full forms starting with letter Z

Short Form
Full Form
Zoological Survey of India
Zone Improvement Program (geographic codes- USA)
Compression files that save disk space (PKZip is most popular)
Zero Padding
Zygote Intra fallopian Transfer
Zeolite Socony Mobil #5
Zonal Cultural Centre
E-Tabs Reader File
Zoological Society
PagePath Technologies Compressed Mac File
Zinc Sulfate
Zeolite Socony Mobil
Ziff Davis publication company (publish large percent of computer literature)
Zonal Office
Zero Insertion Force (CPU chips that can be removed to upgrade a PC)
Zero Energy Thermo Nuclear Assembly
Zoo Compressed file archive
Zero Noise
zee entertainment enterprise
Zope Enterprise Objects
Input Impedance
what's up?
Easy CD Creator Drag to Disk File
Zero Network Administration (where all registration- profiles- policy kept in 1 place)
Zero Based Budgeting
Zero Latency Enterprise (Compaq)
OPsonized Zymosan
e-Surveiller Log Archive file
Zero Tolerance
Z- Directional Tensile Tester
DesignPro Label Design file
Zn2 Si0.5 Ge0.5 O4: Mn
Zebra BASIC Interpreter
Compressed File Run Through UNIX COMPRESS and BTOA
Zero Administration Client
Zone Bit Recording
Rapid simulation package file
Zero Administration Kit
C++ Assembly Source
eZediaMX and eZedia Player Unlocked Presentation Document
Ziff Davis Network: formally ZDNET- computer dedicated publisher- and internet site
Zimbabwe United People’s Organisation
Zortech 21 Readme File
Z-axis adhesive film
Zinc Oxide
Z To End
Ziff Davis Network (Largest computer publication company network: wwwzdnetcom)
Zoom Compressed Amiga file archive
Zortech 3 Readme File
ZaP Immediate
Zero- Point- Field
Form*Z Temporary Save File
Zeros Aren't Permitted
Zero Administration for Windows
zoo tycoon
Zinc Bacitracin
Zero Population Growth
Z Object Oriented Model
Sleeping / Bored
Zefiro Acoustics Digital Audio I/ O Card
Zeamatin- Like Protein
Atlantis Ocean Mind Word Processing file
Zebra striped leaf mutant
Zoram Nationalist Party
Output of the UNIX SPLIT Utility
Zero Shear Viscosity
Grand Theft Auto 3 Zone File
Zinc Interface Library icon file Bitmap graphics
The eighth (x8) power of a number {^8}
Zero-error Probabilistic Polynomial
Zero Noise Interconnect
SymbianWare OHG Tracker Skin
Zero Balance Horizontal
Zoom Stereo Binocular Microscope
Intuit Quicken On-line File
Zone of Peace Freedom and Neutrality
Ziff Davis TeleVision channel
ANNO 1602 Game file
MechWarrior 3 Snow Fields File
Zope Page Template
Zinc Undecylenate
Zio Smart Media Reader
Zinc-finger Binding Protein
Zeolite Socony Mobil #3
Zinc Gluconate
WinLabel Version 3.0 Label
Zina Is Not Andromeda
Zinc Chloride
Zerberus Data file
Embroidery Machine Stitch File
Impedance Cardiogram
Zinc Sulfate
Zoological Society for the Conservation of Species and Populations
Chinese text
Zork Implementation Language
Zeiss CSLM file Bitmap graphics
Compressed ZiffNet text document (Zview)
Zeeman Laser Scattering
Zero-suppressed Binary Decision Diagram
Samuel Zell & Robert H. Lurie Institute for Entrepreneurial Studies
Zoned Decimal Data
Re-transmission of a Message
Zero Electron Kinetic Energy
Wayne Zahn Lecture Hall
Disk Volume Identification
Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX Data
Zero Bus Turnaround
Zone Flow Tester
Zinc and Lower Respiratory System impedance
Zinc Acetate
Canon Zoombrowser file
ZigBee Demo Kit
Zoom Stereo Trinocular Microscope
Zimbawe African People's Union
Impedance Meter
Zinc Dialkyl Dithiophosphate
Zn2 Si0.5 Ge0.5 O4
Zero-Order Laue Zone
Zero-Ping DataBase
Zeolite Socony Mobil #2
Steam Zipped Half-Life Map/Mod File
Zinc Citrate
ZoneAlarm File
Zinc- Finger Protein
Z International Next Generation
Z-Firm Package
Zero Fluid Retention
Zero Channel Raid
Zero Hour
Zend Developer Zone
Zero Byte Time Slot Interchange
Zimbawe African National Union
Zaurus Otaku Kurabu
Zachman Institute for Framework Advancement
Zero And Go
ZigBee Product Development Kit
Zope Public License version 2.1
Zeste-White 3 kinase
Zinc- Finger Protein Transcription Factor
Zaurus User Group
Zinc Oxide
Zonula Occludens
Encoded file archive (ascii)
Z Entry Level Charging
AbiWord Compressed Document
Z-Axis 3-D Office Design Software
Zeolite Socony Mobil #1
ZFX - CC3 File Packer Tool
Output of the UNIX SPLIT Utility
Zero Assumption Digital Image Recovery
Zona Pellucida Dissolution Time
ZigBee Low Data Rate
Zagit Scientific Wordprocessor File
Zero- Document Application
Microsoft Hearts Game File
Z-Weave Product Development Manager
Zinc diBenZyldithiocarbamate
zsCompare Session File
Z-axis: The Next Generation file
Zeolite Socony Mobil #4
Poseidon UML CE/SE Diagram
ZigBee Demo Board
Chrono Chaos Creations mil- Cgi file
ZigBee Working Group
Antenna Tuner
Zonal Wave 2
Z-Firm Document Folder
Za-mir Transnational Network
Zinc-finger Binding Protein-89
Zenith HDTV Antenna
Zenographics ZjStream printer driver
Zonal Wave 1
Zinc- Finger Protein Transcription Factor
Zero Voltage Closing
Zebrafish Gene Collection
ZigBee System Solution
ZZT Game Creation System
Zhejiang Wanli University
Zero Forcing Function
Zero Bug Zone
Back4Win Backup Archive
Zenographics ZjStream printer driver
Novell ZENworks For Handhelds
Zyborgs true type font
ZZT Music Player
Zero- Filling Interpolation
Zajdela Hepatoma Cell
Zero Crossing Detector
ZyXEL Voice Format file
Zero Assumption Recovery Toolkit
Zirconium Dioxide
Zope Group Calendar version 0.2
ZX Spectrum emulator Snapshot
Zoned Constant Angular Velocity
Zermelo- Fraenkel Set Theory
Standby Please
Infocom game module
Zero-Voltage Switching PulseWidth Modulation
Zirconium Nitride
Recogsp File
Zdesign Collaborative Design Studios
Poseidon for UML Project File
ZigBee Wireless Mesh Network
Z-Fax Zyxel Voicefile
Quicken6 File
Zero Current Transition
Advanced Zone Pressure Diagnostics
Zero Width No-Break SPace
Z- Differential Reflectivity
ZWEI Was EINE Initially
Compressed XGL file
Zinc Binding Domain 1
Zinc Binding Domain 2
Can You Read Me?
ECLIPSE Server Global Variable File
Zirconium Tungstate
Zhejiang University
Zirconium Diboride
Z-Pinch-Driven Hohlraum
Ziehl-Neelson stain
ZheJiang University of Technology
zTech Single License version 1.0
Zope Public License version 2.0
ZShell Compressed Pictures v2.0
Frotz Z-Code Game