
SNTNScottish National Training Number
SNTXShort-chain Neurotoxin
SCCAGSouthern Combined Clinical Advisory Group
SOSASpecial Operations Support Area
SUBRSouthern University and A&M; College at Baton Rouge
SWATHSmall Waterplane Area Twin Hull
SCFDScientific Cultural Facilities District
SCCFSolar Cell Calibration Facility
SCCBSite Configuration Control Board
SBARCSanta Barbara Amateur Radio Club
SKMPStandard Key Management Protocol
SWANSATSuper-Wide Area Network SATellite
SLEMUERNO Spacelab Engineering
SISTCSelection into Surgical Training Centres
SCRAMSecondary Control Rod Axe Man
SIQRSemi-InterQuartile Range
SQL/DSStructured Query Language / Data System
SYLKMicrosoft Symbolic Link spreadsheet format
SOBARShort Of Breath At Rest
SBUVSolar Backscatter UltraViolet
SSSVSubsurface Safety Valve
SSMASilver State Medical Administrators
SFCMSuper- Flash Command
SEWSSurveillance and Early Warning System
SPASERstimulated emission of radiation
SNAMESimulations And Non Arcade Machine Emulator
SCASDScan String Doubleword
SIGBUSsignal: bus error
SVHCDSonoma Valley Health Care District
SEDOSearch Engine for Domain Offers
SIRIJSemiconductor Industry Research Institute of Japan
SNIXSingle Noise Interference Xterminator
SHIASolidarity Humanity International Aid
SFETESmiling From Ear To Ear
SIDAACSnow and Ice Distributed Active Archive Center
SCSMEXSouth China Sea Monsoon Experiment
SXPSSoft X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy
SUBSTSubstitute Drive Designator
SMIMESecure Multi-purpose Internet Mail Extensions
SFPLSan Francisco Public Library
SNTLNStructured Non-linear Total least Norm
SULARStanford University Libraries & Academic Information Resources
SZZPSuper Zig-Zag Panel Antenna
STKCScience and Technology Knowledge Center
SSITSri Siddartha Institute of Technology
STKPSER/THR Protein Kinase
SLEPCState Level Export Promotion Committee
SADEStructural Assembly Demonstration Experiment
SEMSSubstitute Employee Management System
SPSMOSite Management Office
SELSISSpace Environment Laboratory Solar Imaging System
SCHLSubcapsular Hematoma Of The Liver
SPATSSitka Prevention And Treatment Services
SEIIServoactuator Error Indication Interrupt
SKSAVASlovakian Small Animal Veterinary Association
SMHISveriges Meteorologiska och Hydrologiska Institut
SIGTERMsignal: terminate
SBCG4APstrongbads cool game for attractive people
SFBRSouthwest Foundation for Biomedical Research
SPVSSociety of Practicing Veterinary Surgeons (home page)
SIVELPSindacato Italiano Veterinari Liberi Professionisti (Italy)
SISEXSatellite Imaging Spectrometer Experiment
SWSHASouth West Strategic Health Authority
SFWSOStudent FWS Orientation
SKMMStandard Key Management Module
SCECSouthern California Earthquake Center
SORTIEShort Term Mission
SKIRTShuttle Kientic Infrared Test
SNIRSighal to Noise plus Interference Ratio
SZVMZSlovensko Zdruzenje Veterinariev Za Male Zivali (Slovenian Small Animal Veterinary Association)
SPVRSuccessive Partial Variation Relaxation
SHFMsplit hand/foot malformation
SIGIOsignal: input/output (possible or completed)
SHRTNSeniors Health Research Transfer Network
SAMSOSpace and Missile Systems Organization
SEMTAScience Engineering And Manufacturing Technologies Alliance
SSQAStandardized Supplier Quality Assessment
SCVFSingle Chamber Vacuum Furnace
SWODY2Severe Weather Outlook Day 2
SGUMDERStanding Group on Undergraduate Medical and Dental Education and Research
SC&H;Social Care and Health
SJCESri Jayachamarajendra College of Engineering
SAEMSociety for Academic Emergency Medicine
SASTINETSouth Asian Science and Technology Information Network
SSMMSuperficial Spreading Malignant Melanoma
SANDOsensory ataxia neuropathy dysarthria and ophthalmoplegia
SURFRADSurface Radiation Budget Network
SARDASearch and Rescue Dog Association
SRBLSolar Radio Burst Locator
SIVEShuttle Interface Verification Equipment
SMKUShelter MockUp
SAALCSan Antonio Air Logistics Center
SEHSCSusquehanna Emergency Health Services Council
SMASESystems Management Application Service Element
SPOPIOperations Planning and Integration Office
SPPLSoftware Program Managers Network
SUTDSingapore University of Technology and Design
SIGUSR1signal: user-defined signal 1
SNMSSputtered Neutral Mass Spectroscopy
SDTSSpatial Data Transfer Standard
SILASStudent Information Lookup Access System
SPAHSpacelab Payload Accommodations Handbook
SCWPStudent Concerned Wrestling Party
SIGWINCHsignal: window (size) changed
SAVABSmall Animal Veterinary Association of Belgium
SMELECIEEE International Conference on Semiconductor Electronics
SADISSatellite Distribution System
SMMRScanning Multichannel Microwave Radiometer
SSMISSpecial Sensor Microwave Imager Sounder
SIPVPSymmetric Independent Private-Values Paradigm
SERSShuttle Equipment Record System
SMBHSuper Massive Black Hole
SKOSSimple Knowledge Organization System
SAPICStreamlined Advanced Programmable Interrupt Controller
SLKRSalka Road
SILTSShuttle Infrared Leeside Temperature Sensing
