Short Form
Full Form
California Culinary Academy (delisted)
A Commitment To Our Roots
Dragon Pharmaceuticals
Chill Out Fridays For Every E
Drugs Really Use Gross Substances
Advanced Protein Research Organization
Adult Practitioners On Line Learning Opportunities
Commonly Optimistic Legends Learning to Enlighten their Graduation of Education
a regional street term for LSD ONDCP
Communities Addressing Responsible Gun Ownership
Bag-valve-mask resusicitator used in an Ambulance
California Subject Examinations for Teachers
Continuous Home Evaluation Of Clinical Knowledge
Centro Internacional de Agricultura Tropical
Codex Alimentarius collection of food standards
Developing Initiatives For Social And Human Action
AEterna Zentaris Inc.
Andhra Pradesh Government Sales Tax
Devastating Elite Army of Destruction
Detection Systems
Centre for Marine and Petroleum Technology
Centro Internacional de Mejoramiento de Maíz y Trigo (International Maize and Wheat Improvement Centre)
Apex Municipal Fund
Decree Of Justice
Aerospace Department Chairs Association
Drowned Baby Time Line
Choosing Reverently To Extol And Worship
Central Atlantic Bridge Associates
Dealer Order Receipt Acknowledgment
Defense Fuel Supply Center
Data Structured Systems Development
Care And Helping Assist Men Prosper In Our Neighborhood
Defenders Of Shelley Hack
Advanced Electric Propulsion System
African National Congress Youth League
Acta Musei Napocensis
Aircraft Out of Commission for Parts
Center Of Influence Network
Cdms Overloaded For Cf Objects
Central Leather Research Institute
Division Support Command
artists board
Datatrak International
Air Battle Analysis Center Utility System
Contingency Aeromedical Staging Facility
Applied Pavement Technology
Career And Technology Education
Action Half Life
Defense Distribution Mapping Activity
All Money Is Legal
Campaign Point Value
China.Com Corporation Class A
Dirección General de la Producción Agraria
CentiKelvin Thermometer
Canadian Controlled Private Corporation
Anyone Interested Experiencing Something Extra Cool
Disco Dot Pink Orange
Advanced Real-time Gaming Universal Simulation
Detroit Auto Dealers Association
Australia & New Zealand Banking
New name for CID (Surrey)
Chess Players Association of India
Canadian Quality Assurance
A Meeting Of Ecumenical Neighbors
Covenant Transport
Care And Health Industries Pathways For Schools
Dallas Gold & Silver Exchange
Department of Technical Education
Cap Skirring
Active-Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode
Daisy Grp
Acta Biochimica et Biophysica Sinica
Advance Product Quality Planning
Always Consider Cheating On Unexpected Nasty Tests
Calcutta Metropolitan Development Authority
Chandra Interactive Analysis Of Observations
Data Network Group
Family of French Launch Vehicles
Acción Nacional Española
Arabidopsis Gene Regulatory Information Server
Agriculture and Processed Food Export Development Agency
Desiya Murpokku Dravida Kazhagam
Appian Technology
Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group
Cic Mining
Action Packaging Automation
Certified Production And Inventory Management
Clime Capital Ltd
Defense Intelligence Analysis Center
Andhra Pradesh Central Power Distribution Company Limited
Charlottesville Area Christian Home Educators
Daigaku Honyaku Center
Avtomat Kalashnikova 1947 (Soviet-Made 7.62mm Assault Rifle) Limited
A Day In A Life
Academic And Cultural Event Series
Common Rail Direct Injection
California Land Surveyors Association
Coal Mines Provident Fund
Cargo Routing Information File
Council of State and Territorial Epidemiologists
Declaración Informativa de Operaciones con Terceros
Air Operations Control Center
Canadian Paint and Coatings Association
Adult Migrant English Service
Digital Twin Spark Swirl Engine
As Low As Reasonably Practicable
David Frost Fund
Chartered Institute Of Personnel and Development
Assistant Deputy Director for Operations
C Bridge Internet Solutions
Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf
DANish International Development Agency
Association for Investment Management and Research
Army Reserve Pacific
Canadian Council of Naturopathic Examiners
Calorie Restriction Optimal Nutrition
Decision Day
De Algemene Vrije Illegale Drukkerij
Day In The Life Of
ABER Diamond Corporation
Commonwealth Handling Equipment Pool
Automatic Four Speed
Chief Warrant Officer 2 - ARMY
Daily Question
