There are certain full forms which are not actually or officially full forms of the term but generally become popular by sms, emails or word of mouth. Mind it there are certain terms which have not any official full forms, but people usually expand it just for fun. Here is a list of most popular short and full forms of these terms. For example teacher has not any full form, but it can be extended by students by their wishes to give it a meaningful expansion.
Short Form
Full Form
construction investigation various information levelling
B:briliant r:role model o:orthodox t:teacher h:horrible e:enchanting r:roommate
Global Organization of Oriented Group Language of Earth
F- Friendly A- Achiever T- Trustworth H- Heroic E- Exceptional R- Really a great person
Mind Uninterrupted Soulful Intriguing Caravan
K=keys E= electronic Y=yet B=board O=operating A=a to z R=response D=directly
Secret closed in every natural compound eccentrically
Laboring Under Correct Knowledge
O - our f- fast & f-furious i-intelligent c-circle of e-enemies
S-Studious. T-Talkative. U-United. D-Determined. E-Educated. N-Notable. T-Tolerant
Asian Passenger Payload Experiment
Kutti Kamini Cheez
Finally i left Adidas
Many Erudite Neurotics Seeking Attention
Patients Out of Time
h- appy feelings shared u- niversally warm & fuzzy g- reat 2 give & 2 receive

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