SIGCATSpecial Interest Group on CD-ROM Applications and Technology
SALCSacramento Air Logistics Center
SCODLAgfa slide file Bitmap graphics
SMIASerial Multiplexer Interface Adapter
STNAState Tested Nurses Aide
SNLTSelf Normalized Linear Test
SCI-ARCSouthern California Institute of Architecture
SPIDFSupport Planning Identification File
SIGSYSsignal: (bad argument to) system call
SCEASun Certified Enterprise Architect
S.D.standard deviation
SPNHCThe Society For The Preservation of Natural History Collection
SEAFISSouth- East Asian Fisheries Information System
SEAFLOESoutheast Florida Outfalls Experiment
SNSOSpace Nuclear Systems Office
SWADLSurface Acoustic Wave Delay Line
SASTPStandAlone SelfTest Program
SPAWARSpace and Naval Warfare Systems Command
S.G.specific gravity
SEAREXStudy on Sea- Air Exchanges
SGDGSahm Group Digital Media
SOCHSpacelab Orbiter Common Hardware
SAGNSpelling and Grammar Nazi
SIRRSoftware Integration Readiness Review
SDWASafe Drinking Water Act
STHKSt Helens & Knowsley NHS Trust
SMOSSoil Moisture and Ocean Salinity
SEFLSingle-Ended Fault Locating
SCHEStowage Cargo Handling Equipment
STIERIEEE Southern Tier Technical Conference
SIMGState Information Managers Group
SMKWSecondary Magneto- Kinetic Wave
SEOSSynchronous Earth Observation Satellite
SFARISimons Foundation Autism Research Initiative
SAHMstay at home mom
SUNIFFSun TAAC Image File Format Bitmap graphics
SIMOXSeparation by IMplantation of OXygen
SSBUShuttle Solar Backscatter Ultraviolet
STIWGSatellite Telemetry Interagency Working Group
SPARSilent Professions Are Random
SEACFSupport Equipment Assembly and Checkout Facility
SCRGSystem Change Review Group
SOLSENIEEE Solid-State Sensor and Actuator Workshop
SSMISample Survey of Manufacturing Industries
STDEVStandard Deviation
SEMTHEIEEE Seminconductor Thermal & Temperature Measurement Symposium
SOPAStop online piracy act
SERDPStrategic Environmental Research and Development Program
SPIFStandard Payload Interface Facility
SIMFStrategic Information Management Framework
SDHLRSuper-Distributed Home Location Register
SOSIGSocial Science Information Gateway
SIMPLSuper Integrative Manipulative Programming Language
SOBEshortness of breath on exertion
SPAGState President Acting Governor
SIPIANSimulated Pipe Organ
SEWPSolutions for EnterpriseWide Procurement
SDDBSnap Disk Drive Belt
SMOHSt. Marys Orthopaedic Hospital
STOSWStore String Word
STPHUScience And Technology Program Of Harvard University
SICTSSociety of Information Computer Technology Students
SPDESampling Point Data Entry
SMARCSouthwest Missouri Amateur Radio Club
SEOGSupplemental Education Opportunity Grant
SEPAMSquare D Electrical Protection And Monitoring
SCTNScottish Cancer Therapy Network
SIIESummer Institute on International Education
SSPCAScottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
SSLBSeptoria Speckled Leaf Blotch
SASGStandardized Amiga Shareware Group
SANAPSuper Aggregated Network Access Point
SHTGSevere of Hypertriglyceridemia
SCVUSony Certified Vegas User
SAZARCSouth Asian Zoo Association for Regional Cooperation
SMCHStandard Mixed Cargo Harness
SINHHyperbolic Sine
SOTLScholarship of Teaching and Learning
SOLRADSolar Radiation
SAGADHSenior Administrative Grade(Adhoc)
SONRSaoner Jn.
SIMSYMSimulation Symposium
STCSCSpartanburg Technical College of South Carolina
SHPOState Historic Preservation Office
S/PDIFSony/Philips Digital Interface Format
SECAASSecurity as a Service
STOSBStore String Byte
SOSCSpace Operations Support Center
SATB1Special AT-rich sequence binding protein 1
SERGGSoutheast Regional Genetics Group
SMARTSSafety Manuals Application Readings Talk And Symptoms
SADFSouth Asian Development Fund
STKUSmart Table-top Kit Upgrade
SONITHShoot the Other Node In The Head
SPREDSMS Program for Retrieving Election Data
SSPVSatisfiability Solvers and Program Verification
STGEIEEE Workshop on Simulation and Test Generation Environments
SOPACScripps Orbit and Permanent Array Center
SMBISet Memory Bit I
SCAIMVSSouth Central Australia Institute of Medical and Veterinary Science
SMASTShort Michigan Alcoholism Screening Test
SIBMESingapore Informatics and Business Management Education Ltd.
SASTSerum Aspartate Aminotransferase
SEPURSelfEmployment Programme for the Urban Poor
SCUBSatellite Central Utility Building
STIJPDAFSegmenting Track Identifier-based Joint Probabilistic Data Association Filter
SOCARShuttle Operational Capability Assessment Report
SIGTTOUsignal: TTY output
SSERCStanford Sleep Epidemiology Research Center
SCBDSeller's Approved Configuration Baseline Document
STIMISatellite and Terrestrial Interactive Multiservice Infrastructure
SVECCSStudent Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society
SHERBSandia Human Error Rate Bank
SHSSStructure and Harness Subsystem
SHFLDsplit hand/foot malformation with long bone deficiency
STLCCSt. Louis Community College
SCAMAStation Conferencing and Monitoring Arrangement
SAWRSSupplementary Aviation Weather Reporting Station
STLQSci Tech Library Question