Direktorat Jenderal Pajak
Adolescents Living In Eternal Newness
Aerospace Rescue & Recovery Service
Covalent Group
Common Rail Diesel Engine
Division of Clinical Laboratory Devices (CDRH)
College Opportunity Networks And Technical Access For Childcare Teachers
Champion Industries
A New Zealand Air force Captain
A Always Lower And Reduced Again
Ros Agro S
Assign NYX Routing
Adult Learning Community Collaborative
Communicable Diseases Network Australia
Advanced Indirect Fire Systems
Detailed In-Process Review
Department of the Army Program Review
Acuity Focused Total Return Trust
Department of Redundancy Department ( Department of Redundancy Department)
Defense Management Data Center
Division of Veterinary Services (NCTR)
Centre for assessment, evaluation and research
Canadian Dance Teachers Association
AGRI Industries
Clerical Work Improvement Process
Court Referral For Evaluation And Drug Intervention Treatment
Dark Latin Groove
Air Land Forces Application Agency
Columbia Resin number 29
AIR EVACuation REQuest
Centro de Recuperación del Enfermo Alcoholico Patronato
Division Data Standards Leads
Car Parking Technologies Limited
A C T Networks
Coalition Personnel Recovery Center
Defense Independent Pitching Statistic
Children Rotating Around Bible Stories
Canada Investor Protection Fund
Alianza Nacional Mallorquina
Chemical Material Acquisition Initiative
Allowable Business Investment Loss
Canadian Centre for Financial Literacy
Central Indiana and Western RR Company
D M C Corporate Diversified Fund
Contingency Construction Crew Training
Armed Forces Family Scholarship and Assistance Fund
Advanced Quick Fix
Demand Ventures
Cape Vogel
Dhaka Electric Supply Company Limited
Chicago Title Corporation
Distinguished Service Order (British)
Duray Fluorescent Manufacturing Company
Central District Athletic Board
Dearborn Bancorp
Air Mobility Liaison Officer
Canfor Pulp Income Fund
Asociación Guatemalteca de Mujeres Universitarias
Airman First Class - USAF
Claymore Japan Fundamental Index ETF C$ hedged
Daily Enthusiastic Victories Inspirational Leadership
Cambridge School of Culinary Arts
D Ports And Maritime Transport
Customer Support Branch (ORA)
Creditrust Corporation
Data Universal Numbering System
Angela Jane Keegan
Cape Verde Escudo
Advanced Power State Management (Rambus)
Chesser Resources Ltd
Defense Superior Service Medal
Division of Therapeutic Proteins (CDER)
Australian Financial Services Licence
Dubai Airport Free Zone Authority
Ddi Kiem Nguoi Yeu
Above Ground Housing
A Camera Activated Telescopic Interviewing
Attention Importance Desire Certainty Action
Delegation Of Authority Guide
Dirección General de Energia Nuclear
Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism
Asociacion de Bibliotecas Universitarias y Especializados de Nicaragua
Cheesecake Factory
Dao Heng Bank
Advocates for Children and Youth
Almost Good 3 (coin grade)
Differential Global Positioning System
Creative And Natural Outdoor Experience
Airport Mail Center/Facility
Defense Criminal Investigative Organization
Consumer Education Staff (Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition)
Amended Program Decision Memorandum
Chemical-Biological Response Team
Advanced Fighter Support Office
Derma Sciences
Division of Biostatistics (CDRH)
Arctic/Offshore Patrol Ship
Digital Video Systems
Civilian Human Resources Agency - Korean Region
Digger Underground Distribution Exchange
African Regional Industrial Property Organization
Child Health Education And Rehabilitation Unit Besynia
Customer Relationship and Asset Management System
Armored Piercing (or Autonomous Precision) Guided Munition
Cesium Beam Frequency Standard
Deep Submarine Rescue Vehicle
Division of Science and Applied Technology (OS) (CFSAN)
Division of Clinical Evaluation and Pharmacology/Toxicology (CBER)
Centro de Atención Social Regional
Air-to-Ground Missile 69 (Short Range Attack Missile)
Civilian Leadership Training Division
Community United to Reduce Bigotry
Archer Network Group
Associated Estates Realty Corporation Preferred A
Combat Support Brigade (Maneuver Enhancement)
Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion
Christopher Griffin Bradley
Clearing Corporation for Options and Services
David J Mckinnon
Community Family Support Center
Columbia and Silver Creek Railroad
Division of Infrastructure Operations (OC)
Dawning Into A New Awareness
Australian Energy Market Operator
