In an organization each and everyone of us hold certain posts in an hierarchy. Thses posts are called referred or are the centre of talk for everyone in the organization. The frequency with which these posts are referred or quoted tend to make them known from their short forms. We can even see the short forms being used in the employment notification. for example bank po is massively used in place of probationary officer or Doctor is written as Dr. Sometimes the first and the last letter is taken together in short forms while sometimes first few letter are used for short terms. In professor prof is used as compressed term.
Short Form
Full Form
Commanding officer
District Development Commissioner
Child Development Project Officer
police constable
Deputy Superintendent of Police
District Collector
Deputy Commissioner
chief manager
Chief minister
Junior engineer
Data Entry Operator
Inspector of police
Ticket Collector
Superitendent engineer
Assistant Commissioner
Rajasthan Administrative services
Divisional forest officer
Public service commission
Sub divisional police officer
Administrative Officer
Station Superitendent
assistant general manager
Assistant Sub-Inspector of Police
Assistant superitendent of police
Management trainee
Sub divisonal officer
Executive Director
Senior Section Engineer
Assistant conservator of forest
Assistant Development Commissioner
Police Sub Inspector
Assistant commissioner of police
Probationary officer
Deputy Superintendent of Police
Chief engineer
Sub inspector of police
Assistant Divisional Railway Manager
Deputy chief conservator of forest
Assistant loco piolet
Director general of police
Deputy commissioner of police
National security guards
Branch Manager
Assistant Station Master
Assistant Administrative Officer
forest Officer
Executive Engineer
general manager
Assistant Garrison engineer
Deputy general Manager
Inspector general of police
Station Manager
Chief Justice of India
Chief works engineer
Divisional Railway Manager
Assistant Divisional Engineer
Divisional operations manager
Centre for Airborne systems
Assistant Material Manager
head police constable
Prinicial chief conservator of forest
Chief Yard Master

Posts full forms