Dtz Hldgs
Doğu Karadeniz Kalkınma Ajansı (Eastern Black Sea Development Agency)
Davis Center Graduate Association
Argonaut Group
Citizens-Police Liaison Committee
Caustic Waste Treatment System
Driver And Traffic Safety Education
Comité Européen des Transmissions Oléohydrauliques et Pneumatiques
Anglo Eastern Ship Management
Comissão Nacional de Implementação dos Conselhos de Produção
Canadian Aviation Maintenance Council
California Youth Advocacy Network
Diglycidyl Ether of Bisphenol A
Division of Therapeutic Biological Internal Medicine Products (CDER)
All India Crime Reforms Organisation
Duty and Tax Remission on Export
Al Marketing And Analytical Research
Capabilities- Based Program Management
Counter-Strike Organization New Style Type Plus Refresh Edition
Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb
Dean Markley Blue Steel
Conrad Industries
California Aids Research Center
Division of Reproductive and Urologic Products (CDER)
Centro de Estudios de Asesoramiento Metalúrgico
DisneyLand RailRoad
Division of Communication and Consumer Affairs (CBER)
ABIC Program Support System
Communication and Computer Systems
Day In The Park
Ingeniería Ambiental
Decreto Legislativo
Camden Property Trust Preferred A
Union Pacific Railroad Company
Confederation of International Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology
Division of Regulatory Policy II (CDER)
Department of Employment
Calculated Take-Off Time
Component Numbered Air Force
Algemene Nederlandse Wielrijders Bond
Development of Regional Electronic Authorities for Municipal Services
Air Products and Chemicals Incorporated
Corps Ballistic Meteorology Manager
Communications Security Logistics Activity
Artillery Force Simulation Model
Communications Staff (CVM)
Chemical-Biological Incident Response Force
Advanced Heavy Anti-tank Missile
Canadian National Railway Company Preferred
Absolute Quantitative Deficit
Air Force Space Command
Division of Surveillance Systems (CDRH)
Dandenong Community Advisory Bureau
C C B T Financial
Consolidated Quote System
Center for Domestic Violence Prevention
Capital Area Transportation Coalition
Aviation Night Vision Imaging System
California Environmental Protection Agency
AGRICultural On-Line Access
Century Business Services
Asociación de Editores de Diarios Españoles
Division of Clinical Pharmacology 3 (CDER)
Division of Nutrition Programs and Labeling (Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition)
African Israel Church Nineveh
Albion Prime
Cambodia Association of Travel Agents
Advanced Development Verification Test - Contractor
AirLift Control Team
Close Quarter Defense
Cochin International Airport
Symposium on Computer Arithmetic
Cost Analysis Improvement Group
Chen Ing Hau
Arizona Financial Aid Trust
Active Learning Systems
A. G. Pipe Lines Incorporated
Banda de Secuestradores
Division of Hematology (CBER)
Division of Therapeutic Biological Oncology Products (CDER)
Ag Bag International
Defense Policy and Planning Guidance
All India Indian Bank Scheduled Caste/Scheduled Tribe Welfare Association
Deployable Ground Station-1
Combating Terrorism Readiness Initiatives Fund
Ameribrom Incorporated
Contract Operations Branch (Office of the Commissioner)
Dallas Hip Hop
Agrupación del Cuartel General del Ejército del Aire
Defense Threat Reduction University
Company Quarter Master Havildar
Amended Basis of Issue Plan
Division of Management Operations (ORA)
Afghan German Technical Training Programme
Senior Chief Disbursing Clerk
Asociación de Españoles en la República Federal Alemana
Department of Building and Fire Safety
Canadian Business and Current Affairs
Campus Zone
Allmänna Idrotts Klubben
Darussalam Holdings SDN BHD
Assistant Deputy Director for Operations (Military Support)
Adaptive Multiple Feature Method
Century Industries
Deans Faculty Advisory Committee
Clearinghouse for Scientific and Technical Information (now NTIS)
A D C Telecom
Coastal Refining and Marketing Incorporated
Century Bond BHD
Combat Vehicle Command and Control
Command Systems Operations Branch
American College of Cardiology Foundation
Digital Data DownLink
C F M Technologies
Azerbaijan National Agency for Mine Action
Associate Director for Policy (CBER)
Drill Torque Limited
Central Bi-Products
Defense Transportation Tracking System
Ad Majoram Dei Gloriam
Connetics Corporation Preferred
Draxis Health
CATU Containers S. A.
Dolese Bros. Company
Cash Flow At Risk
Component Unification Base And
Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) Regulation
Depressive and Manic Depressive Association of Orange County
Division of Natural Products (Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition)
Directorate of Teacher Education Research and Training (India)
Ansco Investment Company
Category Level
Asociación Nacional de Químicos de España
Common-User Land Transportation
A New Underground Sound
As Built Hardware Reporting System
Alaska Job Center Network
David L. Rainer Elementary School
Direct Broadcast Satellite Television
California Department of Public Health
Doctor philosophiae
Canadian Musical Reproduction Rights Agency Ltd.
Asociación de Estudios y Defensa de la Naturaleza
Colonial and Continental Church Society
Division of Surveillance (CVM)
Defense Travel System Limited
Component Advanced Technology Testbed
C B R L Group
Chiefs Untitled Map
Dynamics Research Corporation
Alaska Primary Care Association
Direct Reporting Program Manager for Strategic Systems Programs
Addeleston Recycling Corporation
Maxinun Density (film)
Cable Television Administration and Marketing Society
Air Name Policy Group
Desert Community Bank
Caring Helping And Nurturing Create Education
Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design
Dynamic Environment For Visualization In Chemical Engineering
Diagnostic and Surgical Devices Branch (CDRH)
Decor Group
Disney XD (channel 122)
Arkansas Oil and Gas Commission
Casualty Assistance Calls Officer
Armed Forces Qualification Test
Communications Staff (OC)
Disbursing Clerk Second Class
Commerce Capital Trust I
Achievement In Maintaining Energy Excellence
Assistant Division Commander for Support
Deputy Joint Force Land Component Commander
Cyberguard Corporation
Aqua-Chem Incorporated Cleaver Brooks Division
On a particular pattern. Many politicians are on the drum beat for war.
Dedicated JTIDS Relay Unit
Certified Vacation Rental Professional
Djia Mini E-cbot
Drovers Bancshares Corporation
Dupont Dow Elastomers L.L.C.
Downing Plan 5
CONquer canCER Now
Citigroup Capital I Preferred Class E
Duquesne Capital
Christian Relief Services Charities
Chevy Chase Preferred Capital Corporation
CERES ( Coalition for Environmentally Responsible Economies) network For Change
Citigroup Capital V Preferred Class W
Channel Commercial Corporation
Director of Space Forces (USAF)
Council for Higher Education Accreditation
Certified Wound Care Associate
Dayton Superior Corporation Preferred
AF Technical Order
Cheshire County Federal Credit Union
Counter-Intelligence Operational Tasking Authority
Close-Range Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
California High School Exit Exam
Cardiovascular Program–Norway
Ace Operational Teletype Network
Drug Facility Registration Module (FURLS)
Chat With You Soon
Data Research Associates
Allbanc Split Corporation Class A Capital Shares
Army Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement
David Jones Limited
Defense Information Infrastructure- Common Operations Environment
Dance Again With Nature
Commissione di Redazione
Calendar of Plea and Memoranda Rolls
Dacorum First Credit Union
dilation and curettage
Delaware and Hudson Railway Company Incorporated
Alaska Library Association
Classical and Quantum Gravity
Senior Chief Aviation Storekeeper
Amanda Company
Ashok Ley.gdr
Dominion Resources
Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals
Combined-Joint Logistics Officer
Davis Hollow Outdoor Center
Control Humility Obedience Restrictions And Discipline
Daily Flight Time Index
Common Intelligence DataBase
Design To Unit Production Cost
Moosonee Airport
decessit sine prole malus (died without sons)
Defense Satellite Communications System MODernization
Director of Defense Research and Engineering
Montreal Dorval International
Canadian Federation of Independent Business
Astraea National Lesbian Action Foundation
Canine Assistance Site Support Information And Education
Defense Secure Network
District School Food Service Association
Defense Mapping Agency Hydrographic Topographic Center
Digital Transmission Systems Warrants
Cargo Program Office - Spacelab Projects Office
Adtech Peripheral Support
Defense Reutilization and Marketing Office
Advanced Development Verification Test - Government
AngioTech Pharmaceuticals
A M C O N Distributing Company
Advanced International Electronic Equipment Company WLL
Army Management Structure Code
Destination Sectional Center Facility
Continuing Balance System - Expanded
Dura Pharmaceuticals
Central Heating
Consumers Energy Company Preferred L Offering III
Angeion Corporation
Dishwasher And Disposal
Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence
Direct Airside Transit Visa
Albama Power Company
Peace River Airport
Digital Media Asset Management
Development of Selected Contacts
Sfax-Thyna/El Maou
Cleveland Electric Illuminating Company Preferred
A Logical Alarm Reduction Mechanism
Canadian Centre For Political Leadership
Double Eagle Petroleum & Mining Company
VIP Tank Services
Consular Report Of Birth Abroad
arrival time
Detrex Corporation
Alaska Native Health Board
Civic Bancorp
Contour Energy Company Preferred
contry code Top Level Domain
Center Of Next Transformation This
Chicago Board Options Exchange
Carolina Rail Services Incorporated
Creative Technology Corporation
Cambodian Research Centre for Development
Conventional Ammunition Integrated Management System
Cadet Administrative Training Orders
Chase Manhattan Corporation Preferred C
Communications Over Voice And Data
Army Navy Personal Radio Communication
Cable Sat Systems
Canadian Association for Community Living
Consumers Energy Company Preferred J Offering Trust I
Dart Containerline Incorporated
General Electric Railcar Services Corporation
Capacitive Coupling Voltage Contrast
Descendants of the 80th Division Veterans
Australia And New Zealand Banking Group Limited
Community Health Nursing Educator
Ameriquest Technologies
California Baseball Umpires Association
Ansoft Corporation
Carolina Power and Light Company
Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis of Michigan
Does It Look Like I Give A F***?
Angel Mining
Cámara Nacional de la Industria del Hierro y el Acero
CANAdian Security Association
Clinical Data Update System (NCI)
Agencia Internacional de Energía Atómica
Ampere Hour
Crazy Woman Creek Bancorp
Counter-Improvised Explosive Device
3900 to 6425 MHz (Satellite communication)
Australia New Zealand Food Authority (now Food Standards Australia New Zealand)
Anything Internet Corporation
Ameritrade Holding Corporation
Cutter & Buck
Apple Homes Corporation Warrants
Computer Aided Education and Training Initiative
Australia And New Zealand Banking Group Limited
Area Prevention Resource Center
Sable Island
Campbell Technologies
All India Association for Christian Higher Education
Commonwealth Bank Of Australia.
Chemical Engineering
Coordinated Interagency Partnership Regulating International Students
Capital Area Innovative Farmers
Australian Air Force Cadet
Trois-Rivieres Airport
ABN Amro Capital Funding Trust I
Australian Red Cross South Australia
Canadian Research Consortium on Southern Africa
Anti- Personnel Improved Conventional Munition
Coventry Health Care
Canadian Energy Research Institute
Additive Partially Linear Model
CANadian CONtent
C A S Medical Systems
Adolescent Reasons For Quitting
Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium
Casper Artist Sorted Playlist Entropy Reducer
Atlantic Capital I
Deferred Processing
Command and Control Simulation Interface Language
Chashma Nuclear Power Plant -1
Swift Current Airport
Combined Arms and Tactical Training Center
Union Pacific Railroad Company
Communications High Accuracy Airborne Location System
Council for Mutual Economic Assistance
Argosy Education Group
Anuarul Institutului De Istorie ?I Arheologie Cluj
Central Valley Salinity Alternatives for Long Term Sustainability
Consumer Economic Development Research Information Center
Air Intercept Missile 9 (Sidewinder)
Cincinnati Black United Front
Confederación Española de Pequeñas y Medianas Empresas
Automated Deep Operations Control System
Commonwealth Bank Of Australia.
Cendant Corporation Preferred G
AIDS Programs of the National Minority Aids Council
Chromatics Color Sciences International
To fall asleep after doing something strenuous. Megan conked out as soon as she got home after the party.
Asociación de Recursos Internacionales para el Desarollo del Niño
Automated Return Item List
C. P. Pokphand Company
Jenny Lind Island Airport
Clayton Rail
CTI-Container Transport International Incorporated
Comité para la Prevención de la Fiebre Aftosa
Crosskeys Systems Corporation
Curagen Corporation
Combat Service Support Control System - Echelons Above Corps
Cannon Launched Guided Projectile (COPPERHEAD)
Commonwealth Bank Of Australia.
China Industry Design Forum
Daily Inspirations For Songwriters
Centro de Investigaciones y Asistencia Técnica del Estado de Querétaro
Fundación de Bienestar Social Casa Shalom
Communications High Accuracy Location System Exploitable
Club Atlético Boca Juniors
Carnegie Financial Corporation
Armed Forces Air Intelligence Training Center
Cybernetic Lifelike Android Used for Dialogue Interaction and Observation
Centro de Investigaciones de la Capacidad de Uso Mayor de la Tierra
Windsor Airport
Central Region Infrastructure Maintenance Programme
Combat Support
Custom Electronic Design And Installation Association
Computerized Information Network for Cincinnati and Hamilton
Centre de santé et de services sociaux de Trois-Rivières
Cinar Corporation
Credit Association of Greater Toronto
Collegiate Water Polo Association
Cooperativa de Ahorro y Crédito Integral San José Obrero
Alnico Pro Tele Rhythm
Domestic Mobile Integrated Geospatial-Intelligence System Dmin Minimum Drift Distance
Cendant Corporation Preferred I
Acronym Resolving General Heuristics
Capital Associates
Division of Emerging and Transfusion Transmitted Diseases
Cheniere Energy
Centro Interforze Studi Applicazioni Militari
Corporation for the Promotion of Rifle Practice and Firearms Safety
Computer Security Technical Vulnerability Reporting Program
Armidale Class Patrol Boat
Cathay Bancorp
Catholic Social Services of Wayne County
Distance Early Warning Line
Chattahoochee Industrial Railroad
Centercertified Hazardous Materials Manager
Chamber Of Clark Kent
Centerpoint Properties Trust Preferred A
Amp Limited
Cloro de Tehuantepec S. A. de C. V.
Can Origami Really Start Anarchy In Russia?
Army Center for Substance Abuse Programs
Caspian Sea Ventures Corporation
Copper Basin Railway Incorporated
Corps Artillery Tactical Operations Center
Accuracy Analysis of Artillery Cannon Systems
Canadian Minimum Navigation Performance Specification Airspace
Australian Insurance Employees Union
ATLANTEC Financial Federal Credit Union
Det Norske Veritas Healthcare Inc.
Country Code Top-Level Domains
Central and South West Services Incorporated
Consejo de Mujeres Mayas de Guatemala
Cataloging Distribution Data Processing
Aruma Resources
Cita Biomedical
Air Force SPace Operations Center
Amphibious Container Leasing Limited
Combat Support Air Traffic Management System
Common ATCCS Support Software Working Group
Direct Host Nation Support for the Military
Collaborative Science Technology And Applied Research
Division of Budget Execution and Control (OC)
Consortium Of Universal Networkers Creating Illumination And Love
Amoco Oil Company
Conoco Incorporated
Community Bancorp
Chemical Leaman Tank Lines Incorporated
Close Quarters Combat
Comisión Asesora en Materia de Derechos Humanos
Computershare Limited.
Alliance of Canadian Television and Radio Artists
Abigail Adams National Bancorp
Australian Agricultural And Grazing Industries Survey
DA Standard Port System-Enhanced
Daniel Boone Distance Riders Association
Center for the Study of Nigerian Languages
Chemical and Biological Defense Command
Adrian Resources
Cabinet Committee On Privatization
Certified Automated Information System Specialist
Disaster Recovery And Test Center
A C S Electronics
Combat Search And Rescue Task Element
China Securities Regulatory Commission
Cronos Containers ( U. K.)
Association of Certified Fraud Examiners - Philadelphia Area Chapter
Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering for Test and Evaluation
Canadian National Railway
Assistance Dogs International Accredited Facility
Association of Certified Fraud Examiners - Central Florida Chapter
Does It Look Like I Care?
Angel Flight For Veterans
AIR ALLOCation REQuest
Combat Posture and Intensity
Carries Around Dead Italians Like Luggage And Cargo
Certification and Accreditation
Delta Pressure/Delta Time
Accounting and Auditing Releases
Cost and Freight
Comprehensive Medical Plan/Health Maintenance Organization
Change Request DIRective
Air Defense Airspace Management/Brigade Aviation Element
Chapter and Verse
Associate Director of Central Intelligence for Military Support
Definition and Preliminary Design

General Terms full forms